Secret Avengers, Volume 3: God Level

Secret Avengers Volume God Level Hawkeye and Coulson face off Who survives Why is this even happening Vladimir makes a deal with the Fury Is this a good thing Is this a bad thing We won t tell But you ll find out Helicarrier is under

  • Title: Secret Avengers, Volume 3: God Level
  • Author: Ales Kot Michael Walsh
  • ISBN: 9780785197102
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hawkeye and Coulson face off Who survives Why is this even happening Vladimir makes a deal with the Fury Is this a good thing Is this a bad thing We won t tell But you ll find out Helicarrier is under attack Spider Woman engages M.O.D.O.K gets the message.Collecting Secret Avengers 11 15

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    1. Strong finish for Kot's run on the Secret Avengers!There's not (and never has been) any game-changing plot to this, but God Level closed out the story arc that Kot started, and did it quite well.<--IMHOBasically, if you've read the first two volumes, Let's Have a Problem & The Labyrinth, then you know to expect a fun/trippy story that doesn't take itself too seriously.If you haven't read any of this tile yet, I'm not really sure what you're waiting for? This isn't a hard decisiongo get it [...]

    2. God Level is where Kot wraps up his 3 volume run on Secret Avengers and really starts to get his weird-on. Usually that’s where I get off Ales’ crazy train. But not this time folks. Enjoyed the shit outta this title right up to the end. Funny that MODOK, a character I previously thought was oh-so-lame, ended up being one of the best parts of this book. Bunch of great moments including him drunk texting Deadpool, gettin’ all Rambo, and rockin’ out in an apron. Liking Snapper (heh) as well [...]

    3. Fantastic. This volume pulls together all of the various story threads from the first two volumes into a nice whole. Marvel seems to be doing this thing lately where they'll hand a relatively minor book over to a single creative team for a year or two and let them tell a finite story. See also Young Avengers. I've been pretty happy with this approach so far. I loved Kot on his stupidly short Suicide Squad run, too, and this has a very similar feel. It was just given time to become a whole story, [...]

    4. More than anything else, i'm glad Marvel Comics gave Ales Kot the time to see this series through to it's conclusion. I've written before about how Kot's run on DC's Suicide Squad was woefully short and how I was glad he had a chance to work on a similar book elsewhere. What I didn't expect was just how funny and how thought-provoking Secret Avengers would ultimately be. The three volumes of this series serve as a beginning, middle and end of the story, aided by the fact that Michael Walsh and M [...]

    5. Well here we go. The end! This is what it all comes down to! Stop the crazy ass scientist from destroying the world (I think!) but we know our heroes will stop them. Becausewell we have a crazy evil mastermind leading the Secret Avengers to victory! Good: The humor is still well done. Got a few laughs here and there. The art is still solid, weird, but works very well for this series. Also the tender moments hit well and I actually love the final scene with Modok and Hill. Bad: The story is kind [...]

    6. You guys. You guys.This comic is somehow funny and endearing and subtle and ambitious and sad and hopeful all at once but still, somehow, never loses its tongue-in-cheek-ness. A title like Secret Avengers shouldn't provoke this sort of reaction in me, but it just fucking does. I loved it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I would say that I'm sad to see that Kot's run ends here, but the ending was so satisfying that I couldn't say that with any shred of honesty.Marvel, more comics like this, plea [...]

    7. And so, with this volume, Ales Kot's run on Secret Avengers comes to an end. While it's not been perfect, I've really enjoyed this run. It's been quirky, funny, inspired, experimental and unlike anything else I've ever read. These are all very good things and should be encouraged, ESPECIALLY in mainstream superhero books. I'm sad to see this book end but I guess everything in the Marvel U is ending at the moment, so I shouldn't be surprised.What wasn't perfect? Well, I was initially delighted to [...]

    8. Ales Kot is a nutcase, and it makes for a brilliant story. Everything gets tied up in a nice little bow, so it seems like this was the idea right from the beginning - if this is what Marvel are aiming towards now, shorter storylines from consistent creative teams that end properly, I'm all for the new season approach to comics. And I wouldn't mind some more of Kot's insanity or Walsh's Aja-esque artwork sometime soon too.

    9. estaba convencida de que iba a ser un team up bobo que sólo me iba a leer porque salían personajes que me gustaban y ha terminado siendo una maravilla super divertida de leer y con una de las conclusiones más brillantes que he leído en un montón de tiempo en un cómic de Marvel (sin contar ojo de halcón, claro, eso está a otro nivel)ha habido una cosa en especial en las últimas páginas que me ha hecho sonreír super fuerte. y no sé, muy guay. y jessica drew <3

    10. This is my favorite "what the hell did I just read?" book. It is so much fun! Loved the run, loved the backstory behind the book (the author goes more in depth into it in a column at the end of the book), and loved the character development. Not sure how it happened, but I am now a firm believer of the church of MODOK.

