Smoky Mountain Dreams

Smoky Mountain Dreams Sometimes holding on means letting goAfter giving up on his career as a country singer in Nashville Christopher Ryder is happy enough performing at the Smoky Mountain Dreams theme park in Tennessee B

  • Title: Smoky Mountain Dreams
  • Author: Leta Blake
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes holding on means letting goAfter giving up on his career as a country singer in Nashville, Christopher Ryder is happy enough performing at the Smoky Mountain Dreams theme park in Tennessee But while his beloved Gran loves him the way he is, Christopher feels painfully invisible to everyone else Even when he s center stage he aches for someone to see the real hiSometimes holding on means letting goAfter giving up on his career as a country singer in Nashville, Christopher Ryder is happy enough performing at the Smoky Mountain Dreams theme park in Tennessee But while his beloved Gran loves him the way he is, Christopher feels painfully invisible to everyone else Even when he s center stage he aches for someone to see the real him.Bisexual Jesse Birch has no room in his life for dating Raising two kids and fighting with family after a tragic accident took his children s mother, he doesn t want than an occasional hook up He sure as hell doesn t want to fall hard for his favorite local singer, but when Christopher walks into his jewelry studio, Jesse hears a new song in his heart.

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    1. Yay! Always fun to have new Leta Blake to read! And her newest M/M romance Smoky Mountain Dreams has more angst than you can shake a stick at, just as we have come to expect from Ms. Blake.Spoilers abound in this one, so I will be purposely vague. Failed making-it-to-the-big-time country crooner Christopher Ryder meets and starts a relationship with failed-being-a-gay-man Jesse Birch, who owns and operates his own jewelry design studio. There are so many things in the path to their happily-ever- [...]

    2. Wow, that was one long story, folks!I'd have to rate the book at around 3.25 stars, with most of the story being to my liking, but other aspects not quite as much.The biggest reason that this story wasn't insta-love for me -- besides the slower pace and rather immense length -- was that it was one of those stories where life gets in the way of the MC’s spending more than a stolen moment here and there together.My very strong preference with romances is that they meet, spend lots of time togeth [...]

    3. I felt sorry for the book that followed my Red Dirt Travis and Charlie binge! But this book nailed it. A bit angstier then I prefer. But the angst was done well if that makes sense. Conflicts were resolved maturely and quickly. There were times this book made we want to bust in to tears and other times I found myself laughing. And the sex. Leta Blake can write some sex. Sex that at times errs on the side of kinky. As I go through Leta Blake's catalog of books, I'm discovering I'm a big fan. The [...]

    4. This book was quite the mixed bagd not all of it fit together. It was emotional. There were scenes where I was bawling. And scenes where my heart felt so constricted by sadness. And scenes where I wanted to cut a bitch.It was preachy. I felt like every current issue of conversation in the m/m community was covered in this book and written in a way that say "I will be as politically correct as possible and not offend anyone while bringing your attention to important topics". Bisexual vs gay-for-y [...]

    5. This book is a sneak attack of awesome! Stellar. Definitely gets 5 stars on the reread.___________________________________Rereading this one that I gave 5 stars to a couple years ago. Let's see if I still love it, cuz I sure as hell don't remember much of the details.

    6. Emotional FluxI gotta say, this one was…tricky. I was happy. I was mad. I was anxious. I was sad. And then I was sobbing. I always give bonus points for tears shed during a book. I certainly shed some here. Actually, recalling a single four-letter word will make my eyes wetill. And regardless of my niggles…that’s something.As for my complaints…~The straight-for-you twist kinda irked me. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of that dip in the plot. I get it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.~The h [...]

    7. A cozy tale to enjoy during the inhospitable months. The character interactions are the strongest part of this story. Each one is developed and imbued with their own personality and resonance. Christopher is sweet, from a homophobic, fire and brimstone family. He's a talented, but not gifted musician; Jesse is his new muse. Jesse, a single father of two who still has to bury his wife. Reformed rebel and dilettante wanting to give his children more warmth and comfort than he received. Along with [...]

    8. ​Smoky Mountain Dreams is a story of learning to heal and learning to let go of the past so you can embrace the present and the future. Jesse a gay leaning, bisexual man who comes from money and is the designer of some really beautiful custom jewelry. He's rather in limbo, though, because his wife, while not dead, isn't exactly living either, and because his wife neglected to update her healthcare paperwork after they were married, Jesse doesn't even have a say. So, he has spent the last five [...]

