Easier to Run

Easier to Run Easier to Run is a full length standalone novel Reunited friends to lovers Contemporary New Adult RomanceNOW AVAILABLE on Kindle Unlimited He took my world by storm with four simple words I m your new

  • Title: Easier to Run
  • Author: Silver Rain
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • Easier to Run is a full length standalone novel.Reunited friends to lovers Contemporary New Adult RomanceNOW AVAILABLE on Kindle Unlimited He took my world by storm with four simple words I m your new neighbor I was only five at the time, but I couldn t look away from the older boy staring at me through the hole in our back yard fence In my mind, he was mine from thEasier to Run is a full length standalone novel.Reunited friends to lovers Contemporary New Adult RomanceNOW AVAILABLE on Kindle Unlimited He took my world by storm with four simple words I m your new neighbor I was only five at the time, but I couldn t look away from the older boy staring at me through the hole in our back yard fence In my mind, he was mine from that moment, but I knew that could never happen.When I was fifteen, I learned that things that should never happen can sweep in and rip your entire life to shreds I lost everything.I lost him Six years after tragedy changed Cassie s life forever, she continues to yearn for that one thing that will make her feel whole the boy she was taken away from The boy who had stood by her side and defended her at every turn The boy whose shoulder she cried on when her parents died, after her sister committed suicide, during her testimony against her brother in law.With her past a heavy burden that sits on her chest, threatening to suffocate her every night, she somehow finds the strength to go back and face it To finally go back and find the man who might make her heart beat again and ease the dead pain she feels inside.But six years can change people, and their relationship can never be the same.Read the Prologue

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    1. ☆ I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you ☆Easier to Run was as beautiful, as it was heartbreaking.Cassie, the book’s female protagonist, has a hard and traumatic life.Being the sole living member of her family and having survived a dismembering ordeal, Cassie returns to her hometown where everything makes sense… where the one person that captured her heart and makes her whole, is there…Will she be able to battle her demons and move forward to a pos [...]

    2. 3.75 ~ 4 starsEasier to Run is a powerful tale of love, trust, pain and caring. It is a romantic, contemporary storyline that focuses on Cassie, a girl who has “PTSD, severe depression, social anxiety and a stutter.” She has been sexually abused and she has lost her parents and her only sister. She’s been living with her grandparents, but their inability and unwillingness to embrace her problems and emotionally support her make Cassie leave their house at the age of twenty-one. Having litt [...]

    3. OUT NOW! Available on Kindle Unlimited!Praise for the book:“What a touching story of friends to lovers. […] They encounter some bumps in the road, but help each other and stay strong together.” ~ Debbie“I would give 100 stars if i could. Holy hell what a ride! […] This is real love, real friendship. This book was a page turner for me. I kept stopping everything I was doing just to read one more page. I just found my new favorite author.” ~ Jewels“Deeply emotional story about two pe [...]

    4. My star rating for EASIER TO RUN is: 4 out of 5 stars. :) My ‘Blogging Reader’s Review’after readingan ARC Copy of ‘EASIER TO RUN’(via:BooksMoviesFandoms.wordpress): This is my full review after reading “Easier To Run” by author Silver Rain. This is the first novel I’ve had the opportunity to read and review thanks to receiving an early copy gifted by the author. This is the debut novel for this author and it falls into the New Adult and Contemporary Romance genres. This story no [...]

    5. What a touching story of friends to lovers. Cassie met Ben when she was just five years old. He was the new ten year old neighbor and she was instantly drawn to him. As the years passed, she was always with him. Their families celebrated together and watched out for each other. When Cassie was fifteen, Ben was there when the police showed up to deliver the news that her parents had been in a serious accident. When she went to live with her sister and her husband, Ben was there through that too. [...]

    6. 10+++ stars for this debut! WONDERFUL read! Cassie has a traumatic past & the one thing that ever made it better was Ben. She's been separated from him for six years, and during that time they've both missed each other terribly, but didn't realize how much or what that meant, exactly, until she finds her way back to him.I love when authors feature heroes or heroines with pronounced stutters, and showcase their strengths. Not being able to get words out is a painful thing, and when an author [...]

    7. My rating is 4 of 5. :)This novel is an amazing blend friendship, heartache, love and growing beyond tragedy. I enjoyed watching Cassie grow up, imperfections and all. There are moments in her life that could’ve broken her down, and in some ways it did but she was not completely destroyed to where she had no chance of overcoming it. She’s a wonderful strong female character and Ben is such a handsome, caring and amazing male character, too. I recommend this novel if you’re looking for some [...]

    8. What an amazing book!!!! Have you ever had that one person whom you loved most of your childhood? This story is about bouncing back from a horrible experiences as a child and adult. Her one love she knew she can trust. the one love that would keep her grounded and help her through the tough times. This is real love, real friendship. This book was a page turner for me. I kept stopping everything I was doing just to read one more page. I just found my new favorite author.

