Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper

Unflinching The Making of a Canadian Sniper From retired elite sniper Jody Mitic who lost both of his legs below the knees in Afghanistan Unflinching is an uplifting memoir on military issues endurance and overcoming adversity Afghanistan

  • Title: Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper
  • Author: Jody Mitic
  • ISBN: 9781476795102
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From retired elite sniper Jody Mitic, who lost both of his legs below the knees in Afghanistan, Unflinching is an uplifting memoir on military issues, endurance, and overcoming adversity.Afghanistan, 2007 While on patrol with the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment deep within enemy territory, sniper Jody Mitic stepped on a land mine and lost both legs below the knee TFrom retired elite sniper Jody Mitic, who lost both of his legs below the knees in Afghanistan, Unflinching is an uplifting memoir on military issues, endurance, and overcoming adversity.Afghanistan, 2007 While on patrol with the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment deep within enemy territory, sniper Jody Mitic stepped on a land mine and lost both legs below the knee Though Jody was a dedicated serviceman who had dreamed of a military life since he was a child, it seemed that his fighting days were done Ever a soldier at heart, Jody was determined to still be of service to his country, and he refused to let his injury hold him back After only a few short months of rehab, Jody was up and walking again on two prosthetic legs, and only a year later, he was running his first road race But despite his success in physically recovering from his injury, Jody still struggled to mentally adapt to his new reality As he experienced first hand the controversial treatment of Canadian veterans, Jody turned his efforts towards developing programs for wounded veterans and publicly advocating on their behalf With a renewed purpose to guide him, Jody came to find a new lease on life An inspirational memoir of resilience and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity, Unflinching is a unique portrait of a man who exemplifies the perseverance, strength, and optimism needed to overcome seemingly unconquerable barriers.

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    1. This is a telling story of Jody Mitic's foray into the Canadian Armed Forces as a sniper. It includes some photos, and letters he sent to his father. I knew he didn't write the story but it's obvious someone else did. The pacing of the story is very very quick so there's not a lot of emotions felt. It's more of a telling rather than showing what happened and I felt it lacked the depth of feelings for the reader to silently place their shoes in his. There were tons of military jargon and I was sa [...]

    2. I work for Coles, Indigo. When I was at work one day and I heard about this book coming out - I knew I had to have it. I bought "Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper" the day it came out, and I can honestly say it was one of the best books I have ever read in my life. I am usually not one for Autobiographies, but Jody's story was so inspiring and touching that I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. Military history and war in general are my favourite genre's to read, and even though I h [...]

    3. Along with being a role model and a Canadian hero I think you could add an accomplished author to Jody Mitic's list of accomplishments.What an amazing story of a person making the best of himself after the worst experience. A down to earth guy who wrote his story in an easy to read format and he even discussed topics that most books don't talk about and despite the seriousness of it all his humour and compassion shone through and probably because of these traits of his, he has created a whole ne [...]

    4. I may get accused of being anti-patriotic for this opinion cuz really, who doesn't like a book by a guy who is an elite member of a CAF sniper team, gets his legs blown off while serving his country, then comes home to run a half marathon on prosthetic legs, gets 2nd place in a reality show, cures himself of Oxy addiction, and basically moves himself through therapy and rehab single-handedly? Well, me.This was the November choice for my book club. Disclaimer: all of the members of my club are sp [...]

    5. It’s a 3-star read that brings out 5-star emotions. Get the average. This book should also serve as profound inspiration to get up, dust off, and soldier on with it. Jody details his life pursuing a military career, desperately working to maintain a military career, and the events leading to him losing his military career (and his legs). But in doing all of that he gains so much more. It’s the real life account of a tenacious man fighting to overcome serious odds and in doing so defined exac [...]

    6. This was a very readable book, that had a pretty impressive story. Jody spirit is very evident in this book. A funny coincidence-- I didn't realize I was present at the ceremony when Jody was presented with the sacrifice medal. It was only when I saw the picture in the book that I made the connection. My only complaint was that the pacing of the book seemed slow in the beginning, and then after his accident, we were rushed to the end. Regardless, I admire what he is doing for veterans, and makin [...]

    7. Unflinching was great. It told the story of Jody Mitic's life so far, detailing his triumphs and losses. I could barely put the book down. His undying perseverance is nothing short of inspiring.

    8. Jody Mitic has written a powerful account of his life serving in the Canadian military in “Unflinching: The Making of a Canadian Sniper.” The reader gains an understanding of his years as a young teen and follows his journey when he joins the reserves. Throughout his tours of duty overseas, he shares his frank observations. They illustrate the role training has helped to develop these young members of the military into quick thinkers. After he loses both his legs, his life undergoes signific [...]

    9. I first became interested in this book after hearing Jody defending Nostalgia by MJ Vassanji on Canada Reads 2017. I had recently read Waiting for First Light by Romeo Dallaire, and was interested in stories of modern war. Unflinching definitely provided that story. Jody's story of his advancement through the military structure to sniper, and the struggles within that, and then his struggles after he got injured in Afghanistan. The book was very easy to read, and had good momentum and provided g [...]

    10. This book rates a solid 4 stars. This is a powerful story of one man's journey through the ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces to train, ultimately as a sniper. Along the way, you as the reader, come to understand the dedication and sacrifice each soldier must make and be willing to lay their life down for their country. This is also Mr. Mitic’s personal journey home after a devastating injury and his road to recovery, both emotional and physically. This book shows even under the most daunting [...]

    11. Moving story. If you have ever had a relative serve then this is a must read - my father did. One can never know what it is like not having fought ourselves, but this story brings some of it home. RESPECT.

