Love Nouveau

Love Nouveau The only thing inevitable in love is despair I knew from the start that he would wreck me Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life or the day he walked out of it I self destru

  • Title: Love Nouveau
  • Author: B.L. Berry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The only thing inevitable in love is despair I knew from the start that he would wreck me Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life or the day he walked out of it I self destructed All that remained was a shell of the girl I once was SHATTERED And I don t know if I ll ever recover.

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    1. I don't even no where to begin to explain to you all how absolutely amazing this book is! I am floored that this is B.L.'s debut book! It was so well written and she tells such a amazing story! There is so much that I want to say but I'll hold off because I want you all to have the experience that I did reading this book and falling in love with these characters. Be prepared because the moment you open the book you will be so drawn in and consumed! You wont want to put it down. You will fall har [...]

    2. I’m seriously considering giving up Y/A N/A altogether since they all seem to follow the same damn pattern.Usually, I follow six rules when I write a review and today those rules seem perfect since they’ll give me the opportunity to explain exactly why I didn’t liked this book. 1 PremiseThis is where I come short because I have no effing clue what this book is about. No plot, no story. Nada. Zero.2 CharactersOh, boy. Full rant mode ON.I hated every single one of them. No exception. This is [...]

    3. "I've been yours since the moment I first saw you and you had no idea I even existed."Meet Phoenix. Your new book boyfriend.Someone once told me that good stories are supposed to torment you and are supposed to make you frustrated. This book made me so full of emotions throughout. B.L. Berry did a fabulous job with the characters and story that kept me guessing what was going to happen next. From the moment I picked up the book, Iuldt.putwn. I would have never guessed this was B.L. Berry's debut [...]

    4. 5-13-15 Update:Links are below in my December update :)12-30-14 Update:$0.99 SALE Ends tomorrow 12-31-14 : amazon/gp/product/B00OB&N: barnesandnoble/w/love-iBooks: itunesle/us/book/id92KOBO: store.kobobooks/en-us/bookUpdate: 9-29-14 reviewHmmm thoughts are going to be hard to put into words. You see, BL is a friend of mine, but don't let my rating think I am bias. I have many self-pub and published author friends and I am afraid to say that I can be harsh in my reviews. Debut stories. Wow. S [...]

    5. This book started almost interesting. Rich girl, crappy parents, loses herself in booze and boys. One night at a party she meets Phoenix. The story went downhill, for me, after that. It didn't connect the dots for me, or make me feel like I could believe their story. I was able to predict who Sully was. The family is a total bunch of assholes and I guess that is supposed to make me understand why she acted like she did. Then as things blow up and the asshole Sully situation is exposed it was jus [...]

    6. Amazing. Breathtaking. Feels. Love. Friendship. Inspiring. Class act.Not only do these words describe the book, but also the author. If you've had the chance to meet and spend time with BL, you know first hand that any book experience she is going to give you will be her best work and will leave you wanting more of her words. The proverbial book boyfriend is usually charming, good looking, funny, and an all around good guy with a streak of bad boy on the surface. Phoenix is all of those things a [...]

    7. Magnificent, Heart-breaking and All-Consuming!A beautifully woven tale of finding yourself and falling in love.This is not your typical debut novel. Reading Love Nouveau was like finding a hidden gem.You will be captured by this moving story! Entralled by the authors words!B.L. Berry's descriptions flow like a exquisite prose.Her words bewitching you, Her writing seamless and eloquent.You will fall in love with her characters, the friendships, the banter and the loyalty.It was remarkable how hon [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this debut book by BL Berry. I felt bad for Ivy at times. She had such a hard life with her family even though her typical lifestyle was privileged. At times she was annoying to me, but I just don't think she knew how to express herself or feel at times. She used people and let people use her. What she went through was heartbreaking and I'm glad she was able to meet such a great man in Phoenix. He never gave up and at times I kept thinking, why?? I can't wait to see what next fo [...]

