Some Like It Scottish

Some Like It Scottish In the delightful new Kilts and Quilts novel by the author of To Scotland with Love and Meet Me in Scotland the Real Men of Scotland are waiting And it s a match made in Gandiegow Kit Woodhouse s mat

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  • Title: Some Like It Scottish
  • Author: Patience Griffin
  • ISBN: 9780451468314
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the delightful new Kilts and Quilts novel by the author of To Scotland with Love and Meet Me in Scotland, the Real Men of Scotland are waiting And it s a match made in Gandiegow Kit Woodhouse s matchmaking business is such a success, she s expanding to the Highlands of Scotland where the hot, prosperous, and kilted are anxious to connect Now, looking to fill her staIn the delightful new Kilts and Quilts novel by the author of To Scotland with Love and Meet Me in Scotland, the Real Men of Scotland are waiting And it s a match made in Gandiegow Kit Woodhouse s matchmaking business is such a success, she s expanding to the Highlands of Scotland where the hot, prosperous, and kilted are anxious to connect Now, looking to fill her stable with eligible bachelors, Kit s arrived in Gandiegow to recruit potential Real Men of Scotland It s not until she meets her tour guide that she discovers just how real they can be With his sexy grin, jeans, and black wellies, Ramsay Armstrong is an unpolished hulk of a Scottish fisherman and a skeptic when it comes to romance Not exactly a man of pairing attributes when talking marriageable matches, but he does make Kit s heart beat a little faster Maybe it s the scent of the sea in his hair Maybe it s the challenge Maybe it s the thrill of the unexpected Then again, maybe it s love.

    One thought on “Some Like It Scottish”

    1. This was not my favorite of the Kilts and Quilts books. Kit is an American matchmaker whose business had success in Alaska. She's decided to expand into Scotland. The youngest of the Armstrong brothers is coerced into chauffeuring her around Scotland to recruit the bachelors. Ramsey resents it and does his darnedest to undermine Kit's plans. There wasn't a whole lot of depth in this one. It reminded me a little of an R-rated Doris Day movie with a madcap ride to the inevitable end. Ramsey was a [...]

    2. Some Like It Scottish, Kilts and Quilts #3, by Patience Griffin Grade: C-I usually don't pick up the third book in a series that I haven't read but I loved the premise of Some Like It Scottish so much I had to read it. Unfortunately this book did not work for me and wouldn't have even if I had read the series from the beginning. We meet Kit Woodhouse who is setting up a matchmaking business in Scotland after the success of her same business in Alaska. Everything is riding on this business deal f [...]

    3. What happens when you can't get over the fact that a main character is a total douche or did something really douchey?I like the idea of Some Like it Scottish, but I found the main male character to be such a jerkface jerk at the beginning of the story that I, found it difficult to forgive him, and if I can't forgive him how am I supposed to believe the heroine does?Ramsey, goes out of his way to destroy Kit's business because it conflicts with what he wants to do. He goes out of his way to unde [...]

    4. It's a big yawn from me for these books, I'm sorry Ms Griffin.They are incredibly boring, incredibly tedious in their poor portrayal of a Scottish village, but on the plus side, they sent me to sleep at night quickly!I won't be finishing the series.

    5. openbooksociety/article/soReview brought to you by OBS staff member AndraI could tell this would be a delightful story that would keep me wanting to truly connect and get to know Ramsay right from the beginning (who wouldn’t when the main male character is a hunky yet “cranky” Scotsman?). In the beginning I felt that good looks were all that Ramsay had to offer, but I was pleasantly surprised as his character along with his hopes and dreams were exposed. A truly good guy with depth and a s [...]

    6. Thank you to the First Reads giveaways program and Signet Eclipse for a copy of “Some Like It Scottish” by Patience Griffin. Griffin’s contemporary romance, the third in her Kilts and Quilts series, is full of sweet and funny moments. The quaint Scottish setting of Gandiegow appeals to Kit Woodhouse, an American matchmaker determined to financially support her mother and sisters after her father’s death. But her sexy chauffeur, Ramsay Armstrong, wants her to leave Scotland. He’s nearl [...]

    7. ********Thank You NetGalley for an Advanced copy of this title. Review to come soon***Kit is determined to keep her matchmaking business going so she can take care of her mother and sisters. She needs this job to put her sisters through school and help her mother, who works part time at an art gallery. Growing up, Kit's family had been rich with multiple homes, but the real estate crash decimated their family. She's in search of wealthy Scottish men to pair up with her wealthy American female cl [...]

    8. Some Like It Scottish (Kilts and Quilts #3)by Patience GriffinKit Woodhouse’s matchmaking business is such a success, she’s expanding to the Highlands of Scotland where the hot, prosperous, and kilted are anxious to connect. Now, looking to fill her stable with eligible bachelors, Kit’s arrived in Gandiegow to recruit potential Real Men of Scotland. It’s not until she meets her tour guide that she discovers just how real they can be.With his sexy grin, jeans, and black wellies, Ramsay Ar [...]

    9. Ramsey Armstrong was the youngest of the three Armstrong brothers who made their living as fishermen as their fathers before them. John, the eldest had contracted with Kit Woodhouse to drive her around Scotland collecting affluent bachelors for her American clientele to meet. The people of the village named her the matchmaker and the women were not happy about her plan.Ramsey was an easy going, breathtaking Scot who wanted to buy his own boat and begin his career. Marriage was not on his radar a [...]

