Driving Grandpa

Driving Grandpa What do you get when you combine a hard nosed WWII vet a crazy stray dog a pickup truck and a string of foreclosed houses The answer is a hilarious adventure with a hard hitting ending that you don

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  • Title: Driving Grandpa
  • Author: John Redstand
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What do you get when you combine a hard nosed WWII vet, a crazy stray dog, a pickup truck, and a string of foreclosed houses The answer is a hilarious adventure with a hard hitting ending that you don t want to miss This dog s so old he s got dentures Grandpa, quit pulling on that dog s teeth He s gonna bite you Boy, never mind that Did I tell you about the timeWhat do you get when you combine a hard nosed WWII vet, a crazy stray dog, a pickup truck, and a string of foreclosed houses The answer is a hilarious adventure with a hard hitting ending that you don t want to miss This dog s so old he s got dentures Grandpa, quit pulling on that dog s teeth He s gonna bite you Boy, never mind that Did I tell you about the time we almost surrendered to them parrots during World War II Y all fought pirates during the war No knucklehead parrots Them talking birds Grandpa, you re telling me that y all surrendered to some birds, and you re calling me a knucklehead I didn t say we surrendered to them I said we almost surrendered to them Besides, they spoke Japanese John aka Boy is a 40 year old contract worker hired to clean up abandoned properties He has happily adopted double duty as chauffeur for Grandpa, who despite his ornery protestations is not allowed to drive any These two simple tasks collide in a perfect storm of one humorous calamity after another Grandpa, why do the cops have you in handcuffs Some fellow kicked in my door So why are you in handcuffs I ain t never played home invasion before I didn t know the rules Woven between the daily adventures of cleaning up supposedly vacant foreclosures, attempting to renew Grandpa s license, and pursuing a decades gone by female counterpart, are Grandpa s amusing and often absurd yet containing a root of truth stories from the World War II era An airplane mechanic stationed in Australia and the Pacific during the war, Grandpa fills their commutes with tales of stranded submarines, earthquake bombs, a tombstone repossession, and a gang of ten year old boys holding up a train.Behind the story s humor breathes a warm and touching ode to family, patriotism, and the Greatest Generation Not so much of an elegy as an attempt to see the world through Grandpa s peculiar and remarkable eyes, Driving Grandpa offers an amusing and endearing slice of life that is sure to bring a smile.

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    1. “Age is just a number for me! A person is as young as he feels”.~Sunny DeolJohn is a contract worker that cleans up abandoned property. When his Grandpa cannot drive any longer, he becomes his chauffeur. He tried to move in with the cantankerous old man when his Grandmother first died, but that didn’t last long. Grandpa was too much of a stickler for ensuring that John had been corrected on everything whether it was right or wrong. John takes Grandpa to his work site and the two develop a [...]

    2. No! I want moreI watched the percentage left in the book bar hoping I wasn't getting close to the end. I didn't want it to stop I wanted it to go on and on. I literally guffawed throughout the whole book. I want to read more from Mr Redstand. I want him to keep writing and writing. I will be recommending this on Facebook to all my friends and family. I don't know anyone that can't use a good laugh. Highly recommend. Gbash

    3. Wow. I'm really out on my own on this one. (ha!) Driving Grandpa is a very highly rated book on both and . So, don't listen to me.The writing style lacks interesting or in-depth descriptions of the people, places, and things in the book. It's mostly the dialog between Grandpa and his grandson. Grandpa is a caricature. The grandson is supposed to be 40-something, but he reads like he's a teenager. The stories that Grandpa tells in each chapter are cliche and repetitive. I gave up 66% of the way [...]

    4. I loved it!!Driving grandpa. What an awesome book. Elderly folk are awesome and always say things that make you laugh. They just don’t care what comes out their mouth. I started reading this book and had a hard time putting it down when I had to. My growling stomach when I was supposed to be cooking dinner for my family wasn’t as interesting as this book.The book starts off about a year after grandma passes away. Relatives tried to stay with grandpa but said he was just too ornery, like livi [...]

    5. I wish more than anything I had something like this to remember my grandparents who have passed by. Driving Grandpa is a witty memoir full of humorous debacles, heartfelt memories, and rural colloquialisms and quirks that make it truly delightful to read. The reading style is easy and engaging, and I found myself laughing out loud more than a few times. The characters are endearing, the setting feels authentic, and the author puts just enough of himself into the book to guide us along without ma [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. A laugh out loud memoir. I found myself laughing numerous times as a spry old man recounted tales of his past while engaging in antics in the present with his son. I fell in love with the dog, I also found myself crying because of the touching love between the narrator and his grandfather. Even though the two never discuss how they feel no words were ever needed because it was clear they cared deeply for each other. I couldn [...]

