Mistério na Califórnia

Mist rio na Calif rnia H um assassino a aterrorizar S o FranciscoA vida tranquila de Fen Dexter na costa id lica da Calif rnia interrompida numa noite de tempestade quando um homem coberto de sangue aparece sua porta aleg

  • Title: Mistério na Califórnia
  • Author: Elizabeth Adler
  • ISBN: 9789897261749
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • H um assassino a aterrorizar S o FranciscoA vida tranquila de Fen Dexter na costa id lica da Calif rnia interrompida numa noite de tempestade, quando um homem coberto de sangue aparece sua porta, alegando ter tido um acidente de carro Diz lhe que vai a caminho de S o Francisco para ajudar a pol cia a resolver o homic dio da sua noiva Incapaz de chegar ao hospitalH um assassino a aterrorizar S o FranciscoA vida tranquila de Fen Dexter na costa id lica da Calif rnia interrompida numa noite de tempestade, quando um homem coberto de sangue aparece sua porta, alegando ter tido um acidente de carro Diz lhe que vai a caminho de S o Francisco para ajudar a pol cia a resolver o homic dio da sua noiva Incapaz de chegar ao hospital por causa da tempestade, ele passa a noite em casa de Fen, e a atra o entre ambos bvia Na manh seguinte, ele dirige se ao hospital onde a sobrinha m dica de Fen, Vivi, trabalha nas Urg ncias Vivi est a tratar o mais recente alvo de um assassino em s rie cuja assinatura deixar um bilhete a dizer Por favor, n o contes colado sobre a boca das suas v timas Quando o desconhecido misterioso de Fen vai ter com Vivi para que as suas feridas sejam cosidas, ela concorda em p lo a falar com a pol cia sobre a sua noiva Quem este homem, realmente O que quer com Fen e a sobrinha E ir o elas viver o suficiente para descobrir a verdade

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    1. If I could remember who recommended this book to me, I might be inclined to punch that person in the face. This book was so bad that it has driven a pacifist like me to the point of violence.Please Don't Tell began promisingly--at least for the first 30 or 40 pages. The quality then began to degenerate--slowly at first but then ever more quickly such that, by the end, it had gone from a run-of-the-mill thriller after 40 pages to a monument to triteness and terribleness. I've read some horrid nov [...]

    2. A serial killer is murdering women in San Francisco and videotaping the horrific acts. The killer's latest victim, though, isn't quite dead. The injured woman, found barely clinging to life, is rushed to the hospital where emergency room physician Dr. Vivian (Vivi) Dexter treats her before surgery - but Vivi's not hopeful the victim will survive. Meanwhile, Vivi's Aunt Fen, who raised Vivi and her sister JC, has a little adventure of her own. It's a stormy night and a man named Alex crashes into [...]

    3. While I found "Please Don't Tell" engrossing, I also found it incredibly formulaic and it seemed ill-researched. For one thing, (spoiler alert) I knew from the instant the psychiatrist was introduced that he was the murderer - well-dressed, single, and finicky? DUH he's the serial killer! Also, perhaps I am mistaken, but the author provides two different backstories for the killer, it almost seemed like she was writing about two different killers: at one point, he (the murderer) starts musing th [...]

    4. This story was appallingly written. It is a crime/thriller/romance (or whatever the abbreviation for that combination is). The lack of attention to detail was annoying, eg page 15 "the sheer ferocity of [the storm] . . .windows rattled, beams creaked, doors shuddered" then on page 16 "the wind seemed even louder" but then the main character "could even hear herself sipping the wine from the glass". Followed on page 21 "another gust sent the wine glasses crashing" but a few pages later a visitor [...]

    5. I read an advance copy. The plot was interesting but I was able to tell whodunit way before the ending. The lead character was an interesting oddball. The Intruder thread was implausible. No single female in this day and age lets a total stranger, carrying a knife, into their house. Adler had some distracting bad habits - she insisted on describing casual details like the outfits her characters wore, multiple times. She also used the term "downstairs" to describe her sexual arousal which I found [...]

    6. I was very excited to receive this book from as part of its First Reads program. After a few pages, I was all:That's what this book reminded me of! After the opening scene where a young women was brutally assaulted, I could swear I even heard the theme songNow, comparing something to Law and Order, particularly SVU, isn't a bad thing at all. SVU is solid, as is this book! After the opening attack, you follow a team of detectives and doctors as they try to save the victim and find the killer. It [...]

