My Time in the Affair

My Time in the Affair Mischa I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband Now before you judge me hear my story Hear how much I m like you how similar my thoughts are to your own Yes I m a horrible person Yes I

  • Title: My Time in the Affair
  • Author: Stylo Fantome
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 266
  • Format: ebook
  • Mischa I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband Now, before you judge me, hear my story Hear how much I m like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own Yes, I m a horrible person Yes, I ve done horrible things Yes, I don t deserve forgiveness Yes, bad things happened because of my actions But I m willing to bet I ve done things that maybe, just maybe Mischa I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband Now, before you judge me, hear my story Hear how much I m like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own Yes, I m a horrible person Yes, I ve done horrible things Yes, I don t deserve forgiveness Yes, bad things happened because of my actions But I m willing to bet I ve done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing Maybe, just maybe, you re not as innocent as you d like to think Or maybe I m not so guilty Full Length Standalone Novel, 85,000 words

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    1. ★★★★ ½! My Time in the Affair (stand-alone). A candid look into a woman’s affair, the circumstances leading up to it & the aftermath!“It felt like his dick brushed against the base of her brain. Interfering with basic thought process.”Before I get started on my review. This, as clarified in blurb, is a story about an affair. Do read this book if you are interested in Mischa’s journey, but if the aspect of an affair troubles you this might not be for you.My Time in the Affair [...]

    2. 4.5 stars!I was a little nervous about starting this book. Cheating in books isn’t a complete deal breaker for me. I know it happens in real life, it’s messy, but sometimes it’s real. That being said, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about a heroine who went out of her way to cheat on her husband. I mean, why not just leave? I’m not condoning anything our Mischa did, but I did understand her and relate to her much more than I thought was possible.I made a conscious decision to cheat on m [...]

    3. 5 Exquisite StarsLet's get this over with- this book is about cheating. It you have issues with it then don't read it. If you believe that the world is perfect, humans don't make mistakes and love is flawless- don't read this book. If you can't forgive, then don't read this book. This book is human, it's raw, it's real, and it's beautiful. The subject is never easy but life is never easy. Things don't always go like you plan. But things do happen for a reason, and sometimes it's ugly, painful, a [...]

    4. I waited a long time do this review mainly because I had no clue what I wanted to say. I still don't. Just gonna wing this.Yes, I wrote a book about cheating. I didn't want to. I resisted for a long time, because I knew it would upset people. I knew there would be people who would flat out refuse to buy it. I knew there would be people who would comment, review, and rate without reading, purely based on their dislike of cheating. Which I get, I totally understand, it's a very touchy subject. Hen [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsSometimes marrying your best friend doesn't lead to an epic love story. Sometimes 'friendly' feelings greatly outweigh 'romantic' feelings. What happens when you find yourself married to a wonderful man, a man you love, but the spark is gone, and the distance grows greater everyday”Worse than falling in love. Worse than hating someone. Falling out of love was much, much harder.” Mischa has tried to talk to her husband, tried to find a solution, but he refuses to acknowledge the prob [...]

    6. 4.5 ”Come Find Me” Stars”All the days. All those moments between those seconds. Timeless. Their love would always be alive; a living, beating heart, but just caught in the moment. Caught in their time. Maybe that’s all they were. Just a time in love. Just a time in an affair.”This is the story of a wife who married her best friend and no matter how hard she tries the spark and “in love” feelings are simply gone.”Worse than falling in love. Worse than hating someone. Falling out o [...]

    7. "I had planned on cheating on my husband. I had never planned on having an affair." Mischa is a young married woman who seems to be frustrated by the lack of interest by her husband. No matter the approach Mike doesn't seem to think that they should attend therapy , denying that they have problems in their marriage. They are back to being best friends instead of lovers. Mischa has to travel overseas with her boss since they open new offices in Italy, Turkey and Armenia. She takes advantage of th [...]

    8. Live on ! amzn/1JI8HaEI fell in love with Stylo’s writing style when I met Jameson Kane. Her writing is bold and she doesn’t take any prisoners. Naturally when I saw she was publishing another book I had to read it. My Time in the Affair is so different from her other series, but I loved it just the same. Misch and Michael have been married for eight years. They are best friends, but there is no heat or chemistry between them. When we first meet Misch she is struggling with her feelings, or [...]

