Een Rite Van Zwaarden

Een Rite Van Zwaarden In EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN boek in de Tovenaarsring worstelt Thor met zijn nalatenschap Hij moet onder ogen zien te komen wie zijn vader is en besluiten of hij zijn geheim zal vertellen Met Mycoples

  • Title: Een Rite Van Zwaarden
  • Author: Morgan Rice
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN boek 7 in de Tovenaarsring , worstelt Thor met zijn nalatenschap Hij moet onder ogen zien te komen wie zijn vader is en besluiten of hij zijn geheim zal vertellen Met Mycoples aan zijn zijde en het Zwaard van het Lot in zijn handen, is Thor vastberaden om wraak te nemen op Andronicus leger en zijn thuisland te bevrijden en eindelijk Gwen ten In EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN boek 7 in de Tovenaarsring , worstelt Thor met zijn nalatenschap Hij moet onder ogen zien te komen wie zijn vader is en besluiten of hij zijn geheim zal vertellen Met Mycoples aan zijn zijde en het Zwaard van het Lot in zijn handen, is Thor vastberaden om wraak te nemen op Andronicus leger en zijn thuisland te bevrijden en eindelijk Gwen ten huwelijk te vragen Maar hij komt erachter dat er nog sterkere machten dan hij in het spel zijn Gwendolyn keert terug om de heerseres te worden die ze voorbestemd is om te zijn, haar wijsheid te gebruiken om de troepen te verenigen en Andronicus voorgoed weg te drijven Herenigd met Thor en haar broers, is ze dankbaar voor de kans om hun vrijheid te vieren Maar de zaken veranderen snel te snel en voor ze het weet ligt haar leven weer overhoop Ze raakt verwikkelt in de rivaliteit met haar oudere zuster, Luanda Ondertussen arriveert MacGils broer met zijn eigen leger, eveneens vastberaden om de macht over te nemen Er lijken overal spionnen en huurmoordenaars te zijn, en Gwen leert dat het allesbehalve veilig is om Koningin te zijn Reece zijn liefde voor Selese krijgt eindelijk een kans om op te bloeien Maar dan verschijnt zijn oude liefde, en hij wordt verscheurd door twijfels Al snel worden de rustige tijden verstoord door oorlog Reece, Elden, O Connor, Conven, Kendrick en zelfs Godfrey moeten gezamenlijk ten strijde trekken als ze willen overleven Het wordt een race tegen de klonk om Andronicus te verslaan en de Ring te redden van complete verwoesting Terwijl de troepen strijden voor de macht over de Ring, realiseert Gwen dat ze moet doen wat ze kan om Argon te vinden en hem terug te halen In een schokkende plotwending leert Thor dat hoewel zijn krachten superieur zijn, hij ook een verborgen zwakte heeft n die hem wel eens het leven zou kunnen kosten Zullen Thor en de anderen er in slagen om de Ring te bevrijden en Andronicus te verslaan Zal Gwen de koningin worden die haar volk nodig heeft Wat zal er terecht komen van het Zwaard van het Lot, van Erec, Kendrick, Reece en Godfrey En wat is het geheim dat Alistair verbergt EEN RITE VAN ZWAARDEN is een episch verhaal van vrienden en geliefden, rivalen en minnaars, ridders en draken, intriges en politieke machinaties, van volwassen worden, van gebroken harten, van bedrog, ambitie en verraad Het is een verhaal van eer en moed, van lotsbestemming en tovenarij Het is een fantasie die ons meeneemt naar een wereld die we nooit zullen vergeten, en die alle leeftijden zal aanspreken.

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    1. So, for now, this is the furthest I'm getting in the book. I do really enjoy the story, I think it's a brilliant idea and the characters and story line have tons of promiseEVER, I'm so dog tired of hearing the same recycled lines that I just don't want to read the next one. How many times can the same group of people look onto a person with 'a new respect' 'admiration' and 'awe'? How many times is a death blow going to be inevitable, and the character going to close their eyes for the receiving [...]

    2. Another installment of the poorly written series. It is becoming a game to find all the inconsistencies and laugh at them. In an earlier volume, the King was buried in a grave on the top of a hill. Thor and Gwen even visited it to mourn him with full description of the fresh mound of dirt, etc. In this volume someone hides in the family crypt and throws himself weeping on the King's sarcophagus. Wait a minute - when did they dig him up, make him a sarcophagus and put him in there? No wonder his [...]

