Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife

Shaded Light The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife With matchmaking on her mind Ellen Brodie looks forward to a quiet long weekend with her husband her son and a visitor from Alberta Lorry Preston the auburn haired daughter of Ellen s favourite co

  • Title: Shaded Light: The Case of the Tactless Trophy Wife
  • Author: N.J. Lindquist J.A. Menzies
  • ISBN: 9780978496340
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook
  • With matchmaking on her mind, Ellen Brodie looks forward to a quiet long weekend with her husband, her son, and a visitor from Alberta Lorry Preston, the auburn haired daughter of Ellen s favourite cousin But the weekend is doomed Ellen s husband invites his two legal partners and their quarrelling wives A black sheep nephew shows up One of the legal partners brings hiWith matchmaking on her mind, Ellen Brodie looks forward to a quiet long weekend with her husband, her son, and a visitor from Alberta Lorry Preston, the auburn haired daughter of Ellen s favourite cousin But the weekend is doomed Ellen s husband invites his two legal partners and their quarrelling wives A black sheep nephew shows up One of the legal partners brings his wife s wallflower sister Ellen s son brings his devastatingly handsome best friend A new neighbour throws herself on Ellen s mercy because of renovations If that isn t enough, Lorry discovers a body in the Japanese garden, and the law arrives in the form of a tired Paul Manziuk and his brand new, totally unwanted partner, Detective Constable Jacqueline Ryan Note Discussion Questions for Book Clubs are in the back of the book along with some Bonus Features not in the print versions.

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    1. 97 pages in and apart from a brief introduction in the Prologue, the detectives haven't yet appeared.Now, there's nothing *intrinsically* wrong with that, but my own preference in mysteries is to learn about the characters at the same time the detective(s) do and my patience was becoming strained at this point. So when one of the characters starts bleating on about her personal relationship with God in a way that sounded altogether too much like preaching by the author, I threw in the towel.

    2. After a long long time, I found a book which could give me the awesome feel of an Agatha Christie novel. I loved it. The plot is interesting and there is elaborate detailing of the investigation. A weekend party between three business partners of a successful law firm and their spouses turns into murder scene. The story is about how the cop, Paul Manzuik and his newly promoted colleague Jacquie Ryan solve this murder mystery.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

    3. In Shaded Light I felt like I was reading a game of Clue. Author J. A. Menzies (the new ebook edition is published under the author's pseudonym; original edition under N. J. Lindquist) sets up the game board and player pieces in the first part of the book as members, wives and various hangers-on of the Toronto law firm Brodie, Fischer & Martin meet for a relaxing weekend at the lavish new home of senior partner George Brodie and his wife Ellen. The cast of characters is large and varied. Men [...]

    4. Take eight invited guests, one uninvited nephew, a self-invited neighbour and an unwanted sister, mix them together, add a housekeeper and her daughter, shake them up and with what do you get? A Manzuik and Ryan mystery. When George and Ellen Brodie throw a weekend house party at their posh Toronto mansion, they get much more than they bargained for. One guest turns up dead in the Japanese garden and all the others become suspects. Detective Paul Manziuk is assigned the case on top of the four h [...]

    5. Cannot give this book enough stars!!! This truly reminded me of an Agatha Christie novel and I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a great murder mystery. The author gives us enough detail of each character, their background, relationships and interactions with each other so that it seems as if you are right there beside them watching. What I found to be impressive is that the author did not use foul language, sex or graphic violence to capture the reader. The Christian faith is por [...]

    6. I loved this murder mysteryI loved this murder mystery. The plot was good, characters interesting: some likable others less so. Secrets, lies, tension all make for an engrossing story.I was pleased to discover this to be the first in a series featuring the newly formed detective duo, Paul Manziuk and Jacquie Ryan. I shall look forward to seeing how their professional relationship develops considering how differing their personalities and backgrounds are and also to learn about their personal liv [...]

    7. It was really kinda rough for me to get into this book at the beginning, so if you don't think you will like this book keep reading. So like I said rough start, then whew I couldn't stop. I had no idea who the killer was. I thought I did, but I didn't, I wasn't even close. I have already started the second book in the series. I like the police detectives, their families and the way they work together. This is only a 3 book series but it could be more as Ryan and Manziuk could have a long partner [...]

