Passing His Guard

Passing His Guard Aiden Disco Stick Kruze walked away from it all money family friends and a successful career as a lawyer in Manhattan to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter When a sexy private investigator sh

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  • Title: Passing His Guard
  • Author: Melynda Price
  • ISBN: 9781503945517
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aiden Disco Stick Kruze walked away from it all money, family, friends, and a successful career as a lawyer in Manhattan to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter When a sexy private investigator shows up at Aiden s gym, he mistakenly assumes she s a cage banging groupie.Ryann is determined to haul Aiden back home She s desperate to claim the reward money that will pAiden Disco Stick Kruze walked away from it all money, family, friends, and a successful career as a lawyer in Manhattan to pursue his dream of being an MMA fighter When a sexy private investigator shows up at Aiden s gym, he mistakenly assumes she s a cage banging groupie.Ryann is determined to haul Aiden back home She s desperate to claim the reward money that will pay off her father s creditors before the man who killed her father comes to collect from her.Aiden is done living his life under the microscope of being a senator s son He s not going back to New York ever and there s nothing this tenacious redhead can do about it Or is there When the demons of Aiden s past catch up with him, he realizes the lies, deception, and betrayal run deeper than he ever imagined Aiden must put his career and his life on the line to save the woman who s stolen his heart.

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    1. 4 Take a ride on Disco Stick Stars *Spoilers*"Baby, I've got so much testosterone pumping through my system right now, all I can think about is working it out on you.""Holy hell, you try my patience. Right now I can't decide what I want to do more, throttle you or fuck you."Passing His Guard is the 2nd book in the Against the Cage series, but it can be read as a stand alone as I didn't read the first book, and had no problems following this one. This is the first book I have read by Melynda Pric [...]

    2. 4 'Avocado Squeezing' StarsAiden 'Disco Stick' Kruze left his life in New York to pursue his dream of becoming a MMA fighting. He moves across the country to Las Vegas to train and leaves everything to do with his old life behind. But his past isn't going to let him go so easily and he can't keep running from it. Ryann Andrews had her life take a drastic turn last month when her father was killed. Soon after his death a notorious mobster started contacting Ryann to pay her fathers debts. Despera [...]

    3. What's WhatRyann needs money to settle her dead dad's debt with the mob. In comes an offer to hunt down Aiden, a rich senator's son who ran awayto become "Disco" the MMA fighter. Disco meet Ryann. He's smitten and thinks that maybe she's not one of his usual "whores."When she asks to speak to him alone, he automatically assumes she's only after his shalong, determines she isa ho, & gets pissy before determining he still wants the (rhymes with pissy;) Of course, once she tells him she's reall [...]

    4. Unfortunately this wasn't for me. The characters needed more depth. I understand what the author was going for, but it just didn't work.

    5. Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.**This review is for a DNF**I got to 35% in this book and I had to quit. I just couldn't handle one more second of the heroine's immature reactions or her stupid silences.Ryann was one of the worst heroines I've read in a while. She's terminally stupid and pathetically immature. She clammed up when she met the hero long enough to assume that she was a whore. She did this not once but twice! She answers questions that don't matter but can't find [...]

    6. Great read Impatient me started listening on the way to work, since my summer is now over and it's back to work. But I of course got so into the book I had to see what was going to happen so I read the rest!Great story lots of twist! Kept you on the edge to see what was going to happen. Aiden was so freaking HOT! I want him! Ryann was a tough cookie in a terrible spot. Action, plot twists, hot sex= awesome read!

    7. I was honoured to receive an ARC of this book for my honest review.Where to start! I'm already a HUGE fan of Melynda Price's writing style. To say she has a way with words really is an understatement. Her use of descriptive language places the reader right in the thick of events to the point that everything outside her story ceases to exist for a while.I've had a very busy life lately and it has driven me CRAZY to know that this book has been waiting for me when I have been unable to pick it up! [...]

    8. I received this book as an ARC through netgalley and in return will give my honest review First of all I would like to start off by saying I LOVE this book. I love Aiden and I love Nikko. I can't wait for Nikko to have a book. I have not read the first book in the series and after this I will! But this book had so many twists and turns. This was very well written (not confusing at all and so easy to read) and the character development was on point. I even enjoyed the heroin in the book which is [...]