    9. I love the sound of this!!!-- I knew from the start that he would wreck me. Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life or the day he walked out of it.

    10. 4 starsRead this one about a year ago, then re-read it again to catch up as i only just discovered the second one was out. Overall, a good read. Love the chemistry between H/h. Although i was dying to find out about the secret the H was hiding so much, he was as perfect as any boyfriend should be.

    11. 4 starsLove Nouveau is a debut novel that's full of life and love. One day I was casually scrolling Facebook, as I usually do, just minding my own business. When a certain cover of a book caught my eye. It was a book that was being pimped. Now I normally try to stay away from these groups because I feel like I get a million different notifications a day from them. Anyways, this particular book caught my eye. I went and read the synopsis and I was sold. I had to HAVE this book. I just had to. Wel [...]

    12. What a great story. Beautiful, the characters felt so real, the lines, the dialogue, the things Phoenix says and does. As soon as Phoenix and Ivy meet, they know there is something special between them. But they have to go separate ways, and their long distance love - friendship relationship is so amazing, you feel it, you can't walk away, the way Phoenix courts her, long distance, oh dear jesus, freaking SWOOOOON, he is so perfect, he seems so perfect, and then, at about 3/4 of the book, Ivy's [...]

    13. I fell in love with this book!!! The characters are flawed, the plot twists and turns, and the story is written with a beautiful fluidity. I got a strong Gossip Girl/Cruel Intentions feel from this one, and I really dug that. Phoenix grabbed me from the very beginning, and I grew to love Ivy as the story unfolded. Then just when I thought I had it all figured out, BL turned me upside down again. Such an amazing book! I highly recommend it!

    14. Love, love, loveI fell in love with this book and in turn the writing of B.L. Berry. I can't wait for her next book.

    15. Is this seriously a debut author? Holy smokes! B.L. Berry is a name to remember as this won't be the last you see of her. Love Nouveau is a fresh story with very real characters. You don't necessarily love everything about them, but that's what makes them so relatable. The storyline is chalk full of tough subjects, a beautiful love and heartbreaking realizations. This book makes you feel. It will captivate you from the beginning forcing you to give up precious sleep, food, and even personal hygi [...]

    16. 4 stars for the first half and 3 for the second half. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I both liked and hated this book. The heroine was a PAIN IN THE ASS. None of her decisions are justified in ways that a reader can relate to. Phoenix, on the other hand, is STAND OUT. Perhaps a pushover, no wait - a total pusher over but he isn't drowning in problems and cursing the world like most hero's out there, he's a dork, but a dork who knows how to live life.Song [In the spirit of Ivy] ROSE QUARTZ/ [...]

    17. I fell in love with this book! I think it was truly well written, you wouldn't think that this is her first book. There were so many twists in the story that I wasn't expecting, but overall it made the book that much better! I was feeling every emotion along with Ivy. My heart was breaking for her. I truly enjoyed reading this! I can't wait to read more from this author!

    18. ** JOSIE'S 4 STAR REVIEW ** I am not sure where I should start with my review; this book was truly remarkable. I was so engrossed with this amazing storyline that it left a huge impact on me. You will fall in love with some of the characters and you will hate others but make there is no question that once you start reading this you will be completely drawn in.Ivy’s is sweet, strong, loyal and independent woman. She is fierce and knows what she wants out of life. She knows that she is not the p [...]

    19. 4 Fantastic Stars!Review by Jen Hagen Ivy has spent the last 9 months prior to her upcoming college graduation studying abroad in Italy. She needed to get away from her controlling wealthy and prominent parents and her berating sister. She also needed a chance to escape her life that she had essentially made for herself; one that included a lot of one-night stands regardless if the other party was in a relationship. Nothing stood in her way of taking what she wanted. Drinking was another escape [...]

    20. I must initially admit that it took me a couple of pages before I actually gotten into this story. But when I finally did, my, the experience blew me away. The twists and turns of this story lie between pleasantly predictable to utterly unexpected. Made more enchanting by B.L. Berry’s meaningful characters and her moving writing prose, Love Nouveau took me into a journey of love, doubts, distance, and self-discovery. “It feels like I’ve known you a lifetime. And knowing you like I know you [...]

