The Sicilian's Defiant Mistress

The Sicilian s Defiant Mistress Cass can t continue with a relationship that involves just her body when her heart is breaking But the deal she made with Sicilian tycoon Maximos Borsellino was for sex and when that fails to be enoug

  • Title: The Sicilian's Defiant Mistress
  • Author: Jane Porter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cass can t continue with a relationship that involves just her body when her heart is breaking But the deal she made with Sicilian tycoon Maximos Borsellino was for sex and when that fails to be enough for Cass, Maximos ends the affair Cass is completely destroyed Worse, she discovers she s pregnant But, months later, an explosive reunion is in the cards.

    One thought on “The Sicilian's Defiant Mistress”

    1. what an odd stupid story. She had an assinine plan for revenge/closure and then she falls apart the first time she sees the guy, her ex lover, and lets him get her off in a back room at a reception after pleading with him to tell her why he didn't love her. She had no backbone, no self respect and she was just plain stupid. This book was poor written and poorly plotted.I have little sympathy for supposedly sophisticated heroines who humiliate themselves. Especially if they can't think themselves [...]

    2. Someone mentioned on another thread that this was a love it or hate it type of book and the ratings in general reflect this. I came in in the middle, because there were things I appreciated and I felt the author should be given credit for trying to inject at least some messy reality into her work. Problem is HP is not where most of us come for reality and I think that may be part of the problem with all the negative ratings.For one thing, I'm not so sure this should have been published under the [...]

    3. My first Jane Porter and I liked it. It has the same kind of soul shattering angst typically seen in books by Jennie Lucas or Julia James. The roiling, hovering dark cloud like angst, ready to unleash even more destruction on the already damaged mcs.The kind of angst that doesn’t always work, and may even seem hokey.In this book, it worked for most part because of the different, 'fresher' treatment. The h, a discarded mistress is emotionally shattered for most of the book because of unrequited [...]

    4. Well this is a torture-fest with some weapon's grade angst thrown in. I don't know if I wasn't in the mood for this level of sadness or if the heroine's bone-headed attempt at revenge at the beginning turned me off. Whatever the cause, I found this story unsettling.Heroine was crazed with grief for six months after the hero dumped her and she lost their secret baby. She goes to the hero's sister's wedding with his great enemy. Even she isn't sure if she wants revenge on the hero or just the chan [...]

    5. WTF?Heroine pretends to be engaged to hero's nemesis so she can see him and finally have closure for the way their relationship ended. Hero knows immediately that she's lying. Nemesis tells her if she doesn't do what he says, he'll tell hero her Big Secret: that she miscarried the hero's baby not long after he left her. How does the nemesis know this, you ask? He was dating the heroine's doctor when it happened and he has a file saying she had a D&C which he'll happily tell the hero about. W [...]

    6. This was a very sad story. If you like your heroes and heroines tortured with maximum angst and pain then this is the book for you. It did not make me cry, but it was a serious downer. I tend to like the more light-hearted stories so not for me. Now Pregnancy of Passiondid make me cry in one scene.If you do like the angsty heart wrenchers then give this a try as it has it all: misunderstandings, secret babies, betrayal, infidelity, coma victims, suspected homicide, and LOVE. I was going to give [...]

    7. I can't even give it a rating. Darn hate it!!The heroine just STUPID. period. Strong? questionable. Stupid? DEFINITELY. what's the point of your revenge????? 5 minutes saw how handsome, blah,blah the hero and you blew it away. give me a break!This is the only book I've read that i felt (still feel!) i'd wasted my time, despite the happy ending.Not worth it!But how the story's written is, well, okay, i think. like it. but hate the story. Meh.

    8. I was so prepared to NOT like this book, and I must admit there were parts that I didn't like.Overall, however, what a treasure! I usually do not like these kinds of books-deceit, secret pregnancies, and the like-but this one redeemed itself with painstakingly drawn out characters and stories. Perhaps, I am still caught up in the rapture of moment.Maximos is a ruthless, and in the heartbreakingly vulnerable, alpha male. It absolutely floored me to watch his breakdown and rebuild. Same with Cass. [...]

    9. I understand the low reviews and the great reviews. This book has all sorts of messed up elements but at least it's original. There is a moment where heroine is forced to wear a slip dress by the bad guy who is blackmailing her (her totally incompetent attempt to get her revenge backfiring), and hero covers her up. For some reason I loved that scene.

    10. The story was a good emotional story. However the first few chapters were brutal to get through. There were times that I almost stopped reading the book all together. Cassandra was heartbroken. She was in love with Maximo, but she needed more from him. She needed him to love her the way she loved her. The two parted ways. After they broke up, she found out she was pregnant, and then she had a miscarriage, that tore her heart apart. The author was aiming for heart wrenching pain to be felt by the [...]

    11. This was a re-read for me and I was blown away. I remember not being too impressed with the book the first time round but I think you have to be in the zone to really get this. It tread a fine line between over the top prose to portraying the angst of a love rejected. I felt it did it perfectly and while as always they were small plot holes, some contradictions and the whole revenge at a family wedding was a little silly, it was surprisingly deep. I thought anyone who has had someone walk away f [...]

    12. “I’ve been married, bella. The entire time we were together, I’ve been someone’s husband.” He laughed incredulously as he shook his head. “Cass, for the two and a half years we were together, I belonged to someone else.”

