A Diamond in the Rough

A Diamond in the Rough year old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking the runway until she begins to receive death threats through social media and is almost kidnapped by a masked figure She tries to figh

  • Title: A Diamond in the Rough
  • Author: Elisa Marie Hopkins
  • ISBN: 9781634156424
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 25 year old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking the runway until she begins to receive death threats through social media and is almost kidnapped by a masked figure She tries to fight off her assailant, but luckily the attempt ends in failure when mysterious business magnate Oliver Black intervenes Sophie doesn t know it, but the stakes are high her li25 year old model Sophia Cavall has a seemingly nice life walking the runway until she begins to receive death threats through social media and is almost kidnapped by a masked figure She tries to fight off her assailant, but luckily the attempt ends in failure when mysterious business magnate Oliver Black intervenes Sophie doesn t know it, but the stakes are high her life and her heart Desperately needing support, she turns to a few trusted people, and to Oliver most of all But can he be trusted, who speaks the truth, and the question on everyone s lips who is the man in the mask Her checkered past returns to entangle her She will come to realize that it is not dead after all it is still very much alive A Diamond in the Rough is a love story, a thriller, funny in parts and moving in others Most of all, it is a gripping debut novel that will have you guessing and turning pages until you reach the end.

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    1. Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided for my blog for an honest review by the lovely authorTitle: A Diamond in the RoughSeries: Diamond in the Rough Series, #1Author: Elisa Marie HopkinsSource: eARCPages: 369 Genre: ConntemporaryAge Group: New AdultRelease Date: March 24th 2015 Date Read: Oct 28th, 2015Overall Rating: 4 StarsSorry for my delay in my review.I was honored when the author Elisa Hopkins messaged me to review her debut novel because I enjoy reading debut novels from indie authors becau [...]

    2. Really enjoyed A Diamond in the Rough. There were several quotes that stuck out to me. My favorite was: "The universe has a habit of delivering us the things we need when we need them." The second best quote I loved, to give you an idea of my kinky mind was: "Even a five-year-old likes him. Don't fret, Gracie. He has a similar effect on me, except that it doesn't necessarily make me want to suck my thumb."The characters and flow of the story, in my opinion, were much stronger than some of the he [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsMy thanks to this author for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review. As a debut novel, Elisa Hopkins has done a good job with the plotting, character building, and dialogues that are sure to entertain with their intelligence and witty banter. This author’s writing style shows smarts. The story is developed and written with a strong voice. It’s not a perfect read – but then again, how many of those does a reader ever encounter? A slow building scenario in [...]

    4. 4.5 of 5 starsMan Where do I start? I want to take a second to point out the fact that I'm a man reading a romance novel A straight man at that. I do not often pick up a romance novel unless it's a classic, but I've seen my good friend Rain post about this novel often enough that it sparked my interest. I started following Elisa and when I saw that the book was available for free on kindle, I took the opportunity to download it(begrudgingly, because I hate e-books) and began to read the novel. L [...]

    5. I'm surprised. This is not at all what I expected from the book. It had a bit of a slow start for me, to be honest. But it picked right up when I got to the middle part. It was mind boggling at best. The deeper I got into the story, the more it left me reeling and wondering. There were so many twists and turns, but I loved them. I love how the story made me think hard. It led me to believe one thing. There was a time I seriously thought I'd be right with my hunch, but I was completely wrong. Oli [...]

    6. A Hidden Gem The Diamond In The Rough Series, by author, Elisa Marie Hopkins, was a beautiful, hidden gem, a DIAMOND to be exact, because it's extremely unique and outstanding!In a nutshell, Diamond in the Rough (Book #1) and Black Diamond (Book #2) was a tale of: Romance and Love, Secrets and Lies, Manipulation and Paranoia, Life-Threatening and Mental Illnesses, Illegal Activities and Crime, and quite possiblyKidnapping and Murder! The Hero and Heroine, Oliver Black and Sophie Cavall, were qui [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. Even though the book was good, some parts could've been better in my opinion. Oliver felt flat to me at first but then I started to like him. He was just adorable and sweet.d a really smart, it captured my attention. Sophie's personality kind of clashed with mine, but I felt sorry for her. For the way she grew up. She always so use to putting up an act. I liked the whole fact that Sophie had death threats coming her way. It made things interesting, and intense. Her life is in danger, [...]

