Devojka koju si voleo

Devojka koju si voleo Otvorite vrata naj okantnijeg trilera do sada ivot me u etiri zida bio je savr en A onda je po ela da di e van njih Njen dodir niko nije osetio ve tri godine Ne vezuje se za klijente dok skida ode u

  • Title: Devojka koju si voleo
  • Author: A.R. Torre Magdalena Reljić
  • ISBN: 9788610011104
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Otvorite vrata naj okantnijeg trilera do sada ivot me u etiri zida bio je savr en A onda je po ela da di e van njih.Njen dodir niko nije osetio ve tri godine Ne vezuje se za klijente dok skida ode u, stoji pred kamerom i glumi dok oni tro e sate i hiljade dolara da bi posmatrali njeno nago telo ta zatra e, to i dobiju Njihove tajne strogo uva, a suma na njenom bOtvorite vrata naj okantnijeg trilera do sada ivot me u etiri zida bio je savr en A onda je po ela da di e van njih.Njen dodir niko nije osetio ve tri godine Ne vezuje se za klijente dok skida ode u, stoji pred kamerom i glumi dok oni tro e sate i hiljade dolara da bi posmatrali njeno nago telo ta zatra e, to i dobiju Njihove tajne strogo uva, a suma na njenom bankovnom ra unu raste vrtoglavom brzinom Sve to im govori ista je la.Vest o nestanku devoj ice Eni uzburkala je javnost, ali i Dijanin svakodnevni ivot Otmica podse a na fantazije jednog od njenih klijenata Ube ena da je odgovoran za zlo in, najzad je spremna da se suo i sa tamnom stranom stvarnosti.On misli da sam slaba Misli da me mo e pot initi Ubiti me, kao i sve one devojke pre mene Nema pojma da moja sitna gra a i ne no lice kriju zlo ravno njegovom.

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    1. ★★★★! The Girl in 6E (book 1). A captivating, suspenseful & soul-searching journey for a reclusive heroine with secrets!“They believe what they see, because they want to believe. They want to believe that I am normal. And for the brief moments I am with them, I fool myself into thinking the same thing.”The Girl in 6E is another clever and brilliantly told story courtesy Alessandra Torre. It’s best dived into therefore my review will be very vague.All books in the Deanna Madden [...]

    2. Erotic Suspense. Two words one would probably NEVER associate with me, yet I adored this book! It was incredibly fast-paced, and just as twisted as any Gillian Flynn book. Highly highly highly recommend.

    3. Grab this book whilst it's on SALE! Only $1.99 for a limited time (Until Nov 1st)* US * This beautiful quote, for me, sums up the emotion of Girl in 6E. The words touch my heart, show me the beauty, the sadness and the eloquence of the writing.I was excited, but also a little nervous going into this read, I knew it wasn't my normal kind of book; at times the gruesome nature of it made me want to squint at the words, look away Some of the subject matter is uncomfortably rotten, but in some scena [...]

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    5. Alessandra is an exceptional author and I was completely blown away by this series.We have a Girl with a penchant for knives and *cough* blood, a geeky hacker, a mailman, and a deliciously swoony psychiatrist. Between the lot of them, this non-stop suspense will have you gasping long after the last page.Don't miss this series. Deanna is a badass.

    6. if i had to pick one of my favorite books of all time this would be it review of the whole seriesMy life is simple, as long as I follow the rules.1. Don't leave the apartment. 2. Never let anyone in. 3. Don't kill anyone.I've obeyed these rules for three years. But rules were made to be broken.(view spoiler)[Deanna Madden is a 19 year old girl with killing tendencies and a really fucked up past, After her mother killed her entire family she had to live alone never leaving her apartment ( 6E) bec [...]

    7. This is me fulfilling my promise to read a book with lots of blood and deaths and believe me this book has those things AND MORE- things that made me choke harder than the sight of blood and gore. This book annihilated what is little left of my innocence and if you want to keep your innocence intact, I suggest you stay away from this book. Lol. This is probably what I looked like during the first half of the story. Good thing there is more to this novel than those gory, graphic triple X RATED de [...]

    8. 3.5Sooooo I think all those that know me- or those who THINK they know me (over the last weekYes, you- HATERS included- heheheheeeeee)- know, I am NOT a big fan of erotica.Nope, not a fan of erotica at all- NOT one little bit.but I will say- I didn't hate this book- and the person that put THE GIRL IN 6E on my radar- I looooooove immensely Richelle, my darling. Yes, I <3 you- sooooo I put my feelings of erotica aside, and I will review this book accordingly.[image error]Deanna Madden- aka Jes [...]