    13. There was an aspect to this book that normally would make me run a mile but it was handled so well and the Hero Maximos, suffered so much for his mistakes that it just made me love him more. This was a heart breaker from the very first page. The heroine was shattered by the breakup with Maximos and her reasons for coming and confronting Maximos were as confused as her emotions. It was obvious that both of them harboured strong feelings for each other even after six months apart. How they were ev [...]

    14. Just awful. The asinine revenge plot that made no sense and heroine who is, not surprising as it is a Jane Porter novel, weak and unlikable character. Would have actually like it if she had stuck to her guns at the end and actually walked away from the hero or at least realized how destructive the two of them are and tried to build a real relationship not based on lies by starting over. But instead, she agreed to marry him less than 24 hours after she found out he had been married and lying to h [...]

    15. Another all-time-favourite Presents. Loved the mood and tone of this book, the intensity,and the setting. The pace is fantastic and so are the love scenes. I adored the strong uber-alpha tortured hero. The heroine should have been too much of a victim, but because of how she's written isn't. My only criticism was that maybe one of the stylistic tics was slightly overdone, but it didn't detract from my enjoyment.

    16. Wow. This was one of those harlequins where you hate both the hero and heroine. The heroine was the definition of a door mat. She mad zero intelligent choices in the book. I have no idea why she loved the hero - or even how she could love him since it appeared they spent almost zero time together out of bed in their two year relationship. I was not a fan.

    17. i hated it. cass was pathetic. really i can't imagine myself in her shoes.asing a man like dat. maximos was a real big ass !!he's not a heroi mean the type of hero u want in ur books

    18. CAUTION!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!at first, i thought the heroine was pathetic in her behaviour, it was embarrassing to read about her acting like a women scorned, but then i started to understand her motives when i continued reading as the author goes into the heroines reasons behind her actions.i cried a few times reading this book. i liked that the author did her research on the topic, more so that she fully empathised and understood what a person in that situation would feel/be/think like (the hospi [...]

    19. I spend like an hour plus 2 reading this book. From the starting nearly to the end, this book really can make me puke. I'm sorry. But this really sucks. The heroine is like begging for closure and then lots of actions here and there. Then she have sex with the hero and more actions again. Why she do this and that and why the hero can't love her this and that. Can't give her more etc. Then nearly towards the end, the hero start to reveal why he's like this and that. Then the heroine felt betrayed [...]

    20. I freaking loved this story! I usually find the M&B books a little tedious - same plot rehashed time and time again - but this one seemed fresh and original. Yes, it does seem like the same old same old at first glance but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how engrossing this book was. I literally could not put it down.The author disappointed me a little the two times Max had Cass pinned against the wall without taking things to their natural conclusion. I was desperate for things to go [...]

    21. Referring to a review by Alexis, I was prepared not to like this book either. However, I was sucked in by the first couple of pages. It was very emotionally intense. Cass covered her emotional insecurities, especially fear of abandonment, very well. She is a successful and professional go-getter in advertising. Max is from an old Italian family. He is wealthy and a successful businessman. He comes across as cold, unemotional, and uncaring. He does not do relationships and/or commitment. Cass sho [...]

    22. A different love storyThe Sicilian's Defiant Mistress by Jane Porter is somewhat different from Jane Porter´s other Harlequins. It´s a much darker story filled with secrets and revenge. The heroine is fighting with a lot of emotions and she has a hard time figuring out what she needs and what she wants. I had a hard time reading this story. It did not have the same easy flow as Jane´s other books. I have read many of Jane Porter´s books and really love them, but this one is the first one tha [...]

    23. Some might think the heroine was weak in the novel but I view her as strong. She went through horrible pain, lost her baby and the love of her life. She found out some ugly truths about our hero but still was brave enough to follow her heart and accept him in the end. Was the couple perfect? Nope, not even the romance. I do not believe the heroine was weak willed or easily pushed, I believe she had to be strong to let go of all the bad and try something all over again, something new. Something t [...]

    24. This book was so different to the normal romance novels I have read. I always read about fiesty strong-willed women, what about the ones who have been through the wringer & are coping, trying to pick up the pieces?If you ask me, this book is different, like a breath of fresh air because it actually focuses on a different angle in relationships, not to mention the overall character-development. I actually felt the emotions of the heroine. I couldn't help being drawn into this book.It was capt [...]

    25. One of the most angsty harlequin book ive read. It dealt alot of emotions which made my heart clenched and it was heavy at some point i stopeed reading to breathe. Although i would really appreciate if cass didnt have to show too much of her heart but thats ok. I was able to feel her anguish in the book. I also liked the last pasrt where max had to dominate his way to her heart got get her. I understand how max felt. I simply thought hes just simply cruel. But over all i love the book

    26. Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book down until the very last word was read. Right away the reader knows there are secrets but they are not fully revealed until the very end. I love reading from the Harlequin Presents line but I don't usually expect one to be an emotionally heavy read. I really was invested in Cass and Maximos' storyI couldn't help but want to know how they were going to get to their happily ever after.

    27. Incroyable mais vrai, j'ai adoré cette lecture!Ce petit livre d'Harlequin n'est pas une romance comme les autres : il m'a tenue en haleine toute la nuit (blanche), m'a fait pleurer comme une Madeleine, c'est bien écrit et incroyablement émouvant. Un diamant brut au milieu de la guimauve.

    28. Soy una fanática de estas historias. Y esta no me ha decepcionado, los tiempos en la historia están acorde, y es fácil simpatizar con los protagonistas.

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