    8. Secrets!!!!! They dominate this book and I love secrets! If the truth is all out on the table too soon there is no reason to keep reading but The writer keeps those pages turning!She also shows the darker side of the industry for modeling! I almost went into fashion for a career so some of the perspective shown in the book was what I thought at first to be a little out of date considering the industry has gotten better. However there's a dark side to all careers and this book is beautifully dark [...]

    9. it was a very slow read but i liked it! i love Oliver, he's basically what i would look for in a man/ husband because when he's angry he doesn't lash out on sophia, he's always with her in her ups and downs,when he loses his job and doesn't blame her, doesn't force her to do things just cuz he likes it that way, takes Sophias opinions highly, treats her with so much respect and there are so much more. He never cusses at her or yell and lose his temper even when sophia is being a lil cranky and a [...]

    10. I was asked to read this book for an honest review. Having said that let me say how much I love this story! I could not put it down and I will be getting part 2 ASAP! I don't give spoilers so you are safe to read what I say.This to me is an adult fairy tale I am so in love with all the characters and the story line. I could not stop reading and I had the most wonderful dreams with the thought of these characters running through my mind. Very well written, easy read, wonderful story of love and t [...]

    11. No matter how hard I tried I could not put this book down. Thank you to Elisa Marie Hopkins for reminding my why I appreciate such captivating writing. Your story truly captured my attention and kept my eyes glued to the book!

    12. Engaging, entertaining, and I loved how Elisa makes you think about the characters and their personalities, motivations, and how those factors intersect with their lives and each other. I look forward to the next in the series!

    13. The review was first up on The author provided me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.I responded to the author's request to review because I rarely see models as a protagonist. Usually models are either bitchy jealous ex - girlfriends or they are the bitchy frenemy to the heroine. So of course I was intrigued enough to respond favorably to the request."No matter what you chose to be, become role models, not supermodels."Sophie Cavall is a 25 year old almost out of work supermod [...]

    14. ★★★½ The 25-year-old model Sophia Cavall seems to have a perfectly nice life, but it is not so for her. And transforming her already difficult life into a more threatening one are anonymous death threats which eventually mount to a kidnapping attempt, which is when the savvy, business tycoon Oliver Black steps in her life.This book is really a romance novel with so little of suspense that we can hardly call it a thriller. It gives more attention to Sophie’s life, her struggles as a mode [...]

    15. This was a strong debut, Elisa created such complex characters. I really enjoyed this read. I stayed up until I finished every last word.The story revolves around Sophie a model who has been receiving threats via twitter. She brushes it off thinking it was people just being hurtful, that is until someone tries to drag her into a van. Instead of crying out for help, Sophie fought back. She was holding her own pretty well before the attempted kidnapper got the upper hand. When a Oliver Black yells [...]

    16. Original Review Posted @ sandrathebookwormThe author was kind enough to provide me with a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review.This book was AMAZING, it kept me up to the wee hours of the night the only reason I didn't finish it in one sitting was because my eyes kept shutting after a while. Sophia is a model that has been receiving threats on twitter, but she thinks nothing of it it’s until the night she almost gets kidnapped, it is there where Oliver comes to the rescue and save [...]

    17. A Diamond in the Rough is the best romantic suspense thriller I have read. For fans of Brenda Novak and Carla Neggers out, Elisa Marie Hopkins is the new top writer in town. Her writing automatically draws readers into her plot. The plot starts outleading readers into the main character's background and who she is while at the same time keeping readers in the darkuntil an accident occurs and leaves Sophie feeling scared. She fights her way out of the situation and remains alive until the attacke [...]

