Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike Death s a heartbeat away but love is even closer Flying a traveler to Leap celebrations on the luxury planet Crestal is no problem for intrepid partners Jake and Rill even if they have to navigate a

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  • Title: Lucky Strike
  • Author: Jane Davitt
  • ISBN: 9781626491946
  • Page: 483
  • Format: ebook
  • Death s a heartbeat away, but love is even closer.Flying a traveler to Leap celebrations on the luxury planet Crestal is no problem for intrepid partners Jake and Rill, even if they have to navigate a deadly meteor shower to get there But their fresh faced, privileged passenger is carrying than Leap gifts Lian has a message to deliver, treachery and murder to avengeDeath s a heartbeat away, but love is even closer.Flying a traveler to Leap celebrations on the luxury planet Crestal is no problem for intrepid partners Jake and Rill, even if they have to navigate a deadly meteor shower to get there But their fresh faced, privileged passenger is carrying than Leap gifts Lian has a message to deliver, treachery and murder to avenge, and a killer close on his heels.Lian thought he was ready for independence from his overbearing extended family, but his first solo trip off planet has landed him in a nightmare of deadly intrigue Though he s devastated by betrayal, and no longer able to tell friend from foe, he s fascinated by the gruff pilot and scorchingly handsome first mate who ve become his reluctant rescuers.With a dazzling fortune at stake and the fate of the United Protectorate of Planets in their hands, there s no time for the three men to fall in love But with their future measured in hours, crew and passenger may have just enough time to discover that three can become one, and that together they are strong enough to beat any odds Twenty percent of all proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the It Gets Better Project.The It Gets Better Project s mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them Visit their website for information and to find out how you can get involved.

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    1. 3.5 Star Ménage m/m lovers who enjoy space operas, this is the story for you. For those who enjoyed the cowboy antics of Captain Mal from Serenity and liked Inara the expensive escort, Jake and Rill will feel familiar. Jake is a captain of a space ship he won in a card game. He's rough around the edges and blurs the lines between law abiding citizen and criminal. His partner is Rill. Rill is the lover he lured from a very expensive whore house. Rill's childhood is complicated because he is a de [...]

    2. The blurb sounded good for this one, and I do like Jane Davitt stories even if they're not chock full of sex, which this one certainly wasn't. It did drag a little in the middle though which is why I'm only giving it 3.5 stars.It's definitely a tale of betrayal, murder, treachery and deceit, oh and let's not forget greed!! Up front and centre stars Lian Paradine, an earnest, honest and studious young man, member of a fabulously wealthy mining family who have fingers in all sorts of pies, and who [...]

    3. Thanks to the publishers and Netgalley for the review copy of this book.I had not read anything by this author before, but the blurb sounded pretty good, so I figured, why not. I really enjoyed it.Lucky Strike is mainly about Lian, a young man from a very wealthy family, finding his inner strength in conquering adversity and finding and keeping love. Jake and Rill are an established couple and are quite happy with one another. But they learn that there is room for one more in their hearts and th [...]

    4. This sci-fi menage M/M/M adventure/thriller follows the uber-wealthy Lian Paradine on his flight to warn his family on Crestal that his cousin Palan is a murderer. Problem is, Lian his no ship and he's desperate to return to his home world before Palan can silence him, just as he'd killed his own brother. Jake Slade is an impetuous transport captain. He ferries cargo and people all over the galaxy aboard the Mama Rose and only cares to keep his lover and shipmate, Rill, happy. Rill is a Nova, a [...]

    5. You don't see many SF/space opera stories in the MM genre so that in itself was interesting and fresh, but add to that fast-paced action, an emerging poly relationship and interesting characters, each of them flawed in his unique way, and you get a great, engaging read that will keep you up until you finish it.

    6. 3.5 stars.I love this author and I love space fiction, so I expected this book to rock. Jane Davitt is also the author who hooked me on M/M/M stories with her Room at the Top was the first menage book I've read where the idea of three people together was believable, and the triangle just worked. Lucky Strike was disappointing in that regard.I think the problem was because Lian came into equation when Jake&Rill were a couple for years already. Lian was also a scion of crazy rich family, pampe [...]

