Tender is the Night

Tender is the Night Barbara Freethy s NYT Bestselling Series THE CALLAWAYS continues with another romantic page turning and heart warming novel about love loyalty and risking it all FBI agent Kate Callaway is on her wa

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  • Title: Tender is the Night
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 9780996115483
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Barbara Freethy s NYT Bestselling Series THE CALLAWAYS continues with another romantic, page turning and heart warming novel about love, loyalty and risking it all.FBI agent Kate Callaway is on her way to San Francisco for a family wedding when her boss asks her to make a side trip to deliver an important message to a rogue ex agent.Devin Scott wanted FBI resources to findBarbara Freethy s NYT Bestselling Series THE CALLAWAYS continues with another romantic, page turning and heart warming novel about love, loyalty and risking it all.FBI agent Kate Callaway is on her way to San Francisco for a family wedding when her boss asks her to make a side trip to deliver an important message to a rogue ex agent.Devin Scott wanted FBI resources to find a serial killer who is believed to be dead Instead, he gets a newly minted agent who is a beautiful, idealistic and irritating distraction He wants her to walk away, and she knows she should go but she can t.Suddenly, Kate is caught up in a cold case mystery and the arms of a dangerously sexy man, whose obsession with truth and justice could put not only his life on the line but also hers.

    One thought on “Tender is the Night”

    1. Wow, I couldn't put it down once I started reading!Scott did it again, allowing assumptions to get him into hot water. To make it worse, the object of his assumption could possibly be a life saver for his quest to find the person who caused his partner's death. Unable to believe that the FBI had correctly solved the arsonist case, he left the bureau to go out on his own searching for truths he felt uncovered. In doing so, he had angered, been banned from and had doors slammed in his face. Little [...]

    2. Another great visit to san FranciscoI loved Kate and Devin story and catching up with the rest of the callaways. Highly recommended. Well done barb

    3. This book keeps you in the edge of your seat. You get mystery, suspense, and romance all in one. Once you start reading you won't be able to put it down! Can't wait for the next one!

    4. 3 Stars - I liked itQUICK REVIEW:In A Nutshell:: Well written contemporary romance with an arson investigation as the backdrop.Male Lead:: Intense, loyal, smart, stubborn, and of course good looking with a ripped bodyFemale Lead:: Optimistic, smart, loyal, snarky and of course beautifulSecondary Characters:: Huge, fun, civic minded familyPOV:: His & HersPlot/Storyline:: Devin's FBI partner died in a fire while working an arson case. He believes the wrong man was blamed for the fires but no o [...]

    5. Agent Kate and Devin’s Combustible Love Saga! 4*****Newbie Agent Kate Callaway, on loan from the FBI, to assist ex-FBI/ now Pvt Investigator Devin in nabbing the arsonist, who killed his partner, Sam, two years ago. Kate solicited help from Emma and Max, to track down the suspects and finally deduced Devin’s ‘peace sign’ fire pattern and the ‘St. Christopher medal’, from the emotionally, distraught, pyromaniac, Lindsay, Eileen’s daughter confession. Eileen’s sexually abused daugh [...]

    6. Good read. The hero is an ex-FBI agent determined to find the killer of his partner in an arson case. The heroine is the brand-new FBI agent sent out as a favor to see if she can help. Most of the book is spent on the clues and problem solving, but there are a few moments of dealing with her family by him pretending to be her new boyfriend, and bonding emotionally. I enjoyed reading it.

    7. Tender Is The NightIt goes beyond just being an awesome series. Fabulously written with characters with wit, humor and that stand up and out. Action packed and dramatic. Sexy and angst filled. Intense twists and turns. I love this family.

    8. Just okLoved Devin and Kate but the book was only good not excellent as I expected. Writing was a little stilted, storyline hard to follow, and a little too close to explicit sex scenes.

    9. Good plot that me guessing through-out the book. I really enjoyed the relationship between the main characters, as it was not only the sexual chemistry but the mutual respect for each other.

    10. The Callaway novels are fun stories. I enjoy them. And this one had an excellent mystery. I fell for all the red herrings. Now I need to find a copy if the next one.

    11. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review:Tender is the Night is the 10th installment of The Calloways series and it revolves around Kate, who is the twin sister of Mia, who was highlighted in the 9th installment. Kate is an FBI agent who is headed to San Francisco to attend her sister’s wedding, but is asked to help on a case for a few days with an ex-FBI agent. Devin used to work for the bureau until his partner, Sam, was killed in a fire that was started by an arsonist. It was beli [...]

    12. I’ve read all of the Callaway books and absolutely love the characters and the author’s writing style. However, the previous book in this fell a little short of my expectations. This book was completely different. I feel in love with it from the very beginning. The story had all the elements that made a great Barbara Freethy novel and ended on a happy note. The story simply carried me away. The characters were well written and very relatable. The arson investigation was a great mystery and t [...]