    12. This is a fascinating account not just of Jody Mitic's life but also of Canada's operations in Afghanistan and how soldiers are trained and equipped. The book reads a bit like a report without a great deal of emotion or flowery prose, hardly a surprise considering the author.

    13. The autobiography of Jody Mitic growing from boy to man to soldier to sniper to inspiration.A solid, straightforward writing style makes this book accessable to people of all reading levels and abilities.

    14. I would have liked more detail and development about what he has done since combat. That was the shortest part of the book, but I feel was a more significant part of his story.

    15. I really enjoyed reading this book. A detailed and fascinating story of a Canadian sniper in Afghanistan. Mitic writes candidly about his experiences in the Canadian Armed Forces and overcoming extreme hardships. He is an inspiring Canadian. Similar to Soldier Girls, I really enjoyed an insiders view of military life.

    16. Very hard to put down. Makes you proud of those who serve. In all kinds of adversity our troops keep their eye on the mission and get the job done. Let's all thank these brave men and women for there service the next time you see one.

    17. Ben FoxMay 2, 2016CHC2DEMr. Lund History Book ReviewUnflinching The Making of ACanadian Sniper In the book Unflinching the Making of a Canadian Sniper by Jody Mitic, it walks you through the course of the life of Jody Mitic. It tells you the early stages of his life, about him always wanting to be in the army, and how it wasn’t easy when his mom and dad split up when Jody was young. It tells you how he changed his life around by joining the army reserves in high school. Then when he joined the [...]

    18. This book was somewhat of a disappointment. I'm giving it 3 stars because Mitic's story at the end regarding his recovery is particularly outstanding. The gist of this book is really about how he picked himself up after being wounded overseas and transitioned into civilian life as a public servant. It's too bad that he waited until the book was almost over to relate that story.Early in the book Mitic goes on and on and on about his Basic Training. Guess what?—every soldier's Basic Training sto [...]

    19. Actual rating is 3.5 stars.I feel a bit bad about not rating this higher (hence the .5 rating), because I did enjoy this book, but found it a bit lacking in depth. Jody Mitic is an undeniable inspiration who doesn't shy away from his past mistakes, and never makes excuses for the situations he finds himself in. This is a man whose sheer willpower and determination allowed him to reinvent himself over and over, into someone better each time. I'm proud that Jody is a fellow Canuck, and admire him [...]

    20. I very much enjoyed reading this book. I had seen the title a few times and had placed it on my list of books to read. After hearing Jody speak on a couple of podcasts I was even more interested to read this. I am glad I did. I appreciated the honesty and openness of certain incidents that Jody overcame in his early career due to nothing more stubbornness and grit. The efforts upon returning to Canada as an advocate for our wounded veterans, and also taking ownership of his visibility as an insp [...]

    21. If you are Canadian, you may remember Mr. Mitic from the reality show, Amazing Race Canada from a couple of years ago. He was the double amputee who was competing with his brother and finished second. A very sentimental favorite for this reader to win but considering this was my first time ever seeing this television series, second place was enjoyable to watch. Anyways, this is his story of his career as a Canadian Veteran of the Afghanistan conflict. I have been an admirer of Mr. Mitic when I f [...]

    22. Very well done! Probably one of the best books I've read in a long time. Unflinching has something in it for everybody to enjoy and learn from. Jody Mitic is truly an inspiring person who took the crappy hand that was dealt to him and turned it into a Royal Flush. He overcomes adversity, both internal and external, and offers a lesson in perseverance to everyone. The book itself reads like a conversation between you and Jody while sitting at your local Tim Horton's. It is an emotional read; you [...]

    23. Wow! Lots of emotion for this one. I'm truly inspired by all Jody Mitic has overcome and has done in his still young life. I'm proud of him and all our soldiers who give so much to protect our country! I'm shocked and embarrassed by the lack of support our wounded veterans receive. Truly we need to do better.This is a book that one really can't put down once started. I was even reading it on Wednesday October 14 while listening to the Jays capture their ALDS title. The storytelling is enthrallin [...]

    24. An amazing book I couldn't put down down and did so only when I had to sleep. What an inspiring story of a true Canadian warrior who pulls no punches and never sugar coats his life. I 'm going to buy this book. I'd seen it in the bookstore and was fortunate to discover it at my local library. The author has such a honest and straightforward approach and positive attitude. I read it over the course of about one day and one night when I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. An amazing book and a [...]

    25. If you are a member of my family who will be in NB for Christmas, please stop reading now!I loved this book. I don't know if it has to do with my mood when reading, the time that I read it, or what, but I really, really enjoyed it. I gave it 5 stars b/c I think it is amazing. I loved reading about Mitic's career in the CF, from beginning to end, his training, his attitude and his tours in Afghanistan. He writes clearly, concisely, and with some humour where appropriate. He is at times humble, an [...]

    26. This was such a different novel for me, but I have to say I really enjoyed it. Too often us Canadian's take "war" and "peace keeping" for granted, but our deployed soldiers are put in harms way every day. We should be thankful that not more casualties occur.Unflinching gave me the insight of a soldier in active duty. It also re-energized confidence and pride of our Canadian military - who WANT to serve and are committed to our country.Before reading, I had no idea who Jody Mitic was. I was even [...]

    27. The author has found the 'voice' that many aspiring authors wish they could get. His is a very natural storytelling. For the most part it is a good story. I wanted a bit more about Afghanistan, though. For instance a bit about the Afghan Army who I have heard a lot of things about. The one instance they're mentioned in here, they ran off. Also, no emotions or mention of the Taliban he did kill. Very little is mentioned on the prosthetic for his legs--like how they're attached. Straightforward bi [...]

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