MISSING DEAD OR ALIVE When Tim Maria and Bob s fourteen year old apparently model son goes missing they are baffled and distraught A police investigation reveals Tim wasn t quite the son they thought he was Frantic attem

  • Author: Peter Martin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Tim, Maria and Bob s fourteen year old apparently model son goes missing, they are baffled and distraught A police investigation reveals Tim wasn t quite the son they thought he was Frantic attempts to find him fail, and when their quest becomes an obsession this causes problems between them But they never give up, and are determined to find him DEAD OR ALIVE, evenWhen Tim, Maria and Bob s fourteen year old apparently model son goes missing, they are baffled and distraught A police investigation reveals Tim wasn t quite the son they thought he was Frantic attempts to find him fail, and when their quest becomes an obsession this causes problems between them But they never give up, and are determined to find him DEAD OR ALIVE, even though it may cost them dear.

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    1. The story opens with every parent’s worst nightmare: their son fails to come home from school, and makes no contact. They wait… and wait… as the hours tick past, and finally dial 999. The police offer no help: children much younger than fourteen go missing often, but they usually come back. Forty-eight hours later, when no friends or relations the couple contact have news of the boy, the police do start an investigation, and discover nothing. A television appeal is set up. We’ve all seen [...]

    2. I found this story to be a cross between contemporary and thrilling mystery. Mystery isn’t always my favorite but this one is unique to me. It reads like a Lifetime drama but I mean that in a good way! I love Lifetime so this was something I took an instant liking to. We essentially have two plots tied into the story, the main being the disappearance of Tim—a fourteen year old boy who is normal by all means. He’s at that age where he sleeps in a little too much, he slacks off here and ther [...]

    3. DisappointedI was expecting a gripping psychological suspense thriller, but I was disappointed. A teenage boy goes missing for no apparent reason. This is the story of how it affects the parents left behind. I thought this would be an interesting take on the disappearance. I just found it so hard to read. The language used wasn't gripping at all. The characters were not believable and all spoke with the same 'voice'. There were moments where I thought it would pick up, hence the 2 stars.

    4. When a talented and promising young boy goes missing, Maria and Bob Shepherd seemingly ordinary lives came tumbling down or so it seems. But in the quiet town of Dexford, a disturbing mystery is about to unfold. Missing: Dead or Alive is a tragic tale of a missing child. The book is suspenseful and moves at a brisk pace. It will hold the reader’s attention till the very end.

    5. 2.5 stars. There was a plot. There were characters. The timeline made sense. A mother's love is not this blind or stupid.

    6. A boy of fourteen goes missing and his parents, the central characters, are naturally distraught. The tale follows them as they seek police help, hunt for their son and gradually draw apart under the stress. As their lives have to move on, they each find other partners and the stress of the son's disappearance continues to be a major factor, although it is some time before the concept that they have been manipulated really sinks in with them. Seen as a psychological study, we have to admire the [...]

    7. This is terribly written. It's like a teenager writing just as he talks. I managed 13% but that was more than enough. Not a hope I was going to wade through more than 300 pages.We had "Time to see what Tim was up," then "As she peered at him feeling a little sick."Tim mentioned he had some revision to do and his mum says "Oh-you should have said, we might have been able to help".r real ??There were lots and LOTS of misplaced commas. He uses a lot but not where they should be. For example "You su [...]

    8. A classic psychological whodunnit. We start with the worst nightmare for parents - their only child goes missing, and from then on we follow the disintegration of their marriage as the worry bites into their relationship and they separate to make other relationships. Then after five years, the son reappears inexplicably and proceeds to wreak havoc with their new relationships. This is a recipe for high drama in what is a very dozy middle-class world where nothing much ever happens, and the autho [...]

    9. Tim, Maria and Bob's, fourteen year old son goes missing. Tim is by all accounts a wonderful kid albeit a teenager so who really knows. Tim leaves for school one day and then never returns, a parent's worst nightmare. Maria and Bob take the disappearance very hard although Bob seems to accept it after some time passes. Maria on the other hand devotes her life to the disappearance of her son. Several months after the disappearance Maria and Bob are forced to make a decision regarding their future [...]

    10. This book really intrigued me. I was thinking it was just a cut and dry missing child book but it had a deeper influence. It really focused more on the decline of a marriage as a result of the loss of a child. I found that aspect of the book very interesting. The book was more of an examination of the reaction of the parents to the missing child than a mystery as the boy's disappearance takes second stage to the decline of the parent's marriage. I will not tell more or it would give away plot po [...]

    11. 'Missing' - Dead or Alive' transports the reader into the minds of a troubled couple as they struggle to come to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their teenage son. Experience their their inner most thoughts, their hopes and fears and then the anguish as neighbours spread malicious rumours. An inevitable strain on the family develops, the underlying question of why has he gone is unanswered until the last few chapters. This creates a new series of problems. 'Missing' is written in an e [...]

    12. **2.5 stars. I must say that I did not think this book was a bad book or that I did not enjoy it, but it felt long. However it was not actually long at only 320 pagesThe writing and the extra details made me feel as though the ending was no where near. This book was more about the missing boy's parents and their relationship rather than the actual missing son. It definitely had some twists and turns, but the synopsis of the novel and other reviews had me expecting the son to not turn out to be t [...]