    9. A fascinating, enjoyable, rollercoaster of a read…This is the second book in the Against the Cage series which can be read as a stand-alone.No one would suspect that the pierced, tattooed, extremely sexy MMA fighter Aiden “Disco Stick” Kruze is the son of a senator and a skilled lawyer. He walked away from that life in Manhattan over a year ago for good reasons. Yet the past doesn’t want to let him go, his family has sent a beautiful sexy private investigator to find him in Las Vegas. Mi [...]

    10. Poorly done. Made up conflicts in the mind and stupidity. I was angry at some of this stuff.1. Almost all conflicts are exaggerations in the mind - like a “see saw” - ups and downs with no basis in fact. Characters say things they don’t mean and are silent when silence means the wrong thing.Examples:They smile at each other. She then thinks “Oh I can’t let him think I like him” so she insults him. Then he is angry and does angry things. Now she regrets insulting him but won’t apolo [...]

    11. Passing His Guard by Melynda Price Aiden “ Disco Stick”’ Kruze is brilliant, talented, and very handsome. He is also a professional MMA fighter. This has always been his dream, however his family had other priorities for Aiden. Aiden escapes the hold of his family; he leaves all the money, friends and family behind. He is where he wants to be. He doesn’t need the life of the senator son. When Ryann shows up to the gym Aiden assumes she is beautiful groupie. He is totally wrong.Ryann is b [...]

    12. *I was given a copy of this book as a gift from Stephanie's Book Reports in exchange for an honest review.5 stars for Passing His Guard by Melynda Price! This is the second book in the Against the Cage series, but it can be read as a stand alone.Ryann Andrews is a private investigator who has just lost her father. She knows that he was murdered, but she can't prove it. The mob boss whom her father worked for and owed a lot of money has now come to her doorstep to collect the debt. Ryann doesn't [...]

    13. okay SO i thought I loved Easton and Katies story. But When I saw the ARC on Netgalley for Aiden's story I just had to have it. And I was so not disappointed in it. Aiden is known for charming the women, and being a badass. Those close to him dont know what he's hiding in his past. But when a woman walks into the gym. He thinks she's just a cage banger, but his world is about to get turned upside down. Ryann has been hired to do what she does best. Find her missing person and she does just that [...]

    14. "Let's have some fun, this beat is sick,I wanna take a ride on your disco stick" Ahh! I'm going to try my hardest not to fangirl my way through this review but oh my gaaad. I thought Cole Easton's story touched me but my goodness, Aiden Kruze officially owns my heart.I enjoy Melynda Price's writing but during the hot and heavy scenes, the descriptions can get a little repetitive however she does make up for this with the depth and heart she pours into her characters. I love how her female charac [...]

    15. Though I thought Passing His Guard had all the ingredients for a good book recipe, this literary batch of MMA romance was not very palatable for this NetGalley reviewer. There was too much internal dialog added for my taste and too little character likability, especially regarding the hero. The constant back and forth inner thoughts of the main couple were exhausting. Seemed to take forever for the story to progress. As if that wasn’t enough to make you lose your reading appetite, the intermix [...]

    16. This book is pretty amazing ! The plot definitely kept you wanting more. I never read like it before. Aiden and Ryann definitely kept me captivated. Aiden is MMA fighter and Ryann is an investigator. The brewing love between them was unexpected. I was completely hooked. I read this book in one sitting. I loved it a lot!Please give this book a chance! It is filled with loss, lies, and lots of romance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I'm definitely going buy myself a paperback version once it comes out. I'm s [...]

    17. 3,25 'Throttle You Or Fuck You' StarsI had a bit of a 'reader's block' when I started reading this book. The story didn't catch me from the beginning and it took me a while to finish it, but I believe it was my problem and not the book because although I didn't love it, I ended up liking it.Aiden “Disco Stick” Kruze walked away from a rich life in Manhattan for very good reason, but what he left behind wasn't ready to let him go.Now an MMA fighter, the last thing he suspects when Ryann appea [...]

    18. I loved this story, even more than the previous Win By Submission, which was a great read. Ryann's father has died and he owed a crippling amount of money to the mob, and they are expecting Ryann to pay it back, or else her life will be forfeit. She's struggling to make the tight schedule they have given her so she takes on a tough job to make the amount of of money she needs. The job is to find and bring Aiden Kruze back to his parents. When she finds him she realize he's taken on a different p [...]