    9. Wow!Just give me a minute to restart my heart! I have a collection on my kindle of 'unread books', this was one of them. After just finishing it, I am now left wondering why it took me so long to read it!!Silver grabbed me in the first paragraph and didn't let go until the end. It was heartbreaking yet breathtaking at the same time.

    10. Attention Romance Bloggers, sign ups are now open for the EASIER TO RUN Blitz.Sign up for the Release Blitz or to receive a review copy! 

    11. Wonderful Debut!Deeply emotional story about two people overcoming many obstacles, both mentally and physically, and banding together to come out stronger in the end.A wonderful debut novel - I very much look forward to more stories from this author.

    12. This book is AMAZING Loved it from start to finish . so well written and so emotional My heart broke for Cassie such a sad life, Ben was just gorgeous loved that he was just a regular hard working guy great story Good job Ms Rain Good job

    13. There are some books you know goin in they touch on some sad depressing topics but you know that person will get better so as a reader you dont feel constantly depressed reading it. And then there are books like this one where just when you think you see the light for that character/s it just gets worse and more depressing and painful. Close to top of my list of no read books are ones that have abuse/ assault. Tho I will read books that have little bit of them if it’s not the focus but the cha [...]

    14. Cassie's been gone and alone for years. After the deaths of her parents and sister, she was taken in by her grandparents, but there was no love to be had in her new home. But memories of her best friend, the only person who never judged or let her down, are drawing her back. Back to the place where everything fell apart, where one boy had the power to hold her together.Judging Covers: I really don't think the cover fits with the story at all. It makes it look like erotica, or at least something [...]

    15. I received a complimentary e-copy of Easier to Run in exchange for an honest review. Every so often I read a debut novel where I think 'how is it possible that this is the first book by this author' and Easier to Run is absolutely one of those books. Silver Rain did an amazing job writing Cassie and Ben's story. From page one I was so immersed in Cassie's pain and I felt all of her emotions right along with her. I was so excited for her when she found Ben - I already knew how much of an impact h [...]

    16. Very depressing book Disappointingly short epilogue. Storyline had potential but ended up being very boring. The heroine is so sad and depressed, which I totally get due to her tragic past. But. especially in light of the heavy subject matter, it would really have helped with some humour, bit of comic relief, or at the very least some light moments. There was zero humour in this book and I just ended up being really depressed I suspect the roommate Brantley was supposed to provide some light mom [...]

    17. This fantastic debut novel by Silver Rain about coping with trauma and learning to live again had me intrigued from the moment I read the blurb. Add to that the fact that it was highly recommended by Aesta's Book Blog and I couldn't wait to get started on it. And while I feel the book needed better editing, the mistakes I found didn't detract from the storyline. I loved Cassie & Ben's friends to lovers storyline, hated Liz and her meddling, and cracked up with Brantley and his crass remarks. [...]

    18. Easier to Run was such a powerful story of dealing with depression and PTSD. For someone to encounter such horrible life altering events at such a young age is deeply saddening. Cassie must learn to face herself as well as the outside world without falling apart. Fortunately she has Ben, her childhood friend who was always there for her and the only one she can fully trust, right along side her to face it all and prove how strong she really is. I enjoy reading all types of stories where the hero [...]

    19. My first book by this author and I am impressed!! It was an important issue addressed and the plot line was kept interesting. I loved Ben and Cassie's friendship. The childhood memories and till date. I loved how he supported her!! It was really good to see. And it was very very sad to see how things were snatched from her at early age. People need to learn to respect n support every child regardless of them stuttering or anything. Mistakes r made but family should support. So it was a good read [...]

    20. It kept my attention!This is a book that will hold your attention. It's a good book that deals with some subject matters that may be upsetting, but it does so in an appropriate manner (if there is such a thing). Ben and Cassie are meant to be together, no doubt. The ending was a little bit off to me in that it ended quickly and threw me out of the story lol. I liked the story as a whole.

    21. "Once upon a time, I was a shy, lonely kid playing in her back yard. And then a boy came along who taught me that happy endings are bullshit. The only things that matter are the happy in-betweens."

    22. read fully to 40% then skim read the rest! unfortunately this book wasn't for me, I didn't feel the connection between the two main characters and some of the words usedrobbing memberck!I'm sad this didn't work for me tbh

    23. It was okThis story was just ok for me. It is heart wrenching at times, just knowing what these characters went through. I just needed it to dig deeper. It was missing something for me to really connect. I can't put my finger on it. Overall I liked it

    24. Loved itLoved this book I read it again.Two people grow up together and forever feel a connection that brings them back together to help each other thru hard times. True love

    25. Genre: debut NA RomanceDNF @ 25%Too dull, slogging, and depressing. Backblurb pretty much says it all, except for the fact that the H used to date the h's sister.

    26. I wasn't what I excepted I think you could get more out of such a story sometimes it was boring, and then at the end everything happened at once too bad

    27. DNF 30% I tried but got really tired of Cassie and her I'm fine crap. Ben is one hell of a man for putting up with it, very frustrating

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