Amazing Truths: How Science and the Bible Agree

Amazing Truths How Science and the Bible Agree Does science discredit the Bible God religious faith Absolutely not says Dr Michael Guillen former Harvard physics instructor and Emmy winning ABC News Science Editor In Amazing Truths he uses hi

  • Title: Amazing Truths: How Science and the Bible Agree
  • Author: Michael Guillen
  • ISBN: 9780310343752
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Does science discredit the Bible, God, religious faith Absolutely not, says Dr Michael Guillen, former Harvard physics instructor and Emmy winning ABC News Science Editor In Amazing Truths, he uses his entertaining, down to earth storytelling skills to reveal ten astonishing truths affirmed by both ancient Scripture and modern science that answer some of our biggest queDoes science discredit the Bible, God, religious faith Absolutely not, says Dr Michael Guillen, former Harvard physics instructor and Emmy winning ABC News Science Editor In Amazing Truths, he uses his entertaining, down to earth storytelling skills to reveal ten astonishing truths affirmed by both ancient Scripture and modern science that answer some of our biggest questions Can faith really move mountains Does absolute truth exist Are humans truly unique Is it possible to communicate with God How much about the universe do we actually know How could Jesus have been fully man and fully God In Amazing Truths, Dr Guillen explains that faith is not some outdated way of thinking Faith is a necessary part of science, Christianity, and any intelligent, comprehensive, coherent worldview vastly powerful than even logic.Amazing Truths will expand your mind and bolster your faith You will see for yourself what Dr Guillen, a theoretical physicist and devout Christian, has discovered in a lifetime of serious exploration that science and faith are not at odds In fact, they re the ultimate power couple.

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    1. I am not sure how to describe this book. I thought it was going to be one of apologetics, but it is not. It is more an explanation of Guillen's awe at correlations between biblical and scientific truth. There are correlations between the universe and Christian belief that are amazing truths.Sometimes Guillen draws a lesson from science that is applied to Christianity. One example is dark matter. He gives the history leading to the postulation of dark matter and dark energy. Scientists now believ [...]

    2. I received a free copy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley.I am a Christian, an engineer, and a fan of science. I thought that this book would be up my alley, but instead I was hugely disappointed.The author tries to draw parallels between the physical world and the Christian faith. That sounds great but a lot of the parallels are awkward. For example, quantum entanglement is a metaphor for how God speaks to us in mysterious ways. Light is a particle and a wave in the same way that [...]

    3. I appreciate Dr. Guillen's sincere attempt to reconcile what is seemingly 2 schools of thought that stand in contrast to one another. The use of practical study from both human history and the modern age (this side of the 20th century) coupled with logic stands well.I don't care for all his examples/illustrations. I also disagree with his use of Old Earth theory, suggesting that God created mankind as the pinnacle of Creation during a proposed 'Great Leap Forward' c 50,000 years ago. However, hi [...]

    4. There are many interesting things about this book. Some of the explanations about science are rather tedious. The author contends that we should respect truth in both scientific discoveries and the Bible. He attempts to show parallels between scientific discoveries and the Bible. I found the comparison concerning the omnipresence of God to be quite inadequate.

    5. This is about the hardest book to rate I've ever come across, because it completely eschewed my expectations. Based on the title, I was expecting something more apologetics-focused, but that's definitely not what this book was. I guess it's really more aimed at inspiring the Christian who aims to have a supportive view of science, rather than attempting to win over an atheistic scientist.The oddity that makes it hard to review this book is that it's not exactly saying that science and the bible [...]

    6. 1) write eloquently about a science theory. 2) ham fist it into a Christian myth - the bible is allegory for science, interpret Bronze Age legends in terms of quantum mechanics etc. 3) claim that no other religion can do this as well. 4) claim that your cafeteria version of Christianity is the correct version. Big Bang yes, evolution lite yes. 5) claim science has been wrong before but evidence caused it to self correct ( true)6) completely fail to notice religions And their leaders ( except Dal [...]

    7. Amazing Truths is a very well written book. As a Christian I found it especially refreshing to find a book that argued for Biblical truths without being corny, overly reliant on faith, or mocking in tone. If you are looking for a book to get quick facts to debate evolutionary theorists with, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a solid, thoughtful book on larger truths that you could easily use to open up debate with someone who would laugh at a book titled "10 Ways to Confuse Darwini [...]

    8. Excellent book. The author did an excellent job of showing that the Bible and Science are not in opposition, you don't have to choose one or the other. Filled with interesting facts and insight. Highly recommended.

    9. A highly regarded scientist explains 10 truths held by science and the Bible. Written in plain language with on the mark illustrations. One of the best books I've read in the last 12 months.

    10. This is a very interesting book. However, I believe that not everyone will appreciate the full scope of what the author tries to prove. His object it to portray how science and the Bible agree regarding ten objective truths about life, the world, and God. I feel that he does a really good job of this, but the problem for most readers will come in the scientific explanations of the truths. At times it seems like the scientific elements go pretty deep and there might be a tendency to get bogged do [...]

    11. This book is about, as simple as the title suggests, how science and the Bible agree (and how amazing is that!). This seems like a novel concept in recent years, but as one of my younger degrees will attest (Bachelor of Science in Religion), the study of religion is a study in [social] science, and the Bible actually inspired the field of science, as one used to do inquiry and study to prove Scripture to be true. This book tackles the concept of science using a logical perspective: with science [...]

    12. I am a Christian and I love science, so this book sounded right up my alley. Unfortunately, while Amazing Truths purports to show how science and the Bible support each other, it actually just draws dubious parallels between scientific and Biblical "facts." It's like a collection of vaguely scientific sermon illustrations. There's a place for that, I guess, but it shouldn't be sold as some kind of apologetics primer. Throw in a lot of sentence fragments and corny jokes and I couldn't even give i [...]

    13. I had a lot of hopes for this book because I really love reading about scientific connections with the Bible. I once watched a TV series breaking down a series of scientific events that, if they occurred together, would cause the plagues that hit Egypt as told in Exodus. I was hoping that this book would do the same thing; instead, it seemed to draw a lot of parallels but I didn't really get a lot of hard facts. It was ok, but it wasn't anything mind-blowing. It's a decent easy read but if you'r [...]

    14. We need bothToday people are trying to use scientific discoveries to supplant the Bible, Biblical truth and God. However the truth from both are necessary to be able to get a clear understanding of ourselves and the universe. Michael Guillen has done a good job of presenting that tension between the two sides.

    15. Michael Guillen offers duel credibility of being a credentialed scientist and passionate Christian. This book is the perfect expression of both. He shows how scientific discovery continues to catch up with the wisdom and truth the Bible has made available to man for millennia.

    16. You don't have to suspend logical thinking to be a Christian and Dr. Michael Guillen tells us why in this important book, Amazing Truths!

    17. An excellent, intelligently written book for anyone interested in the issue of whether science and the Bible are at odds, or can actually agree

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