Prude My editor who also happens to be my best friend told me she thinks I write like a prude That EVERYONE thinks I write like a prude She made it clear that my next book will not be published if I don t

  • Title: Prude
  • Author: Hilaria Alexander
  • ISBN: 9781507603413
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • My editor, who also happens to be my best friend, told me she thinks I write like a prude That EVERYONE thinks I write like a prude She made it clear that my next book will not be published if I don t spice things up.Instead of replying calmly, like the old Prudence Clearwater would have, I stormed out of her office and told her to go to hell.After a few days spent wMy editor, who also happens to be my best friend, told me she thinks I write like a prude That EVERYONE thinks I write like a prude She made it clear that my next book will not be published if I don t spice things up.Instead of replying calmly, like the old Prudence Clearwater would have, I stormed out of her office and told her to go to hell.After a few days spent wallowing, unsure about my future, I decided that I should 1 Ignore the naysayers and backstabbing.2 Re evaluate my inner circle, especially my deceitful BFF.3 Focus on my writing and figure out where I went wrong.4 Accept any help I can get, especially from my old college crush, who happens to be a successful book agent and looks like a Viking God.5 Keep my friendship with the aforementioned Viking God platonic, even when he makes me tingle in all the right places.Or maybe, since I m not a prude, I should just live a little and surrender to the charming Ben Hallstrom What s the worst that could happen

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    1. The newly re-edited version of this delightful debut novel is now LIVE on .Would you recommend this book to a friend? If so, why?Yes, absolutely.Why? Well because Prude totally lived up to the story’s premise in a genuinely charming manner. I know that not all readers are so willing to overlook the mistakes. However, I was so engaged in the story that I continued to do so. What other book might you compare Prude to and why?I would compare it to Tempting the Player by Jennifer L. Armentrout bec [...]

    2. Não é um romance avassalador. Não é cheio de plot twist caótico. Não tem diálogos memoráveis. Não tem um vilão. Tem casal legal. Heroína teimosa. Herói simpático. Uma reviravolta não muito imprevisível. Tem final feliz

    3. Sweet romance, enjoyed Ben and Prudence's story but have to say it didn't live up to my expectations after reading Hilaria Alexander's other book FU Cancer(maybe I just loved the story better). Having said that I still liked the idea of a book writer whom wants to be true to herself and a sexy surfer/literary agent with secrets.

    4. I first want to say how amazing the writing in this book was. I was blown away. I loved the story, I loved the humor, I loved the romance and I feel in love with Ben and Prudence. I mean how could you not. Prudence and Ben's love story was refreshing and real and enduring. I loved how you saw Ben just fall head over heals for her. I loved that he completely took over her life and didn't make an excuse to just hang out with Prudence. OH Ben, he was down right perfect. (Man Bun) Just sent this boo [...]

    5. I loved this story. It was so much more than what I had expected. Lots of witty banter! I loved the text exchanges"Every time I type a message, I erase it. He must be seeing those three dots appear every few seconds and think I’m writing a poem." I loved the romance with a bit of instant attraction."I don't need a week, or a month, or whatever amount of time might be considered appropriate, before I can tell you how I feel. I knew how I felt about you after reading the first chapter.” But it [...]

    6. This is terrific first book! I got really lost in the characters and their struggles, and their own love of books. I really like when characters have a love of books--and when they're hot. Hot nerds! I feel like they're mythical creatures like unicorns, so reading about them being normal people with their own insecurities was great. I'm recommending it for all the people I know.

    7. Prude is really a nice and enjoyable story.I liked all the characters.Ben is so cool and swoon worthy and Prudence is so real I could feel all her struggle to become a satisfied and successful writerd the sex scenes are so so hot.This is Hilaria Alexander debut novel but I'm sure a lot more will come.

    8. I did not want to put this book down! I did not want to go to work.I just wanted to stay home and read. I totally fell in love with Ben and Prudence. Loved their banter. They were perfect!! Can't wait until her next book comes out.

    9. That was a fun reading, I liked the characters and it just flows, but it didn't have anything that made the story special.