    19. Loved this book! This is the second in the Against the Cage series but can easily be read stand alone. I enjoyed Aidan's character in the previous book so when I saw this was his story I eagerly grabbed it and I was not disappointed!! Aidan comes from money. He was a high powered attorney in Manhattan, but something made him turn his back on it all. The mystery comes to light when Ryann Andrews shows up at his gym. Ryann is in a world of trouble. The only way to get out of it is to find Aidan an [...]

    20. I loved this addition to the series!! While I love Aiden he still isn't Cole. Lol. This story was really great and Ryann was a wonderful female lead and a great match for Aiden. I know we were supposed to be focusing on Aiden but I have to admit Nikko stole the show in my opinion. I am really really intrigued by our damaged veteran who doesn't seem to know much kindness in his life. Now back to Aiden and Ryann, there were lots of funny parts, some seriously smoking sex scenes and plenty of suspe [...]

    21. Aiden Kruze is my new book boyfriend! I loved this story. The characters had great development and fantastic chemistry. I like that this wasn't a typical MMA romance. There were a lot of additional elements that gave this story complexity and depth as well as a strong level of suspense. This book is a stand-alone even through it is the second in a series. It was fun to read about the characters in the first book through Aiden's POV as there is a brief overlap in events between the first and seco [...]

    22. These two made me dizzy. Yes we are. No we're not. Yes we are. But boy when they finally did get together hot, hot hot. Aiden and Ryann were great once they got everything straightened out. I'm really enjoying this series even if I'm reading backwards.

    23. I have to admit, I am not normally a fan of books about MMA fighters or alpha-males. I've tried them before and found the guys to be just too possessive, aggressive, and over-the-top, but the cover for this book just kept drawing me back to it again and again, and I was really intrigued by the premise, so I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and give it a chance. I am so glad I did, because I loved it!Aiden "Disco Stick" Kruze is the son of a New York senator and grew up with every privil [...]

    24. I received a complimentary book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.Melynda Price is a fantastic romantic suspense writer. Her books have always grabbed my attention from the first page. She also manages to create so many twists in her stories that I feel as if I am on a roller coaster. Ms. Price also has this extraordinary ability to generate so much chemistry between the main couple that I always wish I were the female lead in the story. This book, Passing Her Guard, also contains [...]

    25. Hmmmm. I don't have a clue on how to rate this book. I loved it and hated it. What I liked about the story was mostly the beginning and the overall premise. Aiden aka Disco was a strong and commanding protagonist in the beginning of the book, he's a fighter and knew what he wanted. Ryann was very strong in the beginning of the story, she had a goal and an interesting backstory. What fell flat for me was as the relationship developed the characters drove me batty. The entire story is made up of r [...]

    26. Oh fighter romance, will I ever be able to quit you? This one was a lot of fun. Here is the thing about fighter romance, the stories are often the same. There is nothing wrong with that, because well when I dive into a fighter romance I expect it to be the same. Head strong girl. Check. Sexy alpha fighter. Check. One or both of them are damaged. Check. The fun begins when the author decides to take these common attributes and makes them their own story. Such is the case here. I love this series [...]

    27. Passing his Guard is #2 in the Against The Cage series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.It revolves around Aiden "Disco Stick" Kruze and Ryann Andrews.Aiden was a highly successful Lawyer in Manhattan, but he walked away from it all & started a new life as an MMA fighter.Ryann is the gorgeous redheaded Private investigator, hired by Aiden's parents to bring him back to New York.Ryann desperately needs the money to pay off her late fathers gambling debts, so she will do anything i [...]

    28. ARC given by Netgally for a honest review I read the first in this series and I TOTALLY loved it Couldn’t wait for Aiden’s book We first met Aiden “Disco Stick” Kruze in Win By Submission He is the son of a Senator and is tired of being under the watchful eye of everyone so he leaves and heads out becomes a MMA fighter Ryann is a PI who is desperate to get Aiden back to NYC so she can collect some major $$ so she can pay off the men who killed her dad before they kill her This book had l [...]

    29. For £3.98 this book is terrible. I actually sent it back for a refund. The story doesnt justify whats been charged for this book. Both the plot and characters needed more depth added to it. It was just boring. The internal dialogue added ust drags on, its back and forwards between 3 diff POV, characters just didnt have the likeability.

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