    13. When a young boy of fourteen goes missing, an only child, his parents are devastated. Eventually the police start investigating, but then strange evidence is presented to the grieving parents about their son forging sick notes and staying off school. This was the boy they thought a high achiever bound to go far in life who had never taken a day off for illness. Circumstances force the couple to move to a new location, although the nastiness of some neighbors is something they are relieved to lea [...]

    14. I found this story to be quite a compelling read. Here we have a nice suburban family. The young son is only fourteen, never really been a problem to his parents and a promising student. One day he just goes through his usual routine of going to school but then is never heard of again. What a nightmare to begin with, your son missing but when a video shows the father and the mother digging out in in the backyard and then putting a bundle into the hole, this can only be perceived as macabre.Throu [...]

    15. Missing, Dead or Alive, is a novel based in England. It could best be described as a mystery, but has the added bonus of a surprise twist. The two main characters are Maria and Bob and the story is largely centred around their relationship. When their teenage son goes missing their lives takes a turn for the worse and the plot follows a course not too dissimilar to what you would find in the popular British soap, Coronation Street. I am not a fan of Coronation Street, but I did appreciate how Pe [...]

    16. Grim subject matter, a missing child and the parents left to despair as his absence creeps ever longer. Add in a touch of hopelessness (things go wrong at every turn), then start mixing it up as the twists start coming. Was their son really the model son they were so sure he was?Quite to my liking, with excellent plotting, the story reminded me of an episode of CSI with the way the it kept getting pulled in unexpected directions as developments well, developed.As the surprises mount to keep you [...]

    17. 'MISSING - DEAD OR ALIVE' is a fast paced psychological mystery novel. The story starts with a young teenager, Tim, who does not come home from school. The police are soon involved in the search of the missing child, but things are not what they seem to be and for the teenager's parents, Maria and Bob, a real life nightmare begins. This is a fast paced gripping story and I really found it difficult to put the book down. The characters are well developed and the suspense is intense. I recommend t [...]

    18. Gripping physiological thriller which is all the more intense due to it's grounded nature. The set up, the characters and the relationships all give the impression that these are real people dealing with a parent's worst nightmare and you won't want to put it down without finding out if they get a happy ending.The writing is smooth, the characters have depth and the dialogue is crisp. Looking forward to reading more from the author.

    19. This is an excellent thriller. It has an interesting plot, well developed characters with depth to them, a good pace, an excellent narrative and attention to detail. A powerful psychological thriller that will keep you glued to its pages.

    20. Life goes onThis book was so easy to read. It kept me turning pages rapidly. So glad I found it . Keep producing thrillers like these. So very enjoyable. You think as a parent you have all the answers, don't put all your money on it.

    21. Missing _ Dead Or AliveThis was a very good mystery. The suspense held you till the very end . I read till early in the morning just to find how this would end . It really is worth reading . I recommend this book.

    22. MissingThis is every parents worse nightmare times a hundred. The parents in this story are strong willed individuals, who ultimately get the crazy back!!

    23. this story ran along as if someone was sitting across the room telling me what happened. At first I thought it to be a bit immature, but soon began to feel involved with this couple and their heartache. There are characters who become a part of your own life, that's what it was. I was interested, wanted to tell them things. Wanted to encourage or discourage. It's not what I thought and yet, it is.

    24. Missing-Dead or AliveLoved loved this excellent mystery what a great storyline and the characters were perfectly believable. The twists and turns made this book so interesting. This is 2nd book of Peter Martins books I've read and was just as satisfied with that book as well.

    25. Great readThe book kept me guessing. The plot was great. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend it. Thank you.

    26. FabA very enjoyable novel which kept me reading at a fast pace as I was hooked from page one. My only criticism is some of the spelling mistakes particularly frequently writing chest of draws instead of drawers, a small mistake but a huge distraction to someone as pedantic as me!

    27. I gave it a lot of thought before giving this 1 star to this book. I even went back to the GR stars scale meaning, but that's it, I didn't like it.I give it the credit that it managed to keep me from leaving it aside, it kept me reading it. The author has a good technique to make this happen.I think it's too "flat", many chapters went by without major interesting things. Some loose ends and some interesting things that could have been exploited but weren't.Some natural reactions for a parent wer [...]

    28. Interesting story line but the Author's use of English was not as good as it could be. This made the book difficult and almost painful for me to read. There were no grammatical errors per se. Just that the English didn't flow properly. In some cases, the author used terms that I concluded must have been slangs where proper English was to be used. One of those cases was in the first chapter where the author was trying to relay the fact that Maria had slept off while waiting for her son to come ho [...]

    29. I appreciate that the author took the time to write and share this story, but this tale frustrated me. It could have been a great book, but a) it seemed a book that didn't know what it wanted to be: a mystery about a missing son or the decline of a marriage? Being both made it long and tedious, and I was impatient, and b) it could have used a lot more editing before publication.Overall, it's right there between "it was okay" and "I didn't like it."

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