    3. Okay, yeah I totally get how some people wouldn't like these books. I don't love them, but at the same time, I can't stop reading them. They just keep drawing me in. Yeah, the editing is poor and there are tons of inconsistencies. Like when one man is facing an army of a hundred that morphs to three hundred the next page. or how the eighth MacGil king later is proclaimed the 7th. I also can't stop freaking out about Thor and Gwen. Because I get that ohmygoshtheyaresoinloveanditstru elovebecausel [...]

    4. Being generous, I give three stars because obviously something keeps me coming back for more of this series. But there are things that really have me rolling my eyes. SPOILER ALERT:Luanda going to Andronicus' camp to broker a peace treaty, supposedly succeeding and sending poor Bronson back to tell Gwen really? They all believed that? Knowing what a conniving, power hungry bitch she is? Also, no one authorized her to do that so why did they not suspect SOMETHING?Letting Titus (I think that's his [...]

    5. I got interested because the book seemed to combine elements from all my favorite fantasy/hero stories (a hero named Thor, a world with 2 suns, a sword tied to kingship, epic quests, etc). It was a pretty interesting story/world but the poor writing and editing are completely unacceptable (not to mention frustrating). The ineptitude seems to get worse as I move through the series. Morgan Rice needs to invest in a thesaurus or just read her completed sentences out loud to herself. Is English her [...]

    6. I (foolishly) went ahead and got the whole series for my e-reader because, I'm embarrassed to say, the cover art was great and intriguing. I so wish I had sampled it first. Somewhere an editor has done this author a great disservice by not doing his/ her job. This was a fine first draft of a series that should've been half the number of volumes that eventually came out. But honestly, it read like a school project. All the previous criticisms are absolutely spot on. [at this point I had originall [...]

    7. I remain curious to know where this story will end - which is part of the reason why I persevere. I do find it annoying at times that these books are often so badly written. I especially find the repetition of bad phrases very difficult to digest. This makes me wonder if the author lacks support of a good editor who surely should advise on such matters. Having said that, I will continue to struggle through the series even if only to know what happens to the characters.

    8. I normally write positive reviews about Morgan Rice's books; the exceptions being the hit-and-miss editing. This book was nothing short of a chore to read. Over long, too many strings attached and a definite feeling of "plot telegraphing" several chapters ahead of the action on the page. I get a distinct feeling of quantity over quality with this one. Not my favourite read - ever!

    9. My favorite book so far in a series I love! What a surprise ending. So many twists and turns in the plot that I kept visualizing what a great television series this would be. To bad it wasn't made into a series because just the visual world created alone is so masterful and in depth without the action scenes, that it would be a hit. Can't wait for the next book to see what happens next.

    10. More underhanded dealing, and an innocent is unwittingly drawn into Luanda's plotting. The very human element of envy, as well as discontent with one's own lot - despite having chosen that life path - can have catastrophic repercussions.

    11. ++Spoilers++Miserable read. Skimmed. Don't know why I torture myself.Characters never learn. Author can't remember what she previously wrote and changes parts of the story to suit her immediate needs regardless of what was previously stated by her own hand.

    12. I will probably finish this series simply because I always read to the end of what I begin, but it's getting more & more difficult to do so with this one. The writer definitely needs to find a new editor. The errors are so plentiful that they distract from the story line. I found three errors on a single page. In one place I noticed she called Luanda by her sister's name. These things should be caught by, if not the writer, at least the editor.While the basic story line is not the worst I've [...]

    13. I love this book. I would recommend them to anyone. Kendrick gathering the army as they all Silesians, and countrymen of the Ring were about to leave to heading east to "Andronicus" army. Scrog, Brom, Atme, and Godfrey, with Reece, O'Connor, Conven, Elden, and Indra, amongst thousands of warriors. As they rode, they passed the charred bodies of thousands of Empire soldiers, black and stiff from the breath of the dragons others lay dead from the mark of the Destiny Sword. Thor had unleashed waves [...]

    14. Another Enjoyable Sorcerer's Ring StoryIn the seventh installment of author Morgan Rice's Sorcerer's Ring series, Thorgrin struggles with his identity and intends to lead an army against the forces of Andronicus, intending to propose marriage to Gwendolyn, as well. In the meantime, Reece is torn between his old love and his new love Selese, with Thor ultimately learning he has a weakness that could spell his downfall. Like its predecessors, this entry opens with a quote from William Shakespeare, [...]

    15. I read this book and had to get the other 16 in the series. I just could not put it down. Some days i read for 8 hours straight. What a great fantasy ride. So much is happening in these books but the author writes it so it is easy to follow, like several little stories happening in one book. The characters I found to visualize, like and or dislike quickly. Descriptions were intense and in depth enough to make me feel as I were there in the story as a character myself.If you like action, romance, [...]