    9. "Hope is dangerous. Hope can be the loose thread that pulls apart your sanity."Suspense, intensity, horror, blood, terror, sex, passion, voyeurism, broken, joy, and romance are just a few words to describe the magnificence of Alessandra Torre’s The Girl in 6E.Just like many other books, I saw this read splashing across the walls of countless GR posts. Of course, I shelved it with the other thousands and thousands of books on my to be read shelf and called it a day. When I found out the second [...]

    10. The Girl in 6E is an intriguing, suspenseful read. The story of a 21 year old shut-in who spends her days and nights as a 'Cam girl' and lets just say business is good in the virtual world of sex. But with Deanna there is more than meets the eye. Deanna has locked herself away from others because she is afraid, if given the chance, she will not be able to resist her dark desires. Her mind is constantly plagued with an overwhelming desire to kill, for blood to flow.The first shrink I had said I h [...]

    11. Rating : 4 ‘Darkly Twisted’ StarsMy Views : I went in blind so this must already tell you so to say that I was Shocked to read this one is anUNDERSTATEMENT . This book contain Major Sexual Contents but No Actual Sex and believe me none was needed and the book still rocked.This author delivers aTwisted Erotic story which will shock the living hell out of youand you’ll absolutely let it happen. “But if done correctly, stripping can be the ultimate foreplay, a sexual seduction that can wipe [...]

    12. 5 Unique, Thrilling, Perverse, Satisfying Stars * * * * *Before I started reading Romance, I was a mystery, psychological thriller, mind fuckery reader yes, this gal who now reads all the hot, steamy, HEA's she can get her little hands on use to devour them. So when The Girl in 6E came to me I was very intrigued classified as romance??? Has main character with urges to kill so strong her existence is in her apartment and she never leaves??? How the hell is this going to work, I wondered. Well de [...]

    13. This was SO GOOD! I had a few issues with the first half of the book where the character would repeat things that she'd already told us and there were super random chapters that were shoved in to give her backstory that didn't flow with the rest of the story, but when I got halfway through, I couldn't put the book down. I was SO hooked and I just had to know what happened! I can't wait to continue on with the series!

    14. One thing changed my mind. One darn thing. When I first finished The Girl in 6E, I honestly thought I was going to rate higher than where I ended up. At first, I was thinking something between 3 and 4 stars because I'd been entertained. But I sat on my thoughts for a moment and waited to review, which lead me to realize that my initial feelings about the entertainment value of the story were not balancing out my feelings about some of the unresolved character issues at the end of the book.My ini [...]

    15. Story Rating ~ 4.5 StarsHeroine Rating ~ 5 StarsHero Rating ~ 3 StarsRomance Rating ~ Not really a romanceHeat Level ~ Hot (view spoiler)[No actual sex between the H&h at this point (hide spoiler)]Ending ~ 4.5 StarsOverall Rating ~ 4.5 StarsWOW! This was definitely not my usual read but I have to say that I enjoyed every moment. This book grabbed me right from the beginning and kept my interest all the way through. I learned a thing or two about webcam sites and could tell that the author di [...]

    16. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/“To the people I cam with, I am JessReilly19, a bubbly nineteen-year-old college student – a hospitality major – who enjoys pop music, underage drinking, and shopping. None of them really know the true me. I am who they want me to be, and they like it like that. So do I. Knowing the real me would be a bit of a buzzkill. The real me is Deanna Madden, whose mother killed her entire family, then committed suicide.”^^^^Gets its hooks in you straight f [...]

    17. I feel like I just read a completely different story than everyone else? And I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I'm truly trying to understand how this book got so many positive reviews.

    18. "Sex is the great amateur art." David CortLonely Boy Perspective on Agoraphobic Internet Sex OperatorIn a quick scan of other reviews I see I'm maybe the only guy writing a review. Almost all others were penned by women, many of whom (I note) have written reviews of novels in the "erotica" genre, a type I've not yet read. While my gender and heterosexuality lend no extra credence to my review, the combo may provide a potential reader at least a different perspectiveE GIRL IN 6E is a 4 star suspe [...]

