Shattered This book contains adult content with strong sexual scenes and language It for A year has passed since she has returned from Italy and finally Kate is reunited with the love of her life For so lo

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  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: JenniferBurrows
  • ISBN: 9781503095311
  • Page: 220
  • Format: ebook
  • This book contains adult content with strong sexual scenes and language It for 18 A year has passed since she has returned from Italy, and finally, Kate is reunited with the love of her life For so long, she had no idea whether he was dead or alive, and now in what seems like an instant, it is as if they have been together forever Things seem to perfect She and Tony aThis book contains adult content with strong sexual scenes and language It for 18 A year has passed since she has returned from Italy, and finally, Kate is reunited with the love of her life For so long, she had no idea whether he was dead or alive, and now in what seems like an instant, it is as if they have been together forever Things seem to perfect She and Tony are inseparable, her best friend Kendall has accepted their relationship, and Italy seems like a distant blur.But unbeknownst to Kate, cartel boss Matteo Bertalucci has escaped and is nowhere to be found Tony is all too aware how dangerous is cousin is, and has hired security detail to keep Kate safe He stops at nothing to make certain that Matteo can never get to her again.The day following what may be the best day of their lives together, Kate goes missing, presumably at the hands of Tony s nefarious cousin The race is on to find Kate and save her from the evil green eyed monster, a man bent on making everyone who had a hand in ruining his empire pay with their lives.Will Tony be able to save Kate before it s too late Or will Matteo successfully destroy both of them and shatter the life they worked so hard to create

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    1. It has been a year since Kate got back from Italy. She was taken hostage and held by Matteo a very evil man. He is also the cousin of Tony who is Kate's soul mate. Kate thought Tony was dead and she was glad when he returned. he had been recovering from a gunshot wound trying to save Kate. Matteo has not been caught and the word is he wants to take Tony down. How else to get to Tony but through Kate. Tony puts bodyguards on Kate 24/7 to keep her safe. They continue their relationship with many u [...]

    2. Kate and Tony endured so much while in Italy. It has been a year since she returned to New York, yet the nightmares still haunt her. She is now back with Tony, but not knowing where or how he was for so long, has really taken a toll on her.They are now together and family and friends are making things easier for them. Tony is still paranoid and wants to make sure Kate is safe, so he hires security to keep an eye on her 24/7. She is a very independent woman, so this coupled with Tony’s penchant [...]

    3. Shattered is the second book in the Surrender trilogy by Jennifer Burrows.After a long year of being separated, Tony and Kate are reunited and more in love than ever. Kate continues to suffer from panic and anxiety, but Tony's love makes it go away. Tony is intent on keeping Kate safe from the evil that is his cousin, Matteo, who is a sadistic cartel boss. However, his evil knows no bounds and Kate and Tony are in for the fight of their life. This book is filled with so much drama, action and su [...]

    4. I loved the first book Surrender by Jennifer Burrows, but this one was equally as good. Tony and Kate are together and having a relationship. But then Kate gets took and has to be strong again, to survive. I love Kate and Tony, theirs is a complicated but grown up relationship. They have been through difficult situations in their past individually and together and that makes me love them as a couple more. So it breaks me to see that they do not get their hea just yet. However, that is not to say [...]

    5. Love it!! Can I get the next book? Plleeaassee!! Love me a sexy read that has me absolutely glued to my kindle till the very end! Wow!! That ending had my jaw hitting the ground! And those steamy, hot scenes are oh so yummy! I will say this If you scare easily, this isn't for you because this book is not for the faint of heart my friends!! With that being said, I am always down for a dig-in-your-nails kinda read! Loved it!!!

    6. I found this book to be a hard one to read and review due to the subject matter and the abuse. The main characters, Tony and Kate, have survived with their lives after the first book in this series Surrender, but without each other. Kate returns to her home in the USA and Tony is missing in action for a while. They finally find each other, have a wonderful reunion and then Kate goes missing.Tony evil cousin Matteo has a vendetta against Tony, and repeatedly has his way with Kate to get his reven [...]

    7. Kate is back in NY and trying hard to go on with her life. But life just isnt the same. Now that she has met Tony she knows that there is so much more out there. Once he feels that it is safe he returns to her side, where he belongs. But of course for them life isnt easy and Matteo once again rears his ugly head and tries to do his best to detroy them.I was once again caught up in the story and turned from page to page to get more. I was so unhappy once I realized that the story was coming to an [...]

    8. The story is told through from Katherine’s and Tony’s points of view, but also through the eyes of an American FDA agent, named Daniel Thompson and he is very dedicated and seems to be honourable. He and his Italian compatriot, Agent Andreo Manchetti are investigating a cartel and that is connection to the Bertalucci family. The story is full of twists and turns, and has a villain that can make you fill the chill. He is completely psychotic, and his identity is a total shock. i don't want to [...]

    9. Another Great read by Ms. Burrows. This book has suspense and heartache and everything in between. The ending well, she already knows she has really left us hanging with this one. I know I for one will be more than ready when the rest of Tony and Kates story will be told. You will never be sorry when you read a Jennifer Burrows book. Shattered did just what the title says, it left me shattered at the end.

    10. The title Shattered is definitely what it is! I was surprised with twists and turns, tensions, anxiety, love and mystery. I was full of emotions while reading including love, hate, anger, pain, sorrow, tears and happiness. Jennifer Burrows definitely keeps you interested and on edge of your seat to the end. What a cliffhanger. I am shattered and can't believe the ending, tears and more tears. Cant wait to read Saved and see how the story will unfold.

    11. OMG this book was everything. I can't wait for book #3.I was on the edge of my seat, biting my names and just waiting. For a minute I didn't know if I would have survive to see how this book ends but I did.Suspenseful, hopeful, heart wrenching read. I loved every minute of it.Jennifer is wonderful.

    12. Heart wrenchingThere's so much emotion in this book, I'm torn by Tony's reaction. But I admire the strength that Kate has to persevere and continue fighting for her life. Matteo is the most evil and vile person imaginable. This book had a lot of great characters and lots of action to keep you turning pages.

    13. ShatteredWow. Loved the story of Kate and Tony. Keeps you on edge of sheet. Absolutely loved it. Everyone n e should read. Can't wait for next installment Jennifer Burrows is awesome

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