Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas All she wants this Christmas is to get home and put this disastrous year behind her but when Samantha Whitney boards her flight to Chicago she finds the man in the seat next to hers is none other tha

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  • Title: Home for Christmas
  • Author: Lizzie Shane
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All she wants this Christmas is to get home and put this disastrous year behind her, but when Samantha Whitney boards her flight to Chicago she finds the man in the seat next to hers is none other than Jase MacGregor, her first love who shattered her heart last Christmas Eve.All he wants this Christmas is a second chance with the love of his life, but if Sam s frosty recepAll she wants this Christmas is to get home and put this disastrous year behind her, but when Samantha Whitney boards her flight to Chicago she finds the man in the seat next to hers is none other than Jase MacGregor, her first love who shattered her heart last Christmas Eve.All he wants this Christmas is a second chance with the love of his life, but if Sam s frosty reception is anything to go by, it s going to take than a few hours at thirty thousand feet for Jase to win back her heart.When a blizzard cancels their connecting flight, it looks like neither of them is going to get their Christmas wish, but with the help of a little holiday magic Sam and Jase may be able to find their way back home But only if they do it together.

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    1. What a perfect little holiday romance. Two people separated by, ambition, lies and lack of communication are reunited on a very magical trip back home. Forced by winter weather-land snow and a spiked coco serving woman they begin to communicate and listen to each other. There seems to be a Christmas conspiracy going on, from the seating on the plane, the Inn and keeper, the barn, the car, oh it's delightful. < wink >This is a short read a perfect little snack between shopping, baking, wrap [...]

    2. Samantha Whitley has had one bad year . All she wants is to go Home for Christmas to her Family and enjoy the Holidays. She can't beleive her Bad Luck when she boards the Plane she finds Jace MacGregor the Man who broke her heart last Christmas is seated next to her.Jase can't beleive his good Luck in being seated next o Samantha he had decided to return home for the Holidays to try to win her back she is the Girl of his dreams . Unfortunately Samantha doesn't feel the same way about him. So win [...]

    3. Originally reviewed at Keeper BookshelfSamantha and Jase had been together forever it seemed. At sixteen, Sam knew that this was the one for her. And their romance continued throughout high school, college and beyond… right up to the moment when Jase left their small town for the better job in California. How could something so right go so terribly wrong?A year later Sam and Jase end up on the same flight back home… both for different reasons. Sam was coming back from appearing on a reality [...]

    4. This was short, but it didn't feel so short that I wasn't connected with the characters. I enjoy second chance romances and a good Christmas story, and this was both.Was it kind of cheesy? Sure, but in a Christmas romance that can be overlooked. It was also sweet and a little angsty. Jace and Sam are high school sweethearts who were together for 10 years. Jace wanted to leave their small town and realize his potential, Sam loved her small town life. One year after breaking up they're forced to m [...]

    5. Short and sweetThis short story is the second thing I've read by this author, and it's a definite winner. The author manages to give a good overall picture of the characters in just a few chapters, enough so that I was saying to myself, "why can't he see that even though he says he's here trying to fix things between them, he's doing the same thing he did that drove a wedge between them before--acting based on what he thinks she wants rather than discussing it with her", something she rightfully [...]

    6. What a heartwarming Christmas Story. It will make you laugh and cry. Samantha and Jase meet up on the airplane going back home after he broke her heart last Christmas. Jase wants to win her back and will do whatever it takes. Samantha wants nothing to do with him even though she is still in love with him. Love all the misadventures that happen to them on the way home. A delightful story about love and second chances. A hated to see the story end.

    7. This is a heart-warming romance and perfect to get you into the holiday spirit.Samantha and Jase were together for ten years and had been childhood sweethearts, They grew up in the same small town in Wisconsin but had different ideas about what they wanted for the future. Samantha loves her town and her family and never wants to move away. Jase has been encouraged by his family to want more and he feels like he needs to leave to achieve those goals. When he takes a job in LA without letting Sama [...]

    8. Disclaimer: I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.The author dedicates this book to her grandmother who loves Hallmark Channel movies. As I read the book, I kept thinking of how appropriate this story would be for one of those movies. I even envisioned who would play the main characters Samantha (Sam) and Jason (Jase).It is 5 days before Christmas and both Sam and Jase are headed home Sam wants to get home to spend the holiday with her family and Jase is heade [...]

    9. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I'll be honest and say that I absolutely love Christmas romances. In my opinion, this is one of the better ones. There is no sappiness in this book.Samantha and Jase had a relationship before, but Jase left to pursue a career in the big city, leaving Samantha back home. Back home was the only place Samantha ever wanted to be. Different ideas of what they want and poor communication keep them apart.Sam ends up leaving to be on a reality show [...]

