Shallow Graves

Shallow Graves Breezy remembers leaving the party the warm wet grass under her feet her cheek still stinging from a slap to the face But when she wakes up scared and pulling dirt from her mouth a year has passe

  • Title: Shallow Graves
  • Author: Kali Wallace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Breezy remembers leaving the party, the warm, wet grass under her feet, her cheek still stinging from a slap to the face But when she wakes up, scared and pulling dirt from her mouth, a year has passed and she can t explain the necklace of bruises around her neck She also can t explain the man lying at her grave, dead from her touch.Returning home seems impossible Her pBreezy remembers leaving the party, the warm, wet grass under her feet, her cheek still stinging from a slap to the face But when she wakes up, scared and pulling dirt from her mouth, a year has passed and she can t explain the necklace of bruises around her neck She also can t explain the man lying at her grave, dead from her touch.Returning home seems impossible Her parents and sisters have clearly grieved and struggled to move on, and Breezy can t begin to answer their inevitable questions Her heartbeat comes and goes, she doesn t need to eat or drink, she can see the inky memories of murderers, and she can somehow pull on this dark guilt to kill them Haunted by the happy memories from her life and disgusted by the half dead creature she s become, Breezy embarks on a reckless quest to find answers and a dangerous healing magic but the cure is as dark and terrible as the disease.Set in a gorgeous, terrifying world, Shallow Graves is a stunning novel about the heartbreaking trauma of a girl s life cut short and her struggle to reconcile her humanity with the creature she s become.

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    1. I wasn’t a screaming captive being dragged into the darkness. I wasn’t pleading and begging. If that’s what she expected, she was going to be disappointed. I was here to meet her, one monster to another.3 1/2 stars, tentatively rounded up. Shallow Graves has a fantastic, creepy atmosphere and I loved the ending, but the second half (minus ending) pretty much necessitates a sequel that I'm not sure is coming.A new paranormal YA novel always instills a mixture of curiosity and apprehension i [...]

    2. I hate being disappointed by paranormal books. They’re supposed to entertain us with seemingly otherworldly creatures and cross the boundaries of what we consider normality because they can and should, but at the same time keep us grounded to the world we live in since that is where all of it is happening. SHALLOW GRAVES is too much.Surprisingly enough, I was certain I would offer it a four-star rating in the end. It was so intense, you know? Breezy’s thoughts were deep and untypical. I made [...]

    3. MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading ListI loved the beginning of the book, but I thought for a minute when Breezy got caught up with some jerks in a cult that it was not going to be as good, but for me, that is not the case. I really hope the author decides to write a sequel to this book! Breezy wakes up in a grave, clawing her way out and there is a dead man there who she killed, but why.She can't figure out how she is alive, but not She's not a zombie, what the hell is she? I know, but I'm not t [...]

    4. Imagine waking up in a shallow grave and the last thing you remember was dying.It is beyond creepy to think about breathing in the damp soil and much creepier still to think when you'll get the munchies for BRAINSSS. This is the compelling start of Shallow Graves, with our main character Breezy finding herself in a shallow grave a year after she was killed. With no memory of who or what killed her and what she'd become, Breezy begins her life after death by searching for answers.In the tradition [...]

    5.  Do you want a book that take a hold of your full attention from the first chapter until the end? Then Shallow Graves is for you. This novel is not at all what I expected. I was in a kind of roller coaster ride while I was reading throughout the book. There were a lot of stuff that I really liked and made the book standout but there are certain things that left me confuse as well and it's making me demand for a sequel.Breezy was a such a refreshing character. I'm gonna be honest here, everytime [...]

    6. I picked this book up at around 11am sunday and had it read by 8am Monday. The first line hooked me. Every subsequent line reeled me in. Part of the reason I couldn't put it down is that the ending of each chapter drew me on to the next--just one more, just one more. Like that old short story about the elevator of the dead, but even creepier. That's also what i found myself saying after I finished this book. Just one more, Wallace, one more story about Breezy, one more story about this world you [...]

    7. I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of SHALLOW GRAVES by Kali Wallace, and I'm excited to share my honest review. This book was all the things a horror story should be and more. Yes, it was chilling and full of tension, but it also asked hard questions about the nature of life and death and what it means to be human. The character of Breezy is someone you will care about and empathize with. Her voice is authentic, and despite the incredible nature of her situation, I was convinced one hundred [...]

