As Meat Loves Salt

As Meat Loves Salt In the seventeenth century the English Revolution is under way The nation seething with religious and political discontent has erupted into violence and terror Jacob Cullen and his fellow soldiers

  • Title: As Meat Loves Salt
  • Author: Maria McCann
  • ISBN: 9780156012263
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the seventeenth century, the English Revolution is under way The nation, seething with religious and political discontent, has erupted into violence and terror Jacob Cullen and his fellow soldiers dream of rebuilding their lives when the fighting is over But the shattering events of war will overtake them A darkly erotic tale of passion and obsession, As Meat LovesIn the seventeenth century, the English Revolution is under way The nation, seething with religious and political discontent, has erupted into violence and terror Jacob Cullen and his fellow soldiers dream of rebuilding their lives when the fighting is over But the shattering events of war will overtake them A darkly erotic tale of passion and obsession, As Meat Loves Salt is a gripping portrait of England beset by war It is also a moving portrait of a man on the brink of madness Hailed as a masterpiece, this is a novel by a most original new voice in fiction A Harvest Original

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    1. 1. There are three things you should know about this book before you start it:1a. IT IS BRILLIANT.1b. EVERYONE IN IT IS EXTREMELY FUCKED UP.1c. It's gonna wear you out.2. As Meat Loves Salt is a dark, brutal, intelligent, and moving novel. If you could write Caravaggio down, it would be this book. (Interestingly, it has a lot in common with Jarman's movie too - and for reasons other than obsessive erotic fixations with beautiful blond men!) It is beautiful and frightening - terrifying, in some p [...]

    2. O Wrath, your tang is surely the most spicy and pungent of all the Seven Deadly Sins! your flavor is compelling, so exciting and satisfying it gives purpose and heat and righteousness all at once. never mind the taste of ashes left in the mouth after the meal is over; that is soon forgotten in the yearning to again consume the dish and recapture its flavor once more.As Meat Loves Salt is many things: a thrilling historical novel of the 17th century English revolution; a darkly-hued psychodrama a [...]

    3. this is the kind of book worth missing a subway stop for; and another book i have had for at least five years without picking up. how many hidden jewels do i have buried under stupid lurid family sagas?? but to be relevant: this is a real sink-your-teeth-into-it book, full of war and rage and betrayal and rough sex. but there are some tender things in it to, like umm umm. i dunno, a man who loves red-tinted glass?? yeah but he does some raping, so there are some rabbits but they are mostly food. [...]

    4. This book will make you absurdly happy and sad. At one point, I read trembling with excitement, my heart racing and a smile stretched on my face. The day before I had sworn never to read it again. The thing about this book is that you will find yourself repulsed by the protagonist, you will hate him, and yet you are bound to him. And throughout it all you will play the part of the good angel on his shoulder, just hoping he will make the right choices. And when he does you feel happy enough to ex [...]

    5. I will never, ever, ever start a book late at night again (or until I forget that I said this). I literally read this book straight through the night, non fricking stop! This damn author has this wicked ability to warp my numb ass right back in time so that I felt like I was there watching the scenes unfold instead of simply reading the scenes.Oh and let me tell you the scenes I was watching were not of the fluffy bunny type. No, they were of the Ted Bundy type. Here is the most twisted revelati [...]

    6. Oh my gosh; it is hard to believe that this well researched story is a debut novel.The anti-hero of this novel spends most of his life struggling with his inner self. At the start of the novel Jacob Cullen seems a perfectly ordinary young man about to marry his sweetheart, and then wham!In the next part of the novel Jacob is fighting in the English Civil War on the side of the Roundheads. It is here that Jacob meets the love of his life and where we get to know him better. A large muscular man, [...]

    7. This is one of those books that I just fell hard and fast for – there was no “warming up” or “getting to know you” period. The first line is one of my favorites this year:”On the morning we dragged the pond for Patience White, I bent so far down trying to see beneath the surface that my own face peered up at me, twisted and frowning.”It immediately sets the gruesome scene, and is the first peek into a dark mind. Maria McCann has such a gift for writing. I feel like I didn't so much [...]