    10. This is one of those books where I had to stop and think about how I wanted to rate it. It went a little slowly for me; I kept resisting the urge to skim and I definitely wasn't so overwhelmed that I couldn't put it down. At the same time, I couldn't give up on it because I loved the small town and its cast of characters. This book also hit all of my weak spots. Small town, check. Scottish men, check. Feisty heroine, check. Brooding sexy alpha, check. The overall writing was excellent, and the p [...]

    11. I visited Edinburgh in 2014 and completely fell in love with Scotland, thus, I had high hopes for enjoying this book. I gritted my teeth and finished it, but will not be looking for any more of Ms. Griffin's 'Scottish' books. I detest it when the lead female is portrayed as doing nothing but waffling back and forth, constantly misunderstanding. How could such a 'successful businesswomen' be so stupid and not catch on to Ramsey's attempts to sabotage. Had a little shade of Jane Austen's Sense &am [...]

    12. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and Books.This is the first book I've read in the series and I enjoyed it immensely. Kit, a woman burdened with responsibilities since her father's death and Ramsey a serious man who like being the twon clown. Their romance was unexected to them and it was a great struggled right to the end.This was a great read, easy to follow and with a great pace. I look forward to reading the rest of the series and hopefully Ross' romance will be included in the [...]

    13. This is really good, and a tad steamy. What happens when you bring a New York style matchmaker to Gandigow, Scotland to reel in the real men for her clients in the US? Culture shock, and plans that seem to fall awry due to the machinations of her chauffeur, Ramsey. Kit really needs to make this work to support her sisters and mother, but Ramsey has plans of his own and they don't include allowing this little bit of woman get in the way but, being thrown together for days as she searches across S [...]

    14. Another good story for this series. Kit has come to Scotland and is gathering bachelors for her dating service. The women aren't too happy that the few single men are going to be taken from them. Ramsey isn't too happy to be the tour guide for Kit and takes liberties with her efforts to sabotage her. He sees the error of his ways and makes it up to her and finds himself attracted to her.It is good to be back in Gandiegow. I love the quilting group and how they get themselves involved into everyo [...]

    15. First book I've read by this author. I love how she brought Scotland to life for me. Kit who is juggling taking care of her sisters & mother, steps off the plane in Scotland and meets Ramsay Armstrong. Sparks are flying but she can't afford to get involved with him. She needs to get her matchmaking location set up. It needs to be profitable by August so she can get the bills paid. Now Ramsay wants her gone so he can realize his dreams. It seems nothing is working out how they planned and yet [...]

    16. Patience Griffin did a wonderful story with Kit and Ramsey. You will notbe disappointed with the Kilt and Quilts series. The romance in the books gets just a little steamy and then leaves you wanting more. You fall in love with the characters and small fishing village in Scotland, this makes you feel that you are one of the villagers that lives there.Cannot wait until December for the next book. Thanks for a very good book.

    17. I just read this book and Loved it. The relationship between Ramsey and kit as great loved the dialogue. The Armstrong brothers are interesting and fun. It was fun seeing Kit trying to set up her clients with wealthy Scottish men and Ramsey trying to stop it with his brothers assistance. I would recommend this book highly. Patience Griffin paints a fun picture of a Scottish town and makes you love everything Scottish and makes you want to visit Scottland,

    18. I finished this Book 3 in her Gandiegow Kilts and Quilts series and I hope Ms. Griffin keeps this series going on a very long time! Her writing makes me laugh, cry and swoon and flicking the pages ever faster as I get deeper into the story. I don’t even mind losing sleep as I stay up into wee hours because I just can’t stop reading about the Gandiegow village folk. This wonderful love story about Ramsay and Kit is “to die for”!

    19. A matchmaker that plans to expand her business of matching Real Men with sweet heiresses in Scotland finds her plans seriously overthrown by her handsome Scottish driver slash guide. Things complicate when they fall in love.A sweet love story, definitevely making you yearn for a handsome Scottish lad for yourself :D

    20. A fun contemporary romance, between a matchmaker and a man who doesn't believe in love (at least for himself). I really enjoyed the humor throughout the book. There was plenty of passion between Kit and Ramsey, despite them starting out disliking each other. There were also some sweet side romances in the story. Nice details throughout the book.

    21. Sort of predictable but very goodI liked the Scottish customs. I especially want to find more about Scotland, particularly authentic. Romantic with a bit of comedy,it is enjoyable.

    22. This was my first book I read by this author and I am glad I did. From the first page I was hooked and it was a grand slam from there. I will be reading more by Patience Griffin and learning more Scottish terms!

    23. Couldn't even make it 100 pages. The story didn't seem to be going anywhere - just round and round the same thing. It might have been interesting and I was looking forward to reading the book. I was so disappointed.

    24. Just a bit long and in some point a bit repetitive but I liked the story of Kit and Ramsay a lot , it were very nice.

    25. Liked Book 1 well enough to read Book 2. Book 2 was OK. Hate this book. She's in love with a guy who is trying to ruin her business. He only cares about himself. How sick is that? Where is the quilting camaraderie with strong women that worked for Book 1? I'm 1/3 into the book and cannot finish it.

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