Lumberjanes #6

Lumberjanes An intense game of Capture the Flag gets even crazier when mythical ancient beings get involved Does Jo have magical powers Is Diane totally cheating at this game Can the girls save Ripley from the ot

  • Title: Lumberjanes #6
  • Author: Noelle Stevenson Grace Ellis Brooke A. Allen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An intense game of Capture the Flag gets even crazier when mythical ancient beings get involved Does Jo have magical powers Is Diane totally cheating at this game Can the girls save Ripley from the other team s jail Questions are getting answered and flags are getting captured

    One thought on “Lumberjanes #6”

    1. Está cool la idea. Me recuerda mucho a Drama Total —la caricatura canadiense—, y un poco a Gravity Falls, pero no tan genial.

    2. 4 YIPPE-KI-YAY MOTHER NECESSITY! STARS Estas chicas se pasan de EXTRAS. Pero así las adoro. Cada volumen es genialmente divertido y muy entretenido.

    3. The Lumberjanes are working on a new badge. This involves teamwork. Of course the best way this group works together is fighting overwhelming odds with supernatural forces. There are pirates, selkies and an alternate dimension. But as long as they learn the right knots to tie they will be ok.

    4. I liked this plot. The capture the flag structure is SOOOO summer camp and then you get the Lumberjanes adventure on top of that. Thumbs up.

    5. Every issue in this series is a gift to humankind, with their individual, exciting stories, BUT. The series as a whole is fantastic. The underlying mythology just grows more and more captivating with each installment. If you've read the previous issues: READ THIS ONE IMMEDIATELY. If you haven't: WHAT IS STOPPING YOU GET ON IT.

    6. 3.5 Stars, borrowThe girls are playing a very intense game of capture the flag. Honestly, I was just really confused the entire issue. Had no idea what was going on. It was spastic. Hopefully the next issue will be better? But generally it was cute and silly but I wasn’t sure what was happening.

    7. The five girls take on their latest paranormal foes -- selkies and a werebear -- while trying to work as a team for their knot-tying merit badge among portals and whirlpools around their camp. The main characters are expressive and fun, the premise is funny, and the chapter openings that incorporate pieces of the "Lumberjanes Field Manual" are clever. A good choice for upper middle grade readers looking for a graphic novel adventure. This volume will mean more if readers start at number one.

    8. Read in Lumberjanes, Vol. 2: Friendship to the Max.The Lumberjanes (Jo, Molly, Mal, April, and Ripley) help fight the craziness that is overtaking their summer camp. A fun, cool story about a group of friends.#6 in the series. A game of capture the flag, and someone has magical powers.

    9. First, these covers are super confusing - this is the same cover as ‘Sink or Swim’, but a totally different story. Second, still in love, but still prefer the books with multiple stories in them - one alone is SO short.

    10. As the campers work on the knot-tying badges, they have to deal with a feud between a seagoing werewolf and the selkies who've captured her ship. Plus a bear demigod. And some dimensional portals that keep opening. So a typical couple of days for Lumberjanes. Way fun.

    11. A game of capture the flag. A prison break. The power of teamwork and friendship. And a new rival is introduced.

    12. I love this bookI chose this rating because I really enjoyed this book, and I am sure I will Love the others! Yay!

    13. Good plot development in this issue -- characters are beginning to become more distinct and I'm finding favorites among them.

    14. Lumberjanes Vol 2 (or #5-8) Okay, so I read the volume and not the issues individually but the issues have the same info, so I added them to the review. The volume turned out to have a little more and really made it worthwhile to wait for the volumes rather than read the issues, but that may require more patience than I have. I've wanted to just binge through it now that I have a bunch of issues available on Scribd.  All the things that I loved about the issues that comprised the first volume [...]

    15. Ok, one question. are these girls super human?! Because if not, I want what they are having! Like seriously, they are so smart, strong and TO brave to be completely human. How did that girl lift a tree log that's four times her size! And by-the-way, these girls really take camp games seriously. The way the go about it its like they are in a war zone - which I fine fun and cool. And Jen, your becoming so cool! We will make you a bad-ass-fearless-karate-kicking-awesome-women yet. You wait and see! [...]

    16. This was the first time I have read a lumberjanes issue and didn't want to scream from some mountaintops about how wonderful it is. But really, how could they be expected to surpass dinosaurs?! This series has my heart.

    17. These books are so much fun and the mystery is killing me. I also notice that the covers don't really go with what's going to happen inside them, so they are kind of pointless to the story, but still very nice to look at.

    18. Capture the Flag just has no meaning unless it's at Camp Half-Blood! I'm also unsure how I feel about bringing the gods into this. Can it not be mystical without involving them? Been there, done that

    19. Damn this one was so so good!! Jen is joining in on the mystery and the friendship is so real. I wish I had read this earlier!

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