    8. There is so much to say about this book.First of all: the writing. It's so elegant and assured and smart but still feels, wholly, like a teenage girl's voice. Breezy Lin is angry, and calculating, and hurt, and a good friend who made some mistakes, and someone who misses her family who she can never see again. She wanted to be an astronaut, and some of the most beautiful passages in this book are about her mother's friend, Karen, a scientist who was Breezy's role model (and a first crush). I lov [...]

    9. From page one of this book (okay, seriously?—the FIRST LINE) I was ALL IN. There’s a girl. She’s back from the dead. She develops a new sense now that she's back. This newly acquired *ahem* talent and her very undeadness are the catalysts that force Breezy to examine good vs. evil; right vs. wrong; religion; femaleness; trust, and revenge. But Wallace manages to keep Breezy an authentic teenage girl as she navigates a new reality violent with these huge concepts. Wallace is a gorgeous writ [...]

    10. Shallow Graves was a read that I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into. It sounded original, fun, and I loved the paranormal aspect the synopsis hinted at and couldn't wait to see if it was anywhere as good as it promised to be.I wouldn't say I was disappointed with this read but I will say that it wasn't at all what I was expecting it to be. In fact this was definitely a unique read in some ways and just simply strange in others. I never quite felt like I connected to the characte [...]

    11. I had the opportunity to read an ARC of SHALLOW GRAVES by Kali Wallace. Wow. Wow, wow, wow! I would classify this book as literary horror, which is not a genre that I typically read. However, Kali Wallace has made me a believer. The book is scary yet hopeful. Full of dread yet beautifully written. And there was such great dark humor throughout. I love books that make me think. This one 100 percent did. I need a book group to talk about it with. So nuanced and smart. And Breezy. Breezy Lin, the m [...]

    12. This book was super unique and disturbing in all the best ways, an engrossing and humanizing ghost story.

    13. This. Book. Is. So. Creepy.Don't let that cover fool you--this is a good old-fashioned HORROR. The first chapter immediately grabbed and horrified me, and that feeling didn't really let up. There are things I want to say, but they seem like spoilers, even if they do become apparent in the first couple chapters, so instead I'll just say this: the concept is more interesting than the synopsis makes it seem, and the book is darker than the cover makes it seem. Wallace puts you into the head of some [...]

    14. Loved the first half and the ending, but some of the threads feel underdeveloped and unresolved. The meandering style suits the book in the beginning, but the plot never solidifies as satisfactorily as you'd hope. Pity, since the ideas are so out of the ordinary, and the writing style so compelling. Would love to read another book by this author though. Intriguing debut. A bit more of a review to come. 3.5 stars, I think. Probably rounded up in stars.

    15. Aw man, this book was a dissapointment. I loved how the story started out, but as it progressed I was starting to lose interest. It was just meh.The main character is a 17 year old walking corpse. Breezy is an Asian girl who is good at science and math. She's also bisexual, iliked Breezy though. She was smart, calm, thoughtful, and ambitious. The beginning was so interesting and I found myself itching to read on, but as we read on it becomes confusing. The reader is being thrown into a world of [...]

    16. A young girl walks along a desolate highway, thumbing a ride. She's in danger, right?No. She is the danger.I had high expectations for this book as soon as I heard the premise, because I'm a fan of horror in general, and literary or feminist horror in particular. It met those expectations and then some.Though I'm calling it "horror," Shallow Graves doesn't fit any standard genre plot templates. Its heroine explores a shadow world of "monsters," magicians, and monster hunters, but it doesn't feel [...]

    17. 2 stars might be too high of a rating. I was definitely intrigued by the premise. Zombies are my jam and mindfuckery is my favorite genre. This was not necessarily either of those things. Breezy is an okay character. Her situation is the most interesting thing about her. I liked Zeke and Jake, even Rain was unique; however there was definitely something lacking. The plot didn't seem to have a purpose. Things happened and there was conflict, but at the end I didn't feel like I had any answers. Or [...]

    18. **To view the original post click here!**Book cover: If there ever was a book whose title and cover were a match-made-in-heaven, it would be Shallow Graves. Pair the title with a darkened sky and some circling birds, and you get an overall sense of unrest and foreboding that really ignites the imagination.But the best part has to be the 'shallow grave' with the rose trapped amongst the tangled roots a.k.a the place where the roses from The Bachelor got to die. The symbolism is beautiful and a ni [...]

