Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home Paradise Idaho may not be the largest town but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo it s the first step on the path to her big break After teaching in a small Idaho school her next stop is t

  • Title: Carry Me Home
  • Author: RosalindJames
  • ISBN: 9781477830734
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paradise, Idaho, may not be the largest town, but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo, it s the first step on the path to her big break After teaching in a small Idaho school, her next stop is the Ivy League, and no one is going to stand in her way She ll do what it takes to move up, to protect her students from a creepy campus stalker and to protect her heart fromParadise, Idaho, may not be the largest town, but for newly minted professor Zoe Santangelo, it s the first step on the path to her big break After teaching in a small Idaho school, her next stop is the Ivy League, and no one is going to stand in her way She ll do what it takes to move up, to protect her students from a creepy campus stalker and to protect her heart from Cal Jackson, the hot, hunky cowboy who keeps coming to her rescue.After a career ending injury, Cal has left professional football behind and come home to work the family farm He s determined not to get mixed up with any city girls who don t want to settle down with a country boy But after he rescues sassy geologist Zoe from a snowy ditch, he can t stop thinking about her Can Cal keep Zoe safe from whoever is targeting her and can he show her that having ambition doesn t mean she has to sacrifice love

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    1. 4 This was life. This was living Stars. *Spoilers*"But I wasn't counting on this place. I wasn't counting on you. Who knew I'd be such a sucker for a take-charge guy with a kind heart?"-Zoe"Now, don't drop anything in my beer while I'm gone, Professor," he told Zoe. "I know you want my body, but control yourself. I'll do most things if I'm asked nicely."-CalOkay so I actually read this series out of order and read the 2nd book first. I got the 2nd book, Luke's story from Netgalley, loved it so m [...]

    2. Zoe is focused on the goals drilled into her by her father, a completely selfish man, IMO, and doesn’t know how love and family can fit in. That’s okay she has Cal to help her with that. He’s funny, confident and successful, even though Zoe misjudges him at first they soon click. Good thing because Cal is exactly who you want in your corner when you have a stalker after you. There was a lot of sexy, fun banter, but this story was a turns scary, and the end had me on the edge of my seat! Th [...]

    3. I don't know how to rate thismance - 3 starssuspense - 1 starnarration by Phil and Natalie - 5 starsThese two should do every audio EVER!!!!

    4. I've renamed this title to Bait and Switch. We are set up with a serious minded, career oriented college professor. She's female and she has successfully established her career in the science field of geology. And she is "presented" as this role model for female students. This should be all kinds of good, but… And there's always a "but". Some story line spoilers here, but I won't give away who the stalker is.And this is where the switch comes in. This is where this story went all kinds of wron [...]

    5. I freaking loved Rosalind James Escape to New Zealand series. The last two books were not as great as what came before, but I still loved all of the books though. I was hoping her new series would be just as great as Escape to New Zealand, but this Paradise, Idaho series is definitely not going to be for me I think.The prologue shows a college girl named Amy driving and realizing that she is being followed by someone in a truck. She's scared and runs into a store and hides. We change perspective [...]

    6. 3.5 Cowboy Loving Stars!!This is a new to me author and I enjoyed this romantic/suspense story even if I found it somewhat predictable. The author kept me interested and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the main and secondary characters.Zoe is a professor at a small college in Paradise Idaho and Cal is an ex Pro Football Player who returns home to Paradise after a career ending injury and takes over the family farm. Cal and Zoe meet after he comes to her aid when she's in a car accident duri [...]

    7. Review written: June 16, 2015Star Rating: ★★☆☆☆Heat Rating: TBDI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own. The Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book was received free via Netgalley. I'm a long time reader of James' Escape to New Zealand series which I like a lot. This book is nothing like those. Where the New Zealand books have a bree [...]

    8. I've read Rosalind James' Escape to New Zealand books & loved all of them. What a surprise to read Carry Me Home, set in Idaho. I appreciate the fact that it's winter- SNOW and ICE all over the place. Fluffy, puffy snow. Sorry I live in SoCal, so I went into a wintry scenic trance. Ms James sure does paint (write) a pretty picture(book) setting. Anyway, I know that it could have taken place in summer or winter. Nope. Idaho--the story has to start out cold and the characters have to deal with [...]

