Wicked Reunion

Wicked Reunion College sweethearts London Uphill and Jared Kraft were inseparable He was a rising baseball star with a promising future and she seemed destined to become Mrs Kraft Then a tragic night and a series o

  • Title: Wicked Reunion
  • Author: Michelle A. Valentine
  • ISBN: 9781503949959
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • College sweethearts London Uphill and Jared Kraft were inseparable He was a rising baseball star with a promising future, and she seemed destined to become Mrs Kraft Then a tragic night and a series of devastating mistakes caused Jared to walk away from his life, leaving London without any explanation and tearing the couple apart.Five years later, Jared has reinventedCollege sweethearts London Uphill and Jared Kraft were inseparable He was a rising baseball star with a promising future, and she seemed destined to become Mrs Kraft Then a tragic night and a series of devastating mistakes caused Jared to walk away from his life, leaving London without any explanation and tearing the couple apart.Five years later, Jared has reinvented himself by putting down the bat and picking up a guitar to play for the red hot band Wicked White In all that time, London hasn t gotten over her forever love or the pain despite seeking solace in the arms of the one man no one dreamed she d run to.When Wicked White s lead singer goes MIA, Jared finds the time and courage to return to his hometown and face the mess he made He s shocked at how London s life has changed, yet he s determined to prove their love is worth fighting for Is this breakup too big for any hope of a reunion tour Or can London open her heart to Jared once again

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    1. 4 stars! This book started off amazing, then it kind of turned into a train-wreck of a lot of things I normally don’t love in books… BUT… I still kind of loved it! It was completely addictive and I couldn’t stop listening! It’s one of those books that you’ll want to talk about. I know I was blowing up my bestie’s phone from the 60% mark to the very end. Although Jared is a rock star, and this is a rock star book, it’s so very different from Michelle’s Black Falcon series. The f [...]

    2. Wicked Reunion? More like a wicked headache. Don't get me wrong, i always enjoy a good second-chance-love book, but this was a total miss for me. The story-line was filled with problems and absolutely transparent as early as the very first chapter, the characters were unlikable and i wished for a NO HEA.Sadly, like i already mentioned above, the characters were a big no-no for me. I hated Jared, he was obnoxious, arrogant and generally an asshole, and all that not in a good way like a bad boy wo [...]

    3. Read in exchange for an honest review2.5 very frustrated stars. Sowhere do I begin? First, I want to say that this book had MAJOR potential. Major. That said, I'll list all the reasons it failed to impress. Ya, ya, we've read it all before. Boy is in love with girl. He screws up, leaves, comes back and begs for forgiveness. Whatever. I'm cool with the basic plot. I'm a sucker for a happy ending. But this. Thiswas torturous. I will allow this though, some parts of the book were very well written. [...]

    4. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I first read the blurb of Wicked Reunion, I was intrigued and always was a sucker for second chance romance books. I did not read the first book, but I was advised that this book can be read as a standalone since it focused on a different member of the band, Wicked White. As much as I loved the premise of the book, I did not fully love this book because I did not love the hero as much as I wanted. A secret part of me was rooting for [...]

    5. So I have to be honest I skipped most of this book. I did NOT like these characters. I thought Jared was a selfish immature asshole that threw his life away and London was a meek pushover that didn't/couldn't stand up for herself. I can't stomach bad characters even if the storyline has the potential that Wicked Reunion had. Rating: 1.5 out of 5**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

    6. Where do I start, argh. This book had so much potential but it left me feeling frustrated. I actually liked the way each chapter not only went between London and Jared's point of view, but from the present to the past. That aspect worked well and I enjoyed the writing, but Jared pissed me off. I'm not really sure why but it just went downhill for me after he left his family and London so abruptly. And could London have picked a more awkward rebound or what?! I actually liked Wes, though I did fe [...]

    7. Why is it so hard to find a good second chance romance for me these days!? Wicked Reunion had such potential But I honestly hated the hero and very nearly hated the heroine as well. This book was a huge fail for me and I completely regret reading it.I'll probably be adding more to this review later, but right now I'm just so mad! Ugh, the hero is so god-awful – the way he behaved like a selfish jerk in the past, the way he basically threw away the heroine (even though he supposedly """"loved [...]

