Basil in Mexico

Basil in Mexico Basil mouse and master detective seeking for the truth behind the theft of the Mousa Lisa must also solve the mystery of his companion s disappearance

  • Title: Basil in Mexico
  • Author: Eve Titus Paul Galdone
  • ISBN: 9780070648982
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Basil, mouse and master detective seeking for the truth behind the theft of the Mousa Lisa, must also solve the mystery of his companion s disappearance.

    One thought on “Basil in Mexico”

    1. I appreciate the Sherlockian references, and my kids love the story of an anthropomorphic mouse detective. Win-win

    2. Disney's 'The Great Mouse Detective' was always one of my favorites. When I found out it was also a children's series, I was very excited. Book 1 is being ordered from the library, so I had to start with Books 4 and 5.This was a children's book, but it was actually quite good. Sometimes I do read children's books that have predictable story lines and simple language. This was not the case with 'Basil in Mexico'. I found that it was a worthy successor (I refer to it as successor as I had watched [...]

    3. I am six and listened to the audio version of this book. I loved the book because it was cute and a bit funny. It was cool. It was a mystery book about a mouse detective and they went to Mexico. They tried to solve the case. I think other people would like this book because it looked cool. The great mouse detective.

    4. Description: Basil of Baker Street, the world's most famous mouse detective, is at it again! A mystery story of many tales in one, we follow clever Basil and the faithful Dawson as they tackle the dastardly Professor Ratigan in London and travel to Mexico to solve the puzzle of a stolen work of art. Success seems to be in their grasp but they are faced with a sudden blow when Dawson is kidnapped on the eve of a full-scale rebel army attack!Concerns: NoneSummary: Consider this book a low-calorie [...]

    5. I picked up my copy at a library booksale. It's a shame that it's no longer on the shelves. Titus' Basil only wants to be as good a detective as Sherlock Holmes. He's better in some ways, especially when it comes to being kind. I enjoyed the case of the Mousa Lisa and the appearance of Rattigan. If you're looking to introduce to your little one to mysteries and the world of Holmes, you should check out the Basil series.

    6. It has been forever since I last read this book. I can't help but feel that the author fell into the same pit that many Sherlock Holmes authors have - can't think of what else to have him solvelets send him somewhere weird! This is very much like the rest of her books where Basil goes someplace not Baker St. and experiences things exclusive to that country and/or people group. Not to say they are badey are just extremely predictable. The first was the best.

    7. This was a quick read. It was just okay. In this, Basil has to solve three different mysteries. I think more time should have been spent on the main one, as the fake cheese (really?) and the other did nothing at all to help move the book along, just added pages.

    8. Not as good as the first but still a fun read. A great mystery for young readers read alone or aloud together.

    9. Cute collection of stories, featuring a mouse in the role of Sherlock Holmes. Good read for the 10-12 year old set.

    10. This is the first of the Basil of Baker Street books that I've read. The parallels between Basil and the Sherlock Holmes stories were very charming.

    11. Basil, the great mouse detective, in this book solves three cases. It's not a very long book and I just thought it was okay. I just really couldn't get get into it for some reason.

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