Letters from Yellowstone

Letters from Yellowstone No descriptive material is available for this title

  • Title: Letters from Yellowstone
  • Author: Jim Carrier
  • ISBN: 9780911797374
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover
  • No descriptive material is available for this title.

    One thought on “Letters from Yellowstone”

    1. A library patron recommended this collection of "letters" sent to the Denver Post when reporter Jim Carrier spent the summer months and December in Yellowstone in 1986. I must say, that would be my kind of gig-really experiencing the park over an extended period of time, rather than seeing it as most people must, within a few days, much of the time spent in a car. Reading these articles made me envy the people who have found their niche as park employees.Of course, this was written nearly 30 yea [...]

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