Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B IA S K They say I m half a demon but I like to think of myself as half human especially as the demons want me dead Charlie Henderson i

  • Title: Beyond the Veil
  • Author: Pippa DaCosta
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00IA3S97K They say I m half a demon, but I like to think of myself as half human, especially as the demons want me dead Charlie Henderson is living a lie Her real name is Muse and her attempt at a normal life is about to go up in smoke When a half demon assassin walks into her life, leaving a trail of desLibrarian s Note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN B00IA3S97K They say I m half a demon, but I like to think of myself as half human, especially as the demons want me dead Charlie Henderson is living a lie Her real name is Muse and her attempt at a normal life is about to go up in smoke When a half demon assassin walks into her life, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Muse must return to the one man she hoped never to see again and ask for help The Prince of Greed isn t known for his charity The price is high and the cost could tear her apart Trapped between the malevolent intentions of a Prince of Hell, an assassin with ulterior motives and her bloodthirsty demon kin, Muse must embrace the lure of chaos at her core the demon inside her, in order to survive.If your ex is the Prince of Greed, you d better be ready to raise hell.Visit the website theveilseries

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    1. ☢ MacHalos, if you don't Give this Book a 10-Star Rating you're Dead but Hey no Pressure Buddy Read (MifdGtBa10SRyDbHnPBR™) ☢And the moral of this reread is: ✘ Some people don't get Muse, and DNF this book.✔ Some people get Muse, and give this book a 4/5 10-star rating.»» Which loosely translates to mean:✘ Some people will die a slow, horrible, painful death at the hands of the murderous crustaceans. ✔ Some people will live a long, prosperous, fulfilling life.Bye now.Oh, and by t [...]

    2. *** 4.25 ***A buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks! We love us some Demons!I had no plans of reading this book, because in the list of my friends who have read it, the ratings are all over the place. And I like to trust my friends, but in this case, the small but very enthusiastic group of fans of everything Pipa De.Costa, turned out to be right. This was definitely worth the time!The story is about our world, but at a time when Demons have taken a more prominent part of daily life, and although m [...]

    3. DNF on page 44. I think it's time to admit defeat. This one didn't work out for me. I have no hard feelings. I think it was my fault. I went through a bad stretch because Kate Daniels was all I wanted. Ilona Andrews has ruined me.

    4. Thank you, Sarah for the rec ;) Your support helped me to survive the hard period with Muse ;) Stefan would never understand. He spent his life killing demons. He had it simple. I’d spent my life among them. I might despise the majority of them, but I knew them. They were family. Twisted, bitter, dangerous, slippery, back-stabbing, but family all the same.When I started reading "Beyond the Veil" I was lured in the world of dangerous demons, living in a well-built world on earth and beyond. So, [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsWill you enjoy this book??? I have no idea. Normally I can gauge by my reaction and some of my friends how this will work for many readers and the sort answer is….who knows? My friend reviews are all over the place from fangirl love to DNF and there really isn’t anything consistent to it. So either you will love it or hate it. I definitely enjoyed this book for a few reasons.❶ - I like that this is about Demons and half-breeds. Most authors take the route of angels but I think tha [...]

    6. EDITOkay it's time for me to lower my rating now that a few months have passed and I have a more objective and fresh perspective. Yes I had enjoyed the read at the time (it helped me out of a reading slump) but the story and characters had a lot of issues (detailed in my original review below, tagged spoilers alert). Since I have no interest in reading the sequels, 3 stars it is ! And now I will just sit and pray that Sarah won't come after me with her army of murderous crustaceans !!Original r [...]

    7. MacHalo BR under our overlord's watchful eyeI've been waffling between 4 and 5 stars and decided on 5 because it made me hate a lot of people and to still be Team Akil till the end. It starts out with Muse, a half demon blacksmith, getting a visit from a mysterious and rude blond man in a hideous red coat. Right afterwards, her shop blows up. Not cool. That's why you never trust someone who wears red leather trench coats, I mean, really, it's too heinous to let live. So Muse is without her shop [...]

