A Darker Dream

A Darker Dream In all his four hundred years Rayven never met a woman like Rhianna McLeod She is a vision of light of warmth of everything he is not nor can ever be Doomed to live forever in darkness and solitude

  • Title: A Darker Dream
  • Author: Amanda Ashley
  • ISBN: 9780505522085
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • In all his four hundred years, Rayven never met a woman like Rhianna McLeod She is a vision of light, of warmth, of everything he is not nor can ever be Doomed to live forever in darkness and solitude, he knows all too well the risk in getting close to her, yet he hungers for her with a fierce passion he swears he will never allow himself to feel.Rhianna s father sold heIn all his four hundred years, Rayven never met a woman like Rhianna McLeod She is a vision of light, of warmth, of everything he is not nor can ever be Doomed to live forever in darkness and solitude, he knows all too well the risk in getting close to her, yet he hungers for her with a fierce passion he swears he will never allow himself to feel.Rhianna s father sold her to Rayven to put food on the table, so she had no choice but to go with the dark stranger To her surprise, he gives her everything she wants the finest clothes, education, and the run of the castle everything, that is, except his touch For although she senses danger beneath the soft spoken manner, although even Rayven himself warns her to stay away, she is drawn to this creature of the night, and loves him as she will no other.

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    1. Bought this book late yesterday afternoon, and I've finished it already. I literally did not put it down. Soon as I finished, I wiped away the tears, turned back to page one and started reading again. I have never found a book that has made me laugh, cry, get angry, yell at the characters and read it cover to cover in a little less than 12 hours, then flip back and want to read it again. True enough, the flow of the story is a bit repetitive, but imagine one's feelings would be a little back and [...]

    2. This author's books were my first introduction to the vampire romance genre. She has remained one of my favorites ever since, although Stephenie Meyer will always be my top favorite. In fact, I consider Meyer to be the undisputed queen of the vampire romance, although I will also say that Amanda Ashley is a very close second. This is in spite of the fact that Meyer writes primarily for young adults, while Ashley's books target the adult market exclusively.This novel begins with a scene that imme [...]

    3. This review was first posted at VampireReview. Go there to see even MORE vampire and dark fiction books reviewed.Review Title: Vampyre Stuck In The Wash CycleBook Title: A Darker DreamAuthor: Amanda Ashley Format: Paperback $9.99 REVIEW:Most books have what I would describe as "ordinary washing machine cycles." (A means for the reader to get clean through the book.) First, the writer separates the laundry (helps the reader distinguish it from others in the genre) then pre-soak begins, the wash c [...]

    4. This was a great love story. It told of how the two characters developed their relationship. I loved this book. Not a lot of intimate scenes in this but that is what made it great--the story of the feelings and emotions of the characters. I really loved this book and read it in one setting. 2 thumbs up and 2 big toes! :-D Rayven tugged at my heart and the fact that Rhianna knew he was lonely and sad was very intuitive of her. She loved her man and he loved her despite the battle his inner self h [...]

    5. OH SOOOO GOOD!!!! This is another book that I re-read OFTEN! This is a great historical vampire romance book! However, if you HATE the damsel in distress/pretty weak heroine you will probably not like this book. If you love the old, dark, brooding, secluded, mysterious vampire hero who doesn't think he deserves anything good, then you will LOVE this book!

    6. I absolutely loved this book! It was classy and very well written. I fell in love as they fell in love and hurt when they hurt. I could put the book down and was addicted from page one. I wish the book had never ended!

    7. This book did little more than repeat itself over and over again. First torment and agony. Then hope. Then no hope. Then more torment and agony. Then hope. Over and over an over. The hero in particular changed his mind more than Lady Gaga changes hair color. It was a book with repeated and various versions of torment and angst. There was little to no action. The book was entirely focused on the romance, which isn't always a bad thing, but in this case, I could have certainly used more. By the ti [...]

    8. This story had so much potentials, instead most of the pages were spent with both main characters being broody and couldn't make up their mind. Some of the brooding was heartbreaking, the poetry was sweet. It was enjoyable enough. At least Rayven wasn't sparkly.

    9. I really loved this book and playing around with the charactersI also do love my VAMPIRE booksI would also like to thank the Author Amanda Ashley for doing what you do for us ReadersWill definitely be back to read more :)

    10. This book is what I call my guilty pleasure . The spine is ruined because of my multiple rereads !I am going to update my review once I reread it again .

    11. To tolerate this book for long you must feel empathetic toward the h/h but I was too smart to fall for that.

    12. The story is good, but I prefer more detailed actions. The male leading character seemed to be running all the time and it's quite annoying.

    13. Want to re-read the same scenario 40 times? Read this book. Each chapter ended with the hero telling the heroine "Leave! Go to your room!" and the heroine would turn and "flee" every damn time. The amount of times Rhianna ran away crying in this book was truly astounding. I forgot about this one actually. It was one of the first romances I ever read. Some of the premises are absolutely ludicrous. Man sells daughter (Heroine) to social outcast (Hero) as prostitute, said Heroine goes to live at hi [...]