    9. (I received an advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review [neither fear nor favor!]). Although I enjoyed the suspense, I think the thing I liked best about this book (well, aside from Cal and Zoe’s blossoming relationship and the teary-eyed culmination of same) was that James invests her Paradise, Idaho setting with the kind of authenticity that makes the place feel real. This is not just a lot of busy arm-waving over some tractors and wheat fields, it’s more like taking you [...]

    10. I can't remember ever reading anything by this author before, but the preview on Net Galley sounded interesting. It turns out I'm really glad I requested an early copy. The story had great characters. I especially enjoyed Cal's dialog. He was really amusing and was a great counterpart to serious Zoe. Zoe is a college geology professor in a very small town. While she takes an interest in her students, she mainly has her eyes on the prize her father has pushed her toward for most of her life, an i [...]

    11. *Buddy listening with B* Phil Gigante <333333*DNF - I managed to hold on until chapter 7, I think. I really couldn't bother the extra concentration to keep up between the too many flashbacks and back to present time switches Also, the author didn't manage to keep me interested in her characters, which is a pity because the duet of narrators is my favorite one.

    12. I was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated or required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.I have read and enjoyed all of Rosalind James' books, and was excited to see her switch to a romantic suspense genre for this book. Two things to note: I almost skipped this book because I was unsure of the ex football player, farmer character, and the setting in a part of the country that I do not have real fond memories of. S [...]

    13. Solidly Written Romantic Suspense I borrowed both the audio book and kindle edition via kindle unlimited. If you aren't a member I do recommend this as a definite purchase, you won't wast your money. First the suspense part is good and has enough tension to have kept me riveted. The romance is a grown up one, no insta love and actually some real problems not just made up ones filled with bogus misunderstandings. I was getting tired of romances and wasn't feeling the character's connections. The [...]

    14. I love how this author writes. Unfortunately, this is the second book in this series that I didn't love the female lead character. Zoe is so boring. What the heck does Cal see in her? Take me back was so much better than books 1 and 3. Going to read number 2 now. Out of order, I know

    15. "I received a free copy of Rosalind James "Carry me Home" book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own."I must first express that this is very different to the recent books of Ms James' that I have read, which were light and cheery beach romance novels with some hot rugged Rugby guys and tough independent ladies. I love romantic suspense and while they normally are action based [...]

    16. This is a book/series is departure from Rosalind James' previous "Escape to New Zealand" and "The Kincaids" series. It definitely fits in the romantic suspense category because there is a villain that creates a situation where you're not quite sure what's truly happening all the way around so you're kept waiting (in a good way) for things to continue to unfold/be revealed and then, ultimately, be resolved. However, if you're looking for the espionage or "out there", darker portion of romantic su [...]

    17. Not quite OKI have to say that the first 50 or 60 pages were pretty damn boring and I was tempted to stop reading but I decided to push forward to see what was going to happen, wanted to see who the stalker was.Another thing that really bothered me was that a couple reviewers mentioned the “hot sex.” What they neglected to tell you was that there was nothing that led up to it, except for about two or three innuendos on Cal’s part, over a period of time. There was no desire, no lust, no tho [...]

    18. When Zoe Santangelo, from California, spins off the road on black ice in Idaho and hits a ditch, she sensibly phones AAA and waits. Ignoring the offer of help from a man with a black pickup who happens to arrive. Only when the sheriff also arrives and reassures her, does Zoe consider accepting help. We've already seen that there is a predatory man out there, who enjoys chasing women drivers along wooded mountain roads. So I'm with Zoe. This lady is a professor of geology. One of her students, Am [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.I have read every book Rosalind James has written and enjoyed them all, but I've got to say Carry Me Home might just be my favorite. It has all the hallmarks of a Rosalind James romance with the addition of a suspenseful storyline. The main characters are Cal and Zoe. Zoe is a strong, feisty, sweet woman [...]

