Black Magic Man

Black Magic Man In the village of La Souf Jean Louis is known as Black Magic Man but his feats of magic as a sorcerer are nothing compared to the abilities he keeps hidden from human eyes Jean Louis is under the tu

  • Title: Black Magic Man
  • Author: Ju Ephraime
  • ISBN: 9780989561556
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the village of La Souf, Jean Louis is known as Black Magic Man, but his feats of magic as a sorcerer are nothing compared to the abilities he keeps hidden from human eyes Jean Louis is under the tutelage of a Master Magician, and telepathy is only one of his many talents It s a talent that leads him to beautiful, sensual Solange Esnard, who instantly triggers all JeIn the village of La Souf, Jean Louis is known as Black Magic Man, but his feats of magic as a sorcerer are nothing compared to the abilities he keeps hidden from human eyes Jean Louis is under the tutelage of a Master Magician, and telepathy is only one of his many talents It s a talent that leads him to beautiful, sensual Solange Esnard, who instantly triggers all Jean s primal urges He recognizes in Lange the spirit of his long gone love, but convincing her of that will take every bit of skill and talent he has, maybe even his death Solange has known about the powers of the Black Magic Man ever since she was a child She has no reason to believe she would attract the attention of one, especially one as powerful as Jean Louis She is happily married and loves her husband to death When she is subjected to the unwelcome attention of Jean Louis, will she be strong enough to pit her will against that of a Black Magic Man Only love, true cunning, and a bit of luck may possibly prove her successful in this battle for the one she love.

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    1. This is a an easy to read story set on the island of St Lucia and focusing on a happy loving couple, the beautiful female half of which catches the eye of a magic man, who has grown old and not practised his magic for a long time. When he did in his younger days practise the dark arts he used his magic to fulfil his sexual desires for women but those desires, like his skills, have laid dormant for many years. However, when he spots the beautiful and happily married Solange, he is captivated by h [...]

    2. This is my second read from Ju as a paranormal romance tale. I enjoyed White Magic Woman, that I was interested in reading Black Magic Man. Again this is not usually my genre, but I'm glad I found a author that writes paranormal romance that holds my attention wanting me want more. I stayed up all night because I couldn't sleep and read this book until this afternoon, needless to say I could barely put this book down. I really enjoyed Jean in this book as the main character and poor Solange torn [...]

    3. From the moment I read the blurb, I just knew I had to read Black Magic Man. It piqued my curiosity to the point, where I just had to find out what kind of powers Jean Louis possessed. Needless to say, once I began this intriguing tale, I couldn't put it down. I'd felt as if Jean Louis had me under his control or perhaps it's Ephraime's writing style that had me quickly turning the pages. You decideThe story revolves around Solange and Rupert. A newly married couple who can't keep their hands of [...]

    4. Black Magic Man was definitely something new for me. It exposed me to a world of voodoo and black magic, that I'd not come across before. That having been said, the story was not so much focused on the black magic, but more on the loving, relationship between the two main characters in this story. Set in the exotic village of La Souf on St Lucia, part of the West Indies, we meet Solange (Lange) to her friends and her husband Rupert. Newly married and deeply in love, everything seems perfect for [...]

    5. What a creative book!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I highly recommend it. I was surprised to read that the paranormal entities don't have an easy love life. The paranormal aspect of this book is fully explored with lots of creative and realistic insinuations. There's just the right amount - not too much, not too little. There's also lots of romance and sex throughout the book. It's the romantic, fun, want-to-read-more kind of romance and sex. It gets a little creepy at times,and [...]

    6. Black Magic Man has now one of my favorite books by Ju Ephraime. If you love tropical tales with a bit of romance, seduction, exoticness, and a story line that involves good vs. evil, then Black Magic Man in the book for you. From the opening, I was drawn in to the world of Solange, her husband, and Jean Louis. These characters are vividly described and I felt I was there with them as the story unfolded. Will the old temptations to practice in the dark art of magic be used once again as the Blac [...]

    7. Black Magic Man is a story of a happily married couple and how their life turns upside down just because of the entry of a Black Magic Man. Lange and Rupert are happily married and living a peaceful life on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia. Unknown of the threat looming over their heads, one day Lange was eyed by a black magic man. Despite being warned by his master in the past, Jean Louise (the black magic man) couldn’t control his intense urges of making Lange his sex slave. Not able to con [...]

    8. Black Magic Man by Ju Ephraime is an excellent paranormal romance though I should note that describing this book as paranormal romance doesn’t fully capture its complexity. Jean Louis is the Black Magic Man, known for his feats of magic but with some unknown talents as well. He is drawn to Solange as he recognizes the spirit of a lost love within her. Alas, Solange is happily married. This premise lays the groundwork for the story as we watch Jean Louis call upon his powers to persuade Solange [...]

