Touched The media has a nickname for Marnie Baranuik though she d rather they didn t they call her the Great White Shark a rare dual talented forensic psychic Twice Touched by the Blue Sense which gives her

  • Title: Touched
  • Author: A.J. Aalto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The media has a nickname for Marnie Baranuik, though she d rather they didn t they call her the Great White Shark, a rare dual talented forensic psychic Twice Touched by the Blue Sense which gives her the ability to feel the emotions of others, and read impressions left behind on objects Marnie also has a doctorate in preternatural biology and a working knowledge of theThe media has a nickname for Marnie Baranuik, though she d rather they didn t they call her the Great White Shark, a rare dual talented forensic psychic Twice Touched by the Blue Sense which gives her the ability to feel the emotions of others, and read impressions left behind on objects Marnie also has a doctorate in preternatural biology and a working knowledge of the dark arts She is considered without peer in the psychic community.Then her first big FBI case ended with a bullet in one shoulder and a chip on the other, a queasy heart and a serial killer in the wind, leaving her a public flop and a private wreck When the FBI s preternatural crimes unit tracks her down at a remote mountain lodge for her insight on a local case, her quiet retirement is promptly besieged by a stab happy starlet, a rampaging ghoul, and a vampire hunting jackass in tight Wranglers Marnie figures the only real mystery is which one will kill her first.Too mean to die young, backed up by friends in cold places, and running with a mouth as demure as a cannon s blast, Marnie Baranuik is about to discover that there s no such thing as quitting time when you re Touched.This is a new release of an edition originally published by Booktrope.

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    1. I have gotten to where I do not like vampire books. I read a ton of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books and completely loved their cheesiness at the time, but I grew bored of them. I probably would not have requested this one from Netgalley if I had realized that one of the main characters was a vampire or Revenant as he had rather be called.I would have lost out on a book series that I think I'm going to love. The main character Marnie is twice gifted forensic psychic. She had been working with [...]

    2. All 3 of these books are on Netgalley: August 2, 2015. NEW FAVORITE ALERT!Holy shit, this was brilliant! I can't even. Ok, I *may* be a little biased because I do love a good vampire novel. But this is not your average cheesy typical vampire book. Some of it is recognizable (needing an invitation to come in your house, holy water, etc.), but the little extras and world-building is fantabulous!!!Marnie is a psychic who used to work for the police, but screwed up a job (well, it wasn't entirely he [...]

    3. 4 starsMinor spoilers aheadThis is the kind of book that grips you from the first few sentences with excellent world building, action and snarkiness in equal measures. Unfortunately for me, it also has one of my most dreaded pet peeves. A triangle. And I didn't know it till I was about 25% in that that was the direction it was taking. I should have clued in sooner I hate triangles. Very,very few books have made me read them and actually enjoy them and sympathize with the h. Usually we're stuck t [...]

    4. ➽ Jan. 2, 2018: FREE today!!![May 30, 2015]➽ Sh3lly seems to think this is a pretty fantastic book. Hahahaha. We'll see if it passes the Sarah Hates Everything Test (SHET™).

    5. Awesome! Loved this! Yay! I have found a new urban fantasy series to love! Excuse me a moment while I do my best fan girl squee! The Marnie Baranuik Files combines humor, magic, and some scary monsters for a laugh out loud exhilarating read. And because I loved it, I had to share the love and spread the world. This is truly a hidden gem. Don’t miss this book.OK. Fan girl moment over.The first book of The Marnie Baranuik Files, Touched, focuses on Marnie Baranuik, a retired forensic psychic for [...]

    6. The easiest way to explain Touched… If Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris had a book baby, with a side of Darynda Jones.Touched is a quirky paranormal romance love triangle with a snarky well-meaning gal, who has waaaaay to many paranormal beings and issues vying for her attention.It was funny and engrossing. I liked the quick wit and the mystery that surrounded Marnie. Her vamp and the seriously sexy FBI guy both want her to help each of them in different ways. We are left constantly wantin [...]

    7. 🎃 URR: Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge 🎃10) A romance novel with a skull on the cover.Touched is a weird book. A book of contrasts and opposites masterfully blended toget clashing against each other for something like 450 pages. My head hurts. I stayed up way too late last night reading it: I couldn't put it down and/but it was boring me to death. Now I don't know whether to jump on Death Rejoices or drop the series for good. I find myself in the awkward position of simultaneously agreein [...]

