The White Cross

The White Cross Set in the late twelfth century at the time of King Richard I s crusade to win back Jerusalem from the Saracens the story deals with timeless issues with the moralities of warfare and fundamental rel

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  • Title: The White Cross
  • Author: Richard Masefield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in the late twelfth century at the time of King Richard I s crusade to win back Jerusalem from the Saracens, the story deals with timeless issues with the moralities of warfare and fundamental religion, the abuse of power, the heights of martial fervour and the depths of disillusionment At the novel s heart is the relationship between Garon and Elise the story ofSet in the late twelfth century at the time of King Richard I s crusade to win back Jerusalem from the Saracens, the story deals with timeless issues with the moralities of warfare and fundamental religion, the abuse of power, the heights of martial fervour and the depths of disillusionment At the novel s heart is the relationship between Garon and Elise the story of an arranged marriage which rapidly develops into something deeper, to challenge a young husband s strongly held beliefs and set him on a long and painful journey to self relization, to break and finally restore a woman s spirit as she battles for recognition and for justice in a brutal man s world And then there is the Berge dal becce a character who is surely than he appears

    One thought on “The White Cross”

    1. Yes, the Third Crusade is a big part of this story, but the real protagonists are Sir Garon, a Crusader knight, and his wife, Elise, left behind at Garon's manor, not King Richard. I was nearly put off the story by the first words in the prologue--a profanity, but am glad I did read the novel to the end. We experience the Crusade from the declaring of it, through the Crusade itself with its battles and atrocities, and what happens afterwards to the young couple.Sir Garon tells the main story as [...]

    2. Brilliant. Really brilliant! It promised to be a different sort of HF and it was - though I can't put my finger on how, exactly; I will try to pick out some of the things that appealed.I laughed out loud several times - that was unusual! The characterisation was excellent and believable; the main characters had flaws and virtues and behaved like real people.Reviews comment on a lot of swearing - that is in context as far as I'm concerned - it appears in the passages about men and soldiery and th [...]

    3. When I was offered this book for review I was warned about the swearing in it. Swearing does not bother me but if anyone is going to read this book, be warned, there is a lot of swearing right from the start.This book promises to be a whole new reading experience for readers, colourful and descriptive - it certainly is that.The story centres around the times of the crusades that Richard The Lionheart led. The point of view is varied throughout the book - you can be forgiven if you do get a littl [...]

    4. Does your knowledge of King Richard the Lionheart stretch no further than the tales of Robin Hood? Then this story might come as a bit of a shock. Richard is no hero and his cause is less about God than it is about Mammon.Richard is not the central character of this novel. But his actions have an overwhelming effect on the lives of the main characters. Richard’s desire for self-aggrandisement changes the course of life for Garon and Elise.In many ways this could be considered a coming of age t [...]

    5. Enlightening readIt's all here research, descriptive writing, gutsy realism, historical accuracy, enlightening motivations. However, I especially enjoyed the homilies. I've always appreciated writing where the author shares his or her personal take based on experience and deeply held beliefs or feelings. The character of King Richard may have been somewhat embellished, but is generally true to history. The fictional protagonists, the brave knight and his bride were well developed characters.

    6. As an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction for the period, I found this to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.To quote from the book: "The Evil One is not in Hell, but here on earth in mortal form. The human masks we wear whilst prattling of love and forgiveness are made in our own selfish image, not in God's - the faces underneath them, those of snarling devils who kill for pleasure and delight in pain."The author frequently makes use of many contemporary terms, adding to authenticity and re [...]

    7. This book is not going to be for everyone. It begins with Richard II learning of the death of his father but the book is the tale of two people thrown together in marriage. It is harsh, it is profane and it is at times not easy to read. As we know from history, Richard II, know as the Lionheart spend most of his reign out of England on Crusade. He is not known as a gentle man – he is a man of War and Mr. Masefield portrays him in a very rough and brash way.The “romance” at the heart of the [...]

    8. An interesting holiday read which quickly demolishes any romantic preconceptions that you might hold about Richard the Lionhearted. The descriptions of the sheer barbarism of the horrifying treatment of his enemies at the Crusades makes his deeds so similar to modern day ISIS. The love story that slowly grows between Garon and his wife Elise is interesting inasmuch as you realize that women were treated as commodities to be married off at whim.

    9. From the very first sentence"Christ's Holy Sh--!", and on and on, this book is foul and Sacreligious! I thought the title might give it a cleaner story. Yikes was I wrong!!Deleted it before I reached the end of the first chapter. Ashamed I even bought it, but there were no other reviewers before me, so I had no idea from the synopsis how foul this wasT my cup of tea. It very well could be realistic for the time, but I don't feel the need to immerse myself in this sort of filth.

    10. Overly wordyI spent quite a bit of time skipping over the lengthy descriptions of the fighting for palestine and focused on Sir Garon and Elise's story. It was definitely as the cover states a Different kind of historical romance. It combines the strict historical telling of king Richard's crusade in the author's perspective. The change of font assists the reader in knowing who is telling the story.

    11. The plot is good; Masefield has clearly done extensive research and some parts of the book are very well written. I should have really enjoyed this book but for some reason I can't quite put my finger on, I was never completely convinced. It is, however, worth reading and I will certainly be giving Masefield a second chance.

    12. An Interesting Take On Medieval Times The author of this had an unusual and interesting slant on the time of this tale. At times I found the story dragged and then it seemed to be too absorbing to put down. Over all, I recommend this as a book for someone who is really interested in the era of Richard 1 of England.

    13. There is something really modern about the narrative that sits slightly oddly with the story, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'd like to read something else by the author, but not necessarily these characters. They weren't that likeable!

    14. A very uneven book. There were times when I raced through the prose, caught up in the story, only to stumble over poor word choice and even worse storytelling. I gave it two stars instead of one because I *did* learn more about King Richard and the 3rd Crusade than I ever knew.

    15. ExcellentIntriguing and fascinating factual history.i.e.Intriguing and fascinating. I did find introspective part a bit off, however, it wrapped very well.

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