    9. I got this book and started it and couldn't put it down. This wasn't at all what I expected based off the blurb. Black Magic Man is my first book by this author so I didn't know what to expect. I've never read anything like this in the paranormal genre, but that to me is a good thing as many ideas seem a bit over-done at times. I love the relationship between Lange and Rupert, how close they are and that she didn't fall apart after the incident. (Won't spoil it.) I never once felt sorry for (Joh [...]

    10. Okay, where do I start with Black Magic Man? I’m a huge fan of the paranormal and four of my own works fall under the genre. What made Black Magic Man stand out for me was the way author Ju Ephraime wrote her characters, especially Jean Louis. I mean; are readers supposed to feel sympathy for the villain because that’s what I felt as I read this interesting book. Yes, he used his magical powers to fulfill sexual desires but when it came to Solange/Lange, he really did feel something special [...]

    11. Black Magic Man by Ju Ephraime was certainly a unique read! It was an entertaining romance filled with island voodoo and a struggle for spiritual and physical control. I could not help but pull for the sanctity of a perfect love and marriage between Lange and Rupert, despite her parents' disapproval. Their love was idealistic and mutually shared, causing the reader to root for its survival despite the evil intentions of the black magic man.The fusion of voodoo, island culture, and black magic wa [...]

    12. Black magic man is a story of Solange and Rupert, a lovely couple, who are very much in love with each other. They live in a small Caribbean island and are leading a simple but happy life. Rupert first meets Solange in his brother’s barber shop and instantly falls in love. He dare following Solange and eventually convinces her that they could be a perfect match for each other. And so it proves. Solange goes against her parents and gets married to Rupert.The day to day interaction between the c [...]

    13. A different/good ReadThis story takes place on the magical island of St. Lucia, a land where black magic is just another part of the culture. It is easy to get pulled into this wonderfully crafted well detailed story. I loved how detailed the author was in explaining everything, to give the reader a full understanding of everything especially the magic elements. There are so many things going on in the book, love, lust, romance, suspense and intrigue. Solange is happily married and in love with [...]

    14. This book is so weird, and I do mean that in a good way because once I really got into the story – I could barely put it down. I read it one day, for wanting to know what was going to happen next. I love suspense books and this one had me turning the pages as fast as I could. However, this book managed to have me question my sanity, on more than one occasion, because I found myself rooting for the Black Magic Man sometimes. I don’t know why, but I felt for him because of the way he loved Sol [...]

    15. Brilliantly Written ~ Desire Amidst Black Magic and VoodooThis book is a rich paranormal erotic romance laced heavily with treachery, desire, and lust—hunger for a forbidden woman happily married. Rich in detail, with a depth of descriptions and character development, the author leaves you longing for a positive ending for everyone. Can that be?The struggle between the Dark Forces of Evil and Good was clearly defined, yet like the game from childhood, tug-of-war, the developing story and enric [...]

    16. If you asked me in what genre I would place this book, I would be hard pressed for an answer. Going by the name and the blurb, I expected a paranormal theme, but this book is so much more. The author weaves in romance, suspense and intrigue seamlessly into her story. The characters reach out to you and at various points in the book I kept rooting for different characters, because of the circumstances and situations that they found themselves in.I couldn't decide whether Jean was good or bad, nic [...]

    17. I do like to read books by this author, and this one is another winner. Together with her signature passionate scenes, Ephraime does an incredible job portraying the villain of the story, The Black Magic Man. She introduces you to him and his black arts, in such a manner that you couldn’t help feeling for him, so by the time he gets to practice his black magic on the heroine, Lange, I was hooked on him. Maybe I’m a bit twisted, because as I eagerly turned page after page of this unusual stor [...]

    18. Great original take on the themes of passion, lust, jealousy and love-rivalry, indeed the eternal triangle of love and desire. Jean Louis, telepathic sorcerer, has his eyes on Solange Esnard, as she reminds him of his long-lost great love. He sets out to win her, no matter that she’s madly in love with her husband. Solange knows the forces she’s up against, but is determined to fight to preserve her relationship with the man she loves. But can she possibly succeed against Jean Louis, the Bla [...]

    19. Love & Lust in the CaribbeanThis sensuous tale takes place on the exotic island of St. Lucia. Part of the culture there involves Voodoo, Black Magic, and Obeah. The author weaves these practices into a story about love, obsession, and good versus evil. The main characters are Solange, her husband Rupert, and the Black Magic Man, Jean Louis. On one of his infrequent trips into the town to get supplies, Jean Louis notices Solange and immediately becomes obsessed with having her. His pursuit is [...]

