The New 52: Futures End, Vol. 3

The New Futures End Vol This is the moment that Batman Beyond has traveled back in time to stop the moment when his terrible future is born Five years from now the world of tomorrow is on the brink of creation Brainiac has

  • Title: The New 52: Futures End, Vol. 3
  • Author: Brian Azzarello Jeff Lemire Dan Jurgens Keith Giffen Patrick Zircher Aaron Lopresti Jesús Merino
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is the moment that Batman Beyond has traveled back in time to stop the moment when his terrible future is born.Five years from now, the world of tomorrow is on the brink of creation Brainiac has arrived from the stars, and intends to take New York City with him as a souvenir It s enough to bring Superman out of self imposed exile, but not even the Man of Steel or hiThis is the moment that Batman Beyond has traveled back in time to stop the moment when his terrible future is born.Five years from now, the world of tomorrow is on the brink of creation Brainiac has arrived from the stars, and intends to take New York City with him as a souvenir It s enough to bring Superman out of self imposed exile, but not even the Man of Steel or his former teammates on the Justice League may be enough to stop the alien conqueror.Can Batman Beyond, Stormwatch, the Justice League Dark, Firestorm and others stop both Brainiac and Brother Eye Or will the future die along with them It all leads up to this Jeff Lemire JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA , Brian Azzarello WONDER WOMAN , Dan Jurgens THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN , Keith Giffen JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 and artists such as Patrick Zircher THE FLASH redefine the future of the DC Universe Collects 31 48.

    One thought on “The New 52: Futures End, Vol. 3”

    1. A good enough ending in some ways but completely disappointing. The series sort of continues in Convergence. OVERALL GRADE: B.

    2. The first two volumes of Futures End were fun, primarily for their use of "cancelled" heroes, but also for strong writing most of the time. However in this volume, it was clear that writing was getting increasingly wobbly. Two of the main plot lines (one involving the space crew and another involving Sue 52) totally anti-climax. They run down like toys that haven't been wound, and then just stop. Were they important to the overall plot? Apparently not.Meanwhile, over in the main plot, the writer [...]

    3. I really don't know where to begin with this review. I really enjoyed the first two volumes if this story especially volume two. There were a few plot lines that (although some what predictably) came together. Volume 3 I'm afraid was a different story. If I honest I think 3 stars is probably generous. I am probably scoring it up because I enjoyed the other volumes so much.There are 2 major deaths here, one of which is not given the gravitas I feel it deserved. I was also pretty disappointed that [...]

    4. 5 starsRIP Terry McGinnis. Glad the superheroes were able to defeat Brainiac. Sad that they weren't able to stop Brother Eye though. Artificial intelligence is creepy to me. It seems like every time one is made, it usually always goes bad. Can't wait to read more DC comics!!!! Can't wait to read more Batman and Bat-family comics!!!!

    5. Didn't stand out, like other stories, but it still packed quite the punch at the end I'm a sincerely happy customer.

    6. The finale of the year-long event. Most of this volume (and most of the series), I thought was fantastic. I got my copy of it in the mail today and finished it in one sitting. I especially loved the narratives focusing on Frankenstein, Superman, and Firestorm. We also get an origin story for Stormguard, which I was stoked about! And there was a nice easter egg that made reference to Lemire's Sweet Tooth comic! There were some weak plot lines, though. The one that comes to mind first is the one a [...]

    7. Not sure what compelled me to read this recently. It's not like there is a lack of quality competition. I suppose I can file this under "brainless entertainment".The story across all 48 chapters/3 books, is rather all over the place and full of sub plots that range from annoying to entertaining. Some aren't really resolved, many are but just didn't feel meaningful.Probably the most egregious fault is the ending - it basically made everything that came before feel rather pointless. I did find the [...]

    8. Not a bad resolution, considering how many loose threads had to be brought together. Since you've made it through Volumes 1 & 2, finish the trip down the rabbit hole here. Brother Eye is equal parts Borg Queen and Skynet, and it is fearsome. The cyborg zombie drones that were once the heroes are even freakier, and make for a good threat. It was great to see Tim Drake step up and shed his jadedness, becoming the hero that he, by nature, is. It was unfortunate that McGuiness had to pay the pri [...]

    9. Well, that ending was highly unsatisfactory. I mean, I knew nothing in the present would change, but I thought at least the future would be properly fixed one way or the other since it would ultimately just be an alternate earth, but nope. Dangling plot threads abounded and we never found out just what the hell happened between Superman and the Batman during the Earth-2 war (that will now never happen) to make them hate each other so much. Sigh.

    10. What an insanely jumbled mess. With the talent involved here I can't even fathom how this book is so bad. I still have no idea what happened, why, or why anyone would care. The only thing helping the score here is the art and fantastic covers. This can't be what DC envisioned in their New 52. Overall, a lesson in how to confuse and lose readers.