    7. When I first read the title, I would admit that I expected a literary variant of the movie ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ sans the racial conflicts. But after reading the full extent of the 126 pages of this story, I can only wish that this story was like Driving Miss Daisy.The premise of this story would follow an unnamed narrator and his interactions with his grandfather Roy Steel, who regales him with stories of his time as a mechanic in World War Two. During this time, they deal with different eve [...]

    8. Driving Grandpa is the most heart-warming book I’ve read in a really, really long time. The story reminded me so much of spending time with my own grandparent’s and hearing all of their stories about them growing up. Especially, my own grandpa who was in the military. I was always that kid that sat cross-legged on the floor on pins-and-needles as my grandpa told me his old military stories.The story feels so real and you feel like you’re actually there listening to these conversations, tha [...]

    9. Driving Grandpa is about a guy that is literally driving his grandpa around town. He is working on some homes and helping his grandpa is helping him along the way. And, along the way grandpa provides the audience with funny stories from his time in the military and also his crazy family. The story is a light -hearted and nostalgic story that is quite sweet.The one big problem I had with this novel, however, was the premise of it all. How was it that someone who lived with their grandpa for a whi [...]

    10. “. . . I thought I was going to be babysitting an old man. It turned out to be some of the most memorable days of my life. God bless America. God bless the Greatest Generation.”-John RedstandRecently widowed World War II veteran, referred to as Grandpa from here on out, has sub-par vision, although he’s not the type to ever admit that, and needs assistance getting around town--enter grandson John. Riding to John’s side job of tending to foreclosures, the two visit abandoned locations cha [...]

    11. I’m the sort of person who loves to hear family stories. Maybe it’s because my mom is an amateur genealogist or maybe it’s because she has so many hilarious tales about her family, particularly her Southern relatives. Whatever the reason, I love family stories and John Redstand’s Driving Grandpa was right up my alley.Redstand utilizes some good old Southern vernacular (as well as the generational gap) and tone to his advantage in telling the story of his grandfather’s final days, resul [...]

    12. I'm not going to give away too much of the plot, which had its fair share of twists, so I'll just focus on what I actually thought of it:It's really entertaining, and there's a lot going on. When I got the book, I was just expecting a brief intro and then several lengthy anecdotes, so I was in for a surprise. Yes, there are a lot of anecdotes, but there's so much more to the story than I thought. In fact, most of the story involves the narrator himself, going about his job or driving his grandpa [...]

    13. What a little gem! This unassuming novella will suck you in with its humor. John Redstand can really spin a yarn, and the way he interweaves the present day adventures of the protagonist and his grandfather with the tales from the past is keeps this book moving at a brisk pace. In fact, I’d planned to put aside an hour or so every night to read it, but ended up reading it straight through. I’m not sure if it was because I wanted to hear the end of Grandpa’s war stories or if I wanted to fi [...]

    14. Grandpa was a WWII vet who still had a lot of life left in him. He couldn't drive (much to his chagrin) but he still enjoyed getting out of the house when he could. He had designed a new propeller for his boat, and he loved telling stories of his past. This is one grandson's experience and memories of the times he spent driving Grandpa.Great writing, a fun story, and characters you believe in come together to make Driving Grandpa a fun read you will not want to put down. John Redstand brings his [...]

    15. This is my first time reading this author’s work and I found it refreshing. Driving Grandpa is unique, reading more like a memoir than a work of fiction. It is a short, quick read that will tug at heart strings and tickle the funny bone. Written in simple, conversational language, I often felt as though I was listening in on my own family’s banter. Roy is a cantankerous, World War II veteran who loves to work with his hands and always has a crazy story to tell. His grandson, whom he affectio [...]

    16. Sometimes simple and down-to-Earth is just what a reader wants, and Driving Grandpa definitely delivers this. It's a folksy tale of a grandson (author John Redstand) and his grandpa. The story is true, but fictionalized, which gives it a very personal touch. None of the stories, on their own, is particularly powerful, but put them all together and something magic happens. John weaves stories of his life helping to chauffeur his grandpa around, after he's "grounded" from driving. But Grandpa surp [...]

    17. This fictional memoir is exactly what sounds like. It is a story about a man driving around his grandfather to abandoned houses while he listens to World War II stories – almost all of which he’s heard before. The author is a wonderful writer. It’s clear he has skills while reading through, but I’m not sure this fictional memoir accurately flatters his talent as an author. The book was a little boring. I had to force myself to keep reading it.A memoir is defined as “a historical accoun [...]

