Under The Cypress Tree

Under The Cypress Tree When Archer blew out of town six years ago he took Annabeth Richard s heart with him With a head full of hope and promises she waited for his return But when he didn t Annabeth was left to pick up

  • Title: Under The Cypress Tree
  • Author: Ashleigh Z.
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Archer blew out of town six years ago, he took Annabeth Richard s heart with him With a head full of hope and promises, she waited for his return But when he didn t, Annabeth was left to pick up the pieces without him Archer Beaufait signed up for the Army fresh on the heels of Graduation He wanted to make something of himself, but he never expected to be going toWhen Archer blew out of town six years ago, he took Annabeth Richard s heart with him With a head full of hope and promises, she waited for his return But when he didn t, Annabeth was left to pick up the pieces without him Archer Beaufait signed up for the Army fresh on the heels of Graduation He wanted to make something of himself, but he never expected to be going to war He d made his fair share of mistakes, but after six long years, he realized it was time to come home The only problem was, the life he d left behind and the people he hurt weren t real eager to see him return Especially not Annabeth Richards When the two meet again, old wounds are brought to the surface along with some feelings that never quite went away But when secrets start coming out of the woodworks, and they realize that time has changed them both, it s one obstacle they aren t certain they can overcome.

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    1. (Source: Downloaded for free from )“I could still remember that day. The day when Archer Beaufait turned my whole world upside down by proclaiming his love for me with nothin’ but a pocket knife and a head full of dreams.”This was an okay contemporary romance, but I got irritated with the characters.I felt quite sorry for Annabeth. It was absolutely terrible what Archer had done leaving her high and dry and pregnant, and she had been through so much whilst he had been away. Six years is a [...]

    2. From time to time I like to read a bit of gentle romance and this was a lovely story about broken hearts being mended and left me with warm fuzzy feelings! I enjoyed all the characters and though I suppose the ending was quite predictable it was definitely the ending I wanted!Our lovers have both had to deal with adversity and with so much pain in the world it is nice to read of at least one happy ending even if it is fiction. I liked the setting of a small town where everyone knows everyone's b [...]

    3. This was an okay read, but it did bore me at points. The only character I liked in this was Bentley. The two main characters, Annabeth and Archer, annoyed me quite a few times.I really don't get why Archer thought not contacting anyone in 6 years was the best thing to do. If he thinks letting everyone think he's dead or something is the best thing to do, he's nuts. I didn't know what Annabeth was playing at half the time. The storyline was okay, but it did start to drag a bit when I got to the h [...]

    4. I enjoyed reading this book. I found Annabeth (AB) to be convincing as a mom and a once burned twice shy love interest for bad boy Archer. He abandoned his hometown and AB for service in Iraq six years earlier and his own trauma stopped him from ever getting in touch until his surprise return in this novel. He comes home and finds his teen love married to his best friend Bentley and they have a kid! Anger, jealousy, resentment, regret, and confusion not to mention lust and love rule his emotions [...]

    5. This started off pretty good then quickly, quickly went downhill. The first warning that everything was not going to turn out alright was the cheesy karaoke scene. Then we get to the gross scenes were a man pursues a woman who repeatedly makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him not to mention, for all he knows, is happily married. I also cannot stand when authors don't know how to write children's dialogue. The ending scene when Charlotte put two and two together my eyes rolled so far bac [...]

    6. There's an article doing the rounds at the moment by a romance writer, as a defence of the romance genre, in the face of the criticism that the genre often gets. You know the stuff: that it's low brow, vapid, and cliché. The defence runs the line that the Genre is an all encompassing elemental emotional experience that reflects life's desires – and promises emotionally satisfying endings; written by a bunch of fun and talented writers who are able to tap into the entire range of human emotion [...]

    7. Talk about complicationsAshleigh Zavarelli has created the most intriguing and most heated romance novel known to readers word wide. Under the Cypress Tress is one enormous tangle that involves two past lover's whose love and lust for one another has never died and only flares upp once again, when the man returns back home. Everything appears to be the same to Archer, but then something about his love peaks his interest. Her smile is gone and she appears sad. Was it because of him and if so, can [...]

    8. Naaahhhh.I might be a little bit too harsh giving only 1 start but • It was too short • There was no actually reason and/or development of why Archer left and made NO contact for all these years• There was no actual development of how/why they got back together.• The writing was very boring.Even though the story was too clice and common, it could have been easily a 4 star if it was longer, written better and had a better development of the story and the characters.Nahhhh

    9. Set in under a Cypress tree in Belle Pont, LA Archer Beaufait (Army, AB) was going off to war in Iraq. He told Annabeth Richards he loved her.Annabeth worked at Murphy’s Bar & Grill. Irma, Amy, Dawn & Tino worked there also. It’s been 6 yrs. & no Archer (PTSD). Out of nowhere he walks in Tucker’s Grocers (Henri) where Annabeth is shopping. Annabeth informed him that she married Bentley Daniels.This W/E was the Belle Pont Crawfish Festival.Then Annabeth’s Belle Pont Annual Str [...]

    10. Ashleigh Zavarelli is a native of Montana whom currently lives in Australia. A newly published author and 'Under the Cypress' was a delightful read. This is the first installment to a debut series.Friendship, love, love lost, and untold consequence follows throughout these pages. The main character's Annabeth and Archer are a seemingly happy young couple in love - That is until Archer joins the army fresh after graduation. Promises are made to one another but hope slowly disappears for Annabeth [...]