    14. This book was terrible! The book could have been half as long and still gotten everything in. And the narrator I felt couldn't decided between an Irish accent or stereo typical vampire "I want to suck your blood" accent. I don't even know why I kept listening to this book. I kept hoping it would get better. Rhianna was just stupid. She kept being shocked and scared that Raven was a vampire even after he told her and showed her he was. Even after she willingly let him drink from her. Raven wasn't [...]

    15. I enjoyed this book. My only issue was that the story seemed rather redundant. I would have liked to read more scenes, other than the same, he's a vampyre, she's scared, and they can't be together. The ending was a little anticlimactic too. Salvatore disappears after he performs the ritual to cure him from his bloodlust. If it was so easy to do, why couldn't he have called on him 400 years before?

    16. Great bookI could not put this book down it had so many twist and turns to they finally got it together.i would highly recommend it to anyone who loves paranormal books

    17. Once again, not my most favorite, but good enough. I've finding from this book and the last one I read, Immortal Sins, that they just seem too freaking long. You could take this 389 page book and it would have been must better as a 250-300 pages instead. Lord Rayven bought 15 year old Rhianna McLeod when her father was trying to sell her to put food on the table for her mother and four other sisters. Keeping her from having to disrobe in front of men, he impulsively buys her. His servant, Bevins [...]

    18. This book is not like the usual vampire book that someone will find.I cannot say why is that but it was different from the vampire books I usualy read.Maybe it's because of Rayven and the way he acts.Summary:Part 1:In 1939 Rayven bought Rhianna from an auction.Rhianna found herself sold because her family needed the money to a man who according to the rumors is scary and acts weird.She thinks that he wants her for sex and she is surprised when he says that he doesn't want anything from her and i [...]

    19. 4.75 Stars!A Darker Dream Now, as much as I HATED the Twilight series, I loved this one. To be honest, this was a book that my wife and I read together in bed. Every night I would come home from work and after the kids were in bed, we would read at least one chapter. The story was compelling, the characters were dynamic and emotional (hell, our heroine actually separated from the pack of illogical teenage girls and didn't want to be a vampire, throwing a hell of a wrench into the classic plot), [...]

    20. My cover is different than this one I have a 1997 copy. The writing is very 1997, but I love Amanda Ashley's writing. As Amanda Ashley, she writes paranormal romances (I only like the vampire ones), but under the name Madeline Baker she writes historical romances set in the American West (which is why I started reading her in the first place).This one is a slower paced novel about a vampire who falls in love with the young woman whose father had sold her to him to put food on the table for the r [...]

    21. A Paranormal Romance with a bit of a twist. A twist belongs with Rayven, our main guy. He is powerful and mysterious and very appealing . Yet, he is unsure and vulnerable. Our lead female, Rhianna grows in self- awareness and is assertive when necessary. They both are very likable characters. A Darker Dream had predictable paranormal romance elements yet it was very appealing. Why? The story had much more going on beyond a few predictable elements. It had twist and turns that I did not expect. I [...]

    22. Rating: 3/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: 2/5This was very slow going however I might have liked it better if there had been a different narrator. She had a pleasant voice and good accents but her timing and pace were off. She also had what I consider pronunciation issues with a number of words. For me A DARKER DREAM was simply an average read. The story had a good premise but there seemed to be a lot of repetition. Rhianna kept on thinking she was all good with the vampire thing and then [...]

    23. A DARKER DREAMThis might sound so silly, but this book I swir it reminded me a bit likeactually exactly likeBeauty and The beast, Rhianna was so much like the beauty who loved the monster. and (view spoiler)[ her tears in the end kinda cured him (hide spoiler)] lol same as tale.even though, I loved it, sometimes it did get agonizing that's why I didnt put 5 stars though I'm ratings Vamp. Romance 5 these days, they just rock!

    24. It took me over a year to finish this book That has got to mean something! It wasn't that the story was boring, it was just played out. Human/vampire love story is always the same. I don't understand why he was apparently a werewolf/vampire hybrid but was only called a vampire. The ending was a bit stupid I hate the "love conquers all" endings. Makes me want to vomit. It was a decent read and I finished it so there's that.

    25. Great book! Loved the book but HATED the audio version. I had to stop listening at 25%. The narrator was awful. Ruined the book for me. I had to wait a while before picking this book up again to read it. I had to get the voices out of my headlolThis really was a great book and had me in tears at times.

    26. WOW!!I must say to every one that this story "a darker dream" is a truly great love story it will make you cry, it also will keep you in suspense. You will be on edge wondering what's going to happen next and if Rayven's wish for mortality will ever happen, so that he can fully show rihanna how much he truly loves her An exceptional book, couldn't wait see what happened.

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