    7. 3/5Going into a new book always holds so much promise. There’s some element of surprise to be had, but after reading hundreds of books, the feel for what’s to come and the pattern of certain books becomes familiar. Like a song you can hum along to upon first hearing a few bars. This book had a tune that I’ve come to enjoy. The sci-fi outer space expedition and falling in love adventure. Always nice. Given how much I enjoy that style of m/m story, or in this case m/m/m, I was a tad disappoi [...]

    8. Review can be read at It's About The BookJake Slant, Captain of the Mama Rose, encounters Lian Paradine on his way back from a night out drinking after hearing the naive young man trying to procure passage to the planet Crestel from another captain. When the other captain refuses to take Lian through the impending Sentar meteor shower despite money being no object, Jake drukenly steps in and agrees to take Lian for a sizeable fee. Jake may be gruff and badass, but at heart he is a good man and k [...]

    9. Those looking for an erotic thrill ride will get just that and more in this tale of emotional discoveries, both good and bad. For two carefree space pilots their lives are changed dramatically when a rich and mysterious young man pleads for transportation to his home planet. The three of them form an unexpected bond that may be over before it starts when a bitter man close to the mystery man sets out to destroy all of them in a battle for wealth and power that ends in an exciting and danger-fill [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this intriguing sci-fi with a trio of hot men at it’s heart. Unlike some mixes of genre and romance, this was pretty well-balanced between the sci-fi plot and the relationship between these three guys, meaning that nothing felt tacked on or dominated too much. I found the setting really fascinating, with the idea of Crestal and its valuable mining deposits, the concept and legalities of the Lucky Strike shares and the techtat that linked Lian right into an information hub at a [...]

    11. Lucky Strike is a very engaging Sci Fi romance. Jake is the owner of Mama Rose, a ship he uses and operates together with his partner and lover Rill, transporting people to different planets or hosting small parties around the system. We don’t know the year when all this takes place, but it's not anywhere close to Earth and is so technologically advanced, that we can assume it is far into the future.Jake was a very likable character, he tried to come off as a bad ass but deep down he was an am [...]

    12. 4 star review by DanWhen Jake heads back to his spaceship from a long night of excessive drinking in a spaceport dive, the last thing he is looking for is a confrontation with another Ship’s Captain who he has had issues with in the past. Although he prefers men in his bed, she connived her way into his bed once and he woke up with a score of 6 out of 10 written on his butt cheeks. Bitch! She is arguing with a young man who seems desperate for a spaceship to take him home to the luxury planet [...]

    13. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsI’ve been a fan of Jane Davitt for some time and with Lucky Strike, she’s provided another solid, enjoyable novel. The plot is well paced and offers some intriguing world building, while the main characters are genuine and engaging. Though privileged and possessed of an almost limitless amount of knowledge, Lian reads as a man, weighted by tragedy, lost and desperately out of his depth when he meets Jake and Rill. He is quick and clever, but he lacks a measur [...]

    14. I received a copy of this from NetGalley in return for an honest review.Genre Sci-fi / Male/Male/Male MenageMC1 Jake SladeMC2 RillMC3 Lian ParadineStorylineLian needs to get to his home planet, Crestal in time for Leap festivities & hires reluctant space pilot Jake & his ship to get him there. Once the travelers are on the way, Lian reveals the reason he's in such a huge hurry is that he witnessed a murder & has to get home to let his family know. ConflictFirst, the crew has to navig [...]

    15. Not the best of Davitt's works, and not as enjoyable either, but I did eventually get to like the story and its three MCs. Wished though that I'd gotten a better feel for our MCs and their relationship. At the end, I felt there still was a barrier between them and they weren't a truly solidified triad. I would definitely be interested in seeing the story continue, as these three still have a lot of hurdles to overcome, and I'd love to see if they finally manage to cross over into a true meshing [...]

    16. 4.5 Very entertaining sci-fi adventure/romance. I loved the way the main characters balanced each other out and enjoyed how the story unfolded. I hope there will be more stories with Jake, Rill and Lian.

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