    11. What a gifted writer! It is not often I am transported into a book. When I am it is hard to put it down and come back to reality, Under the Cypress Tree was one such book. The crafting of characters was skillful and detailed in an easy to read way. I felt I was in the south, sipping sweet tea with Archer and AB, gossiping with all the regulars at the bar.This was a story of lost love, learning to heal, and finding that sometimes there are second chances if we can learn to trust again.Archer and [...]

    12. Aw what a cute book! As it was a really short read, I completed it in one sitting whilst listening to powers love ballads in the background. Under the Cypress Tree was adorable, to put it simply. I loved all of the characters especially Charlotte and Archer. The selling point for me was the heavy southern accents. I fell head over heels for Archer's southern drawl and charm. If I was Annabeth I would have struggled to keep my distance from the very beginning. As an Australian with an unhealthy o [...]

    13. Love, love, LOVED this story. I started reading it last night and had to force myself to put my Kindle away so I could at least get SOME sleep.With the story being based in the south, Ashleigh does a fantastic job of pulling you into Annabeth's and Archer's story with slow, southern drawls, southern charm, and methodically developed characters.I immediately liked Annabeth. She's stubborn, independent, charming, and willing to do anything for her daughter. She's been through hell and back and is [...]

    14. I couldn’t quit reading this story (and I paid the next morning for staying up late reading)! I was drawn in by the depth of love, passion, anger, and frustration the characters have for each other.Annabeth and Archer were high school sweethearts until Archer joined the Army and never looked back. Returning six years later, he finds Annabeth married to his best friend with a five year-old little girl. We follow them through the rediscovery of their feelings for each other while they learn not [...]

    15. Under the Cypress Tree is a sweet romance. Annabeth Richards hasn't seen or heard from Archer Beaufait since he left her to go to Iraq. In the last six years she has continued with her own life in the small town of Belle Pont. But that life is thrown into disarray when Archer returns home. She has secrets but she's still in love with him. And he regrets hurting those he left behind.I really liked both Archer and Annabelle. Most of their original problems were the result of being too young. Now t [...]

    16. This was an enjoyable sweet romance about two teenage lovers who separated when Archer went to war. Annabeth was left behind expecting archer to call and write and was devastated when he didn't. Fast forward 6 years and archer is back but so much has happened to Annabeth since he left that a reunion is not something she can consider even though she still loves him. I liked the writing style and pacing and would have liked to understand archers motivation for leaving and not keeping in touch more [...]

    17. From the outset of this story, I think just about every reader will be able to figure out where it’s headed (a little like The Notebook). What was fun for me wasn’t so much the destination, but the journey. The author does an amazing job of converting accents to dialogue, and the narration was excellent as well! As for Annabeth, I really enjoyed her as a heroine, since she didn’t have that ‘she’s perfect, everyone likes her’ quality.

    18. I understood Annabeth, I understood Bently, and I felt dreadfully sorry for both of them. The pain they both went through was clear, and so well written. When you find yourself almost shouting at the characters as if they were real people making damn stupid choices, you know the author has done a good job. For me, the HEA was between the wrong people, but that's life.

    19. Read this a while ago now, but this is probably the sweetest story of Ashleigh's and no matter how many times I read it, I always finish it with a smile on my face.Beautifully written romance that's not too heavy on smut or drama, which somehow works to make this book perfect!Way to go, Ashleigh!

    20. If you are looking for a story to make you smile this is the book you need to read. Great characters, fun and witty. If you have ever lived in a small town, you can probably put a name from your town to each of the characters in this book. Can't wait for the next one.

    21. I liked this book. It wasn't too long, or too dragging and had some dialogues that really touches you. If you are into second chances novel, you should give it a go.

    22. Under the Cypress TreeThis was a sweet love story and yet painful for what our boys come home from Iraq have so much healing to go through. The story was well written and you could feel yourself in the story.

    23. "I just can’t do it anymore. It’s too painful. It doesn’t mean I’m over you, it means I’m not going to waste the rest of my life being haunted by your memory.”~Annabeth“I miss you Annabeth. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t stop thinkin’ about you. I think about you all the damn time.”~Archer"I couldn’t control my heart as it thumped out of control in my chest, insistent on remindin’ me that it was still in there. That it was still beating. For damn Archer Beaufait."~Annab [...]

    24. Two teenagers, Archer and Annabeth, promise to be together under a cypress tree before the boyfriend goes off to war and doesn’t show up until six years later. There is a love triangle. Annabeth has a child from Archer, and she rushes into marriage with a high school friend name Bentley.I felt bad for Bentley. He seemed like a really sweet guy. He was there for Annabeth and Charlotte when Archer wasn’t. He basically was the father to Charlotte. It doesn’t matter about DNA. I think if the s [...]

    25. I really enjoyed Under the Cypress Tree. The story captured me in the first emotional paragraphs, and I couldn't wait to see what came next. I thought the dialogue and setting was exactly right for the story too. At times I got very aggravated at the two main characters, but they eventually got their heads on straight and did what their hearts wanted to do. The supporting characters were great, especially Bentley who I'm glad to find has a book of his own. If you're looking for a short, feel-goo [...]

    26. Another good romance story from this author.I like the work she puts in to their past and present storyline.The relationships between each character and it be a soft romance.Look forward to the next part of the story to see what happens between Bentley and roxy.

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