    11. On a whole, I tend to enjoy 'bad end' sort of stories. For instance, I'm very much enjoying the Injustice: Gods Among Us books. And for Vol 1 and Vol 2 of Futures End, I really enjoyed how things went. There was time travel, a whole host of minor DC characters getting to be the heroes, and most importantly Terry McGinnis. We've been waiting ages for Terry to somehow be brought into to main DC timeline, and Futures End was doing it.Vol 3 went and mucked all of this up.Granted, there were some nic [...]

    12. Format read: The New 52: Futures End #31-48I think this whole series is more enjoyable if it's treated for what it is, an elseworlds story. It only deals with a possible future. So people who read it as if it deals with the primary DC earth are obviously going to disagree with a future presenting pretty much all of them as cyborgs. And they SHOULD disagree, but obviously that's not the future the writers at DC had planned ultimately. That said, I also understand why the notoriously bad ending to [...]

    13. Okay, so this review is to cover all three volumes in this immense series.Firstly, I decided to read this series, not because I'm a fan of Batman Beyond but as the lead up to DC's Convergence and because I'd read the Earth 2 series in issue format including their Worlds End storyline (and completely loved that).As most reviewers have already said, there are at least four or five different stories happening all at the same time, and on the whole this kept me interested and intrigued as to what wa [...]

    14. This is not the way I wanted it to end. Not at all. Maybe, there might be a second volume coming up but this is not how you end such a tremendous build-up of a story. It is almost like you have raised a tea cup, simmering and smelling as if fully brewed and ready to be tasted, and what do you do? You let the cup fall freely and make a mess of the flooring. That is exactly what Lemire ended up doing to Futures End.The resurrection of Superman, recovering post the war, was simply - let me put it i [...]

    15. Why didn't you just add insult to injury and end this with 'It was only a dream?' Honestly, the ending basically invalidated the entirety of the series, which, yes, comic books keeping their status quo and all that, but even regular series have more impact than this. Completely devaluing the entirety of the year-long series? I feel sorry for people who actually paid for the issues.What's worse is that there are actually some decent moments in here. Frankenstein and Amethyst. Fifty Sue, Lana and [...]

    16. 52TrinityBatman: Eternalbatman and robin: EternalSome of the above weekly comics were enjoyable. One bordered on incoherent, and one them was better than the majority of modern DC stories that have been told. Can you guess which ones are which? The key to DC's successful weekly books? Make sure every single writer involved is a list talent. 52 had Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka. You can't beat that line up.This book had Jeff Lemire, and that is really the only writer on th [...]

    17. The final volume of this maxi-series was a complete let-down for me. For such a huge investment in time, there was little-to-no reward.At least two of the major plotlines that carried the bulk of the first two volumes (Frankenstein's story and Grifter's story) simply vanished entirely from the plot. You would think that, with so much time spent detailing those stories, somehow the mega-sized arcs would merge together with the equally mega-sized main storyline but no. They just stop. Nothing happ [...]

    18. It all came together properly, but left me with some questions about the present and future. Something about this finale wasn't as gripping as the first two volumes. But it held my interest and, again, I am thrilled to actually enjoy Tim Drake. Also, it was very funny. I enjoyed having a good laugh in the midst of all this chaos. I find Fifty Sue and Constantine to be always overpowered compared to those around them - and they only step in to further plot, which is all too convenient. But Azzare [...]

    19. After a year long story, this book basically ends to be continued in Batman Beyond with zero resolution. The other main story lines just kind of peter out as well. Poor, Frankenstein and Amethyst gets saddled with a story where nothing happens. They played up King Braniac for months and the Justice League finally comes back to take him down. The Brother Eye story just meanders along and is left to pretty much destroy the earth in the future. And that stupid Batman / Joker cyborg is just asinine. [...]

    20. I Love this title. I realize it is a DC retelling of The Terminator but I'm cool with that. I think my favorite bit is Fifty Sue in a Deathstroke tutu. The power of this collection is that it makes me care about characters that I don't normally like Frankenstein, Princess Amethyst, Plastique, Mr Terrific and Firestorm. This volume ends on a cliffhanger that definitely leaves me wanting more.This series is one of the best things to come out of the New 52.

    21. Overall I really enjoyed this story. I'm always up for a time travel tale. However after reading the whole series I felt like two major story arcs had nothing to do with the main story. Which makes me believe it was filler so they could actually have 52 issues.

    22. You know what I like from a 48 issue major story arc? Maybe not the feeling that the next issue, which is never coming, might resolve the story!And they should have never tried to work in Braniac stuffjust too much going on.

    23. The history is good, till the end WTH!! is a big circle history! 3 stars,, should be 1!! but I like the all history,,,, (not the finale! ) >:(

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