Girl Online

Girl Online GIRL ONLINE is the stunning debut romance novel by YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg aka Zoella I had no idea GirlOnline would take off the way it has I can t believe I now have followers thanks so m

  • Title: Girl Online
  • Author: Zoe Sugg
  • ISBN: 9780141364155
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • GIRL ONLINE is the stunning debut romance novel by YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella.I had no idea GirlOnline would take off the way it has I can t believe I now have 5432 followers, thanks so much and the thought of opening up to you all about this is terrifying, but here goesPenny has a secret.Under the alias GirlOnline, she blogs about school dramas, boys,GIRL ONLINE is the stunning debut romance novel by YouTube phenomenon Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella.I had no idea GirlOnline would take off the way it has I can t believe I now have 5432 followers, thanks so much and the thought of opening up to you all about this is terrifying, but here goesPenny has a secret.Under the alias GirlOnline, she blogs about school dramas, boys, her mad, whirlwind family and the panic attacks she s suffered from lately When things go from bad to worse, her family whisks her away to New York, where she meets the gorgeous, guitar strumming Noah Suddenly Penny is falling in love and capturing every moment of it on her blog.But Noah has a secret too One that threatens to ruin Penny s cover and her closest friendship forever.

    One thought on “Girl Online”

    1. I mean don't get me wrong I don't hate zoella and I don't really love her, I'm neutral. However, what truly annoys me is all these you tubers getting book deals just because they are famous and more deluded teens are more likely to buy them in the bid to satisfy their inner fangirl/boy. Really talented writers are being denied the opportunity to publish their works and also give us readers books that will appease the insatiable thirst we have for well written books. It is sad that publishers do [...]

    2. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/THIS is the book that broke the record for highest first-week sales of all-time leaving Harry Potter in its wake??? Here's what Professor Snape thinks about that . . . And here's what I think . . . I picked up Girl Online for the simple fact that it was breaking sales records left and right. I had certainly never heard of "Zoella" before. And then???? Then I found out the "author" (maybe, seems she didn't even write this piece of garbage at this point) wa [...]

    3. Okay, I didn't actually finish it. I got about 50-something pages in and gave up. I just marked it as read for filing purposes. This book was just so cheesy and it did that thing where the writer (ghost writer in this case) is so obviously an adult but is trying to write as if she was a teenager (ex: he was the walking selfie????). Also, the main character, Penny, is the run-of-the-mill YA female protagonist with her freckles and crazy red hair and clumsiness; it just didn't do anything for me. [...]

    4. As soon as I heard this book was coming out, I was quick to judge and very quick to assume it would be a pile of total hideousness. And, sadly, I was not wrong. This book claims to be Zoella’s or Zoe Suggs’ debut novel which, before I even start the review, was very unlikely to have been written by her at all. This book screams GHOSTWRITER or GREAT EDITING TEAM. It feels like Zoe’s had the idea for the story, written a couple of pages, and then left the story building to the team at Pengui [...]

    5. Update: It's the first time that I've noticed Siobhan Curham credited on the GR page, and I'm so happy to see that she gets credit. FINALLY. It's so frustrating people how are praising her for beating J.K. Rowling's debut sales, because that means absolutely shit nothing. Of course she would have record sales; she already had a fan base of millions when her book published. But the book was ghostwritten.You do not compare a ghostwritten book to an phenomenal outcome from a woman who drew inspirat [...]

    6. Mira, me da igual que me digan lo que sea por ponerle cinco estrellas a este libro, ¡a mí me encantó! ¿Y qué le voy a hacer? Jajaja. Y sí, no hace falta que me digan que Zoe no lo escribió personalmente y que usó a una escritora fantasma, que eso ya lo sé, ¿vale? Bien, ahora que hemos dejado eso de lado, empecemos con la reseña.Girl Online es uno de esos libros que sólo puedo clasificar como libros para el verano (a pesar de que este se desarrolla en invierno, jajaja) porque tiene un [...]

    7. I like Zoe's YouTube channel but I just don't see this book as being any good, the plot is unoriginal with the whole "anonymous blog" thing that we've seen a million times before in books. Let's face it, she only got this deal because of her fame, had she submitted it to a publisher without being well known would it still be being released? I'm not sure.

