One thought on “デビルズライン 6”

  1. Slowly but surely everything is starting to come together. This series is definitely a grower as it starts off with a lot of action, then it attempts to do a mystery but with the large cast of characters, it is sometimes hard to follow. And when the focus isn't always on Anzai, it can be difficult to care.

  2. It literally came out three days ago in France, and here I am already having it lmao!Fuck devils line keeps getting more and more interesting, and I'm shook at every volume omg. The wait is killing me already,,,,,

  3. Best volume by far! This series gets better and better 💖 And I dont think I've hated a villain with such passion in so long but Kikuhara. He needs to fall into a dark whole and be trapped forever, he's so manipulative and cunning but super interesting at the same time. I need the next volume, like right now 😂 Side note: Thank you Ryo Hanada for finally including a character guide at the beginning, I could finally get my head around everyone! 😂

  4. 🌧This volume focuses on backstory of Zero Nine, which helps us understand her as a character & her motives much better.🌧Anzai discovers a new side effect from transforming that holds the key to his mysterious past.🌧The intrigue surrounding all of the conspiracies are getting more intense with more unexpected twists. Normally I don’t care for such complex plot lines, but I am immensely enjoying it within this series. 🌧Not everything is black or white, making the narrative allego [...]

  5. I am sincerely, sincerely worried for the characters. I'm just paranoid that some of my favs from F Squad are gonna die.

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