The Hallow

The Hallow When James and his roommate Vance stumble home drunk they find a young woman lying on their couch Without a word she walks into James s room lies down on his bed and dies After that nothing is th

  • Title: The Hallow
  • Author: Keith Deininger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When James and his roommate Vance stumble home drunk, they find a young woman lying on their couch Without a word, she walks into James s room, lies down on his bed, and dies After that, nothing is the same The streets, James discovers on his walks to and from the grocery store, are forlorn and empty His roommate, despite his loud and reckless nature, begins spending aWhen James and his roommate Vance stumble home drunk, they find a young woman lying on their couch Without a word, she walks into James s room, lies down on his bed, and dies After that, nothing is the same The streets, James discovers on his walks to and from the grocery store, are forlorn and empty His roommate, despite his loud and reckless nature, begins spending an unusual amount of time in his room with the door locked, strange shuffling sounds coming from within And his new girlfriend, the cute and free spirited Allie, may know about what s happening than she lets on, and she s about to take James on a surreal, drug fueled journey to see the Hallow and the horrors it has unleashed

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    1. Keith Deininger writes some seriously trippy fiction, if he doesn't live in the smoky confines of a wigwam in a hippy commune then he really ought to consider moving. The Hallow is a cracking novella, full of intrigue, magic mushrooms and to be honest, even if I read it again, I still don't think I'd fully get it. It's that kind of read, there was no resolution or reason but it kind of fit perfectly and I really enjoyed it, in fact it's my favourite so far from Mr Deininger. A little bit creepy [...]

    2. Keith Deininger's newest novella from DarkFuse, THE HALLOW, was one that I enjoyed and appreciated more the longer I thought about it. Seen through the eyes and actions of our main character, James, this story is surreal in almost every conceivable way.James lives a monotonous existence, working day-to-day at a menial job, and living with Vance--his roommate who seems to have no discernible job other tun to grow or supply hallucinogenic drugs. Their evenings are typically spent in a drink and dr [...]

    3. Review of The Hallow by Keith Deininger The Hallow by Keith Deininger is another trippy adventure from an author who should never do drugs, because he's already really far out there. One mushroom trip away from psychosis, The Hallow is a novella that I could read half a dozen times, enjoy every one of them, and still not be entirely certain what just happened. As always the writing is superb and the only thing I have to complain about is the fact that before Keith Deininger, I could swear that I [...]

    4. 4.5*I received an E-arc from Darkfuse Publishing in exchange for an honest review. James comes home drunk one night and finds a woman in his house, she goes through to his bedroom and dies shortly after they discover her. Once they get rid of her body, James starts to notice odd changes to his neighbourhood and to his roommate who has taken to staying in his room instead of being his usual outgoing self.At a party, James meets Allie who takes him to a place where a huge tree stands, the Hallow. [...]

    5. I purposely waited a couple of days to review Keith Deininger's The Hallow. I wanted what I had just read to sink in; to chew on it and roll it around. The Hallow is a trippy, drug-induced journey into the life of James after his car breaks down and he has to resort to walking everywhere. He begins to notice strange things that he never noticed while driving the same streets. His roommate Vance and him stumble home one afternoon drunk and discover a strange girl in their house. She gets up and g [...]

    6. This was the fifth book I have read by Keith. Took a while for me to write a review, hard to do without giving away to much. The story main character is James. A twenty six year old collage dropout. Who lives with a roommate named Vance and has a girl friend named Allie. It starts out he sees this woman with dark black straight hair by the bus stop looking for something. After drinking beers and shots at the house he goes for a ride. Comes back to find the dark haired girl on their couch. She ge [...]

    7. Take James, Allie, Vance, and a mysterious dead girl, pop a few mouthfuls of magic mushrooms and wash it all own with a half dozen tequila shots and what you have is The Hallow by Keith Deininger.This is a trippy ride. It could be a ghost story, or a mystery, or it could just be the mushrooms. There is an underlining sense of darkness here and a progressive feeling of uneasiness as the story moves along. While it never completely brought these feelings out into the light for me, I nevertheless f [...]