    8. Very disappointed with this book. I found the plot to be extremely predictable and unoriginal, while the writing was just mediocre at best. To sum it up in one word - boring. I'm a fan of Zoe's but I think it's a shame that there are tons of hard-working writers out there who never get their works published, while Zoe has barely showed any passion for writing and gets a best-seller. I also don't believe she wrote this book herself in 6 months but had a ghost writer. If this book had some unknown [...]

    9. 'Girl Online' and the ghost writing scandal surrounding 'Zoella' has been one of the biggest things buzzing around the internet over the last couple of days. I'm not going to write about the ghostwriting in this review, simply the story and what I thought of the delivery, even though the fact Zoe Sugg didn't write the book 'entirely by herself' is an important factor to how I received it.Instead of giving my rating at the end of the review, I feel the need to preface my opinions. I only gave 'Gi [...]

    10. See more reviews at YA Midnight ReadsMini review:When this book arrived in my mailbox I actually had no idea that this book was written by a "celebrity". Anyway, I soon found out that Zoe Sugg was actually known as 'Zoella' who is a YouTuber and I watched some of her videos and they were pretty cool. I can definitely see why she's become an inspiration to so many others. Unfortunately, Girl Online didn't really reflect much. Instead, I was given a generic story line that was so very predictab [...]

    11. 4.5/5 ok i'm rating this book purely on entertainment and not about how well it was written or who it was written by none of that stuff, and i gotta say, this book is pretty darn entertaining. I read the first 100 pages in one sitting and the next 200ish in another sitting and i just couldn't put it down?? it came to a surprise to me because i actually wasn't expecting to like this book as much as i did. I thought this book was addicting and cute and entertaining. I haven't picked up a book sinc [...]

    12. Alright so first things first, here are my thoughts on the ghost writing situation. So appearently Zoe Sugg AKA Zoella didn’t even write this book herself, she created the characters and the plot but someone else did the actual writing for her. Well for me it doesn’t really matter who did what at this point because everything about this book was equally meh. I am not a huge fan of Zoella so I didn’t feel betrayed or anything but I know some people did so that was not cool Zoella, not cool! [...]

    13. I like Zoe, I really do. And this book wasn't awful, but it wasn't quite as good as it should have been? I'm not sure. I feel like there were so many things that were cringe worthy in this book. The perfect parents, the surprisingly mature four year old, the ridiculous gay best friend, the perfect job opportunity falling into place, the shallow bitch who used to be her friend. There was the obligatory love for her online and the totally end-of-the-world embarrassing moment. But it was too cookie [...]

    14. I don't care what everybody's going to think about me. Yes it wasn't the most original story. Honestly it was full of clishes and very predictable. But I devoured it almost in one piece. If I'd be 16 i would have melted how sweet this is. (Ok let's admit it, I'm 25 and i was very close to melting) I loved every part of it. Zoe wrote it amazingly. it shows that she has some experience with expressing herself and that she has blog/vlog of her own. If you are looking for something original, this is [...]

    15. Oooof. I've never watched any of Zoella's videos and mostly picked it up because of the 2-3 days of, "OMG A GHOSTWRITER?" drama I saw unfolding on Twitter. My impression was kind of that this had been a sensation and people felt cheated because probably Zoe Sugg didn't write it. Truly, everyone should be up in arms if Zoe paid anyone to write this story for her. To say that it is cliche is putting it mildly. It's not even cliches done right. It feels like a stuffy, old fogey approach to YA clich [...]

    16. It's not even funny how right I was about this book. The writing was depressingly juvenile, and it was so chock-full of cliches and purple prose, I wanted to punch a wall. The prose was sickeningly sweet, and dripping in syrupy fakeness. "I like you so much it could be love." Excuse me while I throw up. Also, really? Love. You literally just met her. Also, sixteen-year-olds don't know what the deuce love is, or what the fuck soulmates are. I cannot deal with this whole "we're meant to be togethe [...]

    17. My God!I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as u did!The writing is simple yet unique. As Zoellas first book it's a great one!This has definitely become one of my favourite books. It has inspired me in so many ways. It even made me want to blog again and start a blog about my life. This blog has therefore helped me to deal with my problems and depression, and for that I am so thankful to this book!I hope Zoe writes many more books.What a great start!I know a lot of people are very skeptica [...]