    8. DNF at 31%.I don’t like to give up on books at such an early stage (it feels like I’m not giving them a proper chance to start up) but right now I can’t help myself. I’m just not feeling it. Everything I loved in the prequel and wanted to see more of in this book is gone. Wings Of Hope was a super dark tale of a half-demon, half-human girl who had been enslaved and mistreated since birth and had to fight to break the bonds of her abusers and claim her life as her own. It seems there’s [...]

    9. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life.I liked this book but I didn't love it. When I first saw this book available for request on NetGalley, I requested it right away only to be somewhat surprised to learned that I actually already owned a copy. Oops. Oh well, I having so many books that I can't remember them all is a good problem to have. I decided that it was obviously time to sit down and actually read this story. I thought that the world created within this novel was very int [...]

    10. 3.5 starsI don't read much UF or PNR anymore, there's too much dodgy stuff; it's like throwing a knife into the dark and expecting it to hit a target dead centre. So when I need a fix, I head over to the page of Sarah of Crustacean fame /user/show/7 and see what she's 5*. This is how I found Pippa DaCosta for the first time.Now I didn't enjoy the book quote as much as Sarah and looking at the reviews for this title, I'm not the only one. But I really enjoyed the world DaCosta has created here, t [...]

    11. DNF - 66%Jeez, this book is impossible. Seriously, after meeting Ilona Andrews's Kate Daniels, other heroines seem like huge crybabies. Muse is just meh! Just make up your mind already, woman! And what's with all those double/triple crossings? Akil is the bad guy. No, Val is the bad guy. Wait, Stefan is definitely the bad guy. Hm nope, back to Akil. And she cries so much and whines I thought she was a bad-ass. She's just an abused little girl lacking confidence in herself.No, just no!P.S. You ha [...]

    12. “I could never run from the half of me that danced in the dark.”It's hard to rating a book three stars when it's so hard to put down my hand may as well be superglued to it, but no matter how into the story I was, there were too many nuances that bugged me.Charlie is a broken person, a half-demon living some sort of human life as a lie. That doesn't last long since she has to run back to the master demon who helped her in the past early on. It goes without saying these were Urban fantasy dem [...]

    13. This was a fun UF that never quite managed to be as good as it threatened to be. It had plenty of action and romance, which I loved, but the story moved in a direction I would have preferred it did not! Half demon Muse thought she had escaped her old life among the demons. She has been living a quiet life in the human world for the last 5 years, but that is shattered when the mysterious Stefan walks into her place of work demanding her help. She refuses him, but knows her quiet life is over. Soo [...]

    14. 3.75 stars.This was pretty good. It would have been 4 stars but the ' is he double crossing me? No he isn't- yes he is- no he isn't- went on too long. Not sure if I'd continue the series

    15. This isn't my first introduction to Pippa DaCosta, but it is one of her earlier series. I liked this book, and think it's a decent start to a series, but it's definitely not up to the level of writing skill that I've read by her previously. And therein lies my problem.The technical skill involved in writing a book is one that's often overlooked, because when it's good it just fades into the background and becomes a unnoticed non-issue. But when it's lacking, it is much more obvious. And it was o [...]

    16. Well, this one is hard to rate.For about 30%, it was a 3star book. Then, for about 60%, it was a 2star. The characters were idiots most of the time! They did so many illogical stuff! Gah, and she is a half-demon chick (demons being always the bad guys here), she trusts no one, yet she is amazed when others don't trust her. She keeps complaining about every little thing! I mean, ok, I get it. Your life sucked. Then do something about it! Her reactions are the ones of a 5year old!So why 3 stars an [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsI liked the world setting and overall feel in Wings of Hope more than this one, but (view spoiler)[damn Akil I love that big bad horny demon. Why are the baddies always more appealing to me. (hide spoiler)]

    18. Muse, it wasn't you, it was me. I've been in a big reading slump lately and I just haven't been in the mood, so feeling forced made me less interested in you than I normally would have been.Will you give me another chance soon, and I'll pick up book two once I'm out of this slump? I'm pretty sure I'd really like you.Thanks!Sincerely,Me.

