Breathe Out

Breathe Out My rules were created so I d have control and be able to remove any and all elements of emotion when it comes to men when it comes to relationships period There s no need to let them in my heart jus

  • Title: Breathe Out
  • Author: Martha Sweeney
  • ISBN: 9780986227257
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • My rules were created so I d have control and be able to remove any and all elements of emotion when it comes to men when it comes to relationships, period There s no need to let them in my heart, just in my pants for the night to satisfy my itch.Temptation reared it s ugly head and won I ve broken a rule one of my rules No big deal, right Then, why do I want to doMy rules were created so I d have control and be able to remove any and all elements of emotion when it comes to men when it comes to relationships, period There s no need to let them in my heart, just in my pants for the night to satisfy my itch.Temptation reared it s ugly head and won I ve broken a rule one of my rules No big deal, right Then, why do I want to do it again It s just sex Yes It s just sex, that s all As long as Joe knows that it s just sex, I don t mind bending the rules.Will Emma continue to allow her fear of loss to control her life, or does love play by its own set of rules Please note There are sexually explicit scenes F M and F F MThis book is not a standalone and is meant to be read after reading the first book Breathe In of the Just Breathe series.

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    1. Breathe Out by Martha Sweeney Breathe Out is the continuation of Emma's journey through life where she learns that giving up control can be more rewarding than fighting to keep it. She's broken a rule, one of her rules, and is toying with the idea of continuing. As she teeters on the edges of breaking more rules, Emma discovers more about herself in ways she never expected.Emma's resolve is tested as life has its own set of rules that are thrown in the mix. Can she handle the challenges and chan [...]

    2. Breathe Out, the second installment of the Just Breathe Series by Martha Sweeney, was assigned to me for editing purposes. I am Martha's husband and author of The Harem, so my opinion is extremely bias. However, I feel no need to pretend to share feelings that aren't sincere, especially since Breathe Out is such a fantastic continuation of a story and characters that I've come to love dearly.Emma Peterson, a twenty four year old orphan, entrepreneur, sexual deviant, strong, intelligent, independ [...]

    3. 4.5 wonderful stars!Another winner from Martha Sweeney! She wrote an amazingly SMEXY story with relatable characters that make each other better while growing together. There is a deeper connection made between Emma and Joe in this second book of the Just Breathe series. Martha smeared Joe with male magnetism sauce and then drizzled him with natural sweetnees! Damn, he was YUMMY. Pun intended. I loved how he didn't push Emma; he slowly did away with the walls that surrounded her. To me, these tw [...]

    4. ****SPOILERS****I'll be editing this as I collect my thoughts and highlightsHow in the world do I do this without giving away what happens after the cliffy from Breathe In? okayI cant. So, without too much of what your going to enjoy, heres my thoughts on Breathe Out ****SPOILERS****Just WHOA. If you have read Breathe In and are in love with Emma and Joe as much as I am, then I know you will be over the moon with Breathe Out!! I'm in a happy emotional clustercloud of giddy!!!! I can't believe ho [...]

    5. This book went above and beyond all of my expectations! When I was reading Breathe In, I was so frustrated with Emma for not letting her guard down when it came to relationships. Joe is perfect for her! Will she break her rules for him? Breathe Out, is sexy, hot, and so incredibly steamy. If you don't like reading books with a lot of incredibly hot sex scenes, this might not be the book for you! ;) I LOVED every minute of this book. I got to discover so many new things about Emma, that made me u [...]

    6. *ARC provided in exchange of an honest review*As the story reveals more of Joe and Emma, I couldn’t help but to love even the little things about them. I learned to love their pain, their sadness, their happiness and do I say the L-word towards each other? It wasn’t really that obvious/directly stated but for me, it’s really the little things they do for one another. I was so amazed by the progress of each character and the way they handle things.Joe and Emma---one of those couples that wi [...]