    8. Sigh I don’t even know. London and Jared were college sweethearts. Vowed to love each other forever and ever and ever no matter what until, of course, something happened and they couldn’t deal. Jared takes off and writes off his entire family and London spends the next five years pining away for him. I can’t even call this book a romance novel because really there was very limited actual romance. The story basically revolves around flashbacks surrounding the event that pulled them apart an [...]

    9. SELF NOTE: OMG! I cannot believe that the author would allow the bad Hero who caused so much damage to have his HEA with the heroine and not giving that to his good brother who was a honorable guy, a man who perfectly owned the "Hero" title? Since when we reward the bad people and put the good ones down? /review/show

    10. This is a continuation of the Wicked White series, this time it's focus is on Jared (lead guitarist)and his childhood sweetheart London. A number of tragic events cause the couple to loose each other and how they find there way back. I enjoyed this one a bit more that the first and it can be read as a stand alone.

    11. I have mixed feelings abut this book. On the one hand, I loved the premise and it's what sucked me in, but unfortunately, the execution of the story fell flat in parts which dented my overall enjoyment.London and Jarod have been in love since they were kids. Jarod's older brother Wes also seems to be harboring romantic notions toward the lovely London, which she is largely clueless about. Everything seems to be going according to plan for our lovebirds until a family tragedy turns their world up [...]

    12. Where do I begin? I suppose I shall start with the stars. This novel receives just 3 stars due to not being able to really keep my attention and for having a ridiculously stupid female character. While I'm all for angst, the angst felt misplaced and almost fake? I realize this is a work of fiction but I still shouldn't feel like the feelings are fake. On no level could I connect with London and I found I just barely even liked Jared. I'm pretty sure that is what ruined the read for me, my dislik [...]

    13. London and Jared are college sweethearts when he leaves everyone he loves behind and ends up joining a rock band and goes on tour. He left things with London in the worst possible way and takes off for five years. Yes, he has the usual "if I had my time over, I'd do things differently" or some bullshit like that, but of course, never really does anything about it in reality. London ends up marrying Wes, Jared's older brother, on the rebound and they are separated when Jared comes back into her l [...]

    14. Review by Trinette DungeeBoy and girl are in love and have been connected at the hip since middle school. Boy suffers multiple losses in his life and abandons girl. Boy runs off and becomes major rock star. Girl is left behind broken and abandoned. Boy’s older brother (who’s has also loved girl since middle school) is there to pick up the pieces. Brother and girl get together…y returns…ah, this was real interesting. What I love about a book, when I’m reading it thinking “yeah, I’m [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsI was gifted an ARC from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Michelle had me hooked from the get go with this one, and guessing what had happened 5 years ago. I loved the characters and the writing style. It was great to get P.O.V's of both London and Jared and how each chapter switched between past and present for both these characters. I have a weakness for second chance romances, which is what pulled me in. The storyline reminded me a lot of Heidi McLaughlin [...]

    16. The book was one hell of a Clasterfuck! I seriously was left reeling after completing the book. The plot was actually good and exploitable But the author spun a really exasperating tale abound it Why the hell did they drag poor Wes into all this is completely beyond me The guy was really sweet and DID NOT deserve what London did to himAnd there was the fact that Jared was an asshole to her and she pretty much just forgave him without any grovelling. I mean, seriously?This book left me with more [...]

    17. DNF 25%I wasted more time than I should have with this book. The characters are terrible. The H is the worst! Arrogant, selfish, immature, self centered, all he does is whine about not being the "leader of the band" (he's the guitarist in a rock band). He's jealous of the singer and frontman. It was incredibly annoying. The h is a doormat type. The story seems to be a mess. With a sort of love triangle involving two brothers and the girl they grew up with.I was having a hard time getting through [...]

