Life in Prison: Eight Hours at a Time

Life in Prison Eight Hours at a Time After years of struggle and despite several modest recording and publishing deals in the United Kingdom Australia and The United States Robert Reilly found himself broke and on the edge of desp

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  • Title: Life in Prison: Eight Hours at a Time
  • Author: Robert Reilly
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After 13 years of struggle, and despite several modest recording and publishing deals in the United Kingdom, Australia, and The United States, Robert Reilly found himself broke and on the edge of despair The specter of success in the music business had become a monster about to ruin his marriage and turn him into the sort of father who never saw his children Something haAfter 13 years of struggle, and despite several modest recording and publishing deals in the United Kingdom, Australia, and The United States, Robert Reilly found himself broke and on the edge of despair The specter of success in the music business had become a monster about to ruin his marriage and turn him into the sort of father who never saw his children Something had to change, or something was going to break beyond repair A chance conversation with a neighbor led him to apply, somewhat halfheartedly, for a job at the county prison Although he hated the thought of a real job, a regular salary of 40,000 with benefits and paid time off seemed like a small fortune Amazingly, I somehow got hired So, in an effort to do the right thing and put my family first, I left the madness of the music industry and entered the insanity of the U S prison system In this gripping nonfiction account, Robert Reilly provides a look inside America s prison system unlike any other, and the way it affects not only the prisoners themselves, but also the corrections officers and their families.

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    1. Another prison book to help me flesh out my understanding of our prison system. This one was written by Robert Reilly an English immigrant who had to give up a floundering music career to provide for his growing family. He became a prison guard for 7 years in both PA and Maine, his first "real job".He did a great job of taking the reader inside the prison and giving us an unvarnished look at the inmates, the other guards, and the environment. When Robert entered the system, he was a respectful m [...]

    2. I found this story very well told. It begins in a very dramatic fashion and makes you want to know more. It has moments of both heartbreak and humor and the voice of the author lets you hear the frustration with the system as he experienced it. Having once worked as a corrections officer myself (albeit on a smaller scale at a local jail) I found it very true to life. Leadership, both good and bad, can really make a difference in that kind of setting. As can dealing with challenging co-workers. I [...]

    3. This is an amazing book that describes life as a corrections officer. The good, the bad and the ugly. The author did a great job describing the different prisons, different inmates (using aliases) and the things he saw and experienced for many years on the job. Some funny, some sad, some scary or horrifying. Plus the author includes some pretty sad statistics about "prison companies" who run prisons as profitable corporations and it is NOT in their best interest to rehab the prisoners. This is a [...]

    4. interesting book as told from a prison guards point of view from working in the corrections system for many years.

    5. I may add more to this review at a later dateI gave this book 4 stars not because it is written particularly well, but more because it gets so much right. Reading Rob Reilly's thoughts was disturbingly like reading my own. American Corrections is the same, whether in Pennsylvania, Maine, or Michigan. What makes this book unique is the perspective from which it is written. Most books detailing corrections in America are written from academic, administrative, and/or political positions far removed [...]

    6. I just finished this book last night. . .I wrote my first review for today, never have done that before.This book hit so close to home but yet was so enlightening to me. Many books have been written from the prisoner's point of view. This is the first book I've read written from the correction officer's point of view. It's not so pretty. My husband was a corrections officer in a county jail, granted, not as big as what Mr. Reilly was dealing with, but yet some of the same situations. My husband [...]

    7. An eye-opener!Author Robert Reilly gives anyone reading his book, a first-hand look at prison-life, both from the point of view as a warden, and to a lesser degree, from the point of view as a prisoner and he tells it like it is, sugar-coating nothing, whether one wishes to hear about the problems facing both prisoners and the prison system, alike, or not! A real eye-opener to the short-comings of what prisons do provide (as opposed to what they could provide) and an even greater eye-opener as [...]

    8. Another PerspectiveAs a person who has worked with several facets of the criminal justice system, I always look for different perspectives on the system. The title caught my eye as I never really though of the corrections job in that manner. This book takes a hard look at prison from a corrections officer perspective and raises some thought provoking questions.

    9. From the guards point if viewAs a watcher of Locked Up on TV, this book tells about prison life from the guard's side. Maybe we need a TV show depicting the other side. A real eye opener about the state of our prisons. A good read from a guard that really seemed to care about the prisoners.

    10. I really enjoyed this book which is unlike anything I've ever read. It was really well written and I was riveted every step of the way. It was a real, unapologetic look at what the American prison system is like for a prison guard and it wasn't pretty. I would recommend this book to anyone - even if you don't think you would like a non-fiction novel.

    11. Totally enjoyed this book! I felt like I was right there with him throughout the whole story. An excellent writer! I would certainly reread. I'm going to check to see if he has written anything else and would like to read it.

    12. Disturbing material about an institution that I never want my family or me to see, but interesting and well-written.

    13. Excellent portrayalThe writing is excellent and the facts, I believe, are accurate. Glad the author escaped. Enjoy your family and happiness!

    14. I enjoyed reading this. Whether it's entirely factual or not -- well, I'm not sure? But it was interesting to have an artist's perspective on being a prison guard, and it was really nicely written.

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