Today & Tomorrow

Today Tomorrow Nolan Mariano is on loan from the Night Horde Missouri charter he s been sitting at the SoCal table for almost a year Though his family is clamoring for him to return home he doesn t feel ready yet h

  • Title: Today & Tomorrow
  • Author: Susan Fanetti
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nolan Mariano is on loan from the Night Horde Missouri charter he s been sitting at the SoCal table for almost a year Though his family is clamoring for him to return home, he doesn t feel ready yet he doesn t feel that he s been tested enough Despite the patch on his back, he s not sure he s earned the right to sit in the seat his father once occupied.Analisa Winter meNolan Mariano is on loan from the Night Horde Missouri charter he s been sitting at the SoCal table for almost a year Though his family is clamoring for him to return home, he doesn t feel ready yet he doesn t feel that he s been tested enough Despite the patch on his back, he s not sure he s earned the right to sit in the seat his father once occupied.Analisa Winter meets Nolan when he volunteers to teach her to ride a Harley Learning to ride is on Analisa s bucket list, and that list is of paramount importance to her She is dying, and she s determined live her full life first.Nolan has no intention of falling in love with a dying girl But Analisa is the kind of girl you can t help falling in love with, even when you know that love is doomed.Nolan becomes a man in California, and he learns what kind of man he has become His story is just beginning.Note Explicit sex.

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    1. 4 stars.My mom used to say that losing your child is worse than losing your partner/husband (she has experienced both). As a mother, you nurture an intense and emotional bond with your kid from the time of the pregnancy over all the challenging years when your child is growing up. A mother's (or father's) love is incomparable. Today & Tomorrow reminded me how shitty it is when parents outlive their kids. Like so many other wrongful things that happen on Mother Earth, it's unfair when young p [...]

    2. Live -> amzn/1NKery4Today & Tomorrow is breathtakingly beautiful.It’s open and honest with the messier side of love. From the blurb we learn that Nolan has fallen for a dying girl. There’s no surprises how this story will end and yet I was surprised on how deeply moved I was by the beauty of the relationship that forms between Analisa and Nolan. Yes, there is heartache and pain but there is also contentment and encouragement. Don’t short change yourself on passing by this book becau [...]

    3. This book Can I get away with simply saying, I loved it? Did it hurt? Hell yes. Was it worth it? Of course.In life, things rarely go as planned. Sometimes all you can hope for is experiencing heartache, because if anything, it's proof that you felt love. Reading the synopsis, I knew how this story would go, and I was scared. I was expecting it to be really depressing, and while it was sad, it had a much more positive message. This was truly a remarkable story. Fuck you, cancer. You think you rob [...]

    4. It's LIVE!!!-> LINKALL THE STARS IN THE SKY and all the tears from my eyesThis is not just a book, or a story, or a simple romantic notion. It is so much more This is a journey, an experience, a life lesson. It is pure, raw emotional power.What does it mean to love and be loved? It is the beauty and the pain of life itself. Nolan is questioning his worth in his club. He’s not really sure what kind of man he is. A good man? A bad man? What does that mean? And has he earned the right to sit [...]

    5. 5+++ Heart-wrenching stars! Today & Tomorrow (Night Horde SoCal #2.4), not surprisingly made me bawl like a baby. Lying in bed at 430am (insomniac in the house) with tears dripping on the inside of my eyeglasses. Sniff sniff. I knew it would gut me, but Susan Fanetti never fails to surprise me. She's my go-to MC writer. Perfection. Not afraid to go outside the box and risk pissing off her readers. I respect her oodles. The book blurb says it all. Nolan meets the beautiful Anilesa Winter, a y [...]

    6. COUNTLESS STARSMs. Fanetti gets me every time. What can I possibly say when one of my all time fave authors tops herself? Ms. Fanetti shattered me and also bolstered me with this heartbreakingly beautiful story of sweet Nolan Mariano, who captured my heart in the Signal Bend series, and Analisa Winter. Two old souls destined to cross paths. Even if it was for a very brief time, it would be unforgettable and life altering.While it was obvious how this story was going to end and with that, I thoug [...]

    7. 5 To Truly Live Stars * * * * * This is a study in loving. In recognizing the beauty of it and owning the experience for as long as it is given. This is a journey which started long ago for both Nolan and Analisa.t separately and then coming together when the both of them needed each other the most.The beauty in this tale is universal; we all know at one point time will end for usd it is in the living we make our mark our difference in this world. How we see ourselves; how others sometimes show [...]

    8. Reread as part the entire series - August/September 2017 - BIG emotions. DEEP thoughts and conversations. Lives forever changing. This story of Nolan Mariano and Annalisa Winter rocks you to your very soul. It's a vastly different change of pace from the anything Fanetti has written, in my opinion. The writing is poignant, flawless, and holds so much beauty you fall into the story and let it tear you to shreds willingly. I loved my reread of it. Nolan Mariano is probably my favorite Horde charac [...]

