I am free

I am free AVAILABLE NOW ONLY CENTS I belong I am me Don t judge Just see Let me live Don t hold me back I m not fragile I won t crack Just because You think you know You ve cast me out And kept me low Plea

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  • Title: I am free
  • Author: ReginaBartley
  • ISBN: 9781519113467
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • AVAILABLE NOW ONLY 0.99 CENTS I belong.I am me.Don t judge.Just see.Let me live.Don t hold me back.I m not fragile I won t crack.Just because,You think you know.You ve cast me out.And kept me low.Please don t hurt me.Let me be.For the first time,I am free

    One thought on “I am free”

    1. Regina Bartley starts Grace's story in a way that had me in tears, that's how you know your are heading into a great book. When the author has the power to pull you in from the very beginning, you just know you won't be putting this book down until you have read every page of it. This was my first book of Regina's and I plan to go get her other books asap and had them to my TBR. Grace's story starts so sad and heartbreaking, but ends with a strong woman, who has something a lot of women don't ev [...]

    2. Parents who thinks punishing their kids until they're black and blue are heartless human beings. I am with disciplining kids but not when parents have no regards of how in pain they're kids, body mind and soul.

    3. Title: I Am Free Author: Regina BartleyGenre: New Adult, Contemporary RomanceSeries or Standalone: StandaloneRating: ★★★★★ReviewAfter reading 15 Years to Life, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I needed to get my hands on whatever Regina Bartley put out next. And just like with that book, she did not disappoint. I think what I enjoy most about her writing is that her characters are beautiful despite not being perfect and more than that, they’re incredibly real. I know that peopl [...]

    4. 5 stars!!!Grace was raised in a very strict and sheltered household. Her father would become abusive to her whenever she would disobey him. As soon as she turned eighteen she ran away to stay with her aunt. Her aunt from then on protected her by keeping her whereabouts a secret from her parents and giving her the love she had always deserved. On Grace's first day on her new job at a library she meets her future best friend, Kennedy. Kennedy proves that she's beautiful on the inside and out by ac [...]

    5. All Grace wants is to be free! Free from all the abuse and control she grew up with, so at the first chance of freedom she jumped. Now she is in the real world no longer sheltered and she has to try to fit in but what if she doesn't want to?I love Regina Bartley's books! She does a great job in telling a fabulous story. I loved this one because it was so sweet and it showed strength how she overcame her horrible situation. Did not like her dad! He was so terrible, and mean && evil.I love [...]

    6. What a wonderful touching book – I love everything about „I am free“.The prologue made my heart hurt so much for Grace and with every page I fell in love with this strong and amazing girl more and more. She is definitely one of my fav book characters.I think what I loved the most about her is, that she didn't run away and changed completely, she just added little things like the red lipstick. She had learned to love who she is and this is just a beautiful message to all girls.„I love me, [...]

    7. This is the first book I've read by author Regina Bartley and I was given the opportunity to experience her writing style and creativity with the offer of an ARC for an honest review. For the many who would not know; I only share extremely high quality books on my FB book blog page as a review. I will be sharing a review about this book!She had me from the first sentence and never once lost me! It sucked me in and didn't allow me a minute to escape back into reality because it is that good! This [...]

    8. Yet again Regina did NOT disappoint!! Grace is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has been through so much in her childhood yet she does not let that affect her as a person. She sees the world in such a beautiful light. She has hope and knows that the whole world is not so bad. She doesn't allow others to influence her nor make her feel bad about being who she is. Regina captures every emotion in both Grace's and Jackson's heads. You feel their pain and joy. I can not wait to get my han [...]

    9. Regina always knows how to capture my heart with her words. Grace is such a beautiful character inside and out. She can move past her rough childhood and be a good person. She has truly learned from her hardships. Grace and Jackson are two people you will want to get to know. The "goody-two shoes" and the "sports Jock". A pair you would not think would meld well. Yet, they both learn so much from one another and learn to be their true selves. I would HIGHLY suggest this book to anyone and everyo [...]