    7. I was so disappointed in this book. I was expecting an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Instead, I got a book with an implausible plot, sub-par writing, and a ending you can see coming a mile away.The writing was laughable. Clothing is described in detail two or three times per outfit (if I read about Fen's lavender sweater with grey sweatpants and black boots one more time, I was going to scream). A grown woman refers to being turned on "downstairs" while kissing a man; who seriously says that? The [...]

    8. This is probably the worst book I've read in the last decade. I kept saying to myself: Please Don't Tell me I wasted my time.n,Frankly, it’s books like this that make me think the publishing industry really has lost sight and everything great and fresh is online. If I was a high schooler and had parents in publishing, Please Don't Tell would be my rough draft. There are too many ridiculous scenarios presented, super circumstantial plot ties, and groan by groan events filling every chapter.I bl [...]

    9. This was my first read of an Elizabeth Adler and will most likely be my last. I was not a fan of the writing style. I was totally turned off by the fact that she knew so much about all things French, to the point of arrogance almost, but not that someone born at the end of January is an Aquarius, not an Aries. A fact as easily researched as picking up the morning paper and looking in the horoscope section. The only character I had any emotion for at all was Hector, the dog.The mystery killer, wa [...]

    10. Despite the fact there's a serial killer on the loose, Fen says come on in, have dinner, and let me tell you all about my single nieces. So the stranger, after spending the night at Fen's house, trots on down to niece Dr. Vivi's Emergency Room where she has finished taking care of the most recent victim of the serial killer and begins to worm his way into her life.I didn't care for this book. I didn't like any of the characters. I couldn't stand Fen, I thought she was foolish and the advice that [...]

    11. I received an advance readers' copy of this book in the mail for a giveaway, and was pleasantly surprised. This book is an engrossing, easy read that I finished within a day; I want to award it 2.5 stars, but GR doesn't allow that.Romantic thrillers are not exactly my favourite genre, because I'm not a big fan of romance books unless they're classics. That said, Elizabeth Adler is a natural. Her writing flows smoothly, seamlessly, and her attention to detail is refreshing. The story follows an [...]

    12. I'm sorry to say this book was not one of her best. The killer was predictable, the dialogue didn't flow freely at times and I couldn't find myself liking any of the characters except the dogs. The matriarch was supposed to be so worldly, but came off as a silly lovestruck teenager. The sisters were 28 and 30, but their dialogue was written as if they were 65+ Europeans. And please don't get me started on errors. Fen's age was wrong, last names changed, and even the killers age at his first kill [...]

    13. I received an advanced copy of this book through Firstreads. I'd never read anything from this author before but I will be now. "Please Don't Tell" was great. I couldn't put it down. Most stories like this one are usually pretty predictable. I'll say that this was not. It was a fast read and kept my attention. I felt as if I knew each of the characters. I will absolutely suggest that all my friends read this book once it comes out. Way to go, Elizabeth Adler!! You have a new fan.

    14. WEAK!!! I figured out the ending by the time I finished the first third of the book and stuck with it to see if I was rightbut then it kept going, and going, and going. Very superficial (Gucci shoes, Range Rover, Burberry coatbleh) and way overdone. Writing is terrible and character development is weak. I rarely rate the books I read with such harshness but this one STUNK!

    15. Este livro de Elizabeth Adler é diferente dos habituais, traz um pouco mais de suspense.Um livro agradável para ler nestas tardes de Verão.

    16. It all starts with a storm on the coast, and a knife-wielding, blood covered stranger that shows up at the door.There's a serial killer on the loose in San Francisco. There's a cute ER doctor who is sort of dating three different men, though she's trying to pass one or more off on her transient/loser/beautiful little sister. There's a cougar of an aunt who used to be a dancer in Paris. There's a weird little pink poodle who turned out to be one of the best-drawn characters in the book. There's a [...]

    17. A killer is on the loose, he picks up girls of all ages. Takes them into the forest rapes them and cuts their throats but all starts to fall to pieces in his life when one of the victims is found alive ,but only just.Fern - 58, lives with her dog, has brought up her neices Vivi and J.C. One stormy night a man turnes up at her door with a knife in his hand and he is bleeding.Alex- injured from running his car into a tree, his fiance murdered, Fern and Alex make a conection when they first meet.Dr [...]