    8. It's been a while since I've read an urban fantasy with a female protagonist. The last one was two months ago and the one before that was four months ago. Both were quite good, but I realized I am anxious every time I start an urban fantasy series featuring the same character. Sooner or later, an author adds something that messes up either the story, the world, the main character or all the above.But I am persistent. The rules of this world are interesting. The supernatural is neither completely [...]

    9. I didn't finish this one because I couldn't bring myself to care what happens to the characters and because it annoyed me in several different and creative ways. The writing isn't bad, but there were so many things wrong that I couldn't enjoy reading it.Specifically:- The protagonist is insecure and whiny and foul-mouthed, and I can't see what her sophisticated vampire buddy sees in her.- The vampire, Harry, is constantly a jerk asshole and nobody ever calls him on it, including the tough-ass FB [...]

    10. This was some of the best smart ass banter I think I have ever read. In saying that though, I took a star off, because I'm not sure the actual story was anything to rave about - It was overshadowed by a whole bunch of curse words that I took careful note of to make sure they end up in my vocabulary. Can't wait to see my Mum's face when I call someone a 'fucksock'.

    11. I wrote my review but obviously my computer wasn't happy with it and decided not to safe it. So here just a short account of my feelings for this book I was really disappointed with this book: I had high hopes but the book just couldn't deliverThe heroine was a whiny spoiled childish person who did not think about other people, Harry who could have been very interesting was really cold and Batten was not really consistent in his character. The idea of the symbiosis between psychic and vampire wa [...]

    12. This book is an absolute steal! Can't decide between a horror story, an adventure, a romance perhaps, or maybe even a comedy? Look no further. Touched is one of those rare books that spans multiple genres and makes it work.The writing is fast paced and filled with lots of fun characters including the heroine, Marnie Baranuik. She's the female equivalent of Harry Dresden with a couple of extra neurosis and a major caffeine addiction thrown in.If you like slow paced stories, this isn't for you. Do [...]

    13. What I liked about this one, I liked quite a bit- enjoyed the voice the author gave her main character Marnie- surprisingly the potty mouth worked for me- really liked the love interest(s)- interesting twists and turns. Didnt like all the witchy stuff and MAN is she fairly graphic- in fact, if I was watching this, i'd be covering my eyes. But then, can zombie-like ghouls be anything but gross, I mean, really?Marnie, recently retired paranormal consultant is sucked back in with the gory death of [...]

    14. This book was justwow! I'll have to come up with a better review for Bitten by Books.Overall rating: 4.5/5.0 stars.Reviewed for Bitten by Books. bittenbybooks.

    15. Warning: unlike my usual reviews, this one has tons of spoilers. I simply cannot review this adequately without revealing *what* affected me.I had a love/hate relationship with this book. I am starting with the bad because . . . well because it is mostly what I remember as I look back on the book.The Bad: Marnie does the absolute stupidest things. And, it isn’t like she does them just once – even twice – she consistently repeats the same old stupid things. I mean, seriously, after the 4th [...]

    16. I got this one as a freebie through . I'll be honest and say the reason I picked up was the line in the synopsis 'Too mean to die young, back up by friends in cold places, and running with a mouth as demure as a cannon's blast.' That line still cracks me up, and its a pretty accurate assessment of the main character, Marnie Baranuik.First, I'm going to go over what I liked about the book. The entire book's POV is through the eyes of Marnie. Although she has a harsh tongue, her character remains [...]

    17. From readingandwritingurbanfantasy.At A GlanceIf I could turn this book into a man, I would chitty chitty bang bang him all night long!The GoodI'm going to be totally honest. I didn't really remember signing up for this tour and when I saw it on my schedule, I looked up the book and read the blurb and was like, "Really, I signed up for this? This doesn't sound that great." Begrudgingly, I sat down to read it. After the first couple chapters, I mentally whipped myself for judging this book so har [...]

    18. I just finished this book, and what can I say? That I'm glad I have friend with such good taste. Because this book was suggested to me, and I am afraid I wouldn't have picked it up otherwise. Which would have been an absolute shame. Because: This.Book.Was.Outstanding!Marnie and Harry are no no doubt one of my favorite literary couples ever. Her sexually active imagination, absolute lack of brain-to-mouth filter, and impressive collection of creative curses, coupled with his elegant grasp on the [...]