    8. Keith Deininger's THE HALLOW is a quiet, psychedelic story of the world slipping out of place. Early on, James and girlfriend, Allie, discuss the end of the world and how they think it will happen - a viral outbreak, a meteor crashing into Earth, a zombie plague. Allie warns him that when the end comes, it'll be subtle, and that most won't even know that it's happened. As this short novella progresses, we get hints that the end has, in fact, come and that Allie knows more than she has let on. De [...]

    9. Another well written, thought provoking novella from Keith Deininger. Sometimes I wonder if Keith has the ability to remember his drug dreams and his books are the result. It may be easier than trying to make sense out of some of them at times. I feel like I may have missed a variable or two and that may indeed be the casebut I also seem to be right on the edge of grasping what Keith was trying to project. As another reviewer said, if it had just been a little bit longerbut that's OK. The writin [...]

    10. The Hallow by Keith DeiningerJanuary 15 to January 17, 2015(Read twice)Dark Fuse pre-released readWelllet's see. When I saw the cover of this book, I thought “OK!! A big tree with a vortex!! I LOVE it!!”d then I read it once and thought to myself, “Hmm, that did not make any sense to me.” After about 24 hours I decided to read the novella again, you know, give it another try, because probably it was just something I missed. So I read it again and I really did not miss much, but I think I [...]

    11. The Hallow, the latest offering from Keith Deininger, is subtly hallucinogenic. Drugs play a significant role but they are not the sole cause of the shifting reality; in fact, they may be masking the true scope of the decaying landscape that James is trapped in.Keith Deininger has in a short time proved himself a master of surreal weird fiction, and The Hallow continues that tradition. I was struck mostly by the realistic details of the story. James is one of the working poor. He has a dead end, [...]

    12. James is kind of a loser. He’s a college dropout, works a dead-end menial job, and more or less spends free time getting drunk or high. Things begin to take on a sinister feel when he notices a young woman at a bus stop while driving home after work. His brief glimpse suggests she is behaving strangely and the image of her behavior is unsettling. He hasn’t seen anything yet, though, until he and his roommate come home one evening and find the young woman sitting silently in their living room [...]

    13. This is the story of James. He lives with his best friend Vance and has a beautiful girlfriend, Allie. One day James sees a woman in the park, then she turns up at their house on their sofa. She gets up, and walks to James' bedroom, lays down and dies. Soon after, Allie takes him to a massive tree she calls The Hallow. From then on Vance stays in his room most of the time, making odd shuffling noises, and things around James start to get really odd.This is another trippy, mind F@@k type story th [...]

    14. I'm really not sure exactly what was going on here, but whatever it was, it was compelling. Keith definitely writes weird and surreal fiction, and it doesn't always work for me, but this one did. James has a dead-end job and a "slacker" existence and a roommate with whom he does a fair amount of recreational drugs. Once his car breaks down he starts having to walk everywhere, and things begin to change, triggered by a woman he sees just before his car breaks down.It's never really clear how much [...]

    15. There's just something about Keith's writing that leaves me feeling disconnected. Almost like I'm on an acid trip. My skin doesn't just crawl, my whole body does, and quite frankly, it just freaks me out. Not a bad thing, but not something I want to experience often. For me that's the problem. I have all of Keith's books, but I only read one or two a year. When I do read his stories I can't relax, because I'm afraid I'll fall asleep and start dreaming about what I've read. I can read the bloodie [...]

    16. I want to be honest.I've read The New Flesh, Marrow's Pit and Ghosts of Eden by this author and enjoyed them all.Plenty of creativity and originality,good stuff.This one is a total weird story and it's not a bad thing,obviously it shows that this author is not afraid of the critic's or reader's opinions,he writes what he wants to write and I appreciate that.In the other handI'm still scratching my head.I don't know what I've read,it's not dull or boring but I can't say I enjoyed it.So this time [...]

    17. Confusing nightmare of a novella, I liked it for its imagery, definitely worth a reread but need to read this in one sitting without interruption.

    18. Very well written. Mushrooms, a beautiful woman, a dead woman, tripping. Still scratching my head. I'll have to give it another go.

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