    20. Exceptional read! This story has it all; lust, seduction, romance, passion, black magic, suspense, exoticness and good v/s evil. The story set in the magical island of St. Lucia, contributes to the tone of this wonderfully written paranormal story. A story of Solange, her husband, and Jean Louis and all the struggles they faced, as the interworks of their lives are unfolded. A must read with thrilling and unexpected twists and turns throughout its entirety.Amazing character development, engaging [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this passionate story. It has it all: suspense, romance, love it's a real page turner and I was hooked at the first chapter. I was lucky to have received an Advance Reader copy. Not to give out any spoilers, I highly recommend! I am looking forward to more of Author Ju Ephraime's next book. Don't miss the Black Magic Man.

    22. Black Magic Man has bits of several different genres that I enjoy reading very much. It also has bits from other genres that just don't interest me. My personal preferences made this book a little more difficult for me to get through and finish. The book well written and set in tropical St. Lucia. It is full of suspense, which is something I do love. The paranormal and/or magic/voodoo is something I am curious about by nature, and enjoyed. I don't personally enjoy many romance books or books tha [...]

    23. I feel like I read a totally different book than everyone else. There are all these glowing reviews on this novel, and it had me pumped to read Black Magic Man, but this novel fell very short for me. I didn't like a single character. The writing was not my style, I actually caught myself being bored by all the descriptions.Ex: " getting out of bed she found herself unable to stand. She was sore in a strange way; maybe all the dancing she and Rupert had done. She had not done any dancing in a whi [...]

    24. I received this book to give an honest review.I have liked this author's work since I learned of her. She has a way with pulling you into the story with talk of dark magic and islands. This story is no different than the book White Magic Woman only difference is it deals with a man. Jean Louise he is known as the Black Magic Man he has many talents but he has kind of kept a lid on his true power. When he sees a woman named Solange he is convinced she is the resemblance of a lost long lover and h [...]

    25. Even the dark ones fall, and when they do, they’ll fall hard. Jean Louis might have been a lot of things but above all, he was just a man going after a woman he wanted. Solange was married but could any woman resist the temptation of a Black Magic Man? I’ve seen this cover many times and it has intrigued me so much I simply didn’t have any choice but to read this book. So whoever designed the cover, big high five to her/him as it really does stand out from the other covers out there and wa [...]

    26. A very compelling read by Ms. Ephraime. There is an "old fashioned" story telling quality about this book, I felt like the author and I were sitting around a campfire at night and her words were drawing me in, deeper and deeper, weaving a tale that was eerie, a little frightening, and very compelling.Jean Louis, a Black Magic Man, who has let his powers lay dormant for ten years, finds his interest in life and magic invigorated when his path crosses with Soulange Esnard. His immediate attraction [...]

    27. Romantic and 'steamy' romantic is not at all my genre or something that I have explored so I went into reading this book diving into the unknown.I found it exotic and entertaining.So there is this happy house of Lange and Rupert where lots and lots of sex, simultaneous orgasms, showers and cooking takes place. And then there is that guy who spots Lange and decides he 'must have her'. The thing is that he practices the Dark Arts, he is a black magic man who uses his powers to sleep around with pr [...]

    28. Thought-provokingGot immersed in the local two-hundred population life from page one. From the book title alone, the reader should know that black magic is involved and must therefore expect an element of darkness to this paranormal erotic fiction. We get dual perspectives in this book and I actually didn't like being in Jean Louis's head at first, because it screamed "stalker."Jean finds himself attracted to Solange Esnard for strange reasons that he couldn't initially decipher. When he is conv [...]

    29. I don't usually read black magic books, but since it's also a Romance I was in Our main characters are Jean Louis(a Black Magic Man), Lange(our Heroine), and Rupert(her husband). Jean messed up years ago and lost much of his black magic power. He lives a singular life near a village. One day he sees a beautiful woman, Lange. He covets her then he dreams of her. He drives himself into a frenzy with his obsession to have her. He stalks her and is oh so jealous of her husband. In order to not spoil [...]

    30. A twisted black magic tale of obsession. That will have you on the edge waiting to see it to the very end!SoLange is a very happily married woman to her husband Rupert. Even if her parents are not happy with the thought. She thought she had it all figured out, till she ran into him one day. And everything went astray. Now she must battle a very powerful black magic man to save herself and her marriage which she holds so dearly close to her heart. Will she be able to defeat him? Or will she becom [...]

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