    18. This is my first outing with Ms. Hopkins. This lovely little romance wrapped around a mystery, is lovely! Sophie is a model, struggling as models do - most of her gigs pay with the clothes she wore and she is living in high end digs and paying most of the rent by auctioning the lovely clothes she wears. The mystery starts to spin - someone attempts to kidnap her off the street in broad daylight. She is doing a fair job of defending herself but is fortunate, that Oliver Black is in the right plac [...]

    19. I was given a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.Wow! This book has a lot of ups and downs for you to get hooked into. It will definitely grip your attention and not let go. I enjoyed getting to read this book. Elise is a new author and this debut novel of hers is off to a great start.Sophia is a hot shot runway model who's coming up on the end of her prime time in the spotlight. She works every job she possibly can and is still feeling the pressure. Not to mention - she's bein [...]

    20. To start off, I've read tons of book throughout my life and I've honestly never been into one like I was into ADITR, seriously I finished it in like 2 hours, I couldn't stop turning pages. So What Ms. Elisa did here is a masterpiece. She is an amazing writer, Sophie and Oliver's story is so well written that you honestly think it is true, it has this very specific thing that makes it so real. Now, onto the actual writing every word she uses is so coloquial, urban, normal? I dont even know how [...]

    21. UPDATE: I may revisit this book in the future but for now, I will be setting it as DNFI am also changing my rating for this book. I feel one star was a bit too harsh, since the book was not really that bad and if I was in a better mind set, I may have enjoyed it. So now I am giving it 2 stars as what I did read was all grammatically correct and made sense, it was mainly the plot and the characters and dialogue which I did not like.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I was contacted by the author for a completel [...]

    22. I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley!Wow. What a ride this was. Elisa Marie Hopkins, I bow to you and this masterpiece of literature you have created. This book was witty, deeply emotional, thrilling, enticing, and captivating from beginning to end. Exquisite and insightful writing about human behaviour following trauma, about trust and relationships. Although this book is classified as a 'romance' novel, it wasn't the main focus if the book; I m [...]

    23. The main characters' awkward charm drew me into this book immediately. The phrasing did too, it had flair and made the book funny and more interesting. Sophia is a model who has been receiving disturbing messages on social media. She figures that's normal when you're in the public eyeuntil a masked man tries to abduct her. Luckily, a hot business tycoon was handy to save the day. Oliver, aforementioned tycoon, is determined to help Sophia and she's not having it. Eventually, she gives in but won [...]

    24. A great first book in a romantic suspense!!I've seen some good things about this book and after reading it, am not dissapointed. There is still so much I don't know about each of the characters, at times it's frustrating but I can tell the author has done a great job of keeping me on the hook. I can't wait to read book 2 and see what else is in store for Oliver and Sophia and see their characters develop.

    25. 'A Diamond in the Rough' is a romance novel with suspense and mystery elements.Is a thrilling and passionate.This book captivated my attention from the first few pages and I was left intrigued by what would happen next. It's the story I was looking for a long time.Elisa did an amazing job writing this book. I must read the next book written by Elisa. If you like mysteries and thrillers, love stories or anything in between, this book is for you.

    26. i loved this book Elisa is a new author to me and i know i cant wait to get my hands one her next book it was there write pace wasnt to fast or slow i thought it was just write the characters were lovable i liked there personalities diamond in the rough was very surprising and unique i didnt see things coming kept me guessing <3

    27. This is the first book I've read by this author and it won't be my last. This story is filled with lots of things-- Romance, love, lies, secrets, mental illness and more! I now can't wait to find out what will happen next!!4 stars from me! Recv'd a copy off NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

    28. I actually enjoyed this book alot. It's the type of book that you really don't know what's coming next so you just want to keep reading. The only reason it took me long to read is because I'm in a reading slump kinda thing lol. but other than that this book was great!!

    29. Un diamanteQue buen uso del suspenso y de la intriga!!!. La imperfección de los protagonista y toda la trama me mantuvo pagada hasta el final. Espero con ansiedad la segunda.

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