The Mental Case

The Mental Case The Mental Case is a novel about law firm money and a law firm death And about a missing child and a parent s frantic search Join Thaddeus Murfee back in Chicago and around the world in his stranges

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  • Title: The Mental Case
  • Author: John Ellsworth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Mental Case is a novel about law firm money and a law firm death And about a missing child and a parent s frantic search Join Thaddeus Murfee, back in Chicago and around the world, in his strangest case yet a man whose plastic character changes, comes and goes, like the proverbial will o the wisp Ansel Largent has been a founder and managing partner of a large ChicaThe Mental Case is a novel about law firm money and a law firm death And about a missing child and a parent s frantic search Join Thaddeus Murfee, back in Chicago and around the world, in his strangest case yet a man whose plastic character changes, comes and goes, like the proverbial will o the wisp Ansel Largent has been a founder and managing partner of a large Chicago law firm for two decades He is respected Ferocious in the courtroom but a winner with the jury Happy at home with wife Libby, a stroke victim Happy at the office with Melinda, a married woman with a special interest in him Ansel has fathered two sons and loves them both dearly Then Ansel s law firm is horrified by two shocking crimes the trust account has been embezzled 2 hundred million has vanished And full partner Suzanne Fairmont has been found dead in her office Whether her death is a homicide or suicide is immediately disputed And an even greater shock Ansel suspects his son David of the embezzlement and wonders if there might also be a connection to Suzanne s sudden death Thaddeus meets Ansel inside a Mexico jail where both are lodged for crimes committed at the border Will Thaddeus agree to defend Ansel Does it matter that Ansel has a 50,000 retainer taped to his body It is the ultimate test for Ansel, who above all others in the firm wears the mantle of his partners trust Do you cover up for your child when a crime has occurred Do you risk your own freedom and reputation for your family, even when you believe deep down it is wrong Would you forsake it all for your loved one Thaddeus is struck speechless at the outcome of his trickiest murder trial yet He is left with no sense of what comes next and where his client might expect to spend the rest of his life and with whom The conclusion is shocking The author respectfully asks that you reveal the ending to no one, so all may read and enjoy for themselves If you like Reacher, the Lincoln Lawyer, Jake Brigance and Paul Madriani, you will love this Thaddeus Murfee crime thriller Five Star Review Already John Ellsworth s name is mentioned with Lee Child, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and Steve Martini when critics talk about legal crime fiction Five Star Review Every bit as good as Grisham Superb characterization, suspense, drama Five Star Review Ansel Largent novel categories include Legal Thrillers Crime Thrillers Legal Suspense Lawyer Mysteries Crime Fiction Mystery Series Romance Suspense

    One thought on “The Mental Case”

    1. I had high hopes for this book, but they were dashed. I kept reading just to get it over since I have a hard time completely abandoning books. It sounded like it was right up my alley. The main character is an attorney, and he was going to defend another attorney. Sounds simple, but it was completely complicated. My one-word emotion - unimpressed.On the plus side, and it's the only plus I can think of, is that although it is a series, it isn't necessary to have read the first five books to know [...]

    2. Sadly, my enjoyment of Thad Murfee is fading fast. The prior novel in this series and this one haven’t measured up to the first four.Like the prior two books in the series, this one jumps all over the place at the start, setting up several story lines. That hopping around made it hard to latch onto the flow of any of them. Also as in those earlier books, Thad gets less ‘face time’ than other characters in other storylines. Readers – especially this reader – want to see the main charact [...]

    3. "A Fast And Furious Thriller"This is another winning novel for John Ellsworth. This story is dynamic with a shocking ending. There is always something to learn about court maneuvers. Here you also learn about mental disorders. If you enjoy legal thrillers, The Mental Case will not disappoint you. Highly recommend.

    4. The book seemed to be about 2 different stories, but they were beautifully connected. The ending was a total surprise, I won't tell you more. Murfee did his usual legal tricks and saved the day, even surviving his client's trickery.

    5. Appropriate title!Makes one wonder if there are any ethical people left in the justice system on either side of the border. Still an interesting story . Fast paced and a plot with surprises.

    6. Excellent SuspenceThis may sound strange, but what I liked about the book is the main character Thaddeus was out smarted at the end. I never saw that coming!

    7. Mental Case is a winnerI now have a new favorite author. These books are great , a fun read. Now for next book. Great

    8. BifurcationFascinating read. Begins as two stories. Will let you find out the rest. I loved it. Surprising ending you will have to read to find out.

    9. Fun readingA very amusing story with several interesting twists and a completely unpredictable ending. This is all I have to say.

    10. The Mental Case is a novel about law firm money and a law firm death. And about a missing child and a parent's frantic search. Join Thaddeus Murfee, back in Chicago and around the world, in his strangest case yet 14a man whose plastic character changes, comes and goes, like the proverbial will-o-the-wisp. Ansel Largent has been a founder and managing partner of a large Chicago law firm for two decades. He is respected. Ferocious in the courtroom but a winner with the jury. Happy at home with wif [...]

