Serpents in the Cold

Serpents in the Cold A serial killer stalks the streets of s Boston and two friends take it upon themselves to bring him down Post war Boston is down on its luck and looking for change A year after the Great Brink s R

  • Title: Serpents in the Cold
  • Author: Thomas O'Malley Douglas Graham Purdy
  • ISBN: 9780316323451
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • A serial killer stalks the streets of 1950s Boston and two friends take it upon themselves to bring him down.Post war Boston is down on its luck and looking for change A year after the Great Brink s Robbery the largest robbery in the history of the United States Boston is known for its seedy underbelly than for its rich, historical past The winter of 1951 is the A serial killer stalks the streets of 1950s Boston and two friends take it upon themselves to bring him down.Post war Boston is down on its luck and looking for change A year after the Great Brink s Robbery the largest robbery in the history of the United States Boston is known for its seedy underbelly than for its rich, historical past The winter of 1951 is the worst in recent memory, and the Bruins are suffering another losing season.Like Boston itself, lifelong residents Cal O Brien and Dante Cooper are struggling to find their identities after World War II Cal has built a mildly promising life for himself as an employee of a company providing private security, whether to an honorable businessman who needs a night watchman or to an Irish mafioso who needs to have someone s legs broken Dante is everything Cal is not A heroin addict trying and failing to stay clean, Dante feels the call to do good after he discovers that his sister in law was the latest victim of a serial killer targeting disadvantaged women.Woefully unqualified, but determined to help, Cal and Dante take it upon themselves to track the killer but their daunting quest takes on dangerous consequences when the trail leads them to the highest ranks of city government There are a few well placed men who don t want Cal and Dante to solve this case.An absorbing mixture of history and suspense, told with a meticulous eye for detail and character, Serpents in the Cold is a moving exploration about two men battling for second chances.

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    1. Ok so this was the first book I've ever had from Netgalley.I just want to start by saying, I'm not one of those people who, for a review, write an in depth description of the story. That's what the blurb is for.Anyway, here we goCrime/Thriller, isn't usually my bag, I'm usually more into horror, but this book gripped me straight away. Don't want to give any spoilers, but within the first chapter you will be hooked.If you read the blurb, you will see that these two vigilantes are off to find a ki [...]

    2. This novel is set in post-war Boston. It is February 1951 and one of the coldest winters on record, when some children out walking their dog discover the body of a woman on the beach. The woman turns out to be the sister in law of Dante Cooper; a heroin addict, whose wife Margot is also dead. Dante hears the news of the murder from his children friend, Cal O’Brien, a former Boston cop who still has nightmares six years after his time in the war and who now operates a security business. The for [...]

    3. l won this book in a Firstreads giveaway.l loved it. Bleak, heroes were anti-heroes, violence was not gratuitous but added reality to the themes. l though all the way through that it would, in the hands of a talented director, make a must watch film.

    4. While I love film noir, I have read very few "noir" novels, and the few I have have read were not so good. The Boston setting drew me to this one, since I lived there for a few years and got to know the city and area extremely well. I enjoyed this novel quite a bit, and it was great fun to see how the authors used the Boston locales, including many that have vanished since the early 50's. I didn't view the story as a "realistic" novel at all, as it is extremely bleak and terrifying to the point [...]

    5. Novel received courtesy of giveawaySet in post WWII south Boston, this is a dark, dark novel. Drug abuse, PTSD, crooked politicians, murder, povertye list goes on and on! However, if you're keen enough to push through all the darkness, the story is really good. Two childhood friends; one just back from the war, the other a heroin addict, try to right the wrongs that were visited upon a family member. That search for "absolution" takes them to and through violent and illegal situations. I enjoye [...]

    6. This is a gritty novel about 2 Boston cousins. It takes place in the early 50s during the coldest winter in Boston's history and involves the infamous Brinks robbery. Cal O'Brien, a former Boston cop, operates a security business near Scollay Square. His childhood friend, Dante Cooper, is a junkie who is indebted to the local loan shark. When Dante's sister-in-law becomes a victim of a serial murderer, the 2 friends try to find out who did it. The trail leads to mobsters, politicians, the Cathol [...]

    7. Winning this book from the giveaway was very exciting. when I read the premise, it captured my attention. is a very dark book set in Boston during the 1950so men both fighting their own demons team up to unravel the murder of ones sister-in-law and if there is a connection to the death of one of the mens wifea lot of factors play into this mystery. .urch,politics and the mob.I can see this book being optioned for a major studio movie.

    8. I received this as a first read. This one was an interesting one. I am just getting into the noir type of mysteries. This one was set in the fifties in Boston. I liked this one. It is another dark one but interesting how the story unrivaled. I liked how the author uses many factor involved in the crime - such as politics and the mob. All in all a good read for those looking for a crime thriller book.

    9. Be prepared to be immersed in the dark post war sinister world of Boston in the 1950’s where danger lurks behind unassuming doors and the motto should be trust no one and nobody. This is a gripping, violent, old school, gangster thriller where the mob, politics and the church fight for control and power over anyone who has the misfortune to step into their shadow. Expect to be kept on the edge of your seat in this fast paced noir crime thriller.I was fortunate to win this copy through giveawa [...]

    10. This book was very dark. None of the characters were particularly likeable and I didn't find myself unable to put the book down. Nevertheless the plot was interesting, if a little depressing and slow at times.

    11. Very dark storyline, lots of violence with flawed heroes whose behaviour is often difficult to separate from that of the bad guys. It leaves you wanting to know what will happen next.

