Richard III: A Ruler and his Reputation

Richard III A Ruler and his Reputation For many Richard III is an obsession the Richard III Society has a huge membership and Shakespeare s Histories have contributed to if not his popularity certainly his notoriety Now with the disco

  • Title: Richard III: A Ruler and his Reputation
  • Author: David Horspool
  • ISBN: 9781620405093
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For many, Richard III is an obsession the Richard III Society has a huge membership, and Shakespeare s Histories have contributed to, if not his popularity, certainly his notoriety Now, with the discovery of Richard III s bones under a parking lot in Leicester, England, interest in this divisive and enigmatic figure in British history is at an all time high It is a compFor many, Richard III is an obsession the Richard III Society has a huge membership, and Shakespeare s Histories have contributed to, if not his popularity, certainly his notoriety Now, with the discovery of Richard III s bones under a parking lot in Leicester, England, interest in this divisive and enigmatic figure in British history is at an all time high It is a compelling story to scholars as well as general readers, who continue to seek out the kind of strong narrative history that David Horspool delivers in this groundbreaking biography of the king.Richard III dispassionately examines the legend as well as the man to uncover both what we know of the life of Richard, and the way that his reputation has been formed and re formed over centuries But beyond simply his reputation, there is no dispute that the last Plantagenet is a pivotal figure in English history his death signaled the end of the War of the Roses, and, arguably, the end of the medieval period in England and Horspool s biography chronicles this tumultuous time with flair.This narrative driven and insightful biography lays out a view of Richard that is fair to his historical character and to his background in the medieval world Above all, it is authoritative in its assessment of a king who came to the throne under extraordinary circumstances.

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    1. It was inevitable that the rediscovery of Richard III's bones in Leicester in 2012 would result in a wave of new titles about England's most controversial king cashing in on the public interest. But this is one of the more balanced looks at Richard III I've ever read (and as a card-carrying member of the Ricardian Society I've read a few!) - and for that alone I have nothing but praise for David Horspool. For good or bad almost all biographies of Richard III tend to look at his life and reign th [...]

    2. I love reading about the Wars of the Roses and have a particular interest in Edward IV and Richard III. I am most definitely a Ricardian so I wanted to see what David Horspool wrote about his rule and his reputation. I think he provided a good argument for and against and presented many points across from medieval times and from today. I would give this five stars except sometimes I couldn't keep up with his writing and had to re-read paragraphs before I realised what he was saying. There could [...]

    3. A book on Richard the III, last English king to die in battle and first English king to be dug up from a Parking lot, should not be so boring. Richard III has been so boring. I had hoped this would be a more exciting bio, but it had no narrative and felt like reading a research paper. I still think Richard is awesome, and I look forward to a newer bio by Chris Skidmore coming out next year.

    4. The major thing I took away from Horspool's account of the life of Richard III is just how little is known of the man for certain, especially his early life. There are large gaps and even the brief years of his kingship are documented for the most part in court correspondence and the surviving opinions of others recorded in letters. So much about Richard is therefore informed speculation and the near blank canvas has allowed others to put words and deeds into his mouth, notably William Shakespea [...]

    5. This was ok - there wasn't much new here and no new ground was broken. The ending was interesting because of the discovery of Richard's body - I have read lots on the WofR and Richard III; until this book I did not know that the painting of him that is on the cover (it's the one everyone knows-if you know anything about RIII) is not contemporary! Ha!

    6. I think this book was pretty impartial but also a little disheartening - he makes a pretty good case that Richard was no worse than any other powerful noble of his day, and maybe a little better than some. That is not very inspiring, especially if you've always been something of a Ricardian He doesn't have much new to bring forward other than an interesting focus on Richard's changing reputation. He suggests that Richard was not popular in his day with his own powerful class, which is why despit [...]

    7. I need a better biography. This is set up like a dissertation and doesn't flow well at all. I don't know much about the Wars of the Roses and Horspool assumed that I do.

    8. 'The role of chance, the sense that nine times out of ten, events would have taken a different course, is perhaps the main element in the 'mystery' of Richard III.'Well, couldn't you say the same thing about anyone's life? This vague, non-committal take on one of England's most controversial kings is both its strength as a history and its weakness as a reading experience. Horspool is keen to remind us that most of what we know about him is from myth, and that there is little available to know fr [...]

    9. Extremely even handed biography of one of England's most controversial, and topical, kings. David Horspool covers Richard's life from its shadowy beginning, through the usurpation and defeat at Bosworth, and even delves into his after life as a Shakespearean villain and the most famous resident of a carpark ever seen in history. The great strength of the book is that Horspool appears to be no ardent Ricardian; he is happy to acknowledge the last Plantagenet monarch's weaknesses and his probable [...]

    10. Solid, reasonably balanced assessment of the King and his time. Covered Richard's entire life as opposed to focusing solely on the "Princes in the Tower" whodunit. Also had a bit to say about how his reputation went down and up after he was killed. The relatively brief section on the discovery of his skeleton and last year's burial was very interesting. The author periodically interspersed quotes from period English. Most of the time that worked but when too much was concentrated in the same sec [...]

    11. King Richard III has always been an interesting historical figure and I've read much about him. This book is very neutral in it's opinion of Richard III while pointing to evidence of the likeliness of the crimes of which history has accused him. It appears that Horspool left no stone unturned. I very much enjoyed the book and the style of the author.

    12. Wow. This was tremendous fun. It seemed well-researched. The author can't really be painted as a pro-Ricardian, but he did attempt balance and fairness I think. The last chapter included a review of the evolution of popular and literary imaginations of Richard. Very well done, and very accessible.

    13. This is a straight forward analysis of Richard III that tries to piece together the limited record of his rise to power and how he was treated after losing power to the Tudor’s. It’s pretty slow and not quite as interesting as you would expect based on the material.

    14. Locked his nephews in the TowerTo usurp their claim to power.Two years later he was deadFrom hard sword blows to the head.Much, much later he was foundUnder parking lotted ground.

    15. This is, I believe, the best Richard III biography out there & as objective as it gets when it comes to a topic where personal beliefs can so easily cloud judgement of basic facts.

    16. Brilliant and balanced view of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III.Well written and readable.Highly recommended.

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