Een Hemel Van Spreuken

Een Hemel Van Spreuken In EEN HEMEL VAN SPREUKEN BOEK IN DE TOVENAARSRING heeft Thorgrin eindelijk zichzelf teruggevonden en moet hij de confrontatie met zijn vader aangaan Er ontstaat een hevige strijd tussen hen terw

  • Title: Een Hemel Van Spreuken
  • Author: Morgan Rice
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In EEN HEMEL VAN SPREUKEN BOEK 9 IN DE TOVENAARSRING , heeft Thorgrin eindelijk zichzelf teruggevonden en moet hij de confrontatie met zijn vader aangaan Er ontstaat een hevige strijd tussen hen, terwijl Rafi zijn krachten gebruikt om een leger van ondoden op te roepen Nu het Zwaard van het Lot vernietigd is en het lot van de Ring aan een zijden draadje hangt, moeten In EEN HEMEL VAN SPREUKEN BOEK 9 IN DE TOVENAARSRING , heeft Thorgrin eindelijk zichzelf teruggevonden en moet hij de confrontatie met zijn vader aangaan Er ontstaat een hevige strijd tussen hen, terwijl Rafi zijn krachten gebruikt om een leger van ondoden op te roepen Nu het Zwaard van het Lot vernietigd is en het lot van de Ring aan een zijden draadje hangt, moeten Argon en Alistair hun magie gebruiken om Gwendolyns dappere krijgers te helpen Maar alles zou verloren zijn zonder de terugkeer van Mycoples en haar nieuwe kameraad Ralibar Luanda worstelt om zich staande te houden in de handen van Romulus Reece moet ondertussen zijn mannen weer uit het Ravijn zien te krijgen Hij krijgt hulp van Selese Hun liefde wordt sterker maar als Reece zijn oude liefde verschijnt, ontstaat er een tragische driehoeksverhouding Misverstanden lijken onvermijdelijk Wanneer het Rijk eindelijk uit de Ring is verdreven en Gwendolyn eindelijk de kans krijgt om McCloud te wreken, is er reden voor feest Als de nieuwe Koningin van de Ring gebruikt Gweb haar macht om voor het eerst in de geschiedenis de MacGils en de McClouds te verenigen Ze begint met de epische wederopbouw van haar land, haar leger en de Krijgsmacht Het Koninklijk Hof komt langzaam weer tot leven, voorbestemd om een glorieuze stad te worden En dan vindt het recht Gareth Ook Tirus moet voor het gerecht worden gebracht, en Gwen moet beslissen wat voor soort leider ze wil zijn Er ontstaat een groot conflict tussen Tirus zoons, die de zaken niet allemaal op dezelfde manier zien, er wederom ontstaat er een machtsstrijd Gwen moet besluiten of zee en uitnodiging naar de Hoge Eilanden moet accepteren om de MacGil clan te herenigen Erec wordt opgeroepen om naar zijn mensen in de Zuidelijke Eilanden terug te keren, om afscheid te nemen van zijn stervende vader Alistair gaat met hem mee, en ze bereiden zich voor op hun bruiloft Ook Thorgrin en Gwendolyn zouden wel eens aan de voorbereidingen voor een bruiloft kunnen beginnen Thor ontwikkelt een band met zijn zuster, en terwijl de rust in de Ring weer terugkeert, wordt hij opgeroepen om te vertrekken op zijn grootste missie tot nu toe het vinden van zijn mysterieuze moeder, en uitvinden wie hij nu echt is Nu de Lente in aantocht is en het Koninklijk Hof weer wordt herbouwd, lijkt de vrede in de Ring hersteld Maar er loert gevaar in de meest onvoorziene hoeken, en de grootste beproevingen moeten nog komen Een HEMEL VAN SPREUKEN is een episch verhaal van vrienden en geliefden, rivalen en minnaars, ridders en draken, intriges en politieke machinaties, van volwassen worden, van gebroken harten, van bedrog, ambitie en verraad Het is een verhaal van eer en moed, van lotsbestemming en tovenarij Het is een fantasie die ons meeneemt naar een wereld die we nooit zullen vergeten, en die alle leeftijden zal aanspreken.

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    1. I just don't know what to do with this series anymore. I feel invested having completed 9 books already, yet utterly frustrated with how stagnant Thor's character has become. Constantly yearning to meet his mother yet continually putting it off. Not developing his powers whatsoever and then suddenly being able to use them after a dream?!? I wonder when this will all wrap up.