    18. 3.5 Stars - "Sometimes the thing you love the most in this world is the one thing that you're destined to lose."Wicked Reunion focuses on Jared who is a guitar player in the band, Wicked White. If you read the first book in this series you already know that Ace didn't get along with any of his bandmates. So, it was kinda weird for me when I realized that this second book was not a continuation of Ace's story, or a cool band meeting of minds where they made up and took the readers on tour with th [...]

    19. When I heard about Wicked Reunion, I was super excited to read it. I loved Wicked White, so I was really stoked to be back in this rock-n-roll world. Wicked Reunion is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Jared and London. Jared and London had an amazing relationship. They had been together for years; through thick and thin. Nothing could break these two apart, or so they thought. When tragedy strikes, Jared’s life will spin out of control. He will make some big decisions tha [...]

    20. Disappointing:(. It had so much potential in the beginning. In my opinion, Jared and London are two selfish individuals that deserve each other. In all this chaos I was rooting for Wes (Jared's brother.) He was the one who was patient, loving, supportive, and sacrificed his happiness for her. WHAT ABOUT HIM? Things were left unsaid in my opinion. Very frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, it left me with NOT heart-warming feeling. Sorry Ms. V. Maybe next time.

    21. * A review copy was provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review *~ 4 Second Chance Stars ~ I love Michelle A Valentine's writing!! She has the ability to create a story and characters that just suck me in!!! I was intrigued with this story right from the start and I didn't put it down until I finished it. (Well of course except to sleep)Wicked Reunion is the second book in Michelle's Wicked White Series and I thought it was just as enjoyable as the first book. This stor [...]

    22. 2.5 Swing and a Miss StarsJared was a hot shot college athlete who had everything he could have ever wanted, including the best girl friend/fiance ever, London. The two had been together since they were in middle school and they were inseparable until one tragic event. Jared's life spirals out of control with one bad mistake after another. The biggest was leaving his family and London behind without any word. Fast forward five years and Jared is with an up and coming rock band, London has tried [...]

    23. Wicked Reunion is a complete stand alone in the Wicked White Series by Michelle A. Valentine. This book takes place at the same time that Wicked White occurs, and Wicked Reunion is Jared’s (the guitarist of the band Wicked White) story.Wicked Reunion is told in both past and present tense in both Jared and London’s points of view. We start out seeing Jared and London completely in love with the world at their feet, and then flash forward to five years later when everything is different betwe [...]

    24. There are so many reasons to HATE this book. The format of switching between past and present every chapter was frustrating. I'm assuming it was meant to cover up the lack of interaction between Jared and London in the present day and have the readers believe that their history was enough to warrant a HEA. I could work with thatexcept the history portrayed Jared as an immature asshole and London as a passive doormat who's world revolved around Jared. I needed her to to have her own life, and she [...]

    25. 3.5 STARSI was hoping for more with this story. I will say that Jared and London's story was more emotional that Ace and Iris's but I didn't like the characters as much. There is very little connection between Wicked White, so it is not necessary to read before this one. It can be read as a standalone.Wicked Reunion is a second-chance love story. They were childhood sweathearts and while in their college years, had grand plans for their future, but loss hits Jared and his family and he loses con [...]

    26. This books puts the 'ick' in Eccentric. What started out to be a fairly decent plot became a jolly ride to crazy town! I couldn't connect with the heroine at all. She was so fickle and stupidly forgiving that I could hardly tolerated her. Two stars for a decent beginning and frankly the elder brother!! Who was innocent and nice in all this fiascoFollow me and my book adventures at"Bookshelves and Everything Else"Keep reading!!!

    27. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the book, because I am not in the right mind for this kind of book. I loved Wicked White, but Wicked Reunion wasn't for me. 14% into the book and I just couldn't get further. I didn't like that London married Jared's brother whom she didn't even love. I also didn't like the animosity between Jared and Ace. I am not sure how I am going to be able to finish this book some day.

    28. I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalleyI was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked this. The characters have a lot more depth than you usually get with these kind of books and the story flowed with ease. I really liked the duel perspective/timeline and the chemistry between London and Jared is palpable. I wasn't such a big fan of Wes and his storyline with London just seemed weird but overall this is a great combination of sexy, sweet and sad.

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