Disheveled (#UCC Saga 1)

Disheveled UCC Saga Delilah Jameson has the perfect life A great job in her downtown DC art gallery a group of girlfriends who will always have her back and Cole her friend zoned roommate Yet there is something missing

  • Title: Disheveled (#UCC Saga 1)
  • Author: Eva LeNoir
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Delilah Jameson has the perfect life A great job in her downtown DC art gallery, a group of girlfriends who will always have her back and Cole her friend zoned roommate.Yet, there is something missing A man she can truly call her own When online flirting with a complete stranger awakens Dia s sexual curiosity, how far will she go in order to find her happily ever afterDelilah Jameson has the perfect life A great job in her downtown DC art gallery, a group of girlfriends who will always have her back and Cole her friend zoned roommate.Yet, there is something missing A man she can truly call her own When online flirting with a complete stranger awakens Dia s sexual curiosity, how far will she go in order to find her happily ever after

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    1. 4 Princess StarsUCC.m, I have been trying to figure out what it stands for. It has a meaning and maybe as the series progresses we get to find out. So for now, what I do know is this is going to be a series about friends who are thick as thieves. Each one of these friends gets her own book. There are 7 girls and each one has uniqueness but their common bond is their friendship. I am looking forward to reading about all these strong and loyal women. So UCC Saga 1. Disheveled-Delilah "Dia" Jameson [...]

    2. Sometimes I need a good dose of rom-com in my life and this book fit the bill. It was such an easy and fun story and read like a show I'd enjoy watching. It was hot and sexy, sweet and funny, and I can't wait to read more from this author.Delilah and Cole have been roommates and besties for 4 years. She's been in love with him almost the entire time but is reluctant to risk both their friendship and her heart by succumbing to his charms. The introduction of a sexy stranger helps her get her groo [...]

    3. **Disheveled generously provided in exchange for an honest review.**5 "I have a good feeling about this." StarsThis is my first title written solely by Eva LeNoir and certainly won't be my last. Having recently read and enjoyed Blackballed, a book Ms. LeNoir co-authored, and then seeing this gorgeous cover on Disheveled I couldn't sign up to read fast enough. Needless to say, I'm now hooked on the #UCC saga thanks to Cole Sterling and Delilah Jameson so I can't wait to see what future installmen [...]

    4. Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewDisheveled by Eva LeNoir is a sexy fast paced romantic comedy of two best friends who have been circling around their feelings for one another. This book hits all the right notes. It had steam, laughter, friendship, and lots of sexy times. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I have always been a fan of friends to lovers trope. Eva LeNoir made this book a fun read as she introduces a wonderful cast of girlfriends who has their own sexual kink. [...]

    5. Disheveled was first published in the Intrigue Anthology. Since then, I have tweaked some parts and added a few scenes. This is the first book in what will be an eight or nine book series called the UCC Saga, each with an HEA. Humor is subjective so if you don't find it funny, know that I laughed to myself while writing it. You may ask yourself what the "UCC" is and may think that I forgot to mention it but, no, I did not. It was intended on my part. You'll find out, just not in Disheveled. "A g [...]

    6. Check list for reading Disheveled as follows. Add your favourite ice cream to your shopping list, you may feel adventurous after reading, wink, wink!! Make sure to be home alone so family members don't keep asking "what are you laughing at?"Tissues will come in handy for those snorting moments. Prepare yourself an ice cold glass of water, your mouth will become dry.You're now ready, sit back, relax and let the laughter begin. Delilah owns an Art Gallery, has one employee, Jade, oh there is a def [...]

    7. So what does UCC stand for? I'm puzzled. And a bit jealous. I want to be a UCC girl and watch sexy men make cocktails. Someone in a book group just asked for recommendations of room mates finding romance and this ticks the box. Cole and Delilah have a fab, funny, flirty relationship. I know I fall for all my book boyfriends - I can't help it. I am fickle but Cole Wowzers trousers is yummy. Justin Clynes without a shadow of a doubt. The sexual tension is brilliantly written. And the sex is sexy. [...]

    8. To say that I love this little novella is a severe understatement! This is the second time I am reading it (first time was in the Intrigue Anthology) and, let me tell you ladies and gents - it is even better this time around! I didn't think it was possible to love this book more than I already did, but Eva has absolutely proven me wrong! Here's my first review: "Holy shit - this novella was amazing! I literally couldn't put it down! I loved the whole premise - the girls' nights, the shit talking [...]