    18. *3.5This book was SO FREAKIN CUTE! If you are a young teenage girl, you are going to absolutely love this. For me however, I found it a bit too fluffy and way too high school. I really liked Penny as a main character, she was so relatable and adorable. Noah on the other hand I wasn't a huge fan of, he did not act at all like an 18 year old boy, he was way too innocent and child like for me. I think if Penny had been older I would have enjoyed the romance more, but she was only 15 and all I could [...]

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    20. ------------------Es aburrida, superficial y está mal escrita.----------------Girl online es la novela de la famosísima youtuber británica Zoella. Una novela que está escrita fatal, que tiene una trama floja y que sencillamente no merece la pena. Porque en serio, es malísima.Partiendo del hecho ya conocido de que no todo el mundo puede escribir y de que ahora todxs lxs youtubers están escribiendo porque sus novelas se pueden volver virales dado a que son personas famosas, realmente cualqui [...]

    21. WHATTTTT WHATTT OMGAnd my favorite male fictional character name isNOAH . LIKE WHAAAAAnd New York and panic attacks and oh this is going to be lovelyyyy! Edit 7.8.2014.25 NOVEMBER YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY EDIT 9.9.2014VERRRRRRRR YASSS IT'S BEAUTIFULLLL

    22. If you are looking for a cheesy, unrealistic and predictable book then you should definitely pick this up.The main character, Penny, was annoying as hell. She was a clumsy, awkward and selfish little girl who seemed to only ever think about herself. The other characters were so cliché - a gay best friend, an ex-best friend who's some 2.0 copy of Regina George from Mean Girls and a love interest that's basically her knight in shining amour. REALLY?Noah's secret wasn't hard to guess. If you think [...]

    23. I hope this lives up to my expectations. They're not ridiculously high at the moment but please let it be a decent, non insta-love, non-generic addition to the trillions of contemporary YA novels at the moment.

    24. My rating is just a reflection of how much I liked the story (not the ghostwriting drama). I thought it was fun! It's a simple, fast read that's a lot like Heartbreakers except I liked that story more because you could get a stronger sense of the characters.

    25. Cute, adorable, quirky, romantic, funny, emotional, I could go on!! This is the kind of chick-lit novel I've been wanting to find for quite some time!As a fan of both Zoella and YA books, I was a little scared that mixing two things I love would end in disappointmentankfully this wasn't the case! I was thoroughly impressed with Zoella's writing and ability to create a character like Penny who is so loveable! Even though I predicted early on what Noah's secret was, I found myself flying through G [...]

    26. I have to be honest: this book isn't for me. It's very unlikely that I would have picked it up myself but thanks to the publisher, I got a copy for review, so I could give it a try. I'm not a Zoella fan or really that into that side of Youtube, but I was at least curious about the blogging and anxiety aspect. I liked the former - it's something I could relate to in a sense, as a blogger myself. Everything else? Hmm When it got to NYC, Noah and insta-love, I decided to leave it there. It's not so [...]

    27. First let me say, I love Zoe. I am a HUGE fan of hers and I love the light and positive vibes she puts in this world. Now, I read this as an ARC copy from the book store I work for. So, here is my honest review. I wanted to love this. I really REALLY did because I love Zoe SO SO much but it disappointed me. (I feel awful saying this). I read a LOT of Young Adult and I know they all follow pretty much the same format. Girl Online, was a little TOO fluffy for me. The beginning was a bit awkward an [...]

    28. You can find the full review on my blog, as well as many other reviews!I know what people are going to say. They're going to say that Zoe Sugg only got a book deal because she's deemed famous now, and that she doesn't deserve to be published as much as some other people do. They'll say it's unfair. I disagree.Now before anyone starts furiously typing that I'm wrong, I'd like you to consider this: Everyone deserves to succeed. Yes, I agree that it is unfair that many people are unpublished. And y [...]

    29. If you ignore all the high ratings of the minions and go into reading this with the mindset that it is just a YA book then you will be rather disappointed. This is just the same run of the mill, teen girl falls in love but has a secret kind of book that youve read before, theres nothing substantial or new in it. If you want an easy read then sure go ahead, but the book itself is rather dull and one that i couldnt wait to finish just so that i wouldn't have to read it again or spend any longer dw [...]

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