    9. Beautiful and heartbreaking Nolan sights. AMAZING!!!!!!Sorry I'm just babbling but I'm still crying. sooo good. And Thank you Susan Fanetti, I really needed a good cry. And even though I'm crying, I still consider this a very happy and uplifting book. I have my heart full of Analisa.

    10. Okay, Lola, here you've done it again. A romance with a dying girl??? I don't know how much more drama can Nolan endure in his young life. Does he have to? Can you do some sort of miracle maybe??? I don't even know how will my poor reading heart survive again after Havoc. All I know is that lots of tears will be shed for sure while reading. Brace yourself review to follow

    11. I liked it enough to finish, and as always, it was very well written. But I really didn't care much for the storyline, and I'll admit that I skimmed in places. It wasn't the theme of cancer that bothered me, but more the list. I thought it was cheesy as hell. I felt no connection or chemistry between Nolan and Analisa, and their being together in the first place felt forced, given that Analisa pursued Nolan. We're told he loves her, but I didn't feel it. When I read a Night Horde book, I have ce [...]

    12. Heartbreaking, endearing, powerful, stronge and compelling. Absolutely beautiful in its poignancy. Now I need a feels break! Susan Fanetti I love ya, but we need aa emotion break girl :)

    13. 5+ Stars!!!Gah! All I'm capable of is unintelligible words. This story was everything. So beautiful, so tragic. I was afraid to start this book. I mean, who goes into a book knowing the tragic outcome and still wants to continue knowing the sadness and depression they are going to feel? I guess me.I made myself read this book because Susan Fanetti is one of my favorite authors, and I wanted to read this series comprehensively. I didn't want to be sad, but I knew she wouldn't disappoint. I finish [...]

    14. Susan Fanetti is still my all time favorite MC writer! She's solid gold, a ten star read! Her words are endearing, heart felt!!! The way she emotionally nails you is indescribable. Almost from the beginning I was a mess. Remembering Havoc & Corinne instantly had me crying as Corinne's family just can't get a break. If you were to ask me I'd say Nolan is still struggling not only trying to full fill Havoc's weighty shoes, but finding his own place within the MC and brotherhood. He holds himse [...]

    15. Just beautiful. I love Nolan and this story was so wonderful! Analisa was such a beautiful character. I cried but it I ended the book lol poking reward to Nolan and his future!

    16. Brilliant!I smiled, cried , sniffled and found myself constantly dabbing my eyes so I could read again. This was story was about living and living life well. It's far from an easy read but I am so glad I did. >Ever wondered what the perfect antidote to a book binge is? Well I’ll share. It’s a book so moving that you have to stop, reflect, and rest your eyes. It takes a lot to have me tearing up while reading, but Ms. Fanetti’s cracked my outer shell with Today & Tomorrow. Nolan is s [...]

    17. A beautiful soulful story about two young adults and the remarkable strength they find in one another.My Destiny my way. Peace!Nolan is a favorite of mine from the Signal Bend Series. I'm so very thrilled he was able to shine. He's set the bar to a whole other level. Thank You Susan! You are unfreaking believable!!!

    18. Read June 2015- 4.5 Beautiful starsWow, what a beautiful story about living life to the fullest. I love Nolan even more, and I didn't think that was possible! Reread May 2016

    19. Ok, I'm in the minority here. I didn't enjoy this at all. It wasn't so much the depressing storyline. It was ya which I don't care for. I skimmed thru the 2nd half. Of course I had to read it since it was Fanetti, which is why I rated 3 stars and not lower. I hate rating one of her books that low, but hey, it is MY rating. I will continue reading her books, still love her stories. Would love to read enjoyable news about Nolan.

    20. 5 star stuff !!How did this tiny book hold so many tears?! What a beautifully written love story, I think this the1st time I truly grasp the meaning of "Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". I hope Nolan get to have a his "lifetime of love and good things".

    21. Fanetti is hands down, the best author in this genre. There are a lot of really great authors out there (just see the Freak Circle Press crew) but each book Fanetti writes just tops the next one. This is beautiful, haunting and poignant and I didn't want it to end.

    22. This novella is a side story to The Horde SoCal series I'm currently devouring. And features a grown up Nolan (step son of Havoc from the original series).Nolan is 'on loan' from the mother charter while the California charter deals with a festering war with Mexican drug lords. He wholeheartedly joined a conflict that wasn't his and as this story unfolds we learn his motives for putting himself in danger. Nolan, as a child, was a central character in Havoc's book and the reader is given glimpses [...]

    23. Although I really enjoyed it, I wish Nolan got the HEA, he was the one who deserves to be happy. After all the grief he got in his young life, some more was added to it and I just felt so sad for him. I didn't feel very big connection between the heroine and hero, but Nolan finding himself was good enough for me. Havoc would be proud of him <3

    24. **4.5** All I can say is I love Nolan. Great writing as always. Susan knows just how to make you feel. My emotions are so conflicted. I don't know how to feel. I'm happy and sad (and I want to cry even though I've been teary eyed through out)

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