    2. I swear, I am pretty sure that the only reason I am still reading this series is because I just want to see, in written text, what becomes of this imaginary world. Although I has a relatively good and interesting plot, most of the scenes you would think of as exciting just bore me, again. Every exciting scene is a repeated version of the one exactly like that happened two chapters before. I want to read something that describes each experience as new and different, not that same thing over and o [...]

    3. I'm getting discouraged. Gwen and Thor aren't married yet with her pregnant for what seems 16 months. It took 9 books to kill the evil father and drug addict brother. I am still intrigued to read the next book. Can I be a proofreader for this publishing company? Wish I could mark all the mistakes in my ebooks and forward it to the author.

    4. I just feel like by this time, the story is being too drawn out. Also, I find the book kind of monotonous as Rice uses the same phrase multiple times throughout the book. I just feel the plot has strayed too far from the original and has taken a tremendous dive in quality.

    5. Great story line, only negative is the editing. Typos are not as forgivable as they used to be, spell check is just to prevalent, and editors should have caught them before it hit presses as well.

    6. I loved this book. It's full of excitement, adventure and a great book for people who like to read fantasy books.

    7. Always there are new problems and another difficult decision to be taken, there are choices to be made, and a kingdom to rule. At last Thor has been able to complete the first part of his mother's request, but even in a time of peace there are dark clouds gathering. I'm only about halfway through the series and the story so far effectively covers a little more than a year in time, but it is an epic tale!

    8. While risking sounding like the proverbial broken record, I can't believe I'm still bothering with this series. I have said before that I think it's a question of quantity over quality and I reiterate that here. The editing of this installment is - in a word - lousy! Missed words, words misused, tenses wrongly spelled plus other misspellings galore and so on and so on. After the fun of "Victor, Vanquished, Son" it is difficult to visualize two books being written by the same author.

    9. Well, this is more of the same in this series. Very little growth in the writing style of the author IMO.It reads the same as the other books and if I did not already own the 10th book, I would not bother reading it. It might benefit the author to package these into more complete sets of books. Not in a trilogy or something along those lines. But each "book" reads like it is a short story in the grand scheme of the series.I would like to see more growth from the characters and a little more worl [...]

    10. I'm starting to grow a little tired of this series (as is evident in how long to took me to finishing reading this book). While I started out enjoying thus series's, not as much now for several reasons. Firstly, it seems like Rice is merely repeating the same general plot lines in each book/every couple of books. At beginning light hearted and happy times, a fourth the way though big quest time where it is destiny to complete it, halfway though Thor's current powers/skills aren't enough and he i [...]

    11. I read this book and had to get the other 16 in the series. I just could not put it down. Some days i read for 8 hours straight. What a great fantasy ride. So much is happening in these books but the author writes it so it is easy to follow, like several little stories happening in one book. The characters I found to visualize, like and or dislike quickly. Descriptions were intense and in depth enough to make me feel as I were there in the story as a character myself.If you like action, romance, [...]

    12. Recurring things from Book 1 to Book 9:1. A confusing geography. I suggest keeping a map of the world.2. Character name mix-ups.3. Very important: perspective. How can a character know who's attacking who when they haven't met the commander? Please stick to one voice. We're in the head of a character that had no idea what's going on, and yet, he knew something he shouldn't have known. The storyteller and the character shouldn't be mixed together, it's too confusing.4. Too many clichés. Serious [...]

    13. While Thor, Reece, Gwendolyn, the Legion and the Silver work to bring peace back to the Ring all their lives can be lost in a moment. Andronicus and the McClouds need to be defeated (killed actually) and the Empire needs to be held back from crossing over into the Ring while the shield is down.There are so many bad people to be defeated it seems impossible to keep the peace but it does happen for about 6 months and then things begin to backfire. Gwendolyn feels an unease that she can not shake o [...]

    14. In this episode Morgan continues this superb story. This episode starts with Thorgrin recovering his senses and confronting his father. Reece is rescued by Selese and at the end Mycoples saves the day with her new friend Ralibar. Gwendolyn has to make some hard decisions in order to keep peace in the ring. Packed with action, this book will keep you entertained for hours. And there is not an idle moment until you turn the last page!Get ready for another very entertaining episode of this incredib [...]

    15. Screw it. I'm not finishing this! This has gone on for way too long. I'm not even sure which book this is in the series, the 9th or something, out of like 15?? From what I've read so far, The Sorcerer's Ring is a fun read; but seriously Morgan Rice, there's a limit on how many books you can write that combined, only add up to a year in the lives of these characters. Maybe later in the series there will be a jump in time, but right now it's annoying me too much to want to read any further. It cou [...]