    10. What a great read!!!Regina hit the head with I am free!! Absolutely, felt like I could relate with Grace. She stood up for and believed in herself. Everyone has probably felt they didn't "fit in" because of looks or the way they dressed but Grace doesn't care, she's her own person. I loved that she knew who she was and didn't care what others thought, everyone should be like that. She was comfortable in her skin. She faced her demons and her family, to be set free!

    11. I was recommended this book by Micalea Smeltzer on a Facebook post of hers I wasn't sure because I haven't read of your stuff before but love Micalea books so I tried a sample and then finished that and bought it straight away started reading finished the next morning, even though I had 5 pre-ordrered books sitting on my kindle thanks to authors supporting each other I found a new authoutr to follow, loved it well done looking into more of your work xxxxx

    12. Free to loveMy first time reading of Regina Bartley's work and I'm very happy that I did, that I'll be definitely be reading more of her books.I am free was a beautiful story that makes me wish I could be that free as Grace's character. Definitely a must read (will need tissues).

    13. I think it is a really good bookHowever, there were just some parts that could have been thought over more about how fast Grace changes, and how she acts towards some despite the abuse she had from her father. I feel like she would have changed slower and been more scaredbut then who knows.

    14. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.5/5 (Exceptional)One thing, upon many, that Regina Bartley does well, is write a book that constantly pulls as your heart strings. She writes a book with a great story line, a great plot, great details and descriptions, and writes dark stories very well. She writes happy stories incredibly well also and this story features more of a dark story line but there are happy moments as well.I would say that this story has a trigger warning thou [...]

    15. Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.5/5 (Exceptional)One thing, upon many, that Regina Bartley does well, is write a book that constantly pulls as your heart strings. She writes a book with a great story line, a great plot, great details and descriptions, and writes dark stories very well. She writes happy stories incredibly well also and this story features more of a dark story line but there are happy moments as well.I would say that this story has a trigger warning thou [...]

    16. A book about freedom and love that pulls heartstrings!! The thing about Regina is that this woman never fails to leave me wanting more with every novel of hers.I am free is a story about freedom and love and friendship, and just like 15 Years To Life it is a story that stays with you. Grace is someone I wish I could be. Strong, happy, does't care what others think abut her, and just herself. A girl who always looked through the positives even though she went through hell. I loved how her charact [...]

    17. 2.5 This started out really good. I like Grace don't get me wrong but she was awfully positive after everything that happened in her life. I just wanted it to be more realistic. She didn't care about what anyone thought about her. I'm sorry but anyone in the position that she was in would feel some type of insecurity. Jackson was okay. I wouldn't put him on a book boyfriend level but he grew on me a bit. 3 stars honestly was a push, 2.5 because it held my attention, it has some good scenes but I [...]

    18. This was a great book! Our leading lady Grace was strong, innocent, smart and true to herself. I love that she was homeschooled, and she didn't worry about trying to fit in. She overcame many obstacles to become free and find love. This is not a typical romance book, but about finding that you can fit in without changing yourself. Wonderfully written and developed. I would recommend this book.

    19. This book started out strong especially with the prologue. But then it kind of went downhill. I disconnected with the characters and I didn't really like Jackson. He was arrogant and rude. And I wish we could have known more about Grace's brother. He was mentioned a few times but more as an footnote.

    20. I wanted moreIt was just ok for me, I wanted more. Quick read if that's what your looking for. I just like to have a more depth story. Was uplifting to read about a girl that didn't want to change for anyone, she was proud of herself.

    21. Good story I really enjoyed the story but it seemed very rushed at the end. About mid way through the book the story line went into hyper speed making the ending seem forced.

    22. 5 out of 5 StarsI Am Free is a beautiful story of finding freedom. I really enjoyed I Am Free. I loved Grace and Jackson.

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