    9. DNFIt's cliche to say, but this is definitely a 'it's not you, it's me' situation. I'm positive fans of this author along with readers ready for some angst will enjoy it. My main reason for shelving it away is because of the dull writing (IMO) that made me feel like the heroine was lecturing me and feeding me reasons why infidelity can be a good thing for her. No judgment from me, and I actually don't mind cheating if the story is written well, but since I have trouble with this author's writing [...]

    10. 4.5 "Come find me" STARSThis was my first read from Stylo Fantome and I went in with trepidationI'm not a fan of books about cheating. It doesn't mean I won't read the book but it usually counts as a negative when going in. I have to say, that there were so many positives about this book that the negative simply didn't count."I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband. I can't say that it went well. It certainly didn't go according to plan. If I could do it over, I would have done things [...]

    11. 3 STARS! ★★★This will be a quick review from me because I don't want to dwell on it too much. The blurb itself pretty much captures the entire gist of the story and it's indeed written in 3rd person POV (although it becomes dual POV at one point). That being said, I went into this knowing both of the points above but somehow it still missed the mark for me :(Firstly, I have nothing against stories which touches on infidelity granted that it's written well with strong justification but pers [...]

    12. “Never forget. Always remember. And when you do remember, when you're ready come find me.” When I first read the blurb I didn’t expect too much or some deep story in here because we know she’s gonna cheat her husband, she’s the bad person in here etc but when I read Mischa’s words, what she felt and why she will cheat her husband hmm I think I understand her struggle. There was a really good reason why she was feeling alone in that marriage… And don’t get me wrong pls, of course [...]

    13. Type: Standalone POV:Shifting Perspective - Dual POVRating: Mischa Rapaport was tired of her old life. After being with her husband for eight years, the sparks had dimmed considerably. Being married to her best friends sounded like a great idea, but the truth was far from it. She tried to bring the matter to the table, yet he stubbornly refused to acknowledge the issue. When opportunity knocked on her door, she gladly answered. Her job took her to Italy and she decided, cheating on her husband w [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion: I wasn't sure if I'd like this going in, so I am glad to say that it was better than I thought it would be. BUT, I think it still could've been better. I am weirdly drawn to cheating books because I know that if done well it will tap into my emotions and there will be some good angst, and this didn't disappoint in that way because there was definitely some angst! I was disappointed in how they made the h's husband react and the interaction he has with her at the end (vi [...]

    15. LIVE - > 99 CENTS - > amzn/1xwgaQj5 I Love this book and YES it has cheating StarsNo, I didn’t get abducted by aliens nor did my brains get eaten by zombies. You are reading this correctly. I am giving a five star rating on a book with cheating. Not just any form of cheating, but in-your-face, I-am-cheating-on-my-husband cheating.**GASP** So all of you “I don’t read books with cheating” hear me out before you say no.Yes there is cheating and no the husband isn’t an evil villain t [...]

    16. ★★★ 3.5 Stars ★★★Mischa Rapaport has been married to her husband Mike for eight years, they are best friends but the passion just isn't there anymore. Mischa has tried to talk to him about their problems, but he is digging his head in the sand and refuses to believe that their marriage is in trouble.When Tal Canaan walks into her life, she finds it extremely hard to resist the tall, dark and handsome and mysterious stranger, but how well can she really get to know a man in just a mat [...]

    17. I would give all the stars in the universe if I could, but 5 stars is the maximum here :)WARNING: As the title suggests, cheating is involved in this bookBut, don't miss it, it is an awesome book, a heart-wrenching & heart-warming storyThis was one of the best books I have read in all my life. It is incredibly amazing how skilfully the author deals with cheating, which is really a sensitive subject. The raw honesty in the book makes you understand and sympathize with the heroine.Cheating, or [...]

    18. 4.5 starsYou see the title of the story and you think it's about just that but it's so much more. Married woman wants to cheat on her husband. Is it wrong? Is it right? It's for you to judge. Married woman wants one night of passion that's been missing in her married life but is in for a whirlwind affair. My Time in the Affair took me by surprise. I thought I was getting one thing but I was delivered with something else that was even better. Some elements had me going, yeah right, but the author [...]

    19. ****4.5 ~Come Find Me~ Stars*****(BR with Clarissa, Julie and Kimberly)Beautiful and Illicit; this story played with my emotions composing a melody of pure ecstasy inside my heart and soul. Cheating is something I'm never comfortable with in a book but this author crafted this story in a sensible and honest way. You may either judge and convict the heroine for her actions, or you'll open your heart and will be able to understand and perhaps relate in some level to her reasons; either way the int [...]