    8. Time for a VERY belated review:I am currently reading Ace, King, Knave by Maria McCann, and unfortunately I can't help but compare it to this first of her books that I read, which I'm not sure I will ever get over. I wish I had been a member when I read it, so that I would have had a reason to write down my thoughts on paper. I remember it being on my mind for days, probably weeks after I finished it, and it still haunts me. As well as being one of the best examples of realistic, gorgeously viv [...]

    9. Ah yes, tortured gay romance. Exceedingly tortured gay romance. "Is there any other kind?" he asks, tongue firmly in cheek. Actually, this was much better than that piece of tortured fluff Call Me by Your Name. For one thing, there's no masturbation-with-a-ripe-peach scene. Other than the sheer cheesiness of that, if you've ever held a squishy ripe peach in your hand, you'll know that the end result of that will be smeary peach pulp and not two neat halves that can be assembled back together lik [...]

    10. Finishing this book broke my heart. I honestly did not want it to end and when it did I cried. Maria McCann has written the most beautifully historically accurate story about two soldiers in Oliver Cromwell's army who quite unexpectedly fall in love. The story is at times savage and grisly in war and tender and heartbreaking at times. London in the 17th century was not a civilized place. McCann is a professor of history at Sommerset College in England and you get the full benefit of ther knowled [...]

    11. My lord but Jacob Cullen is a disturbed and dangerous soul! - Something you should know before reading this book because he draws you into his world and makes you love him, hate him, weep for him by turns as he destroys everything he loves and - for what? The lovers are two halves of a coin, light and dark, one as honest and easy to read as the other is secretive and Machiavellian – or are they? Because there’s a cruel twist that had me aching and an end that made me cry half the night (and [...]

    12. Jacob Cullen, a man of hasty temper and with an unstable temperment is forced, for reasons I won’t divulge, to flee the manor where he serves with his wife and his brother. Very soon he falls out with them and they desert him, leaving him to attempt to walk to Bristol. He falls in with The New Model Army (Cromwell’s Army) and joins them for a month or two in which time he becomes obsessed with Christopher Ferris, a troubled but basically good man.This is a very clever book, in a lot of ways. [...]

    13. I was aware that the book was making me sad whilst I was reading it but I realised just how much when at the moment of finishing it I felt like a load had been lifted off my chest, I felt lighter, a ray of light touching me at the thought that I did not have to touch that world again. A world where hope does not exist. Where Ms McCann makes sure that no ray of sunshine is left.This story left me questioning what I've just read that is what I will take with me. A story unreliably told by Jacob so [...]

    14. Other reviewers have beautifully described the plot and the characterization, and if you read the reviews, you will see the passion this book elicits. This is the kind of novel that should win awards, but doesn't. For me, it was a completely engrossing experience. I found myself struggling to get through the work day so I could get home and continue reading. What a complex, bloody, beautiful, and terrifying read. McCann is a writer of great skill. Though the book is over 500 pages long, it certa [...]

    15. This was my first experience of Maria McCann's work and what an experience it was! This book is just incredible! Set against the backdrop of the English Civil War, it's got murder, madness, an obsessive yet passionate relationship between two very different men and a dangerous yet strangely charismatic antihero who could easily rival Heathcliff. Sound intriguing? It is!McCann is a very talented writer as she brings the 17th century vividly to life yet never overloads you with details and descrip [...]

    16. The writing is gorgeous, though I admit to skipping some colony-related bits post the 50%-mark. Jacob is a pretty disturbing character, and I'm still not sure whether he's driven insane by some religious guilt or meant to be a sociopath.

    17. DNF at 52% because bored to tears. The writing's pretty, but that's about it. The plot was MIA and the pacing was shot to hell and back.

    18. I waited and waited before reading this book; I found all the possible excuses, like it was out of stock… and they released a paperback version! Like it was too expensive for the shipping cost… and they released an ebook version! It really seemed “they” wanted for me to read it… who they are? My conscience, my heart and my damn love for good historical novels that of course overcome the small voice that was saying, be careful, this book will haunt you. Oh, how much it was right! And un [...]

    19. The reader is immediately drawn into the world of Jacob Cullen, a darkly charismatic former servant turned soldier whose sincere cravings for love and understanding are too often marred by his jealous and suspicious nature which creates a mystery the reader discovers in well-timed increments.After seeming to escape a troubled past, he falls in love with a fellow warrior, who passionately accepts and teaches him of the love between men, yet their own obsessive behavior threatens to destory everyt [...]