    20. Let me preface this by saying that I don't particularly like "romantic suspense" stories. However, I have found that Ms. James is a particularly adroit storyteller and I'll give anything that she's written a try.I love how she builds a relationship before having her protagonists "fall into bed." We're talking about a real, adult relationship. I'm so, so tired of millionaires and billionaires who fall head over heels for normal, every-day women. Does that happen in your world? Didn't think so. I [...]

    21. Paradise, Idaho. A small town where everyone knows your name, where you came from and all of your secrets from the past. It also appears to be a town where everyone is related to Cal Jackson, hometown football hero turned pro, living back home after a career ending injury. Zoe is the only one who doesn’t know who he is because she just moved to town, working as an assistant professor at the university. After rescuing Zoe from a ditch and then re-meeting at a bar, Cal can’t seem to stay away. [...]

    22. I've enjoyed allof Rosalind James' contemporary novels, whether it was the Kincaid books or the Escape to New Zealand series. This is the first, as best I can recall, that was romantic suspense. This one is set in a college town of Paradise, Idaho. Her characters are quite realistic in terms of attitudes and behaviors for faculty and staff in a college setting. The relationship between characters develop over time and it isn't "instant love." The characters have worked hard to get where they are [...]

    23. This was way better than I expected. Rosalind James has gained herself a new loyal fan. I used to read only books from this genre, but drifted away for a while. This book has inspired me to drift back.This is the story of a blooming love between Zoe and Cal. Zoe is a career driven woman. Cal is an ex-NFL player. Cal meets Zoe when her car goes off the road in the snow. When Zoe catches the attention of a stalker, Cal is determined to protect her.In a lot of romantic suspense novels either the ro [...]

    24. Based on some other reviews, I'm giving up on this. I'm not really interested in either character and the 'hero' sounds like a controlling jerk throughout. No thanks.(Authors, PSA here: Don't dis your single and childless readers. We are your customers too. We have $$ to spendor not.)I may try book #2 in series. I've enjoyed most of her other books.

    25. Great selection for readers who like a lot of relationship building (as opposed to insta-love) but I expected more intrigue from the suspense aspect and more heat in the actual relationship.In Carry Me Home, Zoe is new to Cal’s hometown. She’s a geology professor (yawn) and Cal is a hometown hero/farmer (sort of). Zoe is recovering from being a chubby high school geek who doesn’t trust men and also doesn’t think that a good one would want a long term relationship with her. Cal is fresh o [...]

    26. Rosalind always incorporates her worldview into these books. Just Once More was a little bit about how Hannah felt about getting help to stay on top of her job and take care of all of her kids. This one centers around campus crime, which is a HUGE problem. The Clery Act, which was meant to shine sunlight on campus problems, is now the impetus to cover it up. At my university, allegedly, the campus police tried to have “those” crimes occur off campus. Maybe a foot off campus. Those statistics [...]

    27. I have fallen completely in love with Rosalind James’ relatable characters from her Escape to New Zealand series, so when I heard she was going to be coming out with a romantic suspense, didn’t even know that WAS a category, I was more than happy to add Book 1: Carry Me Home to my list to read. Once again, I was not disappointed. James continues to deliver characters that walk, talk and yes--have sex—like real people. Somehow, I have of late been sucked into a number of more modern, “str [...]

    28. It's true -- I really did like this book, which I got to read courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I *loved* Rosalind James' Kincaids series, and while this one shares the location (Paradise, ID) of the first,Welcome to Paradise, it also shares the same great marriage of suspense / mild-thriller and romance of the second,Nothing Personal.InCarry Me Home, young PhD Zoe Santangelo is a brand-new transplant from sunny southern California to bucolic Paradise, Idaho; there, she' [...]

    29. I'm always a big fan of Rosalind James' novels and this was no exception. I think Cal, the hero, is one of my very favorite romance heroes of all times. I really like a guy with a sense of humor as well as being a sensitive, kind, and charming. He's a retired championship quarterback who has come home to Idaho to work on the family ranch. Zoe is a professor of geology. We've never seen one of those as the heroine before. She becomes concerned for one of her students who has been assaulted by a s [...]

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