    11. House of MirrorsThis is book seven of the Thaddeus Murfee series, and Thad continues to evolve. He still doesn't always make good choices, as evidenced by his attempt to smuggle a handgun into Mexico, resulting in his arrest on a felony charge that could lead to serving decades in a Mexican prison. But while there, he meets another attorney from Chicago, Ansel Largent, managing partner of an insurance defense legal firm that employs 820 attorneys. Two hundred million dollars has gone missing fro [...]

    12. A plot construct which starts a little strangely and then gets very odd as lawyer and client meet in Mexican jail, but the plot ticks along quite nicely and there is a clever twist at the end

    13. Series. I enjoy series books where the. Writer keeps the basic cast together. My Main problem did getting them in order.jabbering been an over throne road truck err for 40 yrs,,covering 48 states &5 provinces of Canada, I recognize places, towns, highways and other landmarks. I am retired since 2009. I was all over the Chicago area and lived in southern Illinois .your books s bring back memories, good and bad, of a life I enjoyed about 90%.of the time. LA to chi generally crosses Flag I use [...]

    14. Much much better!I loved the first book, the second and third were, in my opinion pretty awful. Thad was no longer a lawyer, just a multimillionaire zooming around the country trying to outrun the mob. Really? That plot line has been done to death. The Mental Case finds Thad a lawyer once again. The plot was new, refreshing and just downright GOOD! The twists and turns not only kept you guessing but was kinda funny. The ending was just perfect.Mr. Ellsworth has totally redeemed himself in my eye [...]

    15. Just finished my first John Ellsworth book and definitely not my last!I was all consumed by this book. Could hardly put it down. Can't wait to choose the next one. You asked if I found typos, and I did find several. But I've found worse. No big deal to me but realize it is to you. I appreciate that you brought it up. Now I must go to pick out my next Ellsworth read! By the way, loved your characters!

    16. This book is available for free in the Kindle Lending Library. This was a great introduction to a new author for me. I must say. book was well written and captivating. I have a thing for legal mysteries so it was appealing on that level. My only thought for improving the book relates to some plot issues that to me seemed open ended when the story concluded. Perhaps I skinned over that part or maybe it will be concluded in another book.

    17. Could have been good but it wasn't. Characters given time and importance in the beginning just disappear just like the cartel's threats against Thad. Enjoyed the first few books in the series but the last two leave the impression that Mr. Ellsworth is just trying to churn these books out as fast as he can. Disappointing.

    18. Still The heroThaddeus is still the hero in this bookt this one is a little different. He wins the war but loses the battle. I knowat's not exactly how the quote goes but it is an apt statement in this case. I enjoyed this bookbut not quite as much as the previous ones. It was enjoyable; all of Ellsworth's books are I would recommend.

    19. I just read this for the second time. I, very rarely, read a book more than once (I just have too many on the TBR piles) but started this one again, accidentally. Even though I soon realized it wasn't a new story to me, I couldn't put it down! I really have come to like the Thaddeus Murfee series!

    20. I found this book interesting because in my 60s I was diagnosed as bipolar--why not before that? I have taken lithium carbonate twice a day ever since, and see a mental health professional twice a year. That is a different medication than what our hero takes. He is a lawyer, but has to be represented by another lawyer when he is accused of murder.

    21. Fun Read with a TwistInteresting characters. Surprise twist at the end. All in all very satisfying read that made me anxious to read other books in the series, beginning with the first.

    22. John Ellsworth has done it again!I just can't get enough of this author, You won't be able to put this book down. I've read everything this author has written and still want more, I like his work as much as Stewart Woods. Got go so I can start the next book.

    23. This is book #6 of the Thaddeus Murfee series and it's my favorite so far. There are some plot twists and surprises that make this a very fun read. If you like legal thrillers give this series a shot.

    24. Great bookEnjoyed it very much. Well written with several twists that keep you guessing right to the end - in fact to the last page. Unusual and difficult to do with someone who reads mystery thrillers a lot. Thanks. Looking forward to reading more of your books.

    25. Awsome a real page Turner I have give all your five books 5*****This book and the other 4 book I read by him are real page turners. However in this book it gets a little bit on the kinky near the end. I would rate this PG but R.

    26. Good explanation of legal and mental health issuesAuthor seems very knowledgeable about law procedures as well a mental health services and symptoms and wove them into a Surprise ending.

    27. Fantastic I didn't see the end comeingI'm not wordy An excellent book with intriguing characters A unique story unlike any I've read. I wanted it to go on and on. I've enjoyed this writer immensely. I will be reading more

    28. Another great bookI have read several of John Ellsworth's books and have never been disappointed. I especially like the Thaddeus Murfee series. I enjoy the courtroom drama and the interesting plot twists. Moving on to the next

    29. A legal thriller and an excellent example of the genre. The first book I have read by this author and I will read more.

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