    9. 3.5 starsI liked it. I didn't love it, I did feel like it's missing that usual Leta Blake spark. I must reiterate I love Leta Blake both of her previous books&have been 5 star reads for me.This sex was scorching, let me tell you those pearls scene, I might need to borrow that, but it was too much of nothing for the rest. Okay I found myself wanting to put it down around 30%, it was going extremely slow. I can admit the whole description of Smoky Mountain Dreams was too freaking much. It was [...]

    10. I loved this story so much. It's at turns sweet, angsty and super sexy. It was such a pleasure to edit this book, and it's my favourite of Leta's work so far. I rooted for Christopher right away. He's a kind, unassuming, average kind of guy, and I wanted to put him in my pocket. His self-esteem isn't the highest (and oy, what a nightmare 90% of his family is!), and it was wonderful to see him blossom as he grows closer to Jesse, who isn't your typical M/M romance hero. He's bisexual and is a sin [...]

    11. A pleasant, well-written romance about Christopher, a singer/songwriter who has downsized his dreams, meeting Jesse, a man with two pre-teens whose wife was lost to an accident several years ago. The sources of conflict surrounding that situation are novel enough to add some interest to the book, particularly the situation with the daughter (although I thought the resolution was a bit fast and easy.) A good read if you like slow, mostly steady romantic development with extended family drama. Thi [...]

    12. Great story. Loved the two MC's. It's a hits-you-right-in-the-heart kind of story. A story I will definitely revisit in the future. Loved it.

    13. In my opinion this book was too long for the story. It felt like the author had to struggle to beef it up with more details and more angst, which left me cold after awhile. I do like that the story started out slow and easy, but then it petered out and became slightly boring at about 75%. I was hoping for another Training Season or The River Leith. Those two books were like a bracing slap to my face while this one ended up being like a timid tap on my shoulder. Siiiiiiggghhhh Too bad. The sex sc [...]

    14. 3.4 smoky mountain starsPearls Mountains Hot guysLots of dramaLiked it but didn't love it. The MCs were lovable. The sex was scorching, let me tell you those pearls scene and some others Yum. Yes that was that What didn't work for me? I found myself wanting to put this book down quite a few times as it was going extremely slow. The whole story with the parents, issues with children and constant (view spoiler)[ yes CONSTANT presence of not-so-ex wife(hide spoiler)] was draining. Also in my opinio [...]

    15. 3,5 más o menos Me ha gustado, las interacciones de Chris y de Jesse son de altísimo voltaje, eso vaya por delante, es sólo que hay una algunas cosas que, para mi, deslucen el resultado final: la primera el toque de culebrón (esos líos familiares meh), la segunda que es insta-love, bien llevado y narrado, pero insta-love al fin y al cabo (seamos serios en un mes ya está metido en tu casa con tus hijos ¬¬) y la tercera, el rollo religioso, que en algún momento agota.A pesar de todo, es u [...]

    16. Absolutely fantastic. I don't really have words but I felt all the feels. The characters are extremely likable and even when they make mistakes, they are big boys about it and apologize. The book went a different direction that I thought it would and when I saw the conflict taking shape, I was really impressed.So, so so well done. Leta Blake is one of my fave romance authors. THE RIVER LEITH is still one of my top 2014 reads and this is right up there with that.I want a story about everyone at S [...]

    17. I like Leta Blake’s writing, and this book was well-written for sure (aside from five or six minor editing errors). Parts were excellent, but overall the book didn’t work for me. It touched my emotions and made me cry, but not in a good way. Also be warned that there are a lot of over the top mean & nasty religious types and gay haters in this book. (view spoiler)[I didn’t like Jesse for so many reasons. First, that he is the type of person who gives bisexuals the bad rap they get--bec [...]

    18. **** Wow, this book is intense, amazing, and drama laden, with magnificent - off the charts - M/M sex scenes, plus a lot of family interaction. ******** The main characters are deeply wonderful. **** Christopher is blonde, green-eyed, slim and is a singer/songwriter, plays guitar and piano, and works at the Smoky Mountain Dreams resort. He goes to Jesse's jewelry shop to order a locket for his Gran. Shop owner handsome Jesse, is rich, world travelled, has brown hair, dark eyes, and "sees" Christ [...]