    19. A story involving murder, revenge, and monsters.s, please!Kali Wallace has indeed made a lasting impression on me withShallow Graves. It is a completely atmospheric, tension-laced, chilling novel that I just could not put down. I needed to know how Breezy died and what happened to her. Not to mention, what is going to happen to her?“The first time I killed a man it was an accident.”What an opening line! I mean.riously. You’re left immediately wondering how many times have you killed then? [...]

    20. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Horror will always have a home in my heart. So when this ARC was up for grabs, I jumped at the chance to read it. It was going to be my very first YA horror. That being said, I went into this thinking it was going to be scary, sure. But that kind of scary that you tell around campfires--spooky, but safe, just enough to get a quick scream and then a laugh before everyone goes to their tents and dreams of S'mores and mosquitoes.That w [...]

    21. I can't stop thinking about this book!Breezy Lin wakes up buried underground a year after she's been murdered. Alive-ish again, she can see and sense murderers, and when she touches them, she has a compulsion to use a new found power to end their lives.Breezy can't go home because she's dead, so instead she begins to travel around the country, looking for answers, finding murderers everywhere and learning about what really makes someone a monster.Shallow Graves starts off with a magical realism [...]

    22. "The patchwork girl I had stitched together was gone. She had never existed at all.She had been less real than the wisp of a shadow. There was only me."The minute I started this, it was easy to see that the author wanted to hit all the "right" buttons with this story: moving it as far away as possible from the usual ya "tropes". Unfortunately, the execution is extremely flawed when compared with the awesome concept.The main character Breezy _ yeah, the irony of a walking corpse with that sort of [...]

    23. Update 1/26/16 Christal and I discuss this book on Badass Book Reviews. Check it out!My Review:This was an OK read for me. I liked the writing style, however the story bothered me because I had a lot of unanswered questions. For example, we are told that Breezy wakes up in her grave about a year after her death. As the story is told from Breezy's point of view, we are never really sure how it was possible that she was reanimated and what kind of creature she was. Then there are the monster hunte [...]

    24. Wowza. This book is delightfully creepy! Amazing imagination, fascinating characters, and good ole page-turning suspense. Legit. I stayed up super late reading this one.Let me just say that I NEVER read horror, not since fourth grade when I traumatized myself with a book about an evil doll. So the fact that I devoured this book, and loved every minute of it places it securely in my "beyond rad" category. I LOVED how surprising the plot was. I could not guess my way through it and every time I th [...]

    25. What a fun little interesting mystery. Half parts fantasy, half parts mystery - this story had a unique twist that I think makes it stand out in the sea of other fantasy/paranormal genre. I hope this becomes a Book 1 and we get another one. I would love to visit this interesting world again and see where next road takes us.

    26. I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Check out the full review on Such a Novel Idea“All of us, she said, all of us and all of everything that had ever existed and ever would exist, it was all made up of matter that formed in the very first moments of the universe, and it would all last until the very end.”This book reminded me so much of The Lonely Bones that I knew there was [...]

    27. I don't review books, but I do blog about them. Read my post about SHALLOW GRAVES here: authoramok/2015/1

    28. Four stars: An addictive, creepy little read with a lot of originality. Breezy wakes in a shallow grave, with no recollection of how she died or who killed her. A strange man, is whispering to her, without thinking, she grabs onto him, and senses the darkness inside of him. Suddenly, the man is dead. Stunned, Breezy tries to figure out what happened to her. Turns out, Breezy has been dead for a year. The last thing she remembers was a party, a stinging slap on her cheek and then nothing. Breezy [...]

    29. "It was an accident, the first time I killed. It was an instinct I didn't know I had. I never made a choice.The second time was on purpose."Shallow Graves has it all.rder, suspense, horror, and paranormal aspects with a main character that is so intriguing and she pulls you right into the story. From the very first page Shallow Graves grabbed me and had me turning pages deep into the night just to see what happened next. This was such an intriguing, different, creepy and yet utterly FASCINATING [...]

    30. I want to thank Katerine Tegan Books for providing me with a copy of this book to read and give an honest review. Receiving this book for free has in no way altered my opinion or review.I'll be honest, this review is going to be hard. I don't know how to write it without spoiling things. I'm all about a good mystery, and this one certainly fills that criteria. It's full of suspense and intrigue. And it kept me on my toes. Though I will say I had an idea of who the killer was, I couldn't figure o [...]

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