    8. A country house murder: maybe my favorite murder setting.We are introduced to a beautiful, obviously avaricious young woman, married to a rich lawyer. She isn't lovable and proves it by abusing her mousey sister and manipulating her husband. As a hardened player in matrimony (fourth marriage), he manipulates her right back.They are guests at the lavish new estate owned by his firm's senior partner. His wife and grown son and his son's friend make up some of the many characters (suspects) in this [...]

    9. Good.Paul Manziuk was the cop in charge of the case. Jacqueline Ryan was his partner for this case, who loved to talk ."Life is one long struggle in the dark"Detective Manziuk was still upset about the 22 yr old college student who was murdered when that got this case. The setting is a country house party. There is first one murder Jillian, and then Chrystal. The detective believe it was the same person, serial killer , that killed 4 other girls over the past year. They all had red hair.I never [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book although it is difficult to say why. The trophy wife is so horrible and her sister such a victim that I would normally recoil but for some reason I enjoyed the exaggeration of these characters. The case involves the death of the trophy wife at a house party held by the head of a law firm for his law partners and their wives which is also attended by 3 uninvited guests. Evidence is scarce until an important clue is finally unearthed. Even before this, however, I had an idea of [...]

    11. Although this story drags a little at the beginning it turned out to be a great read. The many twists & turns will keep you guessing. The killer was someone least expected & overlooked. Loved the dynamic between the detectives Manziuk & Rayn. He's old fashioned & she's the young confident opinionated newbie.

    12. I absolutely loved this book. The way the characters interacted with each other was very believable and the way you were kept hanging right to the end really added to the book . I couldn't put it down, can't wait to read more about these two and any other books J.A. Menzies writes.

    13. Like an Agatha Christie, the murder is set in a walled mansion in the suburbs of Toronto, so the number of suspects is limited to those at a house party over a long week-end.

    14. American midsommer murdersIntriguing whodunit book with everyone a suspect to a murder of a beautiful but conniving young 4th wife to a wealthy Solicitor, a bit like cluedo

    15. I wanted to like this crime story set in Toronto. We meet a frustrated cop, Paul Manziuk, who can make no more progress on the murder of a young woman. Unknown to him, a very different young woman has just joined his department, Jacqueline Ryan, who is sure she only got promoted because she's female and black. But she can prove herselfADED LIGHT next introduces us to the guests and hosts of a weekend country house party - including some unexpected arrivals. Two partners in a legal firm have brou [...]

    16. I obtained this book as a free download from Smashwords. I really wish had a 10 star rating scheme, because I would rate this book at 7 out of 10. So in the 5 star system, that would be 3.5.The strengths of this book are the "whodunit" part of the plot and the individual trajectories of the main characters, quite apart from the murder aspect. Each character, from the principal suspects to the detectives, has their own story arc. Most of them are resolved in a satisfying manner. I was not able t [...]

    17. Five Stars Plus! One of the best "who done its" I've read in a very long time. Similar to Agatha Cristie's style but modern and relevant. The mystery kept me guessing and I was very tempted to jump ahead to read the last chapter. But I resisted and completely enjoyed every chapter through to the ending. And what an ending! Perfect. I will be looking for more books by J. A. Menzies.

    18. Who done itThis well written book is a modern take on the classic whodunit. It is a good mystery book. Enjoyed every word of it.

    19. Goodthe murders that occurred at the weekend retreat and the first person was one who had more enmies than friends.

    20. OutstandingManziuk and Ryan team up to investigate a murder at a house party. They have too many suspects and not enough clues. Then there's a second murder.

    21. N. J. really knows how to plot - I can usually guess who did it, but she kept me guessing until there was only one real possibility.Looking forward to another Manziuk and Ryan novel soon!

    22. Good readThis book was well written kept me intrigued throughout even though at times it seemed to drag on. The author did a great job keeping me guessing.

    23. Great mysteryA great thriller mystery. Some of the characters were thin but the story and investigation made for a great read. So many suspects, so few alibis

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