    16. I have read all of the series and I have to say. I am getting disappointed at this point. There is entirely too much, I will die fighting instead of living oppressed by the bad people.I mean come on. How many times do I have to read that a character would rather die fighting than live under this persons rule or that persons rule. Also, Gwen and Thor's love knows no bounds, we get it. Every book has the same themes running through them.I don't mean to thrash an author, but this author needs to st [...]

    17. First off I want to say that I enjoy this series and like the characters but please for the love of god hire an editor or fire the one you have. Spelling mistakes, misused words, and repeating the same thing over and over again is just plain annoying. One thing that really irks me is the use of the word eviscerate instead of the word incinerate they mean totally different things if something is turned to ash it is not eviscerated (disemboweled, cut to pieces.)it is incinerated use a dictionary. [...]

    18. I like the twists and turns. I think that some of the characters are becoming better-developed as one of my criticisms has been the black and white nature of the characters. Most people aren't all good or all evil, but act in ways that are usually understandable if you know where they're coming from. Even when they do bad things, they usually feel some remorse inside. Also, even brave warriors think twice about simply riding into death giving some other alternative. That's usually not the case i [...]

    19. I like the stories being told here. I have been able to keep up with every one of them so switching back and forth does not bother me. Yes, a little predictable but that doesn't bother me too much.The only thing that gets me, and is almost enough to make me want to drop it down to 4 stars is this:HOW LONG IS GWEN GOING TO BE PREGNANT AND NOT SHOWING? Maybe pregnancies last longer on this planet, but I swear she's been pregnant for at least 6 months or more. Plus, she's still 16 years old??? Mayb [...]

    20. The book is good, but it annoyes me that they can travel half a kingdom within half a days ride. It gives me a vision of a very small kingdom with to many people in it. Another thing I find weird is that if it takes two dozens of the strongest men to carry a giant stone with a sword in it. How come that suddently only four of these men is able to lift it all alone in a critical time of the story.But that said, I like the storyline and the characters in the book. The whole series so far has catch [...]

    21. In this episode Morgan continue her superb story. After the revelation about who Thor's father is, this episode starts with some prospects of things settling down, when a major betrayal set things on fire again. And there is not an idle moment until you turn the last page!Get ready for another very entertaining episode of this incredible saga. You will not get tired of following Thor, Gwendolyn and all our heroes in this new episode. Just be aware that in order to savor every moment of this epis [...]

    22. I'm at the point where I just want to know how the darn story ends. If you over look the fact that the series needs a serious edit (both for grammar/spelling and content) AND you don't mind the excessively drawn out fight scenes the story is pretty good. It could have been reworked and released in much fewer than 17 books! I also wish there was a little more character development. Why does every person fall in love at first sight? UGH. Anyway. If I get through the next couple of books I will pro [...]

    23. Great cliffhangersIt gets harder to write a review for a book the further in you get in a series. All the same elements are there, which is great. Heroes, dragons, quests, battles and more. So once again if you loved all 6 of the last ones, this book will not disappoint. Once again, I will recommend have book 8 on hand, the cliffhangers, ( yes there are multiple cliffhangers this time) demand jumping right into the next book. So, here I go.

    24. While there continue to be annoying editorial errors the story continues to be a compelling read that leaves you wanting more. The short format of each of the books leaves you ready to get your hands on the next one in the series immediately while the format is easy enough to be a casual quick read before bed. I highly recommend the series for fantasy lovers in need of an epic that won't take a whole year to read.

    25. The story is decent and I've been trying to power through but the writing is so awful. In every battle someone is struck and they fall, dead. Or they are stabbed and they fall down, dead. Or they are trampled by their own horse and they fall, dead. Whatever, dead. The same phrases are repeated two or three times in 2 sentences. Garbled turns of phrase. I just can't take it anymore. Please tell me this was written for children. Then it might make more sense.

    26. Well I am getting very involved with the story I can hardly put them down. While there are still a few issues with the writing style, I think the plot makes up for it. While people are still trusting the double crosser Andronicus, Gwen has not yet told Thor she is pregnant. At times it seems like it is a little repetitive, I am still invested and want to see how the story ends Cannot wait to start the next one.

    27. In my opinion this book was crazy because Thor gets caught captured when he has the most powerful weapon in the universe know of and he has a dragon which nobody has ever had before. Also whats makes this book really interesting is that without Thor you dont know how the sliver and the ring is going to be able ti stand up against Andronicus million man army. All in all this is probably one of the most cliff hanging books and the series and is very chaotic so I would recommend reading it.

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