    18. John and his grandfather have a special bond that makes the time they spend together heartwarming. John's grandfather is alone after his wife passed away. Two of his sons want him to move into a senior apartment complex but he wants to stay in his own home. Because he can't drive any longer, John stops by every day to visit and to take him places. During their time together, John's grandfather shares stories from when he was younger including the time he served in WWII.If that's all there was to [...]

    19. Actual rating: 4.5This book was a lot different than I expected it to be. I thought it was going to be really slow and boring, but grandpa was awesome and it made everything go really fast. The stories were funny and can I just say that I totally want a parrot that speaks Japanese!! Super funny! The only thing I did not like about this story was how short it was. Like all of a sudden BOOM the whole thing is over. Chapters and then the end of the book just kind of ended out of nowhere and I feel [...]

    20. "Driving Grandpa" is a laugh-out-loud story about the adventures of a determined, high-spirited grandpa and his adult grandson. The narrator is the grandson of a WW2 vet who isn't supposed to drive anymore -- being the good grandson that he is, he decides to chauffeur his grandfather around. He ends up getting much more than he bargained for. The grandson takes his grandpa along on his work drives, creating endless opportunity for grandpa to interject his wisdom, humor, stories, and mayhem-induc [...]

    21. A wonderful tribute from a Grandson to his grandpaI read this book without knowing anything about it, I didn't even read the synopsis, but the reviews were good and that was good enough for me. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and have to agree with the wonderful reviews this book has received. I felt that it was very well written and told from the author's point of view. At times I felt like I was sitting in the middle of John and Grandpa as we are driven around on our adventures. The c [...]

    22. Now this is a story that will touch your heart and give you a smile. It has a great story, told by a storyteller, and I find that has become rather rare as books flood into more and more every year.The characters are pleasant at worst, and pretty entertaining at best. You’ll love the grandpa more than your own!Every book has its slow spots, this is no exception, but they really pay off throughout and with the book being structured as many stories layered as chapters it makes for a breezy and [...]

    23. This story was beautiful in the way the author took the reader on a journey through time. In a very organic way we got to see the stories that helped shamp Grandpa into the person he was, and also gave some interesting views of war time. I laughed at times, almost cried at others, and wanted nothing more than to get a cup of tea and curl up under a blanket and listen to Grandpa tell every story he has! Grandpa is a character many can relate to, and most will fall in love with. I would love to re [...]

    24. Driving Grandpa by John Redstand is a memoir comprised of war stories and other moments within the time that John Redstand drove his grandfather around town. The duo were either driving around to check out old foreclosures or driving to please Redstand's grandfather's wishes.I was quite impressed with this memoir. John Redstand is a great writer and even though I do not know the author or the grandfather, he kept me interested in hearing what his grandpa had to say. The stories were short, but p [...]

    25. A man, his job and his hilarious and sassy grandpa! And let's not forget Old Gray, the dog who is still so young at heart! I haven't read a book quite like this one before -- there isn't a super defined plot; instead, there are a bunch of vignettes, just moments in time between a grandson and his grandpa. These moments served to really define the humor, heart, and character of these men. By the book's conclusion, you feel fully wrapped up in grandpa's world and you just wish you could keep liste [...]

    26. I'm amazed It's such a simple story, but still.It's such a simple story, but still so captivating, in a cute, funny sort of way. It brings back memories and it's so easy to relate to the story and the characters, that time just slips away once you start reading it. We worth it.Mind you, I'm giving it a four star because of the ending. Maybe I'm not being fair, maybe it's the shock of investing myself to the story (And all of grandpa Roy's stories) and to the characters and to have it end the way [...]

    27. Driving Grandpa is a wonderful story that is hard to put down. I unfortunately lost both my Grandfathers when I was young but I can’t help but think that they would have been similar in character to Grandpa. Grandpa is a World War II vet who is still just as feisty as I envisioned he had to have been in his youth. Driving Grandpa is a pure delight and while it is Fiction I have to believe it is inspired by real life events. Driving Grandpa is a reminder of how a change of perspective changes t [...]

    28. Redstand’s novel, Driving Grandpa, is truly a superb read! It was very entertaining! What makes the book particularly unique is the fact that most of the events are based on occurrences of Redstand’s life. I can relate to this novel because both of my grandfathers as well as my own father are military veterans. All of Grandpa’s stories of his WWII adventures are truly entertaining, especially if you have an interest in history. I love Grandpa’s sass! The chapters are short, and that make [...]

    29. I absolutely LOVED this book!!! It was just what I needed to have to read in bed while I was sick. The author has managed to put you in the car right with he and his grandfather.The stories are wonderful, and remind me of my own Grandfather who was also a WWII vet. I wish I'd written down his stories, while they weren't nearly as humorous, my Grandfather was a serious man, it would have been something my children who never met him would have treasured. The underlying theme in this well written n [...]

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