    19. I finally bought myself a copy of The Girl in 6E after lusting after it for some time, I did have a bit of cover love, I have to admit, but it was they synopsis that sucked me in. I love it when you read a blurb and know it's just different to anything else you have read lately. A game changer, that is what this was and I really enjoyed the journey.Deanna Madden, aka Jessica Reilly, hasn't touched another person in three years. She hasn't left her apartment. She makes money from performing to we [...]

    20. I DON'T READ EROTIC STUFF, I don't even like romance mixed in my suspense. ICK!!In my defense, I have never heard of "erotic thriller" as a genre. My innocent (!) little mind thought this book looked like it would be similar to THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW. I have been dying to get my hands on that upcoming book by AJ Finn.The Overdrive app I use to borrow e-books from my library recommended this to me since all my other choices are still on hold. Don't you hate waiting for books on hold???So based o [...]

    21. 2 stars This is a book I've been meaning to read for years, so many of my book friends recommended it to me. I loved the concept of the book and how it sounded, but the execution not so much.The two great things about this book are the concept and Torre's writing. My god, Torre is an amazing writer. She has a way with words unlike any other author I have seen in this genre. My problem with the book lay mostly with my own personal tastes, and the fact that the majority of the book just seemed to [...]

    22. “No one is normal. Everyone is just pretending to be normal.” This is the story of a prostitute who never had sex, a story with sexual fetishes but no human contact, a story of murder obsession with no bloodshed. This is the story of Deanna and her life in the apartment 6E.It’s been three years since Deanna left her apartment. She lost her entire family at the psychotic hands of her mother who killed them in cold blood and her murderous genes are passed on to Deanna. She lives, breaths and [...]

    23. 3.5 stars but I'm rounding it up to a 4 because man was this book enjoyable.Erotic Thriller. A genre I thought I would never read. And yet, I've been hearing so many good things about this one that I just had the urge to pick it up. And I'm SO glad I did, it was the perfect book for me to read right now, with exams taking up 99% of my brain space.The Girl in 6E is a story about a girl who locks herself up in an apartment - apartment 6E - because she has thoughts of murdering people and cannot co [...]

    24. Interesting concept. Executiont so much. DNF 60%The writing felt forced, dialogue was sparse with pages and pages of inner monologues, and nothing happens for pretty much 50% of the story. The Girl in 6E is supposed to be a dark thriller and it only got the first half right. You get a lot about her internet sexcpades, homicidal tendencies, and not much else. me: was not thrilled

    25. 4.5 Cam Girl StarsThis book was dark, disturbing and the layout was tricky to follow at first because it jumps from character to character but it all came together brillantly. Alessandra Torre brought life to Jessica/Dianna cam girl, hermit, and I was glued to my reader for the whole ride."I don't judge the men and women who chat with me and reveal their secrets and perversions. How can I? My secret, my obsession, is worse than any of theirs."I loved all the cast of characters introduced. I love [...]

    26. How many stars can I give this book? 5 doesn't seem like enough.There is a good possibility that Alessandra Torre is a genius Perhaps an evil genius But brilliant, all the same.I was very careful about avoiding spoilers for this book And I'm so glad that I did. This story caught me completely off guard. But what a fabulous surprise! I found myself white-knuckle gripping my ereader and holding my breath through most of the second half. So dark, so disturbing, so AMAZING! The main character is [...]

    27. " Hope.Hope is dangerous. Hope can be the loose thread that pulls apart your sanity. "These were that last words on the book, and I'm writing this review and hoping the next book will show us a glimpse into a better future for Deanna!Deanna is webcam girl, she is twenty one, lives on her own, single Everything seems normal, right? But what isn't normal about her life is that she's been locked in her apartment for the last three years, why? Well surprise surprise; she has murder tendencies! She h [...]

    28. ❝He thinks I am weak. He thinks he can manipulate and subdue me. Kill me, like so many girls before me. He has no idea that my small frame and delicate features contain an evil that rivals his own. I finger the knife in my pocket and fight to keep a grin off my face. This is it. This is my time.❞The Girl in 6E was definitely something else. I haven't read anything like it ever in my life lol. It was a mixture of erotica and psychological thriller. Although I did find the whole concept unique [...]

    29. ☆☆5 Brilliant Stars!☆☆This. Was. Awesome.I can say in all my 20 years of reading I've never met a herione like Deanna Madden. There's already so many amazing reviews out there for this book so I'm gonna keep it short and say if you haven't read it, then what are you waiting for?!**********************************So excited to start this book!

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