    13. The Callaway Clan can always be counted to step up to the plate when one of their own needs help. And that is just what is needed in the arson investigation that FBI Agent Kate Callaway finds herself tasked to assist with. Originally Kate was supposed to find out if there really was something worth investigating. P I Devon Scott has been working the case for many months, despite the fact that everyone considers it a closed case. Devon’s partner, Samantha Parker was killed in the blaze that als [...]

    14. The twists & turns in this one kept me guessing. Book #10 of the Callaway's lives up to the hype. Barbara always manages to keep the mix of suspense and romance in proportion. Kate Callaway is a smart young newbie with the FBI. When she heads home for a wedding, she is asked to go a few days early and check in with PI Devin Scott. Devin was with the FBI but left after his partner was killed along with the man believed to be the arsonist and the FBI declared it a closed case. He is positive h [...]

    15. Barbara Freethy writes a good who-dun-it! This story is full of mystery, with lots of feelings and family. As the story goes, Kate is on her way to her twin’s wedding. For a few days before the wedding, she’s been asked to help an ex-agent solve a case. Serial arson. Kate is FBI. Devin was, until his partner died in a fire. Is this a cold case? Is the arsonist still at large or did he die in the fire that killed Devin’s partner? Kate and Devin need to trust each other to solve this case, b [...]

    16. High Packed Action, Explosions, Mayhem, Murder, Arson, Intrigue, Suspense!!!Tender Is The Night has all this plus some romance and family dynamics intertwined !!The writing was captivating, with vivid description, thrills,chills with very unexpected twists making this a real page turner. The descriptions became solid scenes in my mind Making me feel a part of the story. The main characters are two bold, problem solving counterparts: Kate Callaway , FBI agent and Devin Scott,Private Investigator. [...]

    17. What is not to love about the Callaway's?!?!Kate is a strong, independent woman who will not take crap from anyone and is not afraid to speak up. Must be from being from a big family and wanting to get heard.Devin is very withdrawn, keeps his feelings close. Ever since his partner was killed in the line of duty, he feels responsible. He has not rested for the past year and a half to find her killer and get justice for his partner.Devin was a former FBI agent but quit when the bureau closed the c [...]

    18. Newly minted FBI agent Kate Callaway has been assigned to check out a cold case. An FBI agent was killed in a fire over a year ago and the case was closed. The authorities, including the FBI believe the agent and the arsonist both died in the fire. One person, ex FBI agent Devin Scott, the former partner of the dead agent is convinced the killer is still out there. He is full of guilt and hasn't been exactly tactful in his pursuit of the case. As a result no one will talk to him or listen to his [...]

    19. Kate and Devin for me were the perfect couple, and this was an awesome read!!!Once I started I couldn't put it down, because I was so excited to be reading another Callaway story. Kate was sent home to San Francisco early by her superior at the FBI to help out on a cold case for only 5 days. Boy what a 5 days it was, so much happened in those few days that kept me on the edge of my seat!! The person she was sent to help out was ex FBI agent turned PI Devin Scott who believes his late FBI partner [...]

    20. Tender is the Night was excellent!!It is Book #10 in the fabulous Callaway series!!Barbara Freethy has given us another great book!!I thoroughly loved reading Kate & Devin's story!!This suspenseful love story keeps you guessing till the very end. When you think you figured it out, your probably wrong. Kate & Devin are brought together to work on an arson case that killed Devin's FBI partner. After Sam's death, with Devin not getting any answers or help regarding the case, he leaves the F [...]

    21. Barbara has given us another fantastic Calloway story. I have enjoyed all of the books in this series and it seems the stories just keep getting better and better. This book allows us to catch up with a lot of the Calloway’s and get to know Kate a little better. Kate comes home for Mia’s wedding and meets up with Devin a former FBI agent. When they meet the sparks fly. They are working on an old FBI arson case. I loved that you were not sure who the bad person was till the end. This is a gre [...]

    22. I read all the Callaways books and I really love every one I love how Barbara writes love and thrillers in a captivating way, and each book is a lovely couple and a new suspense. In this book Kate, an FBI's Special Agent, is back to San Francisco for the wedding of her twin sister, Mia, and back a little before to help a former agent, Devin Scott, in a cold case involving some fires. Devin wasn't happy at first, but to live with Kate he realizes how much she is perceptive and able to help him, a [...]

    23. Another Calloway,another great story. We meet Devlin, cocky, been with FBI for a decade, then resigned. Losing his partner in a fire , is first and foremost on his mind to solve. Being a PI now, so he can work when he wants to. Anger from this not being solved has closed a lot of doors, of who now to ask. Hal sends a green FBI agent, Katie with a task to help Devlin for 5 days to solve this cold case. Can she help him, he's so obsessed with solving, his life has been on hold for 18 months. When [...]

    24. The 10th book in the Callaways series was a well developed mystery that kept my interest throughout. FBI agent Kate Calloway is assigned to assist private investigator Devin Scott in an arson case where his former FBI partner was killed. As they become acquainted, they develop a strong, mutual attraction. Interactions with the Callaway clan as they congregate for Kate's twin sister's wedding provided background for Kate's being in San Francisco and able to work with Devin. I loved their interact [...]

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