    9. Disheveled by Eva LeNoir is the first book in a series of standalone novels. Each novel is dedicated to one of the seven women in a tight circle of friends. These friends call themselves the UCC; it is such a secret society, that even after reading the book, I don’t know the meaning of the acronym UCC!Ms. LeNoir’s sense of fun and humor shine through in Disheveled. From her depiction of the respect and comradery between the women in the UCC, I get the feeling that the author enjoys the compa [...]

    10. Fun. Sassy. Sexy. Eva LeNoir opens the door to Ruby’s Lounge to meet the #UCC girls with a humorous and steamy story proving that sometimes what you want is right in front of you.Finally Eva LeNoir is here at the blog! Ladies and gentlemen, this has been a long time coming and I am happy to say that the moment has come. And yes, I know it is dramatic, but I feel extra caffeinated this morning as I write this review.In this first book in the UCC saga, we meet Delilah Jameson and Cole Sterling. [...]

    11. I always enjoy a good friends to romance story and this didn't disappoint. It has a great story line, strong characters that were believable and loveable. This is the start of a series that is going to be one you won't want to miss. Each female character has her own quirky trait and I hope, her own book.In this first book, we have Delilah Jameson, or Dia to her close friends. She has a group of girls that she meets with every Sunday night to de brief their week. We get a small snippet into the l [...]

    12. The perfect story with the perfect plot!WOW! This book indeed was brilliant. this is the first book I read by Ms LeNoir and although I knew the writing was going to be superb (after reading Black Balled who she co-wrote with Andrea Smith), the plot had me in stitches! We have two very loveable characters, Delilah and Cole, who have been roommates and best friends for a while, yes I know what you are thinking, there is an attraction blah blah, well yes you are right, BUT, Delilah doesn't really w [...]

    13. Disheveled is a captivating, quick read. The characters are utterly fascinating and I would love to get to know them better; as Disheveled was originally part of an anthology it is a little on the short side and leaves you wanting to dig deeper into the characters and their situations.It is obvious to the outside observer that Cole wants far more than to be in the friend zone with Delilah, while Delilah has the same sparks she is more than a little reluctant to alter their relationship status. C [...]

    14. This fun, and sexy friends to lovers romance will capture your heart. Cole and Delilah are both successful professionals who have been roommates and friends for over three years, and Delilah has had a crush on Cole for just as long. But she was a relationship type of girl and Cole was acquainted with most of the women in town on a very intimate level. So Delilah felt she could never act on her fantasies about Cole. She had the perfect upbringing with loving parents and she wants that same kind o [...]

    15. Fast paced, hysterically funny read. This book had me rolling with laughter. Both of the main characters were a mess and I just loved them. Delilah and Cole are roommates who obviously belong together, but Delilah thinks Cole is a manwhore and won't' touch him with 10-foot pole! When Delilah decides she really needs to get some action and joins a dating site, hilarity ensues! Now let's talk about the loves scenes, shall we? The love scenes were so scorching hot I had to stop reading to catch my [...]

    16. #1 I love the book cover. #2 Cole. enough said.#3 the sex. omg. anyway, these two, Cole and Delilah are so funny. they love star wars, 80's movies, and Netflix. how could you not want to be their friend?? Delilah has been crushing on Cole forever but she thinks he doesn't do relationships. he is her best friendbut if you really pay attention to the signs, its there their chemistry. and I did know exactly what was happening in three story and what was going to happen. it didn't matter to me, it w [...]

    17. 3.5 stars***This and other reviews can be found at imasweetandsassybookwhore ****ARC*Disheveled was a good friends to lovers story that proves that not everyone is how we make them out to be and sometimes the perfect match for us as been right under our nose the entire time. Dia and Cole are the perfect example of this. Although it had some secrets that I won’t tell, and at times was a tad bit predictable I did really like it. Especially the messages back and forth, some were funny, some were [...]

    18. I enjoyed the hell out of this romantic comedy! I loved "Darth" and the whole idea of this story. it is a different dynamic to the roomie love story and it kept me interested the whole time waiting for the back fire this is a new author to me but I can't wait to read the rest of this series!

    19. 3.5 stars This was a fun if not predictable read. I enjoyed the book but wouldn't purchase it. I only finished a few hours ago but i already forgot the lead characters names. Eva has a lovely writing style and i would be interested in future books from her. Cole is written as quite a dish, i do like him and he is quite funny throughout the book. Delilah is a sweet girl but her assumptions make me laugh and she can not see what is right in front of her the whole time. i just didn't get the whole [...]