    19. 3 I wish I cried stars. I guess everyone truly does read a book differently. And the definition of angst for meMare's angst: crying, blubbering, butterflies, nervousness, sniffles, heart racing, emotional, terrified, what's coming next. WTF where is this going. OMG moments. Heart stopping. Connections. intense connections. The true definition of angst:angstäNG(k)st/Submitnouna feeling of deep anxiety or dread, typically an unfocused one about the human condition or the state of the world in gen [...]

    20. Pearls of wisdom, IMO, this writer showed great wisdom in the use and the beauty of pearls and other WRITERS', should TAKE NOTES! That was truley the best part of this book. The Bookd what I lovedd other stuff too~Part 1, A wonderfully slow building of character and romance.Part 2, A laborious read, but, bears sweet friut post-labor.And, this book yields 4 Pearly Stars!Why not 5? The Book~IMOLOVELY!A very long love story, albeit with laborious Christian driven angst of which I thought I would st [...]

    21. My Review:Wowird time's the charm. I think with this book, Leta Blake just made it onto my auto-buy-author list. This is the third book of hers that I've read and it's the third book of hers that I've loved. I swore I wasn't going to get sucked into this book. I have too much on my TBR pile already and when I started it, I was 85% point of the review book that I was readingwhich was also VERY good. But I read a mention about this book on Facebook so I went over to to check it out. I wasn't sure [...]

    22. Hands down the best m/m romance I've read yet. Furthermore, one of the best romances I've ever read, period. The characterization was fantastic, the story well fleshed out, the motivations and obstacles believable. I was really rooting for Christopher and Jesse, and I felt every hurt and loss each of them suffered with an intensity reserved for only my favorite literary protagonists.

    23. I read this pretty much a week after I returned from the exact setting of this story, and it was heaps of fun to recognize all the little spots where this takes place. Apart from that, did my heart get broken and put back together again? Why yes, it did. Am I surprised? No. It's pretty much Leta Blake's signature. That and the ehrmahgerd steaminess of certain scenes. Can you say pearls? You won't without blushing after this book. Read it but make sure you can put a good chunk of time aside when [...]

    24. BR, December 9th with Julie and Matty2,5 starsFirst of all, Matty, chapeau for reading this in one day!!! Second, I’ll will refer more to Julie’s review because we really read this together…. And my gawd, did we struggle…… But we were adamant to finish this sucker!!!!So, yesterday night at 2.30 AM , after 3 days and 424 ffff pages , Ms Blake thought that it was quite enough and there were no more pages!!!That really pissed me off!!! You reckon after 400 pages, an author should be able [...]

    25. Another compelling love story from Leta Blake. And it's long! I loved getting lost in it for a while and not have to fret that it was going to end way before I wanted it to. :)What I continue to love about Leta Blake’s writing is that she doesn’t shy away from realistic, difficult topics. She may provide some black and white standpoints for her characters but mostly she delves into the messy grey and leaves it up to the reader to reflect and have their own thoughts/opinions/feelings. She sta [...]

    26. 4.5 starsLeta Blake is definitely an auto-buy for me and this book just sealed the deal. I am being particularly lazy today so this will be a bullet-point type of review.Things I loved:1. Da sex. Panty-melting hot! Ohhh the dirty talk! Christopher was putty in Jesse's hands and I was practically getting cross-eyed with how close I was holding my Nook. Scorching hawt I tell you!!!!!!2. I loved how Christopher was the more sensitive one, even though he was technically the "singer/rockstar" persona [...]

    27. I loved this book. This is my first Leta Blake and it definately wont be my last. I adored Christopher, he was so sweet, and so insecure in himself, and with Jesse I think that this was the first time he felt truly happy, content and loved for himself. Jesse was a great character as well, and I felt his pain between the love for his kids and his growing love for Chris.This book had a bit of everything, hot sex, growing love between two deserving men, family angst. The only real issue I had was t [...]

    28. I loved Jesse and Christopher together, but this story made me so angryd sad. Too many tearsI hate crying :(Luckily, there were smiles to balance out the tears. And hot sexy times to distract me. Unfortunately, the switching from hot sexy times to family drama and sadness and back again was hard to adjust to sometimes.

    29. Wow this was a heartfelt and beautifully constructed romance. While it was an M/M novel I completely forgot about the expected raunchiness and simply fell in love with two people and their families, hopes and dreams. This really was lovely - emotional and warming

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