    16. Worth your time. This story line was great. You know the stories that have the big fight scene and all the destruction and damage and the horrible things that happened,(end of book 8) but the hero comes along and saves the the day, and boom! Story over. And your like, well what happens now. What about this guy? Did he live? What happened at this place? Is it gone? What do they say to each other after all that? Well, this book covers it. After everything that happened in book 8, we get the satisf [...]

    17. This series is not bad for a young adult category. The last couple had more errors in spelling, repetition and even getting characters mixed up. Could easily cut out half the fighting scenes and comments by the characters such as "she feels like the sister I never had" over and over. The first two I got for free, liked them and kept reading. Ms. Morgan could have combined all these books into 3 larger ones and would have had a great trilogy. But, saying that I've invested so much time into these [...]

    18. I only gave it 3 stars because I did not hate it. That said, it was better than the previous few books that made me want to quit the series. This one wraps up the ongoing conflicts in the series, to a point, but absolutely sets up others. Again, my problem is with the fact that the choices these characters make and, in some cases, the characters themselves, are just too much the point of being absurd and cartoonish. At this point, I think Rice is simply creating conflict and having his character [...]

    19. Another Good EntryIn the ninth Sorcerer's Ring story, which like its predecessors opens with a Shakespeare quotation, protagonist Thorgrin's loyalties are settled once and for all, with the conflict between the free people's of the Ring and Andronicus' Empire gradually concluding, with Luanda captive of Romulus and Reece and his companions seeking to emerge from the Canyon to rejoin the fight. Marriage proposals abound, as well, with an intervention of six moons elapsing in the middle of the sto [...]

    20. I have just started reading book 9, but I think that is it for me. I wanted to see how the story ends but it seems its just going on and on and it is not getting better. If this writer is a #1 best seller then I am worried about what else is out there. The writing is REALLY bad. The sword was thrown in the lava - but for her wedding Gwen is switching it off? What? With a remote? All the men in the book screams. no one yells. And they charge and they charge I read the Lightbringer Series by Brent [...]

    21. I'm probably halfway through this one and I don't think I'm going to continue this book or the series. It's slow moving and the same scenes are repeated over and over again, the same words are written, in the same order, every two pages. I started skimming about halfway through book 8, and now that they've almost had their happy ending, I see no reason for the story to continue, any other book would have ended here, and maybe it's good that these aren't like every other book but at the same time [...]

    22. Well lets just say this is one of my most favorite books ever! You do not understand how connected I feel to the characters. Thank you Morgan for making A series exactly for me! Anyways I only spotted one mistake in like the end of the book! I hope that Morgan will make the Ring have a rebellion against the empire. I love this series and hope Morgan keep writing. Anyone who liked lord if the rings or any books like it will love this series. I love even more that is not to gory and is appropriate [...]

    23. Gwendolyn has her chance for personal vengeance against McCloud, there is great cause to celebrate as the Ring takes vengeance against the Empire. As the new of the Ring. Gwen uses her powers to attempt the difficult task of uniting both Mac Gils and McClouds for the first time in history, and to begin the epic rebuilding of the land, of her army, of the Silver, of the Legion, and of King's Cout. Gwen will attempt to make her father's city a more glorious place than he ever dreamed, and in the p [...]

    24. Oh yeah. When I was pregnant, at 9 months my babies totally flipped over and over all the time. Not. Ugh. This book almost made me quit the series due to the lack of research the author did into pregnancy. I've had two children. Yes, you can feel the baby move all the time. But if you are cramping? That is more of a sign of something wrong. And once baby gets too big there isn't enough room to flip around in that tiny uterus. We have other organs too. And Reece. He better not. Didn't like this b [...]

    25. I thought this was the best book by far. The books go up and down as far as which is better, but that's going to happen when you write 15+ books in a series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it definitely made me get the next one in the series when I wasn't sure if I would do that at the end of book 8. There were many unique twists and turns that will keep the reader looking for more. Good job!

    26. I've enjoyed this series up to this point. This book finally brought to a close the Andronicus plot line, which I thought was beginning to drag on WAY too long. However, I feel like this series is turning into a never ending soap opera. I think it would be more enjoyable if I knew there would be an "end" coming. There is nothing wrong with having multiple series of books with the same characters, but at least finish a thought.

    27. This book has is filled with adventure. Reese is trying to get out of the canyon. With Thor finally free of the spell he fights his father, but only one can win. Who do you think will win? Thor has a sibling some one who finally know what it feels like to have his heritage. Gwen is loved by her people and is a great ruler. She and Thor finally get some time to tell there secretes to each other and much more happens.

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