Love! Love! Fighting! Vol. 1 (Volume 1)

Love Love Fighting Vol Volume None

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  • Title: Love! Love! Fighting! Vol. 1 (Volume 1)
  • Author: Sharean Morishita
  • ISBN: 0692277536
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

    One thought on “Love! Love! Fighting! Vol. 1 (Volume 1)”

    1. There are too many good things to say about this manhwa <3 Instead of a long and drawn out fangirl sessionl I will say is that it is definitely worth a read. If you are a fan of ambw pairingsor more specifically if you enjoy Korean culture, I highly recommend both volumes of this story. 5 Gold Stars ^^

    2. This manga is one that will open your eyes to some of the hard struggles I hadn't even realize young women face because of being different from others. It moved me deeply and got me to think of how I can be more thoughtful to others.

    3. MUST HAVE A HARD COPY! This is one of the times I hate being Dutch. We have a different way of online paying and I have absolutely no idea how other countries do it (why not just google? REASONS OK!).So I will wait until I speak to my more worldly kin. And let them buy it. I'm street smart like that. And lazy.Also I adore this manhwa. Normally I don't like Korean manhwa very much. They are a bit more violent. And not in a good way. For me at least. But this. I wish I could've read this when I st [...]

    4. I purchased the three volume omnibus of Love! Love! Fighting!, and I read it all in one sitting. I love shoujo manga, and Love! Love! Fighting! really hits the spot. Oriana is a well written, engaging protagonist navigating two worlds- a return to her childhood home of South Korea, and an examination of her complicated feelings towards her absentee father. Jae-Hwa is a refreshing departure from the traditional bishonen usually found in shoujo manga- he's immediately kindhearted, warm, and compas [...]

    5. ADORABLE. Great story line. LOVE the character design and main character's personality. Excellent dialogue; funny and poignant and perfect! The art was a little hard to see sometimes, which may have been a printing issue, or possibly would have been fixed by more contrast between the characters and background art.

    6. Note: I wrote this review after finishing all three volumes of Love! Love! Fighting. It is a review on the series on a whole, not any individual book.In short: Would recommend Love! Love! Fighting, a three volume self-published American-manga series about a half-black, half-Korean dark-skinned woman’s journey to self-acceptance. Despite my different ethnic background, I related to Oriana, a kind-hearted person who finds herself constantly providing emotional-labor for her community, disenfranc [...]

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