    10. I really liked this one! Smart, witty, sexy.This is a standalone story, with an HEA and the only drama in this story is relationship based. And despite the title, there is lot of sex in this book. Whew.Prudence is an author who is forced to second guess herself after her editor tells her that the work she's been doing in the young adult category doesn't have enough heat (aka sex). She's flabbergasted, but sticks to her guns and cuts ties with her publisher. Ben is a literary agent who Pru knew i [...]

    11. 3.5 stars“Sometimes one chapter is all it takes to fall in love with a book, no matter where it takes you…I knew how I felt about you after reading the first chapter.”Prudence is a successful YA author. However, when her friend and editor tells her that she needs to branch out and make her books racier, it leads Prudence to break ties with her publishing company. Ben, an acquaintance she knew at college and in the book industry, gets wind of her departure and persuades her to take him on a [...]

    12. 3.5 stars. A pleasant, low key romantic read about a "Young Adult" book writer whose publisher wants her to start spicing up her stories more. She and the publisher come to a parting of the ways and then our author meets up with a new book agent, coincidentally a guy she admired from afar in college but never took any steps to have a relationship with. As the book agent and the author get to know each other better, they find they have much in common and sparks start to fly. She's hesitant to bec [...]

    13. 3.5Es un libro bastante liviano, pero bueno. Se aleja de lo típico que se está escribiendo ahora: chico malo que se acuesta con todas , pero no se compromete. En cambio, el protagonista masculino es bastante amable, simpático y seguro de lo que quiere. La protagonista femenina es confiada, es escritora y sabe lo que quiere.Tiene una escritura muy fluida, se lee con facilidad y rapidez y en ningún momento me aburrí. Entonces, por qué las 3.5? porque no hubo drama. Lo sé, me encanta el dram [...]

    14. So last week, I was having a major book hangover. This wonderful story came riding in on it's white steed to save the day. Prudence is an author of young adult novels and has been reasonably successful. In walks hot to trot literary agent Ben and he is ohh so hot. Hilaria hit the ball out of the park with this one. Ben with his man bun still makes me weak in the knees, lol. I felt like this story is something that could happen in real life. I was able to relate to the characters; they are witty, [...]

    15. 5 STARS FOR PRUDE ! The boyfriend in this story is Prudence's book agent turned publisher. He's also a sexy surfer dude with model good looks and a manbun! Yup, he's hot and he reads- a total dream guy. Also , through this book ( and I haven't really given much thought of this before, 'coz I just read), I got a realistic insight of the daily grind and struggles of a "current" author , and I now have more respect and admiration for all literary writers, especially my favorites, including the auth [...]

    16. What do you get when you cross a writer struggling to be true to herself and a hot literary agent - a steamy HEA that will have you cheering them on until the end. This story hooked me early on with a When Harry Met Sally reference and just got better from there. I loved how much music played a part in Prudence's writing process. Ben was a sweetheart and you wanted him to succeed in getting the love he deserved. This was my first time reading a book by Ms. Alexander, but it certainly won't be my [...]

    17. I LOVED it!!! I am traditionally a crime/horror/mystery reader. I was very much out of my element, but the simple cover and title grabbed my attention. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the genuineness of Prudence and the surprising depth of Ben. The author does SUCH a wonderful job with the verbal imagery of love scenes between them! The tension, the uncertainty then finallyatification. After finishing this story I was left with such a feeling of love and hope, not in a corny way, but a deep sens [...]

    18. I won a copy of Prude from Giveaways. It's a quick and fun read. I enjoyed the interesting insight into the world of publishing. I thought the author captured the mania of artistic inspiration perfectly. Her writing style is very down to earth and real. You feel like you are riding right alongside Prudence on her metamorphosis. Lastly, this book supplied an 'aha' moment. No wonder I love romance books. My name is Heather and I'm a dopamine addict

    19. Hot, sexy and romantic!I loved all the characters. It was a surprised cute story with a steamy plot. I really enjoyed all the relationships and witty banter. A strong female is hard to find and I just simply adored Prudence.

    20. I enjoyed everything about this book. The somewhat unique back story of author and book agent, their cuteness between them with the flirting and build up to a relationship. If this is a debut novel, kudos! 5+++++ stars!!!!

    21. Prude, is a really lovely story, I fell in love with the characters and I found it effortless to read. A feel good book that I think everyone will enjoy. A solid 4* can't wait to read more from this author xxx

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