    20. I feel like I need a support group after reading this book. I both loved & loathed this book. The book captured the mood and feeling of the English Civil War, the brutality and fears. I felt so many emotions reading this, hate, disgust, pity and sadness at both of the main characters, but mostly sickening fright for Jacob's rage. I feel he was unaware of his mental disturbance, making him complete monster, yet by the end I pitied and even sympathized with him and his frantic, uncontrollable [...]

    21. This review is a little spoiler-ey. And a tad annoyed. Don't read if you don't want to know.Gorgeous historical, beautifully written which, nonetheless, felt angry towards homosexuals. Or, perhaps, men.The main character is a brutal narcissist. I tried to find a metaphor to explain his behavior, thinking that perhaps he represented the old bourgeois? ********SPOILERSThere is neither redemption or consolation for the characters or the reader. The main character is filled with remorse but who know [...]

    22. This is a long-due review and I apologise with the friends on GR if they find themselves re-reading things that I may have already put in threads and comments. Since I openedMaria McCann's astonishing debut novel on June 22, I've found myself dragged into its world of violence, love, sexual confusion and religious obsession. Her world crawled under my skin and has stayed there ever since. I've been talking about this book with some of the lovely people I've met here on GR and even 'gently' pushe [...]

    23. i have read some women authors, some historical fiction, some epic, some queer, but not much- or any i recall- woman authored historical epic queer fiction. i have read work with gay central characters yes, but not rough sex romances. i read this on recommendation of a blog on guardian, which was about the yearly anti-award of the 'bad sex' award, how prudish english are, how there should be an award for good sex. this was put forth, by some poster, as an example of what good erotica is. intrigu [...]

    24. Even three weeks after reading it, I'm still not sure what I made of this book. The blurb on the back is misleading: it sets the book up as a fairly standard historical doorstop-novel, following the fortunes of a country lad separated from his fiancée and forced to find his way in the world. The novel is anything but typical. It's a psychological thriller, a tale of twisted erotic love and an accurate and fascinating evocation of one of the most interesting times in British history. Ultimately, [...]

    25. It just occurred to me that, without necessarily meaning to, I find myself rereading this book once a year. I'll go months without thinking about it, without thinking about anything related to it, and then one day I'll be driving and see a tired-looking pedestrian and I'll be back there with Jacob on the Devizes road, parched of throat and sore of foot and so hungry he won't even think about food. Then nothing will do but read those scenes again, and before I know it I'm in Winchester, I'm in Lo [...]

    26. Violent love eats up what it does love, and is mere appetite.If someone had asked me ten days ago (when I finished reading) if they should read this book, I’m pretty sure my answer would have been: no. Because, for me, what it came down to was that this book was almost 600 pages of misery, torment, and gloom which eventually led to an ending that left me not only emotionally drained but in angry tears. I can count on my fingers the moments the two main characters experienced happiness or joy, [...]

    27. This is an excellent book. A historical novel set during the English civil war, it's an absolutely engrossing read. It's also very, very dark, and the story really got under my skin. The two main characters are both appalling and appealing at the same time. I picked it up after it was recommended on some m/m list, and indeed the relationship between the two men is at the heart of the book. But it is not a happy romance, no, far from it. But it was breathtaking to read - I don't recall ever readi [...]

    28. rating: 4.5/5I loved and hated this novel at the same time. The back cover says that this is a dark erotic (nothing too graphic and not that much either) tale but it really is so much more. McCann weaves the dark and violent with sweet and innocent brilliantly. Born into nobility, Jacob Cullen was reduced to servant status after his father died. Years later he, and his two brothers, are living relatively comfortably as house servants. Jacob is also about to be wedded to a woman he loves. However [...]

    29. 5 stars. This excellent book put me in mind of a Thomas Hardy novel, a sense of doom overshadowing the characters. Written in the first person, Jacob is a flawed individual who fights the voice in his head leading him to do evil. This is set at the time of the english civil war in the 1640s and is extremely well researched. I was surprised at the amount of typos towards the end of the book, perhaps it was just my e-copy. This story stays with you and haunts your dreams, I would love a sequel!'I [...]

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