    7. Breathe Out ( Just Breathe #2 ) Martha Sweeney ( 5 Stars)Beautifully Written to Pure , Emotional Perfection!!My amazon Review Link Belowon/review/RH9SJQO

    8. *Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*I have been waiting for this book for months! This IS a sequel and the first one, Breathe In, left out in a massive cliffhanger!!This picked up right where the first one ended and I loved it! Emma is still the stubborn independent we all know and it made me crazy!!! There were so many times I wanted to just shove her aside and take Joe for myself. Anyway, I am personally attached to this story because it takes place in the bay are, the beautiful pl [...]

    9. OMFG!!! This book blew my expectations from where it left off from the first book, Breathe In. It's the cultivation of a TRUE LOVE Story (and I can't wait to see where it goes in the final book). Emma . . . Emma, Emma, Emma. It's so nice to meet more of you. It's like you've opened up to us, the reader, so much more in this book as well as with Joe. It makes more sense why you are the way you are and it looks like there's still more to be revealed. Joe . . . God, Joe. He's a gentleman in the str [...]

    10. Original Review @ sandrathebookwormThe author was kind enough to provide me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Wow this book was just what I wanted since I finished "Breathe In" more Emma and Joe and more of Emma's past! This book explains so much about Emma and helps the reader understand why she is so apprehensive about letting her walls down around people she doesn't trust. This book went above and beyond my expectations! I loved the character development Emma is going through; she [...]

    11. I was beyond overjoyed to get Emma & Joe back in my hands! (: This story is so beautiful and it reminds me why I read. For a few minutes or a few hours a day I get to escape to this astonishing world Martha has created. I get to feel like this kind of love and this kind of man might be out there. I can't wait for book 3!!! I think it goes without saying that if you haven't gotten or read book 1 yet you need to do so. Then put up book 2 and join me on cloud 9!(;PS: Love you girl!! Keep up the [...]

    12. This was pretty hot. I really do love the story of Emma and Joe. I like that there was a degree of sexual freedom, characters that were less than perfect, but still found a way to love.


    14. Woah!!! I liked this second installment even more than the first one!! I think that, for me, I had a hard time relating to Emma throughout Just Breathe, until the ending (no spoilers!) So, once I was able to finally have that momemt when I clicked with her, it really enhanced the entire story for me heading into Breathe Out. And Joe is EVERYTHING you want in a book boyfriend and more! Martha Sweeney is most certainly a name to keep your eye on, people!

    15. Hot hot hot !!!!!Gripped with Joe and Emma's story again from beginning to end and although like book 1 I found myself getting frustrated by Emma's rules the author is quick to remind you why she has the issues she has and although the relationship takes a big step forward there is still so many unanswered questions and i can't wait for just breathe (book 3) for them all to be answered hopefully!!! The chemistry is hot hot hot over al a big thumbs up

    16. Breathe Out is the second greatest novel that Martha Sweeney has so brilliantly written for her readers to enjoy. I don’t know how she does it, but once again she has captured readers to her novel like a moth to a flame. It’s hard to ignore when it’s so luring.Breathe Out is part of a trilogy that readers won’t want to put down. The main female character Emma is back again and her struggles are just as sinfully entertaining as the first novel. Here, we see so much going on and how Emma h [...]

    17. This book actually caught all my emotions! I felt everything! I was so bonded to the characters I miss them terribly already! What am I supposed to read now?!? I bought this book within the same five minutes I finished the first. I have fallen so in love with the characters, it's maddening. Like with the first, Martha's book explores all the levels of love; friendship, romance, brotherhood, sisterhood, maternal! Even the love between Joe and Emma is so profound. They don't just share a physical [...]

    18. The second book has even more spelling errors than the first. How about hiring an editor or at least using spell-check? It's really frustrating for readers, especially considering the price for the e-book!

    19. Again I really like the story I just wish you would have it edited. I cried several times. And this cliff hanging is killing me because it's past my bedtime.

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