    12. I loved this! The characters were strong and interesting, the violence and personal issues were realistic, and the background information was extremely well presented.A brilliant read :)

    13. This book was OK -- not good, not bad, just OK. I enjoyed reading about Boston before the redevelopment that became Mass General and Government Center. Two of the characters were brothers -- one a politician, one a gangster -- who were so obviously based on the Bulgers as to be annoying. The gangster was even called Blackie. I will not be looking for additional books by this author.

    14. If you want a history and geography lesson about Boston and its seamy underworld in the year 1951, you have come to the right place. The story is replete with pictures, descriptions and accounts of the city, especially the now defunct Scollay Square and West End areas. However, if you want plot or character, look somewhere else. This novel is so intent on verisimilitude in the settings that it completely ignores the elements that make a crime novel believable or interesting. All the characters a [...]

    15. This review first appeared on the Historical Novel Society website.For Boston natives Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper, life has been a struggle to survive since World War II. Their old Irish-Polish-Italian neighborhood has fallen into seedy decay, ruled by drugs and prostitution bosses and reeling from the Great Brink’s Robbery of 1950. When the body of Dante’s sister-in-law, Sheila, turns up—the apparent victim of a serial killer called the Butcher—the two old friends take matters into t [...]

    16. " IN BOSTON SERPENTS WHISTLE AT THE COLD " Absolutely loved it. Along with excellent writing - the ability to get the reader to quickly turn every page, Serpents in the Cold creates an amazing true- to-life picture. Other have written a synopsis of the storyline so i will not My dad grew up in the West End so i was raised on his stories of Scollay Square, the characters that seemed like they were made for tv, the cohesiveness of some friends and the downright evil of others. WW2 ended and the ad [...]

    17. Noir is the best way to describe this book. The movie Touch of Evil comes to mind. This novel takes you back to the time when John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald was walking around the wards of Boston. Dark, gripping and a shadow of humanity runs through the book. There are names of power walking down the street. Names like Sullivan, Foely, McIntyre are the ones you greet at the pub. DeSalvo is not a name you want to meet at the pub but it lurks around every corner. An old school gang of boys now men a [...]

    18. I won this book through giveaway and let me tell you I was quite overjoyed! Once I started reading the first chapter, I was so hooked!! The book is about two vigilantes trying to find a serial killer, that is obviously on the loose.We see very descriptive scenes, and I thought the author did a really good job on that!!!I really recommend this book to anyone that love crime and thriller type of actionI guarantee to you that once you open up this book, you won't want to put it down until you are [...]

    19. In the dictionary, under the word rough, there is a picture of this book. Rough times, rough characters, rough city, just a really rough story. I never felt that Boston was ever this gritty, but the way it is protrayed in this book it is downright scary. On top of all that, this book is cold. The temperature and the weather cast a pallor over everything going on, all the time. It was hard to read, very violent and disturbing in its own special way. A truly wild ride. This one will stay with me f [...]

    20. I haven't finished this novel quite yet but I love it thus far! Great depiction of Boston during the 1950's where a serial killer is on the loose and a girlfriend of the protagonist is one of his victims. I love the familiar places mentioned in these pages, descriptions of lost Scollay Square and the West End are spot on. If you enjoy gritty, noir and characters that you care about you will love this one!

    21. Wicked wicked wicked wicked dahhhhhhk novel. So dark it took two guys to write it. This book makes noir a two syllable word: "nuh-wahhh." This book had blood, beatings, rotting flesh, burnt flesh, broken bones, feces, blow flies, maggots, junkies, urine, rats, prostitutes (under and overage), serial killers, politicians, gangsters, criminal parents, etc etc etc.I loved it, but that's me. Wicked dahhk nuh-wahh.

    22. I chose this book for the setting - Boston in the winter of 1951, where and when I was born. Great atmosphere and historical detail of that place and time. I found it slow going, though I would recommend it. Very descriptive, literary, bleak. The story is built around the Brinks robbery and the plans to destroy the old West End to make way for the "new Boston" with the gangs and corrupt politics of the day taking center stage. Can definitely imagine it as a film.

    23. a junkie and an ex-cop chase a serial killer in a frozen, post-war Boston. if you like dark and gritty crime-noir, filled with cigarettes and whiskey, violence and conspiracy, you should give this a chance. I also made a musical mix inspired by this book you can check out here:8tracks/dj_dim-mak/dj_dim-

    24. This is a very dark tale of two friends in post-war Boston looking for a serial killer that strikes close to home. This is the premise for the story but there really is so much more here. I found this to be a very gritty tale that offered up a lot of enjoyable reading time.So if you have a warm coat get ready for a very cold story filled with snow and a lot of dead bodies.

    25. If you're from Boston and remember Scollay Square in the early days, you'll find this a good read. Although the writing was very crude at times, the story was good. I'm planning on reading the next book in the series.

    26. Gritty, bloody and atmospheric Boston noir. A pair of friends, each physically and mentally tormented, go on a quest for justice and revenge in post-WWII Boston. I found it similar to the early George Pelecanos series with character Nick Stefanos set in D.C.

    27. Paint-by-number tragic thriller seems a textbook example of characterization, scenery, and plot with too much description and no depth. I was turning pages as fast as I could to get through this first novel.

    28. This book is extremely hard to put down! Extremely noir-y and violent (a little too violent for me, actually), it's a fascinating, really quite terrifying portrait of Boston during a freezing spell in 1951.

    29. I surrender. The details were phenomenal. You can tell they researched the hell out of Boston and the time period and it shows. But the story was so cliche and I found myself avoiding reading it. And now it's time to bring it back to the library.

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