    18. It's a dark and stormy night on the California coast. There's a serial killer terrorizing San Francisco, who drugs and rapes his victims, slits their throats, and leaves them to die; one of these young women is discovered clinging to life and rushed to the ER, where the beautiful Dr. Vivian Dexter stabilizes her before surgery. "Dr. Vivi", struggling to get over a failed romance, catches the eye of two men, the detective, hunky Brad Merlin, and the hospital's famous psychiatrist, "Dr. Ralph". Mi [...]

    19. Started out okay. Then 88 pages in: How old are you? rty next birthday. Which is? January. Hmm, Aries. Yeahhh, look at the paper or online next time. After that I just found more and more little things that irritated me for example when they described Dr. Ralph "was, in fact, forty-eight years old, just as Vivi's aunt had predicted." they kept stressing that fact when ACTUALLY- Vivi's aunt just said he was old. Vivi is the one who said he was about 48. After I got halfway through i gave up and j [...]

    20. Tendo em conta o prólogo, este é um livro que "engana" bastante. Dá a ideia de que é um daqueles policiais negros, com muita violência à mistura. Nada mais errado. Julgo que a autora introduziu uma vertente mais noir, com alguns crimes pelo meio, para dar um outro ar à obra. Não o conseguiu totalmente porque, a meu ver, este é mais uma obra ao estilo de Elizabeth Adler, que é exímia a escrever romances com uma pitada de mistério. Como tentativa de policial não seduz, muito honestame [...]


    22. A romance novel with serial killer interruptions. The mystery was predictabled I never solve mysteries! I liked having a 58-year-old woman as a central character, and if you like dogs, there are two of them who have more personality than any of the human beings.

    23. Dos vários que li de Elisabeth Adler este foi o mais fraco.É um suspensezinho fraco, previsível. Lê-se bem mas já li melhor dela

    24. Title: Please Don't TellAuthor: Elizabeth AdlerNarrator: Bernadette DunneLength: Unabridged; 8 hours 48 minutesPublisher: Blackstone AudioPublished: July 9, 2013Genres: Fiction; Mystery; SuspenseVisit my review/blog HERE!My Rating: ✮✮✮✮Synopsis:Fen Dexter’s quiet life on the idyllic California coast is interrupted one stormy night when a blood-covered man shows up on her doorstep, claiming to have had a car accident. He tells her that he is on his way to San Francisco to help the polic [...]

    25. I loved this book. I won it through First Reads and I am so thankful. I was so excited and could not wait to read it. I wish I would have read it sooner! It is such a page turner; I couldn’t put it down.This book was a perfect combination of romance, thriller, and mystery. One of the reasons it was perfect for me was because the mystery aspect of the book didn't go too deep, it wasn't too in depth. If a mystery plot line is too complicated I get bored so quickly, so I could really appreciate h [...]

    26. After about a third of this book I wanted to check in here and read the reviews to see what others had to say. The first third of the book read like a cheap paperback from 30 years ago. From what I read, I was convinced that this was merely a re-publication of an old cheap paperback. Why? Well, to begin with no one has cell phones. No one has Caller ID. No one even has voice mail nor an answering machine. Those things are really basic to anything written in the new millennium. Let's see what ab [...]

    27. Unfortunately, I am going to have to agree with most of the other reviews of this book.This book is terribly written is stilted and forced. Almost as if it had been translated (badly) from another language. She even uses some catch phrases wrong: She "lured him on with low cut tank tops." Lured? Shouldn't that be LEAD? There would also be random sentences that didn't mean anything. Mostly these were about Brad's dog, Flyin'.And not to mention the glaring fact that no woman would let a bloody str [...]

    28. Please Don't Tell by Elizabeth Adler isn't a book I would normally read, but have been surprised how well this novel has been written. Each chapter makes one question if a character is a murderous human or an innocent pedestrian. This book guides one through the mindset of a serial killer without giving away the identity. The "cloaked killer" watches his victims before he kills them. Everything is very predictable until the murderer spots the main character, and the thrill of the novel begins. W [...]

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