    19. I received this book through the first reads giveaway on GR. First off, the cover is absolutely beautiful and fits Muse perfectly. Everything on the cover has significance in the story. I fell in love with this book from the beginning. You jump right into Muses life as soon as you start reading, it's extremely easy to follow. Mrs.DaCosta provides info and gives tons of details as each scene unfolds so there isn't any info dumping:). The characters themselves are incredible, there is a ton of det [...]

    20. I think I need a glass of wine. This book was the closest I came to DNF. I made it to about 30% and had to skim the rest just to get through. I couldn't stand this book and didn't like any of the characters. Muse was weak, clueless, and too dependent upon EVERYONE all the damn time. All this "you don't know what I'm made of" shit throughout the book and I'm wondering if she even knew. Add in two alpha males and a mix of insta-love and poof, a recipe for disaster. None of this shit made any sense [...]

    21. ARC from Netgalley, thank you very much.I read the first 40% of the book fairly quickly. The story flowed well and was not uninteresting. But that was pretty much it from there on. The plot never picked up for me after that. I did not particularly like Muse, she behaved too much like a victim for me. The kick-ass heroine, that I was hoping for, never emerged. She ended up in this love-hate-triangle with two pretty much interchangeable guys, who in turn asked her for trust and then betrayed her f [...]

    22. BTV is good UF, it goes stright to the point without nonsense and shit. The MC is a badass and the two guys are exactly what a UF fan needs.

    23. Buddy read with the Wednesday UF Group of BB&B.Nope, I wasn't wrong in my original rating. In fact I would like to rate it even higher now but alas there's no more stars to give :( Muse is an awesome character but it takes a while for her to reach her potential so if you're thinking of DNFing this book because she comes off a bit too weak and naive here just give the next book a try, okay? I promise she improves and by the time this series ends she's one hell of a badass. The thing I like mo [...]

    24. Beautiful cover! I really enjoyed Pippa's writing style and loved Muse. Some books just appeal to you from the very first chapter and that's what happened to me with Beyond the Veil. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more ❤️

    25. DNF @ 70% because Muse and I aren't seeing eye to eye and I can't for the life of me muster the energy to care.

    26. Half demon, half human hybrid Charlie has lived her life as a slave to Demon kind. With a price on her head, her only benefactor has been the Demon Prince of Greed. She finds herself on a run with hell hounds hot on her trail. Rescued by another half breed, Charlie discovers lies and betrayal come at a devastating cost.I was very excited to read this new Urban Fantasy, Beyond the Veil. Awesome cover, excellent synopsis, it had all the makings of an incredible read. Quite honestly, I was 100% on [...]

    27. After years of being passed around from one demon to another, Charlie (Muse) who is a half demon has managed to gain her freedom. But demons don't give up their possessions willingly and she finds herself once again battling for her life. Beyond the Veil doesn't have the strongest start. For the first 30% I wasn't feeling much love and probably could have walked away without any regrets. But it improves dramatically and by the halfway mark I found myself eager to see how it all ended. The men in [...]

    28. 3 stars.Uf, there were so many good things and so many things that didn't work for meThings I liked:The premise- Our heroine, Muse, is a half human/half demon. In a demon world halfies are considered to be monstrosities, abnormal and just wrong. Demons despise them with a heat of thousand suns. Muse was hated and abused plaything of another demon before Akil saved her. Story opens with Muse, in a human world, trying to blend in. She is working as a blacksmith, because she has special connection [...]

    29. After loving the prequel, Wings of Hope, I couldn't wait to see what would happen to Muse now that she had escaped from hell and her demon owner. Beyond the Veil picks up the story about five years later, Muse is now living in the human realm and working as a blacksmith using the fake name Charlie. She has completely suppressed her demon half and does her best to just blend in with the human population and live her life completely under the radar. Things change when an assassin turns up at her w [...]

    30. The first in Miss DaCosta's Veil series, Beyond the Veil has a cinematic feel to it. While reading, I could see the action as if it was on a big screen and I was settled in a comfy theater seat--middle of the row, first row after the aisle behind the front section, with a cherry ICEE and a small popcorn, extra butter. (What? I'm particular about my movie-going experience, okay?) I guess in a pinch it would work as a TV show or miniseries. But on a network classier than Syfy. (Sorry for the shade [...]

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