    11. No matter how crazy the Marvel movies get, they'll probably never include a scene where a top-hatted MODOK drunk-texts Deadpool (and not just because the Deadpool rights are elsewhere). There are still places here where Kot is too on-the-nose, but mostly it's a wonderful cavalcade of lunacy which reads like a catalogue of daft fun yet also wraps up the plot and themes of the series very neatly.

    12. Collects Secret Avengers (2014) issues #11-15This was a great ending to this volume of the Secret Avengers. Ever since Ales Kot took over as the head writer of this series, it has been great. This would be extremely confusing for a reader that picked this particular book up before Volumes 1 and 2, but if you've read those, I think you will be very happy with this Volume 3. This book is both funny and action-packed. The artwork is a perfect match to Kot's great writing. The main characters are:Ma [...]

    13. The final issue is Secret Avengers at its best. It's deep and personal, it's confused and interesting, it's about people, it's funny. Leading up to that is a pretty good story, and even if it's never quite as good as the first few issues of this run, that's enough.Some of the weirdness of this volume dips into the Uncanny Valley, but despite that it's an enjoyable read and overall an enjoyable comic front to back.

    14. Solid ending to a solid series. Kot reads so much better collected than he does in single issues. This will probably be the best comic you ever read that stars MODOK. Fun adventure with politics and humor mixed in well. Definitely recommended.

    15. A fantastic ending to a fantastic series. I forgot to mention two of my favorite characters in this run in the previous reviews: M.O.D.O.K. and Vladimir the sentient bomb. Both are so absurd and yet so human. This last trade went a little crazy with the back and forth timeline thing, more than necessary I feel. But that's a tiny quibble. More of the same lush coloring, beautiful linework and crazy humorous story/dialogue.

    16. This was a really solid ending to this series. I feel like the last two or so issues felt a bit rushed and not everything was explained really well, but overall this was still just a lot of fun and I loved all the characters and all the weird turns this story made. For me Spider-Woman probably was my favorite character in this series, I never really cared much about her before reading Secret Avengers but now I want to read more about her. Overall, if you liked the first two volumes of this serie [...]

    17. This review is for the whole series, #1-15. When I read the first issue of this title I was confused about Ales Kot's style; it's very tongue-in-cheek, dry and almost self-deprecating. Having now finished the whole story arc, I still really can't decide if I found this story funny or awkward! This would have been a great comic to use for my undergrad essay on the role of panels & space in comics; there's a lot of breaking the fourth wall and generally being a bit meta. I would categorize thi [...]

    18. Still very messy but increasingly funny and surreal. We are on the edges of sitcom territory occasionally, but overall this is perfectly strange and smart. I don't know who the audience is for this, but if you want to play absurdity this straight and punch through that 4th wall and talk about capes and tights and the gross violence of it all, this is a strange parody or commentary on that I suppose, on top of being a good nod to some of the outlandish good choices Marvel made in the last few yea [...]

    19. While this volume is better than the previous 2, Ales Kot is just trying way too hard to be quirky, irreverent and hipster cool. He even references Nextwave which is a book that does all three things way better. The end of this book was this just this nebulous, glossed over, nothingness. Kots does get the third star though for his use of M.O.D.O.K.

    20. This was such a great, self-contained arc and I enjoyed it so much. Great stuff with Phil and Clint, Deadpool was hilarious, Vincent the sentient bomb was awesome, and it all came together pretty tightly. I would have liked more stuff with Natasha and Lady Bullseye, who mostly seemed to disappear, but the end, especially with Phil and Fury, was pretty satisfying.

    21. Kot is a clearly talented storyteller and it's fun to see the directions he takes in this series but I want to love this worts and all but I just fell in like. The art is good and there is enough emotional heft to the story to feel that there are big things at stake but even by the end it never seemed decide what it wanted to be.

    22. Wonderfully conceived, brilliantly executed, Kot touches on a wide range of themes that ultimately makes the characters (even the non-human ones) more humane and real. A fantastic end to the story arc, it makes small moments in the first two volumes stand out for their foreshadowing, even as they were great moments in themselves. A true piece of art!

    23. After loving the first two volumes I feel like this missed the mark a bit. It was still enjoyable but not the fantastic ending that would have put this into my favorite runs ever. I little bit too much crazy randomness for my liking.

    24. Who knew about that conclusion. I'm not tellingI really enjoyed this last segment of Secret Avengers. They were a really made of team, even though the plot twists was absolutely confusing. Let Deadpool rule. HahahaPeace out

    25. final fantástico y cosa fantástica y ligera y divertidísima (ísima) y sorprendentemente relevante y humana y con personajes fantásticos (superheroínas con profundidad!!!!!!!! villanos con profundidad!!!!!!!!!!!! monstruos y bombas y helado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) y no sé, que lo leáis

    26. Quite possibly one of the most absurd and farcical things I've read in comics, which is saying something because comics, but it really had a heart and depth in the end. And Borges references which I really wasn't expecting.

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