    21. his is an awesome debut and such a sweet and emotional ride! You never know what to expect when you try out a new author, but B.L. Berry doesn’t disappoint. This story is both attention grabbing and beautifully written. It had a great mix of humor, pain, and heartwarming moments.The beginning pulled me in and I didn’t stop reading until it was over!The characters were great. Ivy was funny, quirky, honest, and strong. She was completely relatable and not the normal shy virgin looking for her [...]

    22. 4 solid stars.First I have to say that Im in love with this cover! So uniquely beautiful.This is a story about family, hate, disloyalty, love, friendships, heartbreak, regret, forgiveness and redemption.Ivy needs to get away from her very controlling family and spends her senior year in Italy. When her year is up, she comes home with a new outlook on life, a new determination. It also happens to be her sisters wedding and she was asked to be her bridesmaid. This isn't because of their sisterly l [...]

    23. 3.5 stars I hope there is a follow up book. A solid debut for author BL Berry. Characters were easy to love and hate as well as relate to or believe whether their actions were from the heart or because they had no heart. When Phoenix, the male m/c was first introduced to us the readers, I wasn't sure about his sensitivity, acute awareness of Ivy, that maybe he was too soft. As I continued to read, I fell more in love with him and enjoyed a book that finally had a guy who could be a gentleman as [...]

    24. Sometimes you just can't help but judge a book by it's cover. I mean, THIS cover is just so unique and gorgeous and refreshing all at the same time. Guess what, so is this story!BL Berry blew me away with this exceptional tale of first love and finding yourself. How this is a debut, I have no ideaBL must have been born to writeybe even conceived to write lol. I adored Ivy and her hilarious snarkiness. Flaws and all I loved everything about her. And Phoenix, oh Phoenix. This boy could do NO wrong [...]

    25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. As I was reading this book my feelings for it changed from beginning to end. At first I liked the characters and their free spirit kind of living. Then my thoughts went from admiring her for her strong self perseverance to kind of disliking her for being so weak minded. But when you really think about it, love makes you do crazy things so it was completely understandable for her to be so emotionally unbalanced considering her family history [...]

    26. I give Love Nouveau 4.5 stars!! I was in a major book slump and being a beta reader and a reviewer this is not a good position to be in. I rec'd this book from my Elfster (a Christmas gift exchange) and before I knew it I was at the last page! Excellent story! I LOVED the story of Ivy and Phoenix! It wasn't perfect and they had their ups and downs to make a perfect story. It wasn't your typical they meet, fall in love, she gets pregnant and they get married. They spend the majority of the book i [...]

    27. This book… this book had my stomach twisted, my heart racing and my emotions all over the place. I've discovered a new book husband and want to have little Phoenix babies. He made me MELT! BL Berry blew me away with her debut novel and I can't wait for more of her work. She had me glued to the kindle and I fell in love with her words. I loved Ivy too. Such an incredible characters. What a beautiful connection they shared. What a ride! You will be dying to find out how the story ends, but you'l [...]

    28. I was amazed to find out that this book is a debut novel from B.L. Berry because it is just so good. It kept my attention and made me want to read more, it had some unexpected plot twists and turns and the characters were definitely as flawed as real people are and not some perfect people dropped in from an alien planet. Phoenix and Ivy were likeable and you could feel the pain in their emotional responses. Can't wait to read more from B.L. Berry in the future.

    29. This book was impossible to put down. I'm *almost* mad at B.L. Berry for making me read it because it sort of emotionally destroyed me, in that way an incredibly crafted novel will. I related to Ivy in ways I can't explain, my heart ached for everything she went through - especially with her family. Phoenix really was an amazing book boyfriend and I completely fell for them both. I love angst and this book is jam packed with it! I cannot wait for more Ivy and Phoenix!

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