    10. Samantha Whitley has had one heck of a bad year. All she wants now is to get home to her family and enjoy the holidays. She can't believe her bad luck is continuing when she boards her flight only to find the man who broke her hear last Christmas in the seat next to her.Jase MacGregor can't believe his good luck. After deciding to return to his hometown and win back the girl of his dreams, he's shocked to find out she's on the same flight in the seat right next to his. Unfortunately, if her reac [...]

    11. I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Samantha and Jase were high school sweethearts. They split up last Christmas after ten years together. Poor communication tore them apart. They haven't spoken in a year until they end up on a flight home together. That flight gets grounded and they have to improvise to make their way home. They don't realize each one is still in love with the other. They are forced to be alone together and are forced to work on their prob [...]

    12. A very Hallmark-like story that it took me way too long to read. The story itself was well-paced. It had a few predictable moments and a few I didn't see coming. The characters were reasonably likeable, although I liked him way more than her. After a while, I wanted her to stop trying to reason things out. Overall, I enjoyed it, but it didn't blow me away. It has clean content with only a few minor swear words. I appreciated I could enjoy it without something vulgar leaping out at me. It was als [...]

    13. I loved Lizzie Shane's new Christmas book. I enjoyed the beginning on the airplane. Christmas miracles do happen. It was a sweet romance about 2 people that had lost their way to each other. But fate stepped in! Add into the mix a terrible winter storm, no flights out & no where too sleep. Determined to get home, they would find a way. And then their adventures began on their trip home. Along the way finding the most special Inn. This sweet romance would make a great Hallmark movie. Highly r [...]

    14. Such a sweet love story. I'm not usually a short story fan, I don't feel like I can connect to the characters. But the author in this story does a fantastic job of telling a exciting story from start to finish & you don't feel rushed or that things are missing. And this read is a wonderful way to get you in the mood for the holidays! I've never read anything by Lizzie Shane before but I will be checking out her author books!I was given a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest revi [...]

    15. I was given a copy to review honesty by the author.Cute holiday read! Samantha is returning fro Tahiti where she participated in a reality show after breaking up with her long time love. Jason, THAT guy, is travelling home for the holidays in hopes of rekindling things with his lost love. They end up on a flight sitting together and then in a car when the weather cancels all flights and hotels are booked. Everything falls into place and before they make it home well, just read it and you will e [...]

    16. Home for Christmas by Lizzie Shane was like watching a Christmas Hallmark movie. This is my favorite time of year with all the sweet wonderful movies and books. This story has everything you look for in a Holiday book, sweet, snow, miracles and second chances. The characters are very believable and likable. I would highly recommend this book for anyone looking for sweet stories.This is my first book by Lizzie Shane and I will be looking for more books by her.I was given an ARC of this book, for [...]

    17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. A negative for me is that there was too much back story for it to make sense, to me; at times I felt I was missing something. Having said that, this was otherwise a well-written book and had a good holiday story. Jase and Sam do get their HEA but the road to get there teaches them all about communication and love. The story “hook” was fun as well. All in all, a sweet, light, enjoyable holiday read.

    18. I received this ARC in return for a honest reviewThis was a cute Christmas story. It reminded me of those movies we are all addicted to. Jase and Sam haven't seen each other for a year they ended on a bad note and they were both shattered. When she gets on the plane to go home and happens to have a seat next to Jase it starts a bunch of coincidences. It can become a Christmas miracle.

    19. A nice cozy read for getting in the holiday spiritI received a copy free for an honest review.This was a very sweet Christmas story about getting a second chance at love. The characters were honest and believable with just enough Christmas magic stirred in to make it fun.

    20. Thank you Lizzie for giving me this kindle copy of the novella Home For Christmas. I enjoyed this quick holiday read, and I think it's perfect for a Hallmark Christmas movie. Anyone in the mood for a sweet Christmas romance read will enjoy this.

    21. Home for Christmas is a great little holiday read. To love and split up only to come together again, this is an enjoyable book. If you love Hallmark movies and feel good stories, Home for Christmas is for you.This is my honest review.

    22. This is an adorable Christmas story, it's filled with Christmas miracles and the power of love. After a year of being apart a couple is reunited in the most unique way. I have to say this story is quite sweet and really puts you in the holiday mindset. This was just the quick light read I needed.

    23. Fun holiday readThis was a perfect Christmastime story. Finished it in one night, practically over one dinner break. It provided a nice escape from the lunchroom at work. Great pace, nice characters. Well done!

    24. Always a softie for holiday romanceSam and Jade story was amazing to read and as always having that Christmas magic that makes it a heartwarming story.

    25. Aww loved it!!Such a great Christmas love story!! This would be a great move! Recommend read for sure everyone. Especially during the Holiday season!

    26. Cute Christmas readI've enjoyed all the books in the Reality Romance series and this was no exception. Love the added Christmas magic, too!

    27. Home for ChristmasWas a cute little story of getting back together with your soul mate. These two were adorable and I loved when they stopped at the inn with "Mrs Clause".

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