    20. This book, right here, is why I adore reading. It gave me everything I want in a book including going from not really liking the characters to warming to them to bloody jumping up and down whilst rooting for them to make it as a couple. Oh the feels.I wasn't too sure about Tal at first, there was just something "off" about him. Then we clicked and oh man, I absolutely fell hook line and sinker for him, he dazzled me as much as he did Mischa! Add to that a fantastic heroine and match made in heav [...]

    21. By far THE BEST book I've read so far this year. Thank you so much for the ARC! I love that this isn't the same ole story. The characters and story are unique and I couldn't get enough!

    22. 5 romantico stellas “Come find me.”Wow! This book took us by surprise. We expected one thing and were given something completely different, but in a VERY good way.‘Maybe that’s all they were. Just a time in the affair.’This was our first book by Stylo Fantome and what a brilliant introduction. It did initially take us a little while to become accustomed to her writing style, but once we succumbed, there was no turning back. We became hooked, engaged, enthralled and obsessed with Tal, M [...]

    23. Messy-as-hell drama: 5/5Steamy scenes: 5/5Dual POVsThis story was rich and elicited a tangle of emotions and frustration from me at times, but there was one thing I was certain of: Mishca Rapaport was devious as ALL hell! While she was painted as this lonely character who desperately craved a physical connection with someone other than her husband, I had tremendous difficulty feeling any remorse for her! The only character in this story who spoke truth and confronted both main characters (Mishca [...]

    24. *****10 Come Find Me Stars*****Why should you read this story? Why shouldn't you? I'm sure this beats some of the stories I can't believe some of you are reading (Stepbrothers). This is fresh and new. At least it's how I felt. You don't like cheating or the topic of cheating, well let me break it to you, you will understand why she did it. Yes you will. Did it make it right? Maybe not, but fuck it all to hell. This is a book and even if it was RL I would understand her actions. We are human. We [...]

    25. Mischa and her husband have been best friends forever, they took it to the other level, dated and eventually got married. Looking back on the eight years of marriage, Mischa realizes that nothing was rushed, every part of their life was done in stages and at the perfect timing. But, eight years later and things have become monotonous and boring. Now, they are too comfortable and Mischa is exasperated at this. She is bored. She wants passion and the overwhelming need for adventure and something m [...]

    26. 5 "Unexpected" StarsSo I'm going to get right into it. This is the type of book that you either love or hate. I don't really see much middle ground. I loved it to no end. It was very well written with very sincere, genuine characters. Beautiful locations. It's written in third person but in between the third person chapters you have short sections where Mischa lets you in her head in first person. You get one first person chapter from Tal (her lover) near the end. I liked this format. Which was [...]

    27. My Time in the Affair is a story about a woman, Mischa, who is desperately longing for something in her life. She thinks it's the lack of sex in her marriage so she sets upon a course to remedy that, however, what she got was so much sweeter. Yes, the cheating, definitely there and it's a big factor. There's just no way in getting around it. It's just not the whole story. Mischa and Mike were best friends who got married and things were pretty nice for a whileuntil they weren't. Mischa tried to [...]

    28. DNF 28%So if your really interested to know what I thinkHere's the short verdictI was totally pulled in by the blurb, and it aroused a curiosity in meBut something just didn't click and it irritated the shit out of me, it started with the corny pick up lines and it just didn't get any betterPE, NOPE, NOPE just did't work for me!!

    29. 4.5 ★First, this is a first Stylo read for me even though her previous books are lined up on my TBR. Second, I'm not a fan of cheating/love triangle unless I'm reading non-romance fiction. Third, I realized the first 2 things did not matter at all after I finished reading this, as I came to really enjoy this one. This is quite an emotional journey sigh Mischa's one unhappy wife who made a decision to cheat by having a one-night stand and ended up getting more than what she bargained for. To a [...]

    30. The topic this book revolves around is a difficult one to understand and I imagine for the author to even write about it must have been hard. The idea of cheating, of having an affair is something we all claim to hate. I do too. I hate the idea of any person cheating on someone they’re in a committed relationship with. You’re not happy? Work it out. You can’t work it out? Leave. But it still happens, and this is just a story of one woman embarking on that particular journey.I never really [...]

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