The Silent City

The Silent City In a future Europe where technology has been driven underground and the Earth s population has been tribalized by nuclear war and political conflict a young woman named Elisa is born into the Silent

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  • Title: The Silent City
  • Author: Elisabeth Vonarburg
  • ISBN: 9780888782779
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a future Europe, where technology has been driven underground and the Earth s population has been tribalized by nuclear war and political conflict, a young woman named Elisa is born into the Silent City, a final stronghold of science and knowledge, in which self perpetuating technology maintains the handful of human survivors with rejuvenation treatments and cyberneticsIn a future Europe, where technology has been driven underground and the Earth s population has been tribalized by nuclear war and political conflict, a young woman named Elisa is born into the Silent City, a final stronghold of science and knowledge, in which self perpetuating technology maintains the handful of human survivors with rejuvenation treatments and cybernetics Unwittingly, Elisa holds the key to the genetic changes which have the potential to preserve the human species But first she must overcome the resistance of the city s elite, and discover her unique gift for changing herself and the world around her But time is running out The human race is threatened by a virus that prevents the conception of male babies and women bear the blame Elisa must determine her future and the future of humanity.

    One thought on “The Silent City”

    1. The compelling beginning of this book seemed to lose momentum when the time frame became confused, at least for me. I felt there were parts missing that might have greatly enhanced my understanding, not of the plot, which was clear enough, but the rationale behind some of the imperatives. Perhaps it was pace that felt odd to me. Minute attention to detail, then years of interest collapsed into a terse paragraph. I felt cheated a bit and annoyed at the author for leading me on but also for expect [...]

    2. Ne pas se laisser décourager par l'environnement bizarre de la première partie. Je m'explique:L'environnement de ce livre est séparé en deux milieux, en quelque sorte. Il y'a la Cité et il y'a l'Extérieur.Le livre, lui, est divisé en 4 parties qui, j'ai trouvé, sont comme des mini-tômes. On alterne entre la Cité et l'Extérieur mais toujours en suivant Élisa, le personnage principal.Ce changement d'environnement est bienvenu dans la deuxième partie alors qu'on change complètement d' [...]

    3. I had to give it up. The book was underwritten: large chunks of action that should have been detailed were, instead, brushed past or jumped over; problems (villains, really) that should have been near-insurmountable proved ridiculously easy to overcome; and, finally, the main character spent long passages questioning herself about her motivations but next to no time actually doing anything. This was an extremely frustrating read because it could have been a fascinating book! The author had some [...]

    4. Eh. This was seriously annoying. Incredibly clumsy story-telling, a time-line that jumps all over the place for no discernable reason, interminable interior monologues, and absolutely no sense of dramatic tension. She teases us by throwing out some interesting concepts, but then simply ignores them, leaves them dying on the side of the road. It manages to be weird and awkward and somehow preachy, yet without any ethical examination.

    5. The story and characters were interesting enough, but the whole thing felt slightly anemic. I just wanted more. More information about the characters, more back-story on the world, more dialog, more detail. Still, the plot hung together well, and it was a pretty quick read. Overall it was a good first novel, though I hope to find more depth when I get around to reading her later books.

    6. I wanted to like this book, but it wasn't really for me. A bit too much weird scientific incest and experimentation; I liked the bits outside of "the City", but there wasn't enough of that.

    7. Would love to read the original untranslated version, as the third-person restricted narration is focused on a character who genderbends; I'm betting some very interesting things happen with language, given how gendered French is. It is a neat exploration of the human - and specifically the female - condition, and I like Elisa - she is very human, in that there are times when she is vulnerable and her gut feelings lead her astray, but she tries so hard to do the right thing despite.Good vintage [...]

    8. While the author had some compelling ideas, the variable but always too-slow pacing and disjointed feel made this a difficult story to finish and not one I'd recommend.

    9. Kind of weird. I don't read a lot of science fiction. Needed simple editing. I read this because the next book in the series is supposed to be really good.

    10. La Science-fiction n'est pas ma classe forte, mais, depuis quelques années, je la découvre d'un œil neuf, et c'est grâce aux Éditions Alire. Et je dois avouer que, depuis plusieurs années, en ayant lus plusieurs, Le Silence de la Cité est l'un des premiers romans du genre qui, en plus d'être une lecture très plaisante, m'a marqué, d'une certaine manière. Élisabeth Vonarburg n'a certainement plus à prouver son talent, mais pour ceux qui ne la connaissent pas, ce roman est un bijou.Ce [...]

    11. Grand défi de littérature québécoise : Catégorie Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean. 3 points (total: 60 points). Je suis vraiment fière d'avoir réussi à lire un Vonarburg en moins d'un mois. C'est toujours très bon mais très dense et long. Les courts chapitres ont beaucoup aidé dans ce cas-ci, tous les livres de sf devraient avoir des chapitres de dix-quinze pages On retrouve beaucoup des thèmes fétiches de Vonarburg dans ce livre, l'immortalité, les relations familiales très fuckées, le fém [...]

    12. The Silent City is the story of a post-apocalyptic world divided into protected cities involved in a grand plan to save humanity and those left outside to fend for themselves. There are mechanized robots made to look and act like people. Some are operated by humans remotely whose minds inhabit them. Then there's Elisa, the main character, guinea pig in a grand human genetic engineering project. Is she human? Are the mechanized robots human since they have aged human's minds running them? Are tho [...]

    13. I'm giving this a three because while it has some nice ideas and interesting scenarios to explore, it's frustratingly full of really creative plot points that go nowhere, interesting moral dilemmas that are skated over, and then other, far less interesting, stuff that's gone into in ridiculous and pointless amounts of detail.Add to that some of the incestuous sexual stuff is just disturbing. Also I find it incredibly unlikely that a society in which 50 girls are born for every 1 boy would have F [...]

    14. Pas aussi abouti que "Chroniques du Pays des Mères" (écrit après LSdlC) mais indispensable. De belles explorations de l'idée de genres et de la relation entre hommes et femmes, mais aussi de la responsabilité, de la parentalité. J'aurais aimé que quelques pistes ébauchées n'aient pas été abandonnées et que l'histoire couvre un peu plus de l'Histoire

    15. Vonarburg is my favorite author so Iam biased. I read this book so many times and it never lost its attraction.Vonarburg has a very unique way of writing and she has favorite themes which we find in this book. Not the best she's written but pretty good nonethless.

    16. J'ai acheté les deux éditions, Alire étant la plus récente en francais. Un bon ouvrage de SF avec cité mystérieuse, survivants d'une époque hypertechnologiques, peuplades revenues à l'éat sauvage et le rapport à la maternité du personnage principal.

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