    20. I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.I love this story. I loved it the first time I read it in The Intrigue Anthology. I think I love it even more the second time around, I love the little changes. Eva writes very hot scenes and they will burn you kindle up from all the heat. I love the flow, you will not be bored and you will definitely not want it to end. Awesome job, Eva. Review done by Cat for Cat's Guilty Pleasure

    21. 4 Sexy StarsSometimes you read books to ground to reality sometimes you read it to escape. To me, this is a escape book. It's a short read but sexy and hot. The references were cool and refreshing (Star Wars, Charlie Hunnam, yay!). You don't get too deep in the charachters' feelings you just enjoy. And I really enjoyed it. Also I'm curious about the whole UCC thing.

    22. I'm familiar with Ms LeNoir's writing with her co-written books. I loved those stories, so moved onto her books. I was looking for something sexy and got exactly what I was expecting. What I wasn't prepared for was how charming and funny the supporting characters of the UCC were. It was their scenes when the girls got together that I loved the most. Although having a roommate like Cole and not have your hands all over that, I'm not so sure our heroine Dia was thinking clearly.This is definitely [...]

    23. I love it!!! At first I was disappointed. I thought it was a book about a man-whore and a stupid girl who wait on him. Well it seems I made assomption too! It was funny, hot as hell and very well written. I love Cole and his way of thinking! Can't wait to read the next one.

    24. Delilah Jameson is in love with her roommate. She can never tell Cole so she has put him in the friend zone. She know she needs to find someone so she starts online dating. Cole convinces her to not put her real information on the site so that she is protected.When Delilah starts to have feelings for the stranger she is talking with, she decides to finally take a chance and see what happens. It could be a disaster or it could be the best decision she ever made.I LOVED this book. I literally coul [...]

    25. When I read but this book was about I got really excited. The plot is one of my favorites where they meet online and it's truly love so I jumped right in! Cole was great. His heart was in the right place even though the execution of it all was bad. He was sweet and dominant with out meaning to be that way. Delilah was funny. She needed to let lose and she finally did even though it was in a different way then she would have liked. I loved her though out the whole book. I really can't wait to rea [...]

    26. Friends to lovers? Witty banter? Laugh out loud moments? Yes please! That is what you get with this story. I absolutely loved the banter and conversation between to the two main characters and the chemistry is off the charts sexy. I also loved seeing how their relationship grows and evolves. I loved this book. So much fun! This was my first book by Eva, but I will definitely be looking for more.

    27. kfforeverReviewed by Sharon ThérèseSecrets! And there are plenty of ‘em in a book which is fast-paced, has a solid storyline and leaves everything to the reader’s imagination. The huge plus for me was going in blind. I had absolutely no idea what to expect and believe you me, I’m still wondering what a certain abbreviation means. I love it when an author has the knack for making me step back and think about what is coming next. Eva does this time and time again. And get this. . . I had n [...]

    28. Every now and then a book comes along that ticks all the boxes. Funny, tick. Well written, tick. Smart, tick. Hot as hell, tick, tick and tick. Disheveled by Eva LeNoir ticks all those boxes and more.The first book in the UCC Saga starts with Delilah (more affectionately known as Dia) Jameson’s story. Dia owns an art gallery in DC with her assistant Jade and is somewhat sexually deprived. She is housemates with the smoking hot lawyer, Cole Sterling – who has been friend-zoned due to his man [...]

    29. This book was just wow, just blow your freaking mind wow. I love smutty books, but only when it's done right and this book was done right.Delilah Jameson is in a special predicament. She has been in love with her roommate, Cole, for the past three years. Why is she still hesitating after all these years? I'll tell you why, it's because she's stupid.Delilah is an independent woman. She has an amazing job being the owner of an Art Gallery and has amazing friends with whom she can share anything wi [...]

    30. DisheveledI plowed through this book! Quirky characters and intense sexuality. This calls out the seedy sexy underbelly of Washington DC and brings it out into the light but very subtly. The main characters are not politicians but the scene is set in the Capitol and this book is pretty much ALL about sexual pleasure. And in the end it actually has love and the beginning of a happily ever after. After the last book I read I was afraid I was getting burned out on the romance genre. This book prove [...]

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