    19. Words cannot describe how happy I am that I gave this book a chance. Usually I'm reluctant with freebies, figuring that there's probably a reason the story is being given away. In this case, boy was I wrong. The lore in this story is fascinating and completely unique. Psychics are really DaySitters, humans bonded to revenants (vampires). Their psychic ability or "Blue Sense" is a by product of that Bond. I loved the way main character Marnie referred to her live-in revenant, Harry, as her "Cold [...]

    20. Touched is a novel that can fall into so many genres. It’s a paranormal – urban fantasy – mystery – romance – thriller. Basically, it’s every single love of my reading life. , there are supernatural beings, magic, psychics, and crazy critters that feast on the undead *ewwww!* AJ Aalto’s writing is catchy, gritty, original and oh so fascinating. From the first page you can tell her characters have a past that will play a pivotal role in their future. So often authors get wrapped up [...]

    21. I had to work hard to convince myself to finish this, and I should have let my less stubborn side prevail.The book had some good points. The premise of a symbiotic relationship between a revenant (vampire is considered pejorative) and his bonded human Daysitter was unique and interesting. While providing mutual protection, the revenant feeds from the human while imbuing him or her with his own psychic powers. While this aspect of world-building was intriguing, so much else either went unanswered [...]

    22. 6+BEAUTIFULLY TOLD, HILARIOUS, ACTION PACKED WITH SO MANY TWISTS AN TURNS YOU GET WHIP LASH!!!Look out LOVE TRIANGLE THAT KEEPS YOU GUESSING!!!Characters:Marnie Baranuik- DaySitter to Henry, Dual Talented PsychicHenry the Revenant (vampire) full name Lord Guy Harrick Dreppenstedt, also known as ColdCompanyMark Batten- One sexy FBI agent also referred to as "Kill-Notch" by MarnieGary Chapel- Reserved an Rock Steady FBI partner to MarkVampires who now prefer to be called Revenants are also known [...]

    23. Holy shit balls! I debated for hours on whether or not to read Touched and I'm SO glad I ultimately chose to! Marnie's, the heroine's, voice worked perfectly for me. She was smart and sassy and had a way of stringing together cuss-phrases that cracked me up several times. Her revenant (vampire), Harry, spoke in a proper, polished way and turned several phrases that left Marnie (and me) wondering what the hell he was talking about but that was funny too and added an extra quirk to the story.The i [...]

    24. Ambivalent about this book. Interesting take on vampires and psychics, but the execution is clunky. If I'm into a book, I generally can barely put it down and get back to it quickly. It's rare that I won't finish a book within hours of starting it (I'm a very fast reader). This book lingered. I debated whether to continue reading. In the end, I was interested enough to get back to it, but it was not a slam-dunk. The heroine's work with the FBI is unrealistic. She should only be a consultant, not [...]

    25. I really quite enjoyed this one. Yes, it got completely ridiculous after a while. Yes, Marnie's use of juvenile word's like "ginormous" or "poopyhead' almost drove me to distraction, as did Harry's nonsensical old-English-speak. Yes, some bits of it were a tad predictable. Yes, I finished up with questions remaining. But yes, I roared with laughter and just basically had a good time with the story and the characters. What more can I really ask for? I'm off to start book two.

    26. Quite a fun book. Great characters, interesting take on vampires, super fun cuss words, a little bit of witchcraft, heavy on the sexual tension. I like Marnie. She does dumb things. What makes it OK is that she knows she makes mistakes and at times is quite an idiot. She doesn't do it on purpose and actually tries to avoid scenarios where her idiocy may rear its ugly head, but it doesn't always work out. But at least she knows and acknowledges that she isn't perfect. Harry the vampire is an awes [...]

    27. (4.5/5 Bullet rating) This is an original review from bookedandloadedTouched by AJ Aalto is a paranormal romance published by Booktrope. AJ Aalto wrote Touched in a way that tickled my funny bone and had me doing everything from laughing out loud to making the squishy “ewwww” face. Touched was injected with the most creative array of curse words I have ever had the pleasure of learning. However, the creativity was not limited to the art of sailormouth. AJ Aalto created a new world with the g [...]

    28. Not sure if this is 3 or 4 stars. Pro: Snarky female MC who is not a wimp, minimal PNR / love triangle, good world building, great dialogue, interesting plot / story. Cons: MC spends too much of the book dealing with her inner bullshit and ignoring the world around her. Like many UF, these books have a mystery / action plot, and watching the MC ignore plot points and clues because she is distracted by being an overly emotional, unstable basket case is annoying. Honestly, there are times she is a [...]

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